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  • Wu Xiaosong decoration company skillfully use Tianya community to promote examples

    those who engaged in decoration industry friends have a consensus – decoration market (especially home) competition has become increasingly fierce market competition, the key positions from the traditional media, such as supermarket quietly moved to the Internet, I have a classmate Liu opened its own decoration company for 11 years, started the implementation of network marketing 3 years ago, because Liu not familiar with the network, from the site to network promotion are made by the author one planning and implementation, since the company website and carry out network promotion, the effect did not dare to say is excellent, but it is obvious. Now tell me how to help Liu general company network promotion.

    here to point out: if a company wants to develop network promotion, strongly recommended to the construction site, must have a publicity platform, like war must have their own positions and trenches, according to the same. Of course, some shell companies play guerrilla warfare is another story.

    promotion option: network promotion way too much, beyond count PPC, blog, promotion, micro-blog promotion, Forum promotion, QQ promotion and so on, eighteen Wu Yi to see how you use straight to pick one of the PPC and the forum to promote the two kinds of practical operation.

    one, Baidu PPC is the most effective way to promote. If the economy allows enterprises to carry out other suggestions, in free promotion activities while there are stages of Baidu PPC promotion (such as decoration industry off-season and season, in the season before the arrival of a month on the competitive ranking the most ideal). At present, Liu’s company is still placing Baidu PPC advertising, has continued to launch 4, each issue only 5 thousand, a total investment of 20 thousand. Interested friends can search Baidu, "Haikou decoration company", you can see Liu’s Advertising – "XXX X Cheng decoration company."".

    two, clever with Tianya community "Hainan home improvement" column for promotion. Hainan decoration company many choose to advertise in Hainan online "Home Furnishing decoration" channel, "Home Furnishing decoration" channel has a plate called "home diary", is available for users to bask in their own experiences of decoration plate, this plate is actually the "Tianya community" in the "Hainan home" column, everybody all know, skyline community daily traffic. If you post in this column and the quality is good, your post will get good views and attention on both the online and skyline communities in Hainan. The friend also post promotion in the community, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, in the Tianya post revealed in this paper, the advisory and a friend in need can contact the author, QQ:641522628.

    now talk about how to operate.

    1. first develop a model housing program, choose a design that is better case positioning model room. To communicate with the owners, for the owners of the consent of the post sun decoration diary.

    2. from the beginning of the decoration approach, arrange for the company to take pictures of the scene every day, >

    Responsive Web designs how to make websites compatible with different requirements



    often has these problems in design:

    1. wants a website compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and PC, and has to make different versions for different devices.

    2. wants some pages of the web, displays more content on the next line of widescreen display, and has to customize a version for widescreen.

    3., many people don’t browse our pages in full screen. Would it be better to make the page adjust as the browser width changes?

    Is there any way

    can effectively solve these problems,


    Web design (Responsive Web response design) is the concept of the design and development of the page should be based on the equipment environment (platform screen size, screen orientation, etc.) and user behavior (change window size) of the corresponding response and adjustment. The specific way of practice is composed of many aspects, including elastic grid and layout, pictures, CSS, media, query and so on. Whether the user is using the PC, tablet computer, or mobile phone, whether or not the full screen full screen display, the screen is either horizontal or vertical, the page should be able to automatically switch the resolution, image size and script function, to adapt to different equipment.


    responsive web design requires higher requirements for interactive design and front-end implementation. It is necessary to consider the layout changes and the scaling of the pages under different resolutions.

    The advantages of

    responsive Web design:

    development, maintenance and operation cost advantage: only one page, just made some different designs for equipment of different resolution, different environment, so in the development, maintenance and operation, the relative multiple versions, can save the cost.

    compatibility: the size of new mobile devices customized versions usually emerge in an endless stream, only applies to certain specifications of the equipment, if the equipment resolution of new changes in the larger, often not compatible, and the development of the new version takes time, this time the visit is a problem, but the response type Web design can prevent this problem ahead of time.

    is flexible: responsive design is for pages, you can change only the necessary pages, and other pages are not affected.

    example shows


    view online demo

    when the browser width is changed, the width of the two columns is narrowed down, and the Left Banner pictures and videos are correspondingly reduced, and the list of the head on the right is >

    Peng Yucheng website soft Wen promotion method detailed explanation

    master soft text promotion method is a network promotion personnel essential skills, should say soft Wen promotion throughout the network promotion work, no matter which promotion methods are inseparable from the soft text. In the hard advertising is no longer strong in the past two years, soft Wen began to occupy the main position, and will continue strong momentum. This soft Wen promotion method is detailed, but also Peng Yucheng do network promotion, marketing work for several years summed up the skills and ideas, hope for everyone some help. As everyone knows the Wanglaoji event, Pizza Hut event, VANCL are good use of soft Wen promotion to enhance the brand influence, but also brings a great sales, so use the soft Wen, I believe that no matter what is the promotion of products, will have a huge effect. Don’t say any more about it. Let’s get down to today’s topic.

    one, soft Wen promotion purpose

    1, bringing sales

    through soft Wen promotion, can bring sales is the best result, product sell more, not afraid of others can’t remember you. And through soft text promotion brought about by customers than general promotion way more viscous, this point, Peng Yucheng deep feeling. And if your product is very good, through the customer’s word of mouth, will bring a lot of sales.

    2, enhance influence and popularity

    suggest that you go to a push to see VANCL marketing strategy, mostly relying on the promotion of soft paper, and now look at where the visibility and sales, that is really quite bad. Of course, there are other good, soft text promotion case, here is not one example. Everyone familiar with Mou Changqing, basically rely on soft Wen successfully promoted a few websites, such as: go9go link exchange platform, Adsense navigation.

    3, access, included

    this is for their own web site, to update the general pseudo original or original articles, and do the optimization work properly can improve the keywords ranking, bring traffic, do good website can improve the long tail keywords ranking brings substantial traffic through this method. Some friends may say that posting hyperlinks in a forum can also bring in traffic, which is correct. But now the national regulatory forum is tight, and the forum also oversees membership, and it’s not so easy to put on the link.

    two, soft Wen often applied

    1, portal

    this form of soft Wen, we may see every day, do not believe you go to Sina or NetEase look. They often use the user’s perspective, the news of the new product, and so on, to say how good the product is from the user’s point of view. But this is indeed a very inexpensive way, but also can be summarized, this is the use of network media promotion and soft Wen promotion methods, to do better, need more professional writers and publishing channels.

    2, forum

    forum soft Wen, I will not say more, this piece I believe everyone must be very familiar with. Now basic >

    What are the common bottlenecks in website operations

    indeed, with the development of the Internet, website construction technology progress, now even do not understand any website technology white can successfully build a website of their own platform, so that the site is now more and more appear in the Internet, naturally required operators are more and more, and the website more and more, but also lead to specialist in encounter various problems in the operating process, a lot of bottleneck, so, what are the specific to the construction sites in Tianjin – the rate of scientific and technological small details for you slowly.

    one, traffic

    The change of

    basically all Specialist Web site operators are more inclined to site traffic, but with web site development to a certain stage, the flow is stopped, then a lot of operation webmaster would be confused, began to consider how to break through the website traffic? Some webmaster operation as soon as possible in order to enhance the website traffic, even think some cheating methods, such as: the purchase link, with a link to a page and so on, which may lead to the site shut down.

    : Tianjin construction site – the rate of science and technology small or feel, when the traffic bottleneck site operation is the most should do is to ask yourself, do not do, do a good job? Because only increase website traffic or Alexa rankings, the PR value is not healthy, should study the long tail theory, avoid too much garbage flows.

    two, location

    The positioning of the

    website is a problem that many enterprises will encounter at the beginning of their construction, and also the most common problems in many enterprises. Many enterprises are busy building sites, so there is no excessive attention to the site positioning, because of the vague positioning of the site, it will force the site again and again revision, eventually lost. However, many webmaster website operators with the new field of love, will stick to it, especially with the special mining research and website on the target user’s profit point, will gradually unravel the direction of the website development problem.

    suggests using creative thinking to break through stereotypes. When you’re having trouble solving a problem – that is, when you’ve used the skills you used to succeed – use it anyway – try a more creative way of thinking. When you’re troubled, you’re like a hound trying to dig deep in one place. You may actually try to dig another hole in another place right now.

    three, promotion

    when the site built just on the line, most of the specialist are anxious will promote out of your own webmaster, you want to earn more attention and exposure, eager to attract more potential users, but the effect is not obvious, a short period of time have no way to find the effective way of promotion. You know, there are many ways to promote the Internet, not every promotion is used for every enterprise, and some suitable for search engine marketing, and some suitable for

    Share my online part-time job

    contact network for many years, but as a network of part-time, is nearly two years, so it is a novice, but in the past two years, the network of part-time way has experienced many twists and turns, which included acid and sweet. I have a moment of leisure today, finishing their own ideas, write down the network of part-time way, and I have a similar experience, or friends can encourage each other together, of course, if it is not a fragment of heroes, regardless of, I ask for your help and guidance.

    ‘s first introduction to the Internet is a friend. After surfing the Internet, it’s no use watching news, TV, movies and listening songs all day long. Until one day to talk with friends to know, don’t say the network Nothing is too strange., open shop, even playing the game can earn a lot of money. So under the guidance of friends playing the game, is the beginning of round the clock crazy, even the wife said I should be careful, indulge, about half a year, I still did not play the role level or how many people Dailian is and how hard, if you like a friend to be your own boss please people do that. But, look at yourself, the body lost a big circle, his son has become a game fans around, if things go on like this that still have such a hard money, so determined The loss outweighs the gain., do not do. It is to want to ask for the moon, with a few friends game with me, every day down to today, they also have extra income well. But I do not regret my abandonment, everyone has its own focus, according to their own circumstances to choose their own path.

    did not play the game, the time freed, the first network of part-time give up halfway their understanding of the network, but it is different, the network is not only to provide a variety of information for us, and the wider world, the development of the network must be beyond our imagination, so broad world belongs to me? I’m looking for with the loss, see many part-time advertising, then join the Witkey, customers to donate, started the program, pick the registration task, something to do, such as to help people write the name, planning, writing the program to write a summary of writing the paper advertising language, numerous, submitted many tasks, but each one had no echo. To understand their knowledge is sparse shallow, the network that I ordered a galaxy of talents, fur, laughable. To do so may lose confidence, or just let it go.

    met www.1998.cn a month ago, and I seem to have found the answer. All I want is what I can do. So, with the CEOs interview, brief conversation, let me know what to do website, and know, we want to work together for the development of the site, the site as its own business to manage. In order to site more traffic and Baidu in the rankings, I began to work, the first is the hot keywords Baidu Search Ranking with the original article, the beginning of a period of time, learn to feel full of go, footloose, Article 32 to get it, but soon after, I do not know how to start in the face of a pile of words, to the news in a daze, a bit numb, is the river "

    Some views on the management of emerging 3G websites

    on 3G, I believe everyone is not strange, recently, the topic of 3G is also very lively, which city began to 3G telephone number experience, where the emergence of new products such as 3G, and so on. 3G is the future trend, the prospects are good, but now is the initial stage, mature to take a process, and the process is not easy.

    3G is bound to become a trend, the market potential is great, the development of this potential needs a short process. Of course, many owners also see this market, have to test the water 3G website template, but this kind of website is not currently available for reference, the development of the 3G site is still in its infancy, is through the glass light in sight but not suddenly caught. From the point of view of user experience, the author investigated the similarities and differences of some 3G websites, and summarized some problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of 3G websites.

    first of all, 3G class web pages should meet the user’s psychological needs.

    3G is a new thing. People who accept 3G must be young, fashionable and enthusiastic fans. Website design should take into account the characteristics of this user group, whether it is web production or content selection, we should consider the user’s preferences and needs. 3G experience lovers are generally young people, the ability to accept new things, and like to experience new trends, rich sense of the times. For example, the moving zone, "my site, I decide" fully expresses the inner voice of this group, and gets a strong response from this group, and the product promotion is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has been well received.

    At present many

    in the 3G website, I quite agree with this 3G portal http://www.3g.cn/ (domain name seems to be pretty good), home design is eye-catching, page concise fashion, also take pictures and content choice of thought, is moved to the user, 3G can find the need to feel fancier in the web site. Home page is concise, inside page classification is detailed, but the information of 3G essence is relatively little, have the suspicion of edge ball, and update is slow, content is little, the website appears flimsy. If the website can be improved in content, I believe that the site traffic will be more and more.

    secondly, website content should be substantial.

    should say that all websites require substantial content. I have browsed several 3G sites and have a common feature of less content. 3G information may be difficult to search online, but also can not make the site seem empty, so it is very unfavorable to retain customers. Webmaster 3G website can do from the relevant aspects, such as 3G mobile phone introduction, 3G picture download, 3G music download, and so on. 3G enthusiasts can also explore topics of concern, providing the latest industry information, rich content of the site.

    3G Chinese communication network http://www.chn3g.cn content is relatively rich, updated information is also the readability slightly better, but the profession is too strong, the general 3G enthusiasts may be more concerned about the new "interesting

    Talk about website promotion trends

    for most websites, a good site is defined as a page that is elegant, highly technical, rich in content and useful for viewing IP on a daily basis. From the perspective of the viewer to look for a site, there are two kinds of passive and active browsing browsing: the so-called active browsing, browsing is subjective sense of login to the site from the favorites or enter the URL into the website; passive browsing, search from the search engine, or from the advertising links, or from the window, even by the rogue software hijacked the IE login page, the page is passive to see.

    there is a fundamental difference between the classification of a site quality, that is a good site, will the daily traffic in active browsing accounted for most of the IP; on the contrary, if the site is not good enough, even if the promotion is good, it is only temporary, once the stop promotion, website traffic will be inflated fight back to the prototype.

    We are

    from the heart want to make your own website before a site, but always backfire, doing a garbage station, every day from the search engine traffic accounted for the majority, once the search engine optimization errors, the result too horrible to look at. I have maintained this status, just like chicken ribs generally website – tasteless gesture.

    we continue to plug pages into Baidu and barely fill our stomachs with small advertising revenue, but just filling our stomachs isn’t what we want, and we need to make a successful stop.

    we look at those stations is how to promote:

    Sina, Sohu, NetEase three portals are born in the Internet to be in full swing of the season, when the network effect is close to the myth, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei like a star every day in newspapers and magazines.

    QQ old horse in order to promote QQ software and rush around the major colleges and universities, and around to demonstrate how good their QQ, their own Tencent network allows users to get what benefits?. After that, QQ dolls, QQ clothes, wallets and hats are made all over the country…… There are rumors that even QQ brand instant noodles (I am no) in 8848 and now Taobao popularity of online shopping, and their website brand advertising everywhere on the Internet, rogue popup is small, TV movie, street shopping district, the subway train station, have seen Taobao figure. Comrade Chen’s mop has been trying to figure out some gossip to discuss, and countless offline gatherings show his influence as China’s largest gossip community. Even tech savvy Google is coming, nothing to do, just a little news, often Lulu’s face. There is a man in the impression left behind asked how to borrow a space for someone? Answer: often outdated mix, something that, for a long time. YY, mix a familiar face, nature can borrow space.

    said so much is to let everyone understand this truth: the Internet space is too small, not enough for us, Y>

    What should a female APP business do community or tool

    no one will deny that the female market is huge, and no one will deny that women are more emotional than men, and are more willing to be the main consumer, no matter where the money comes from.

    , but in the mobile internet field, phenomenon class products abound, but eventually let users "precipitation" down success is not much. There are so many entrepreneurs have said that the user’s heart like catkins subtle. This phenomenon is more pronounced in women’s APP, where women’s hearts are more difficult to grasp.

    more likely to divide the female market segments of the market than other areas, have menstrual tool aunt, beauty grapefruit; shopping market beauty said, mogujie.com beauty market; beauty beauty, beauty makeup tips; Manicure market show Manicure, beaver; plastic market new oxygen plastic; pregnancy pregnant orange market ·, happy pregnancy; · · · · · each segment has a specific group of users. But it’s amazing how many women’s APP start-ups are dominated by men, and it’s also a consensus among women entrepreneurs that men know women better than women.

    The initial user application

    women how to access? Sticky tools and community who can increase the user’s application? Women can have what business model? NetEase technology held in July 26th Wudaokou salon female special APP, founder and investor of all female APP to discuss female entrepreneurs how to enter the market application.

    female applications: community or tool

    female market has some particularity, such as menstrual application must accurately record the monthly menstrual time, and form convenient control; especially for weight loss and weight applications, users need to record the daily intake of calories, calories per day and to determine their own weight-loss results. On the other hand, women are more willing to share and discuss than men, and also want to compare with others, which makes developers fight with the community or tools.

    in the show nail CEO Yi Yi seems that women are born with "show" demand, so that they become beautiful, in addition to "Yue himself", but also to "Yue people."". Pure tool software has a natural problem, the lack of traffic access, only when users need it will open, so APP open frequency is low. Convince users to use incentives regularly, and through the concept of community, users will help you do what you want to do repeatedly and hopefully, forming a consensus field that will help you promote the transaction.

    beauty, beauty makeup CEO, Zhang Bo chose a structured blog style community, the initial launch of the beauty scene, and then gradually increased the nail, hair, clothing collocation and so on. In Zhang Bo’s view, fan economy is a great magic weapon for managing communities. There are three types of communities in the United States, America and the United States. The first is cattle

    Nutshell intellectual community what kind of experience does it work on both sexes

    this is a serious and serious interview.

    Shell network intellectual community

    know and gender related topics, more than 64000 academic micro-blog fans nearly three hundred thousand, Baidu search "gender" can get thousands of results — of course in the net net action, visible content are basically the name of "edge ball" sexual health content as yet no one cares about those for the masses to rise posture, increase the taste, each gender "behind the scenes" editing platform greatly is how to work


    work every day is talking about the sexes, what is the experience of writing


    every day in contact with the content they would shame Da "restless"


    so many poses. Where did they learn?

    What kind of sex knowledge does

    have in most of their eyes?


    author invited to the serious red tide from science shell network "intellectual" two @ intellectual Jun and the first taste of the experience from "build platform" APP "little Shoushou". He made a formal email interview.

    well, now please correct attitude, serious reading this "other people’s work experience.

    introduce yourself,

    Chen, male, 34, no nickname for a long time. Shell net Senior Product Manager, intellectual founder

    Ding Zheng, male, nicknamed "big D" shell network, senior operations manager, intellectual co founder,

    little Shoushou, male, age 23. He called the beast (interest APP operation statement: Shoushou is not suppressed by


    Judy, 25, sister, innocent, great writer (Zuo, dead), the interviewer.

    , tell me about your daily work first.

    Shoushou: you always feel that "Daily" seems to have another layer of meaning, with many editors are the same, every keyboard mhmm.

    in his interest, you can see all kinds of detailed and interesting user sun alone – the use of taste products and drying must be through the strict examination of fried chicken. Of course, the pictures you see are already my audit. (ha ha ha ha)

    Chen Yan: there is an interesting community in which people discuss gender skills, scientific knowledge and emotional life. Our job is to quickly solve all kinds of user problems through products and means of operation.

    , "one minute sex education" and "villain’s most intellectual" are our programs of independence and participation. We also have "talent show" anchors from our users, recording programs for our official radio station. Recently, a book called "intellectuality" is being published. In short, it is the dissemination of scientific and healthy knowledge of both sexes.

    Save the confidence crisis in IDC industry and set up the Convention on self-discipline

    some time ago "cable raise a Babel of criticism of events to the IDC industry has brought hitherto unknown the credit crisis, resulting in Beijing Netcom Yizhuang thousands of servers are trapped, 10000 can not access the site, has brought great losses to the entire IDC industry indelible reputation.

    with the IDC industry technical threshold continues to decrease the core technology R & D update slow or stagnant, the overall quality of IDC employees to decline, many completely to profit for the purpose of inferior small IDC operators IDC the influx of industry. Which leads to fierce competition in the industry intensified, the current IDC industry market by the emergence of a large number of dragons and fishes jumbled together with ultra low cost under the guise of reducing industry profits at the same time using a variety of non credit consumer fraud means part of bad IDC, drag out an ignoble existence, more directly by defrauding the trust of consumers after absconding or declared bankruptcy makes at present, the national IDC market suffered a crisis of confidence in the industry caused by the hitherto unknown, consumer credit for the entire industry serious doubt, so that the original in the mind of consumers is famous for its high new technology industries become common technology industry second, industrial technology content on the IDC caused a serious blow.


    has always believed that IDC industry is the best embodiment of the integrity of the utility industry, because of its sales of products is the virtual technology products based on good faith, all relevant IDC industry products are almost the consumers "invisible" network product contract, and it is very rare for industry the first payment to the virtual goods industry. If you go to buy something, is virtual, you can only get through the network to use this product experience, and the first to pay before they know the product is good or bad, so what if other sectors of the ordinary consumer goods would you choose? And the IDC industry for a long time for the survival of the industry, fully reflects the IDC value of the integrity of the industry, is no exaggeration to say that "honesty is the IDC industry based on the book," now such a foothold there was a serious crisis, the natural foundation for the entire industry will be shaken. Therefore, to save the IDC industry confidence crisis, for all operators engaged in IDC related areas is the most urgent need to solve the problem, heavy industry integrity banner urgent.

    day held in Shanghai before the IDC Summit Forum has many delegates put forward this topic, there are also many enterprises to participate in the discussion, and has been on the "cable events" were condemned, there are also many companies to lend a helping hand to this event for many consumer losses such as Anhui Chinese network technology Limited (www.china35.com) as China top IDC operators representatives in the General Assembly on the proposed "save IDC industry brand integrity" slogan has been the support of many enterprises, all of this event have implicated personal and network company expressed sympathy and regret. To better help victims of this event, site >