3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving

      which is good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Super energy saving – reduce the cost of kitchen 40% gas, improve the effectiveness of the chef 30%!

cost reduction, energy saving and environmental protection kitchen utensils which good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Reduce expenses, increase revenue is every enterprise, every boss think of things. Saving is to reduce costs, saving is to increase profits, why not save province?

  today, the majority of owners and catering enterprises to introduce a modern industry first, the function of magic and the effectiveness of the kitchen stove energy-saving equipment — "Zhongxing 1 energy saving 3 air defense fire system device. The device can not change the original user range of structure and function, appearance and operation method, the users of the old stove for energy-saving technological transformation, energy efficiency and energy saving users to achieve 30-55%, see. "ChinaSat 1 energy saving 3 air defense fire system", is a set of international popular "energy-saving" and "energy saving" the combination of the new low carbon energy-saving device for cooking stove and development by controlling the heat loss three energy saving method.

– the complete elimination of such behavior in the process of Chinese cooking stove burning waste air hole, energy saving and environmental protection kitchenware which good? The best choice of energy saving system for air defense. Through scientific research found that the Chinese cooking process about 30-50% of empty waste. For a long time, the stove has not been a good solution to solve the problem of empty burning.

Clever use of network marketing creative products business more fire

creative products, the general price will be relatively high, if the clever use of network marketing, the product will be more easily accepted by consumers, business can be more popular! Creative products, creativity is the biggest selling point, and how to carry out creative products online marketing? What kind of marketing model can get considerable profits? Here are some effective ways to network marketing.

1, blog: blog is through introduce your creative products, relatively speaking blog content and creative picture is most likely to attract people, as long as there are good ideas will be of great help to spread widely with the product or.

2, Taobao shop: in fact, a lot of people see some creative products, if you are interested to buy directly. For example, to open a specialized DIY personality to sell Taobao’s creative ski shop, the use of creative pictures and text to attract customers to buy.

3, Baidu bidding: This is an effective way to attract a wide range of traffic, any creative products will have its own personality and common, so that there is no lack of personalized products to do Baidu promotion. For example, in Baidu to open a Baidu auction account, buy the word ski, through the sale of their own website or a single page in the top three position, so that the effect of the network marketing is relatively good.

4, forum soft advertising: in the form of soft advertising to introduce their products, the four major advantages of soft, is one of the effective ways to do all of the enterprise product marketing network.

5, SEO Optimization: for this piece of SEO, the optimization of the site must be done in place, even the best products also need to provide a good platform for the enterprise.

for creative products, alone may be the traditional marketing mode effect is not very good, in the network so developed today, the clever use of network marketing, can get better effect. Hope that the above content will be helpful to all my friends.


How the sun water heater phenom product functionality – strong business

now, in our lives, environmental protection and energy saving lifestyle, is always very attractive to consumers. How about the sun phenom water heater? Energy saving and environmental protection. Join the sun water heater project phenom, is very the advantages of choice!


phenom sun water heater?


phenom sun water heater? The sun water heater phenom environmental protection will not only reflected in the energy-saving, water-saving and emission, is also reflected in the design, manufacture and use of the whole life cycle. Green home appliances is not limited to energy saving, sun water heater phenom involved in product design and manufacturing process of environmental protection, the service life of the product and the length of the performance index of the level and parts of the recycling of raw materials and recycling rate. Sunshine water heater phenom money tips please enter the > >

now the concept of water heater has gradually matured from the mainstream, is gradually to power generation, heating, refrigeration, drying and industrial applications. It is understood that the thermoelectric power generation technology is a kind of directly converting heat energy into electricity generation technology, has no moving parts, small volume, light weight, convenient movement and high reliability, sun water heater can phenom reasonable use of solar energy, industrial waste heat and other low-grade energy source, is green and environmental protection technology. The United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries have paid attention to the research of thermoelectric power generation technology in the civil field, and have made considerable progress.

now, consumers demand for home appliances is far from simple functional, high-end technology will be the main theme of the smart home appliance industry. The biggest bright spot is the sunshine phenom water heater insulation effect super good condensing performance, the use of non-metallic material, economic, practical, durable, energy saving and environmental protection. The unique temperature difference power generation technology has opened up a new way of using solar energy to generate electricity.

has a unique brand, always very attractive to franchisees, as well as the consumer’s eyes. Then, start to choose to join the phenom sun water heater do? Let us work together to create wealth!

China Volkswagen index released in Sichuan

is now at every place there are many different entrepreneurs, at the same time, each region’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high, recently a country entrepreneurship index reports also attracted the eyeball.

by Southwest Jiao Tong University research "Chinese public entrepreneurship index (MEI)", "provincial", first released in Chengdu on 9. The report shows that the provinces of mainland China, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, the highest ranking of the three business index, Tibet entrepreneurial demand index ranked more than Zhejiang, Guangdong.

in the public business demand index, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin ranked the top three, is a gathering place for the country to absorb elements of innovation and entrepreneurship. But Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Tibet also has a huge demand for innovation and entrepreneurship, even more than Guangdong, Zhejiang.

"Tibet provincial space for future development potential, entrepreneurial opportunities, the provincial public business demand index will be even more than the provincial economy is relatively developed." Chen Guang, director of innovation and entrepreneurship research center of Southwest Jiao Tong University, the current mainland provinces in China are relatively strong entrepreneurial needs, the highest score of 97 points and the lowest score of only a difference of 20 points between the scores of 77.

Cheap and cheap sources where to find it

the purchase price is low, reserved for entrepreneurs greater profit margins, so for entrepreneurs, it is important to have high quality and inexpensive goods, the key is the source where you can find?

1, act as market Hunter

some cosmetics seller, and the director of high-grade cosmetic shop can be familiar, in the new market before the first to get as low as 30 percent off of the goods, and then according to the shop on the net 10 percent off sold for cosmetics price is higher, the more lucrative profits.

2, pay attention to foreign trade products

brand merchandise is one of classification of concern. And many brands, although in a certain area is a backlog of goods, but the coverage of a wide range of characteristics, can make it in other regions become popular. If you have enough bargaining skills, can at low prices to their hands in the inventory to eat, will be able to get a huge profit.

3, get foreign discount merchandise

this way of selling some of the students are concerned, Japanese students "Momotaro" stores the latest Japanese cosmetics and beauty nutrition and health care products, to domestic and other countries in the world through air transport, there are shops in Taobao. Because of its fresh cosmetics, but also faster than the domestic counter listed, cheaper

20 thousand +5 square meters of small stalls a year 600 thousand group

as everyone knows, the trend of delicacy is the source of wealth, and by the end of 2014, the popularity of desktop burning rice and vegetable roll assembly, selling king! Desktop grill is soaked in rice and vegetable roll pork sauce, wrapped in white meat and other high quality Steamed Rice stuffing into a cylinder, into the oven and bake until golden brown baked edible snack.

burning rice and vegetable roll Market Analysis

in China catering market, catering industry development is the fastest in the fast-food industry, fast food industry in the development of the most favorable characteristics of fast food, fast food and the characteristics of good development prospects, the survival rate of the project is the western fast food. At present, the domestic market is limited to American style fast food, it is difficult to break.

Desktop Project in leisure snacks, traditional delicacy mainly because of the high cost of buying machine, low degree of standardization, and the operation is complex, has become the regional market fast food field ignored, so it is widely popular for desktop catering impression stay is more common in the noodles, chicken row, octopus balls and other products.

golden rice and vegetable roll round shape burning personality, taste rich and distinct, it is across the field of leisure snacks and fast food business in line with today’s dual core, the demand for consumer groups, as a representative of the new burning rice and vegetable roll table delicacy, will become a new starting point of Taiwan catering cultural innovation.

group flavor meatloaf burn   Xiaoxian project features of

rice and vegetable roll;

1. features with sauce burning rice and vegetable roll crisp, fragrant.

Desktop burn snack items selected Southeast Asian rice and vegetable roll and high-quality rice, green organic pork, the exclusive secret recipe from Taipei. Burn used for filling the 6 flavors from rich 10 flavors of rice and vegetable roll, nutrition reasonable collocation. The use of unique sauce add meat roll skin taste, make wonderful taste more attractive, delicious fragrance overflowing. Meat rolls, seafood, fruits, grains and other elements, mouth floating! Mission flavor, cartoon Bento, baked potato, sand ice, ice cream, product line rich, hot season!

2. quick start, low threshold.

variety store type diamond! More than 5 square meters of +2 million, kuangzhuan! Flexible operation, open which fire which, a shop earn top N shop! Strength VS reputation   get rich dream sponsor! Mature catering operations experience, thousands of professional corps, so you hot hey earn 0 burden! Desktop desktop adhering to the traditional diet cooked rice and vegetable roll, and the manufacturers of new technology upgrade, using the core material package and mini operation process simplify the tedious process, the implementation of standardized operation. The production process is burning rice and vegetable roll through simple cooking Western food, two minutes to the meal, modern environmental kitchen and the production without fire operation, can be excluded because of.

How Ma food Dahan meal


can meet the demands of mass consumption market is all levels of consumer goods to meet the various sectors of the consumer, such as cars, car brands up to tens of millions of dollars, but also to meet the consumer demand of civilian car brands, such as Mazda. In the food and beverage joined the project also has suitable for the investment needs of the middle of the project, for example, Ma food tatsu.

Ma food appeared in the country sparked a Korean food hot. Authentic Korean delicious food, high popularity, high profits, so that investors want to join them. She was eating, the small million yuan investment, the success of a wealth of


and Dahan food meal researchers based on the ancient secret recipe, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, the nutmeg, ginger and other 24 kinds of spices, carey modulated, made of a variety of spices, marinade, soup, the use of these gifts of nature to bring a tongue on the miracle tour to the people in the market. Welcome to eat meal, and Dahan rice cake Hot pot primarily, this is rare in the domestic market for food will be able to pursue the personality of young people to bring fresh.

and Dahan food meal, characteristics of the protagonist, absolutely not the same Hot pot rice cake, delicious meals, food franchises, Dahan researchers based on the ancient secret recipe, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, the nutmeg, ginger and other 24 kinds of spices, carey modulated, made of various materials, adjusting the marinade, the soup, use these gifts of nature to bring a tongue on the miracle tour to the people.

is often seen in various scenes in the drama actress, eating delicious fried rice cake, the characteristics of Korean food, do not feel the same warmth, food and Dahan meal, characteristics of the protagonist, absolutely not the same Hot pot rice cake, delicious meals, food franchises, Dahan researchers based on ancient secret recipe, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, the nutmeg, ginger and other 24 kinds of spices, carey modulated, made of a variety of spices, marinade, soup, the use of these gifts of nature to bring a tongue on the miracle tour to the people. The high tempo of modern society forces people to become acute, so they need to race against time. In the food and Dahan meal, do not have to worry about this point. Each of the cooking process to ensure the strict control of the customer order within eight minutes after the meal can be enjoyed, truly lightning service!

and fresh, unique taste, exquisite dishes, so many young people Chinese crazy! And food, million small investment, low risk and high profit, the success of a wealth of


if you are interested in this small investment projects, we quickly leave a message!

College graduates Li Hongfu shoes do poineering work

if you have a university degree after graduation, but chose to hold a candle, for a start this choice, you have what kind of view? After graduating from college, when the shoemaker, such a choice you can accept it? Shenyang 80 after the big boy Li Hongfu not only accepted, but also enjoy the music, the following, let us work together to understand the business case.

‘shoe not knock Chen thing, make money by their own ability, incomparable happiness now." Yesterday, shoeshine brother Li Hongfu once again with the store members to share their entrepreneurial insights.

origin   big city found shoe business opportunities

green T-shirt, waist black apron, a smile on the bench. Expertly picked up the shoe brush, while carefully with shoe polish, side and front "superior" customers chatting…… This picture, Li Hongfu do not know how many times a day to repeat.

two years ago, Li Hongfu, Shenyang, graduated from the Tianjin Institute of light industry, e-commerce, he also learned the majority of students and the students have the same dream, life will be selected in the end of the big city. From Tianjin to Hangzhou, and then to Qingdao, he was wearing a pair of professional clothes and leather shoes all over the world.

"salary is not high, pressure is great, the day dragged his exhausted body walking in the big city brilliantly illuminated, always feel that the city does not belong to me, I do not belong to this city." A serious lack of sense of belonging to Li Hongfu to start his own life seriously thinking. The reason why he left in the big city to continue that seemingly decent but painful dream, because they can not afford to go to college this fact."

an accidental opportunity, Li Hongfu found the shoe is very promising in this field. After further investigation, he found the business opportunities. "Now most of the 90 self-care ability is poor, wearing high-end shoes do not have the time or to take care of, and now the demand for luxury goods increase, the follow-up maintenance of many high-end shoes, bags, clothes are a blank." Li Hongfu said that this discovery so that he had to return home the entrepreneurial impulse, and begin to study some shoe shop around, and steal.

choice   return home to do a happy happy shoe

2012 years in December, Li Hongfu’s College fragrance wash shoe store is located in Songshan District, a low-key opening. Nearly 30 square meters of shops, he is not only shoe workers, but also the boss, busy every day. The most difficult one, is the day before New Year’s Eve, he got up from 5 when the shoe, until the time of 24.

"at the moment the shop closed, my body was as tired as

Small and medium-sized enterprises should learn to abandon the whole – what

now chose the path of entrepreneurship is very much, resulting in the market competition is extremely fierce. In fact, the development of SMEs may be the most difficult. Because the vast majority of them belong to small and medium scale enterprises, although the competition in the market in small boat U-turn, can choose a market segmentation using focusing strategy to get quick return, but more likely is the most unfavorable position.

abandon product oriented

it is understood that China is currently more than 80% of the development of enterprises is still a typical product business. The biggest difference between product management and brand management: product management is only based on the physical features of the product, and brand management not only includes the physical tangible product function, but also intangible brand product features.

Although the

in the development of small and medium enterprises is to obtain benefits from product management, basis and opportunities for further development, but we can not be bound by it, need to quickly turn to brand management, brand marketing stage from a focus on product sales stage to force into the brand force and image force.

abandon profit maximization

for a long time, the business objectives of the enterprise is to maximize profits – many textbooks are written so. So is this sentence correct? In fact, this sentence misled many companies. Enterprises should be concerned about short-term business and immediate interests, but for the long-term management of the enterprise is a very big mistake. Most of the foreign enterprises to pursue a sustainable operation, improve market share than the awareness of short-term profits to make a much stronger sense of the results of the business is booming.

so, although the development of small and medium enterprises is still very immature, the strength is still not enough, still lack the capital needed for development, but the view is it should look farther, do now to the future vision, always put the sustainable development strategy of the enterprise as the company’s first business objectives to treat, the enterprise can. Vigorous, so as not to kill the goose, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

abandon experience to grasp the market

has not yet made a big business, with the main staff to experience the long-term market experience to seize the market and seize the opportunity, in most cases is feasible. However, with the continuous expansion of business and business, the limitations of experience and intuition are gradually revealed. This requires the development of enterprise decision makers to adjust strategies, with professional market research forces carried out according to the specific market research, market data to study the characteristics of the new consumer psychology and consumer behavior characteristics, and rationally grasp market trends and potential opportunities. In order to minimize errors in judgment and decision making, please use professional market research to enhance the enterprise