To solve the site is down right reincluding, noble baby baby poor ranking noble practical tips

sites are noble baby drop right even K station, there are many possible reasons, such as the typical acquisition station, space is not stable, or before the noble baby ranking is also good, one day suddenly disappeared in the ranking of nobility baby inside, but also included in the noble baby. To solve these problems, can be adjusted by the following techniques.

is the first to consider the site itself a commonplace talk of an old scholar from the point of view, the optimal place for excessive dilution, continue to upload original content value, check the website Links whether the guide is K station, whether the site is linked to the malicious code and so on, in fact, this is also applicable to other search engines, looks simple, a lot of Shanghai dragon er know, but it is not so easy.

love Shanghai occupies most of the domestic search engine market share, so many people love focus sex in Shanghai, love Shanghai website optimization ranking for the assessment standard, but as a truly engaged in website optimization promotion of Shanghai dragon Er, optimize the promotion is the treasure must be noble. And a lot of website optimization is mainly for the nobility to the baby, such as for the international market of foreign trade website.

When the

website optimization we talked about of course, whether it is love or Shanghai or noble baby or not, or other search engines, we must be the premise of doing stand, stand in the user’s point of view to do station, the real value of the website, because only in this way, the website can have their real life.

finally, when the site adjustment after a period of time (we are monitoring a comprehensive website this time is not 1~2 a week, are at least 2~3 months time monitoring points), found the baby ranking noble or poor, there is no website content timely book, can try to apply for the noble baby advertising, which is GGAD. This method is quite useful, there have been a friend of the station before the noble baby ranking can also, can also be included, but one day disappear to the outside of the top 100 rankings, later included no update, after repeated details, I could not find a better way, and in when a GGAD application, the website has miraculously in 2~3 days after the application, to be indexed, ranking.

website operation to a certain extent, there may be many unexpected situation, such as problems included, rankings, space is not stable, domain name hijacking, site traffic, exceed the standard chain of crazy drop and so on, all these need our webmaster in practice slowly summed up the experience and to look at the good experience to share.

second, can be added to the website of noble baby webmaster tools, diagnostic opinion monitoring given by noble baby, sometimes noble baby webmaster tools can really get a good adjustment strategy, and more powerful tools, really do website optimization promotion, is the need to learn to use these powerful tools.


Love love Shanghai cigarette ranking mechanism analysis on the website

For the record,

4. The record in the China is inevitable, love can not love against Shanghai, Shanghai to conform to this view of the government, it is impossible to make a no record rank too close, he would not offend the government. So to get the first domain name record, and the record number in your own website, or if you will not be recognized by Shanghai love record.

for ranking mechanism love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon believe learning optimization techniques simply will understand one or two, today I will talk about love Shanghai ranking mechanism for Internet users to click. Can be said to be anti cheating mechanism.

Simply talk about the use of

3, regional, for IP cannot be concentrated in a certain area. For a keyword search area proportion, love Shanghai is recorded. So basically the allocation according to the proportion of Shanghai love IP. We love in Shanghai (index.baidu贵族宝贝) can be found in a distribution area in the distribution area of a keyword, keyword search, in one day there will be a difference, but not too much difference, if a keyword only concentrated in one area, this is obviously not normal, Shanghai certainly love will pay attention to this situation, Shanghai love robot can also easily find this abnormal phenomenon. For example, the following figure, [] lock jade palace when we love Shanghai index search can be seen in his distribution area.

software to brush the search results click love Shanghai, should pay attention to the place.

1, when you click on the search result content, if always click on your station, it will be punished in the sea. Love Shanghai for this flow chart analysis, keyword search results for a flow chart analysis.

6, the original


5, contact information. Whether the site has its own way of contact, determine the site of normality. The more formal website, more likely to be recognized, if there is no basic normality, love Shanghai will think you this station has been run down without basic security, is likely to do a period of time will be very close, so the search engine brand influence.

is a part of the webmaster, brush ranking by Shanghai dragon optimization software. Love is in the Shanghai search results click on your station, in order to increase their rankings. Love Shanghai has such a ranking factor in it, but not so simple.

. Shanghai love information database will record the original site page number, number of total pages. In order to judge.

2, when clicked, can not stand you suddenly a lot of traffic, but in front of you no traffic, you give 30%—40% traffic to the station in front of you, to separate the 5% row behind you, so your site’s ranking can steadily, it can also be fool love Shanghai machine anti cheating mechanism.

Speculation recently love Shanghai will have a big adjustment rules

too far, continue to return theme. Before the love of Shanghai adjusted outside several large quantities of warning, website snapshot, back stop. Large quantities of the web site is included to reduce or increase. After the sign, is mass website went down. Love Shanghai is a sophisticated search engine, his ranking algorithm rules and Google compared difference is not a point, often is a group of black hat to QJ. So he will continue to be updated, to prevent the destruction of his people malicious ranking order. At the end of last year the group station just explode even if.

morning to see the site of several state, found that there are four or five stations in the No. 17 snapshot stop. There is something strange, several station weights are good. A revision of the total station yesterday, the snapshot back to number 10. A client station, keywords ranking is very stable in the home for a month, three of the long tail word fell to the second page, the subject still standing on the first down.

remember a few days ago on micro-blog to discuss Shanghai dragon, a friend said, Shanghai dragon, the search engine is, the enemy does not move, I don’t move. If the enemy move, I move first. Later you think carefully, this thing is really. Without specification at all every adjustment to love Shanghai always, always come and say, change the change, often to do Shanghai dragon friends against loss.

recently do not know if you have noticed, the weight of love Shanghai Encyclopedia has increased a lot. Before the search product, home is also a Wikipedia entry. I am a customer of the product in the search word love Shanghai, home appeared the word encyclopedia, also appeared in four of the long tail word encyclopedia. Do not understand the love Shanghai mass which is a weight adjustment encyclopedia, trying to kill the gang do Shanghai dragon


change more, we will slowly become accustomed to. Go slowly, each change, there are a number of standing ranking is not fall, the total number of stations is standing in Shanghai love top down. Careful analysis, we know that although Shanghai love changes, whether big or small, for enterprise stand for, is always around the content and the chain, or more, can remove the content. I practice, a fully understand Shanghai dragon people, to do a enterprise stand ranking, he only do outside the chain, all the work every day around the chain to do, nothing less than the B2B platform information, Links and buy high quality links. What, what the original, what station optimization, all flash side, after two months, the ranking is up…

Shanghai dragon will always scold love Shanghai, do business will scold love Shanghai. Shanghai love is not fair, as the world’s largest search engine, his money is not innocent, his method is disgraceful. What time, love Shanghai really knows when it is fair, Shanghai dragon Er love began to love Shanghai.

source: 贵族宝贝>

The number of

Interpretation of Shanghai dragon myth how much impact on multi site outbound links

, network links and sharing, a huge "link on the Internet, if there is no link, then into a separate space, has lost the meaning of Internet sharing. This not only the spirit of the Internet itself is recognized by people, but also by the search engine recognition. So, in this sense, the export link is meaningful to the user, is also in line with the user experience. A consistent user experience of the website, search engines will also get love.

finally, pointing to the authority of the website is ranked one of the factors. If your site has derived links to authoritative website, then this is one of the factors the search engine itself ranking. Before this factor proportion is very weak, then this factor has been improved, although the search engine doesn’t mention it, but you can see from some examples. For example, many web site navigation, many Chinese categories, these sites have many outbound links, but these links will not affect the site since.

The second is the essence of

first, affect export link not to own web page of the PR value, in theory, a web page of the PR value is determined by the number of backlinks page itself and the reverse link of the page where the PR value, and there is no direct relationship between the export link. In fact, such a situation may exist, if the page is too many links, then transfer to the other page of the PR value will be reduced, at the same time, the other pages delivered to the page of the PR value will be reduced. However, the site of the internal links is a network structure of multiple circulation, loss of the PR value is very small, therefore, will not affect the basic. Of course, this said export link refers to a logical, consistent with the export link user demand, and many related links, no sense or even sell links is not discussed in this paper.

then link to help the search engines to determine your theme. The anchor text link is an important factor in ranking, is not only the external link anchor text, anchor text links are also important, usually the export link anchor text is one of the important factors in the optimization of the web page. The reason is very simple, if a "A" in Shanghai Longfeng "as the link text to the page B, then the search engine that is closely related to the B and Shanghai dragon, think A Association and Shanghai dragon page, it will use the word link to B.

link can be said to exist in every website, different websites, outbound links more or less, many owners have a misunderstanding, that is if the export link multi site has an impact on their website.

everyone knows that the weight of external links in their website promotion help a lot, so naturally will think if outbound links too much, will have their own website weight loss. Outbound links many owners will be deliberately control their own website, so today and you talk about effects of export link on your site.

Adaptive search will be launched on

, for example, if I see a new carpet in the market, then I am in the search on the search engine revolves around such as "new" carpet carpet "buy" and "carpet", when I use the search engine to search other information, my search results will show some of the most recent the carpet and related information. Adaptive search is based on the idea of evolution.

brand may also be innocence. According to the user’s search records provide a unique page may result when the relevant information of users to search for the brand, the results can not be displayed. To the example above me, if I had to search the word "Armstrong" is to study the moon, then if I want to find the relevant brand floor, when I enter the keywords, it would not have the relevant information of the brand.

search engine is of vital importance in the key is whether they can provide the user friendly experience. The desired user is the search engine can give them an intuitive feeling. Bing is similar to create a different page for each user. This means that individual users will have their own unique individual choice. This also means that the search engine of the collected data and behavior are distorted. The search engine will be further away from the expectations of the "pull" stage (which allows users to tell the search engines what they want), further to "push" state (i.e. they should tell the user how to find). Will be in the understanding of the purpose of consumers may be due to a user search stage make the wrong assumptions tilt.

in addition, ordinary people may not know his search results for him personally tailored, he would think that he will see the results and see is the same. Because the user does not have to get all the options and information and they do not know if this page is made for them, so some people think that this will be in the thinking process and ideology to mislead consumers, instead of helping them find complete information right.

adaptive search behind the concept is the use of the user’s search records to create a smarter search results. For example, I want to do a lot of research on the moon, then I will be in the search for the keyword "Armstrong", most people may search for "Armstrong" this brand of products, but in front of my results would be about Armstrong landing information.

said last week will be adding a new function in their algorithm, which is called "adaptive shrinkage ranking algorithm". In the past two years, Google and Bing have made adjustments to the search results for individual users more humane in their ranking code. Adaptive search behind the idea is to use search history to provide a more intuitive and consistent with the needs of the user.

unique users provide unique results of Shanghai Longfeng Er sounds could be a nightmare, but it is not. The final search results of search engine will consider that a high.

Reduce the areas that are considered as spam

in order to avoid spam is identified as spam by these filtering methods, we should pay attention to the following problems.

1. checks if the server IP address is on the blacklist.


selects a mail server, it should check whether the server provider’s IP address is listed on the main garbage blacklist.

users can query their servers on the Internet in real time, and whether IP addresses are blacklisted. Of course, the use of the process can not rule out some users to send spam affecting other users. If the mail delivery rate and reading rate are greatly reduced, you should always monitor the IP address in the main blacklist.

2. note notes written in

(1) in the message header and text are to minimize the use of sensitive, often using typical spam words, such as English Viagra, loans, pornographic pictures, awards, winning, and Chinese, free gifts, promotions, invoices, tax avoidance, workshops, financial discount, etc.. Not to say that the words themselves have any problems, nor is it entirely useless, but as little as possible, so as not to trigger the garbage filter algorithm.

(2) use exclamation marks less, use less exaggerated colors, especially bold red fonts. This is typical of spam, a commonly used way to attract attention. If it’s English mail, don’t capitalize many words.

(3) do not use explicitly fictitious strings in the message content, title, and sender name. For example, some spammers wouldn’t tell others their real names and write the letters just in the sender name. Maintenance of spam filtering algorithm is not stupid, this kind of random strings are usually rather baffling spam features just.

(4) HTML mail code should be concise and reduce the use of pictures. Although HTML mail allows pictures to be used to beautify mail, pictures should be kept at the lowest proportion compared to text. The more pictures you have, the higher the garbage score you’re likely to hit.

3. registration process notes

(1) a thank you page and confirmation post after the user submits the registration form. It should remind the user to add your domain name and email address to the user’s own whitelist and address book. The mail client software usually has whitelist options in the garbage filter settings, and most free mail providers such as YAHOO, Hotmail, and Gmail also have corresponding settings. Storing e-mail addresses in the address book also has the same effect.

(2) if a message has been filtered to the junk e-mail folder, click to remind users not spam "button to tell the filter error of judgment, the feedback will be filtering mail server statistics and using the algorithm in the future.

(3) gives the user the easiest and most convenient way to unsubscribe. All posts sent to the user

Actual case new approach to improving website viscosity and liveness

personal feeling to go through many levels, and dedicated to the community to fill the content, do SEO optimization, Baidu included, have to register, after registration also tried to drive users to participate in the community topic, hope they become long-term users. When your users when rising, you have not thought about the users in the community walk are doing what? They are about what you are really interested in? We are going to discuss how to directly understand your users, so that they really move, let your community alive.

do you know what your users like,


from what can you know what your users like? The most intuitive of your community post visits and replies. Most of the time this data is frustrating, especially for some new webmasters. Obviously, the website’s PV is increasing, but the rate of reply is not growing fast. Can you judge the preferences of the users with this part of the data? Is it accurate enough? This time, you may ignore groups of tourists who make up most of your site’s visitors.

take a practical website to see:


data that what you see? For personal website, online at the same time, almost 2000 people to look for good grades, but only 87 of them are registered members, the rest of the visitors are tourists, tourists in the proportion as high as 95%. Visitors can only see how we know not to reply, for visitors most of the people what they love? Although we can hold a good fantasy, as long as they see are interested in content, they will reply to the registration, but the conversion rate is often less satisfactory.

How does

improve visitor participation

1, most of the new owners income is not too high, if you want to form a union website through the promotion of the huge costs, and the effect of continuity is very poor, as long as a stop advertising, registration will soon fall, the conversion rate of users is not high, this is a burn Dutch act the.

2, activities, must organize website activities. The hardest part of human communication is the first step to opening the atrium. For visitors to click on a few steps, you need a break through to sign up for your site, and activity is the most effective way to break through your user’s heart. And there are several advantages to Organizing Web activity:

the main part of the activity is on your website;

activity is one of the most attractive attractions for visitors;

activity is the easiest way for users to remember your website;

network activities have no geographical restrictions and no trade restrictions;

the cost can be very low.

of course, it’s important to think of a good participatory approach and an attractive incentive mechanism to attract users to your activities. < >

How to enhance the value of the shop

for the "Yan value" of the word, I believe we are not unfamiliar, Yan value to enhance the nature of the current society has become a very high rate of a word. In a word, "Yan value" is the 2016 network buzzwords, generally refers to the actor heroes and villains in TV series is not only good-looking, but acting is also very high, by chase drama of love, especially a step in a lot of drama are beautiful and handsome, so that "Yan value is very high. As a retail household, store color value is very important, especially the owner of the Yan value is also related to the survival of the store.

store image color value is very important

shop for decades, the store also used to keep immutable and frozen, large changes in each store will consume a lot of energy, the key is not my own house, so since rented the house is not the whole pack, store so many goods, also afraid of trouble again.

with a cigarette counter and shelf for more than ten years, it is very old, the store had many specifications of high-end cigarettes, and always counter misfits, many consumers are even think the restaurant is not more than 300 of the cigarette retail. In 2014, after the support of Shandong tobacco, I store shelves and counter displacement 3 groups tall, put on the cigarette was a grade, since for a new counter and my cigarette cigarette shelf, high-end sales rose more than 300 yuan, in particular consumer groups increased a lot, the store display of goods and the shelves are closely related. This is the shop’s "Yan value" brings benefits.

2015 city to create a civilized city, each department in the management, in case the work is not in place to drag the city’s hind legs. So civilized business is the slogan of the industrial and commercial sector, not only to complete the documents, to the regular supplier purchase, never sell expired goods and counterfeit goods. But also to maintain the health of the store, is a qualified industrial and commercial households. I shop is the integrity of the user, for the purchase of goods I have been very gatekeeper, never sell expired goods and shoddy goods.

but one thing is not up to the requirements, because of long time of operation, the shop wall has yellow, but also in the top of the tube, there are a lot of dust, and the entire store very uncoordinated, because slept in the store, there are a lot of life appliance store. Industry and commerce departments under the order, the store must clean up the whole day, must not have the slightest bit of dead, and the wall must be unified brush once, if you do not clean up was included in the industrial and commercial households. It is thought that the business sector to pick up really nosy, because it takes a lot of manpower and resources, there is no way to operate, must obey the arrangement.

will do it, first clean up the dead corner of the store, do not have all of the goods are cleaned up, all of the goods re finishing, the dust under the counter and all clean, do not have the removal of the light >

How about the American Burger Shop

Do you have a big investment in

American burger? Can help people realize the dream of getting rich? Many people are very interested in this food and beverage project, if you want to do a good job in the investment business to understand the brand to see if it is suitable for you.

In fact, as long as the election of the

project brand, your brand is able to attract customers, investment card is nourishing hamburger market prospects, card Le AIDS Hamburg after entering the market, pay attention to the combination of Chinese and western, to create China characteristics of delicacy, favored by the vast number of consumers.

is the favorite of consumers, and its products are the most delicious and unique products in the market. It consists of Wall Street stock broker Sean founded in 1987 during the economic crisis, with a standardized delicacy and professional services to win the New Orleans people’s love, business is getting better, become a famous American American fast-food brand.

card music store is to join Hamburg Zi is not too big, the investment is relatively small, but the brand has been nourishing Hamburg card music known in the country, because the card is a hamburger nourishing healthy and nutritious delicacy, meat and vegetables are healthy food testing, join card Le AIDS Hamburg the most safe and reliable.

card is very popular in the market, the investment is not very large, if you want to do this special food and beverage business is very good choice. Headquarters to provide a variety of products, such as support policies, so you can easily Nuggets wealth market, can not be missed.

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Several new ways to make money online entrepreneurs recommend

A new

appears things tend to change people’s lives, people’s way of life, the more obvious manifestations of the number of network should start now, on the Internet also appeared a lot of new business opportunities to make money, let’s look at what?

In the latest

site: the way to make money

online new tricks: "buy it now."

specific meaning: online auction website is very good, but rarely do so well and on-site auction. I want to have a place to live on the auction site.   trading principles: for example, the sale of iPhone, you can only bid for the top of the subject, the subject is only valid in a few minutes. The bids are on site and secured, and when the top bid is auctioned, the following items are then auctioned.

feasible reasons: as a sales staff, the commodity list, and then quickly sell resonate practice more and more difficult, a simple web site network auction will solve these problems.

online recently in the way to make money trading skills:

online new tricks: "exchange skills instead of money."

specific meaning: an exchange of skills and other network center. You do not need to pay for the service, you simply need to exchange your skills.

feasible reasons: there are tens of thousands of first-class designers, developers, writers, musicians, graphic member of the Internet, etc.. But there is not a very good contact method. To mediate the dispute, to ensure fair and secure transactions, a skill exchange site can become a big business.

In the latest online

to sell the game

online new tricks: "rapid sales of any commodity with a bar code."

specific meaning: you are in possession of something that you never use books, games, DVD or CD? This is a bit shy, isn’t it? A web page or a software through a network camera to scan the bar code, in order to quickly list the contents, save time and can make a lot of money.

trading principle: login, scan your books and pricing. Work done! This can be used as a website recommendation