Analysis of several methods for site speed

Open the speed of the

5, oblique line on the URL link in the search: when a user opens a web link, the server will calculate the link which belong to the file or directory, if you choose the link with the back slash (/) or (/) (../../)… The server will be. Quickly judge the link page which belong to the directory, "accelerate the development speed, reducing the page load time.

The use of

2, CSS style: website all pages are basically in the same CSS style file, there are some useless function style files, there are some blank spaces and enter, and some functions can be combined, all of these can be optimized for weight loss CSS style, reducing page load time and there is an online optimization CSS style -CleanCss tool, you can try to use.

Optimization of

3, the picture: the picture page format is generally JPG and GIF, JPG format images are generally larger, more color pictures. Some logo, buttons, arrows, signs such as small icons generally choose GIF image format. You can use the -save for the web photo editing software, or use the online photo optimization tool, thereby reducing the image loading open time. Also note that when the insert picture in the page, pictures to note the code and high, so in the process of "loading in the browser will give a picture for picture space, so that it will be in the image loading will also load other content, speed up the entire page loading time.

website is an important factor in search engine optimization, if a user in his patience time if the website loading does not finish, most users will choose to give up waiting, these users will leave to improve the bounce rate, increase the rate of jump out of direct influence is the user experience, and site search ranking, the website will receive the weight effect. So how do we avoid this problem? For the website speed, let users page open speed in the short endurance time, speed method from the following aspects.

Optimization of

4, reduce HTTP request: everyone should know that HTTP is a kind of network protocol hypertext transfer protocol, when the user request to open a website, "in every picture and text will request the server to respond, such a request will extend the web page loading time open, so we have necessary to reduce the number of HTTP requests.

1, space choice: if you do foreign trade, do optimization to noble baby, recommended to choose foreign space. Aiming at the choice of the domestic server space is best, choose the best server local regional enterprise station, select the best server – speed limit, see the company’s strength and demand!

are some of the details of the place, is indeed able to reduce the web site with >

To improve the website interface design allows users no longer produce fatigue

: first choose a unique and elegant website color

I was a website programmer, it also took a lot of imitation station, the establishment of the list, found a very general rule: almost 90% of the customers are required to site using light blue as the main colors of the site, because the light blue is the most popular main tone. I think this kind of blindly follow the trend of practice is very wrong, but after practice also found that most of the light blue as the main colors of the website bounce rate will be relatively high, it indicates that the user has had fatigued tone of this. So, as a webmaster we should learn to give up, follow the trend of this approach, with some unique and elegant colors to site, it is not a bad thing, such as our A5 webmaster is the use of the website as the main color light yellow, very atmospheric:

second: site layout requirements as far as possible to simplify

details A5 webmaster can be one of the important reasons why, in the same type of website webmaster stand head and shoulders above others so small webmaster should immediately change your old fashioned light blue color, specific color or by your site to determine the type, the author here is not a detailed explanation.

now more and more webmaster may think that the interface design of a web site should be more ornate, so as to attract users. But the idea is wrong, according to the author’s understanding and survey data show that more than 60% users dislike those fancy website layout, flashy without substance. Therefore, I still believe that the site layout can simplify is the best.

This is the

believe that every webmaster want users to be able to favor their own website, but similar to the web interface design, how can let users browse on? Therefore, we have to improve the website interface design consciousness, and put into practice, the intention to create a let people find everything fresh and new website.

so, what kind of layout is simple, atmospheric? First, some websites for their own profit, put on several fling caution to the winds of advertising in a prominent location of the site, it will interfere with the user, therefore, should try to put less useless ad code; second, removed those flashy without substance. Flash animation, flash animation not only to search engine friendly, but also allows the user to open the site to slow down, but also hindered the main content of user browsing the site, not only will become the bane of the website removed.

is the Internet to build a website is not difficult, just find an open source program, and then find some website template sets in it. That is the atmosphere, resulting in web interface design now seems to be the same, the webmaster impact on our website operation is not big, but the user is already had a deep sense of disgust and aesthetic fatigue.


The more technology you know, the less money you earnWith the blog to do Taobao half year income 800

if you are going to do blog promotion, or to learn some knowledge of SEO, such as the choice of keywords, long tail keywords, keyword density and so on, especially the long tail keywords if appropriate, will bring a lot of effective flow, of course, your income will increase accordingly.

4. blog based, Forum >

although Sina blog has already set up a Taobao, but there are many weight higher blog site can choose. You can search sh419 in your promotion Keywords, see what blog website in sh419 weight higher, and also can put Taobao guest link. Because we blog promotion is mainly rely on search engines to introduce traffic, so the high weight blog site for collection and ranking is very important.

learning process will no longer say, because Taobao customers in fact, the method is very simple, but nothing more than through promotion links allow others to click on the purchase, so as to obtain commission. And Taobao customers, the most important thing is how to get clicks and buy, this is what Taobao customers want to study. Because of the time, and is mainly to try holding the mentality to do Taobao customers, so it is mainly with the promotion of the blog, although now a lot of big screen Taobao blog site has guest link, the road is now becoming more and more difficult, but I believe that as long as the heart will have a good income.

3. blog writing soft text, the effect is very good.

< >

, here’s what I think blog promotion should pay attention to:

he gave me advice, I decided to build a website to make money through advertising on the network, I almost utterly ignorant of, the issue is usually also on the Internet, chat, the construction site is a very sophisticated technology for me, previously unthinkable. Can net friend tell me, build website actually not difficult, as long as learned the software of Dreamweaver8, can build a website very quickly.

in a chance to know a net friend, through him, I know the money through the network, there is now a very popular profession called Wangzhuan, if you find the right way, every month to earn thousands of dollars by Wangzhuan is not very difficult. The news excited me for a while, and decided to follow him online immediately.

1. blog site selection.

in order to achieve good results, earn more money, I had to work harder, to go around to promote my website, the only purpose is to maximize the website in search engine ranking, only the ranking is up, there will be Everfount flow, the flow is equal to the money. Hard work pays off, and after 3 months of hard work, my website ranking reached almost enviable degree, a lot of money and the relevant keywords ranking are very near before sh419, make my site every day can reach about 3 thousand of the traffic, but also to earn dollars over good a few, probably every month can earn 4 thousand yuan.

According to

soft Wen promotion effect is recognized by Taobao customers, if you have good writing, to promote the products to write the original soft such as the use of experience, product identification, etc. has very good effect. Of course, soft Wen promotion also need to carry out the necessary SEO such as article title, keyword selection, keyword distribution, long tail keywords, etc., so that will increase the probability of being searched.

after that everything is going well, about 2 weeks after the advertising application is successful, I’ll send the ad code on my website, when he brings me to the revenue of about $1, to see their own achievements, I began to admire themselves, not 4 months ago I heard of a network to make money this thing, but now I can earn 1 dollars every day through the network, I’m so excited.

Taobao is in July last year, Taobao really started to do guest from the beginning of August, to a total income in February this year, there are more than 8000 yuan, I believe that this figure for many Taobao customers master, just plain nuts. Today, writing this article is not to prove anything, just to make a small summary of my Taobao career, and I hope to give some inspiration to novice friends. 1 years ago, now has not contacted the Wangzhuan friends, then I also don’t believe you can make money online, and Taobao off this occupation is due to open shop, also don’t believe, then slowly understand that Taobao customers can not only make money, but mom in the income of the site billboard is deeply stimulate me. Since others can do it, why can’t they do it? So they begin to study and study in this forum every day.

2. blog also SEO.

so I started studying Dreamweaver8 right away. It took about 2 weeks. I basically understood the meaning of web code and made simple changes to the code of a website. Then, my friends gave me a simple web page template, the template I set up a simple modification built his first website URL not mentioned, and then add a few articles every day, or to other sites to copy, and then modified slightly under a oiwn on the website, so stick to 3 months or so, my website in sh419, shlf1314 and other search engine rankings, flow began to rise, so I applied for an advertising alliance, ready to start making money.

I remember 2 years ago, with many workers, think through their own spare time to earn extra money, after all, their own in a strange city life is not easy, to buy a decent house became the first of my goals, in this snobbery society, the house has been the essential existence of marriage.

How to effectively guide users at different stages of the product

now stop all your thoughts, think of a question: what happened between your users first visit your site and buy your product? More specifically to think, if users want to buy what needs to go through the steps of these steps? What? Do you have the right time to carry on the correct guidance


below is the customer life cycle map we have drawn for our application Notable, which is very helpful for our customer conversion and retention.


interaction: why do users visit your web site,


in the picture above, we first have to find out why the customers come to our website. Why do they register? Answering these questions is very helpful for user switching. We are looking for answers from the following aspects.

1. uses chat tools to keep a few people visiting the site and then communicate with them

2. checks where visitors go to the site and what they click on

3. phone interviews with some new users

4. to convert visitors to buyers, what do we need to do,


lists what users need to do before they have enough knowledge about the value of the tools and choose to buy them. Specific to Notable, this is the case:

1. registers for free use of

2. visits a website to annotate this site,

3. share annotations with other people

4. gets some comments,

only happens after step 4, and users buy only after they know enough about the value of Notable. So now the question is how to guide the user to step 4? We found that users often only do step 3, so we have been investigating the user why, at present we are modifying the share / comment function, complete these steps to encourage users.

motivates the user to proceed to the next

allows users to gradually complete the above 4 steps is the key. Well, how do you do that? On Notable, we’ve come up with a number of ways to motivate the user to move on to the next step. Here are 2 of them.

The role of

1. mail is obvious. If we find you don’t share or comment on a certain amount of time, we’ll send you an email and tell you why you want to move on to the next step. In general, you send 4 messages in the first 30 days of your initial use of Notable. Tell you by mail, if you complete the next step, which aspects will improve?. Of course, mail must be accompanied by links.

2. recently we’ve also added text hints to all pages of Notable, so >

Venture to open a convenience food franchise market to make money quickly

every day we have to eat vegetables, buy vegetables every day is very troublesome, now people’s fast pace of life, nor what time to cook so that convenient dish of semi-finished products become very popular products, the choice of business of this industry will have great development space, in the stop analysis can look down.

1. product advantages of time-saving, convenient, save money.

2. low price, all varieties.

What are the barriers to Uber’s success in China

China drops taxi software is of concern, and market a wide range of applications, can be said to be a big success, a time Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River Uber company launched Uber, and car rental software intended to China has captured market, did not think the result is far not as good as expected.

however, global expansion plan of Uber company is in China aspiring frequently cold, Chinese government pursued by local protectionism and well funded competitors will fear into the industry’s "edge game player".

Uber is no doubt the first competitor in China is fast, which in the last week after a round of up to $3 billion of financing, the total market capitalization of $12 billion. Drops behind the fast moving hands, including Tencent, Alibaba and other companies, in the car rental market share of about 60%-80% floating. At present, the fast drops in the field of Chinese cars occupy the undisputed supremacy.

drops fast with a strong backing, the power behind the scenes are also included in the China as sovereign wealth fund investment company (CIC). "Obviously drops fast from the local market for better protection," CrossPacific capital management partnership Greg · tal (GregTarr) said, "from the local government support for investment in China business is very necessary."

"" you can win, but you can’t win. " This is what I’ve always wanted to tell the people who came to china. Uber politically shrewd enough and ambitious, I very much respect in their current Chinese development plan, "he said" but when you have the powerful technology and great business model, but just a little confusing to the local business "unspoken rule", even from the west coast of the United States ambition can only make you come so far."

Starr said, local protectionism is mainly embodied in two forms: one is the face of competitors to bias in the law enforcement level, two is to cut the further expansion of commercial territory channels you required (Uber and drops fast have suspicion of "operating license" in the spring of this year the government Chinese day become the object of sanctions).

however, recommended by the state

Small and medium-sized enterprises should learn to abandon the whole – what

now chose the path of entrepreneurship is very much, resulting in the market competition is extremely fierce. In fact, the development of SMEs may be the most difficult. Because the vast majority of them belong to small and medium scale enterprises, although the competition in the market in small boat U-turn, can choose a market segmentation using focusing strategy to get quick return, but more likely is the most unfavorable position.

abandon product oriented

it is understood that China is currently more than 80% of the development of enterprises is still a typical product business. The biggest difference between product management and brand management: product management is only based on the physical features of the product, and brand management not only includes the physical tangible product function, but also intangible brand product features.

Although the

in the development of small and medium enterprises is to obtain benefits from product management, basis and opportunities for further development, but we can not be bound by it, need to quickly turn to brand management, brand marketing stage from a focus on product sales stage to force into the brand force and image force.

abandon profit maximization

for a long time, the business objectives of the enterprise is to maximize profits – many textbooks are written so. So is this sentence correct? In fact, this sentence misled many companies. Enterprises should be concerned about short-term business and immediate interests, but for the long-term management of the enterprise is a very big mistake. Most of the foreign enterprises to pursue a sustainable operation, improve market share than the awareness of short-term profits to make a much stronger sense of the results of the business is booming.

so, although the development of small and medium enterprises is still very immature, the strength is still not enough, still lack the capital needed for development, but the view is it should look farther, do now to the future vision, always put the sustainable development strategy of the enterprise as the company’s first business objectives to treat, the enterprise can. Vigorous, so as not to kill the goose, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

abandon experience to grasp the market

has not yet made a big business, with the main staff to experience the long-term market experience to seize the market and seize the opportunity, in most cases is feasible. However, with the continuous expansion of business and business, the limitations of experience and intuition are gradually revealed. This requires the development of enterprise decision makers to adjust strategies, with professional market research forces carried out according to the specific market research, market data to study the characteristics of the new consumer psychology and consumer behavior characteristics, and rationally grasp market trends and potential opportunities. In order to minimize errors in judgment and decision making, please use professional market research to enhance the enterprise

Charcoal grilled fish dock see join advantage

fish stores everywhere, see this delicious audience more widely. Food business, you can still choose to invest in such projects, will certainly help you successfully attract market attention. Charcoal grilled fish dock project, a lot of support, headquarters comprehensive assistance, so you can easily do investment business, don’t worry about profits.

taste fragrant, here to eat fish, feel the culture, is the environment, is the mood. With headquarters refined material package, charcoal grilled spicy and delicious taste buds bloom terminal agent, lead a person to endless aftertastes. The headquarters has specialized training base, free with more than and 20 different flavors of the fish, and more than and 10 kinds of dishes, and barbecue, porridge, dish and other series of technology for investors, free access to the development of the headquarters of the new technology, new technology, new products, new models, process flow and formulation for the first time with the franchise, timely superior materials, charcoal grilled fish flavor agent terminal form novel, unique fish taste, peers do not know, do not go with the staff, making the original business.

charcoal grilled fish wharf headquarters new fulcrum of catering, for the project to develop a full set of standard operating procedures, the franchisee can get started without experience, the teacher hands " " teach, easy to learn, operation without occupation cook, only a few waiters can support the store.

terminal charcoal grilled fish is favored by consumers, just a few months after the shop can gain talent shows itself in the market, not only to win the favor of consumers won all the attention of investors.

charcoal grilled fish terminal stores business a lot of advantages, the development of the market situation is good, you can go to the store to join the investigation. With the development of food projects fiery period, if you want to make a profit, choose this brand project will be very good. Xiaobian introduced is not very complete, if you want to know more, you can visit the headquarters.

related recommendations

Steamed bun is good investment world

steamed stuffed bun, always very attractive. Steamed buns? High quality delicious, small venture worthy of trust. Steamed steamed buns? For the small business franchisees, no doubt, is a very good business opportunities.

steamed buns? Steamed bun is recognized by consumers of the brand, of course, is very good. In the process of making the product, which followed the traditional steamed stuffed bun production process, and in the traditional steamed stuffed bun production process has been improved, the selection of R & D team to develop the material package, so that the unique taste, unity. Filling fresh and fragrant, oil and not greasy, nutrient rich, three meals a day, men and women love to eat. The use of advanced baking technology, a fast speed, that is to buy instant meals. Products rich in varieties of North and South characteristics of flavor in one, so that consumers do not like the brand?

steamed steamed stuffed bun to join the world to make money?

steamed buns? Steamed buns in order to have the world development is very stable in the market, in their own brand of traditional bun production technology above also joined the modern technology elements, formulation, selection, production, shape, texture and process have carried out the reform and all-round innovation, more suitable for modern people’s tastes. Flour and stuffing, selection of high quality scientific collocation, guarantee the raw material supply of fresh, natural, steamed stuffed bun not only entrance fragrant lips and teeth, this is their ideal buns brand for now the consumers.

food culture to join the project, if you are also very exciting. Steamed steamed buns? A good project, the success of venture worthy of trust. Simple way to join the trusted brand to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

Learn to listen to the voice of public opinion

In order to further optimize the medical service environment of our city, listen to the voice of the people, to understand public opinion, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the people’s health, August 21st to 28, the Municipal Health Bureau from the Bureau and bureau of units deployed 12 staff formed an investigation team to the city’s 36 hospitals, health supervision and disease control center, maternal and child health center (station) the wind construction work carried out democratic evaluation, comprehensive degree of satisfaction 97

for the further optimization of the health service environment of our city, listen to the voice of the people, to understand public opinion, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the people’s health, August 21st to 28, the Municipal Health Bureau from the Bureau and bureau of units deployed 12 staff formed an investigation team to the city’s 36 hospitals, health supervision and disease control center, maternal and child health center (station) the wind construction work carried out democratic evaluation, overall satisfaction was 97.51%, 0.51 percentage points higher than last year.

the democracy mentioned work, we will adhere to the masses satisfaction as an important standard to evaluate the health service quality evaluation, questionnaire survey and on-site (or telephone) to solicit opinions and suggestions of the way. The questionnaire issued a total of 1150 questionnaires, including hospital outpatient and inpatient patients, 720; health supervision service object, hotel, hotel, hotel, bath center, Internet cafes, barber shops, pharmacies, private clinics and other 250; Center for disease control, maternal and child health care service object 180. Questionnaire survey on the spot, the spot recovery. At the same time, individual comments and suggestions.

investigation team to solicit opinions and suggestions were carefully combed, classification, and one by one to seek advice and feedback to the scene of the unit. Next, we will focus on monitoring the implementation of the rectification opinions and suggestions, efforts to correct and solve the problems of the masses, to further improve the public satisfaction with health work.