Domain is not in the first home page causes and Solutions

for personal reasons causing this situation that is not right down or is punished, always feel these words too scary. Update speed is just love Shanghai slowly or not caused. Of course, this is the new station or low weight station, if the site is relatively large, such as stations such as Tmall, Jingdong, that basically love Shanghai for them is "24 hours care".

[domain is not the first home page

domain is not the first home page

why did this happen? We found in domian in the first home page also don’t be anxious Xunyiwenyao everywhere. Because domain is not in the home for the first love in Shanghai did not publicly must be right down, so don’t worry. Look at yourself recently is not what "sorry" about the site

love >

and many webmaster exchange and my personal experience in Shanghai dragon, often the most prone to domian is not in the main reason the first page or the three label website: titel (title tags) and keywored (keywords label) and description (description tags).


[domain] Why is not the first home page


photo – love Shanghai station guide

in the last week I have to change my blog description tags and navigation classification, although not on the site of a major revision, but just because these two caused love Shanghai search brand word "next to the Shanghai Phoenix blog" to search the station as well as the cause of domain is not the first home page.

also said that in front of our domin that is related to the domain, is not outside the chain. Some friends see my domin value ten thousand or twenty thousand to tell me your new sites to do a really good job, not a month the chain will do ten thousand or twenty thousand. (halo) this is a serious mistake, once again that domain is not the chain.

domain is not the first home page, do not know if you have not found your site domain is not the first home page or you now for the problem of worry. So today we will introduce why domain is not in the first home page causes and solutions.

How to solve the ]

is the first normal website update, some people think that the site is down right is very anxious, originally a day update 10 article, suddenly one day update 100 articles, this is the method of operation is very failure. The results do not only get ideal results, it will be self defeating to let the search engine think you are doing this as a search engine, this is love Shanghai very taboo search engine.

] is what

The thinking and direction on high quality links

anti spam content for some add anchor text and hyperlinks in the contents of the related weight seems to reduce a lot, even likely to drop the point of right. To do the high quality the chain, the first course is to emphasize the correlation. If you send an article in Shanghai Longfeng a fishing enthusiast forums, and do not say a moderator will delete your post even if your post is love Shanghai well included links in this article for the love of Shanghai is also garbage link. Because love Shanghai like Google so transparent mechanism, have been described for some algorithms, so many people can rely on speculation especially let these newcomers make groundless accusations of Shanghai Longfeng do the chain in disorderly fashion.

It is a great thing

before the Shanghai dragon pure advertising something easy to delete, but not before the Shanghai dragon owners pay more attention to traffic and website experience, the webmaster more is how to do their own website to recommend them to their friends think. Although we did not know that the high quality of the chain this thing, but I believe that either now or before is outside the chain of high quality.

par Who is the ultimate goal of

? Is the search engine, or the user? You release the chain is tightly useful or useful to search engine and user information to the search engine? Now you and I together reflect on it, although we do not want to bird me this unknown. I think we have too many people to link the two word choice was very use unscrupulous divisive tactics, because we may be helping others do Shanghai Longfeng, our purpose is not to IP and transformation, our aim is to rank. Our attitude produced a qualitative change in the commercial. Of course we may work for yourself, maybe it will consider these problems. I personally think that this is a matter of mind.

Since the release of Shanghai love ?

did not look back before Shanghai dragon chief

To master

money, I believe that even if you in the forum held a prize activities all will be circulated to each other, or even directly reproduced this piece of article to his blog, let more friends know. Obviously money can do it. But we’re all bitter outside the chain of migrant workers how to do

Do we

this line everyday emphasize one thing, that is the chain. The importance of the chain I will not bothersome, this is outside the chain of high quality. This probably we have been pursuing. Links will not say. Talk about my personal links on the high quality of thinking and direction.

believe it is not Shanghai dragon all of them, they will spend a little time on it, they do more to customers think, solve customer problems. Here’s an example, said Lu Songsong, he ranked it if you do ask him to do is what keywords? He just promote his website, including his early.


A head of the Shanghai dragon experience sharing

with the search engine algorithm is more and more perfect, for the quality of the website also have higher requirements, which is good for users, but for those of us owners said five undoubtedly increased the workload. The search engine has put the user experience first, the past opportunistic method does not play a role, in order to ensure that the site’s ranking, the only honest and modify your website, make it more in line with the viewer’s taste, I share with you some of my own experience to optimize the site, I hope all of you help.

5, a website most likely to attract users of high quality content is on the site, the article is popular and easy to understand to love by browsing, user experience good natural, natural ranking rose quickly. The layout is the key, standard size >

4, the line on the website before the structure, URL design, code to simplify the search engine for the new impression is very important, to avoid the line after the change occurs, or extend the review period of the web search engine. Some of the basic skills to Shanghai Dragon: 404 pages, 301 jump, site map, Shanghai dragon are many details, the details determine success or failure, after we put all these details well, want to website ranking is not good, difficult.

2, select a good use of CMS will improve our work efficiency, achieve better results. The selection of CMS should follow the principles of safety, ease of use, security: a CMS broke vulnerabilities less the site more secure, easy to use, simple operation of the CMS allows us to improve efficiency, and not the more the better, for their own is the best.

3, the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, it is necessary to please the user, the first to have a beautiful interface, good things can always attract attention, then the speed is a very important factor, if you let your users wait 4, 5 seconds to open the page, there will be quite a few people will lose patience directly choose to leave, everyone’s time is very valuable. The search engine spiders will put it himself as an ordinary user browsing, page open speed speed will affect the site’s ranking.

1, selected host space to the pursuit of "fast" and "steady", this is an old promble, there are still many webmaster in making mistakes, especially the new webmaster, a friend of me but have personal experience, the friend bought a Hongkong as the host. Is the price is very cheap, but the website launched a month later, the host space is empty, the operator suddenly disappeared disappeared, QQ can not contact, telephone hotlines, my friend is just in the website did not know the backup sites, resulting in a month of hard work down the drain. Recommend the use of domestic space, domestic space faster than foreign open speed, then foreign space often appear "wall", open the case, people are very upset.

From the master at the firm dunk Sakuragi Shanghai dragon heart practitioners

, a cherry without any confidence according to. Read the "master" dunk that Sakuragi is a rookie, a most dishes. In addition to the body is nothing. Is a rebellious boy this day is howling "I’m a genius", who are not as good as their own, anything can do better than others! This self-confidence, I until now no can want to understand. Why could he is really a genius. Speaking of which, focus on the ready – Shanghai dragon is the most important thing is the overweening self-confidence, self-confidence, self. We have a lot of so-called novice rookie, including the author himself every day, ask others what to do in Shanghai Longfeng, how to become a master, right now, I want to start and so on. I think its so asked, rather than point to their own confidence, not in the hands of business, not too high to be reached. Apply the sentences celebrity words is, as long as there is confidence, perseverance will prevail! The optimization work of the trust their own ability, can optimize the site. I can be stationmaster often said, regardless of oneself.

three, learning and thinking. Sakuragi can become a basketball genius in a very short period of time, and his learning and thinking are inseparable, remember him learning to dunk Haruko? Learning layup to Rukawa Kaede for the penalty? Think? His basketball for learning at any time. Here, I want to say is: Shanghai dragon learning is the webmaster must do. Every hour and moment in the network.


two, execution and patience. In basketball is not so beautiful, will start from zero. The question is, how could such a confession of genius Sakuragi insults from scratch, especially in the face of "lover" and "rival" fine son of Rukawa Kaede. But he did it, time of solid repeated dribble and pass one month in the corner of the practice. In spite of hate, but seriously do, the execution and the patience and confidence as his firm. When it comes to this, but also said another important point of Optimization — Shanghai dragon is the value of the execution and patience. Shanghai, most of the time is a tedious process, can not stand is the key for the webmaster, after all, there are so many webmaster complaining Shanghai dragon becomes stale and boring. Who can I walk a step, who one step closer to success. Persevere is the ancients said, but many people do not much, the webmaster should do.

these days again hooked on "dunk master", good-looking! Love, unyielding A fighting spirit soars aloft. character and temperament, which is reflected in the protagonist Yingmuhuadao body the most eye-catching. In his basketball career, did not consciously think of the work of Shanghai Longfeng way. "Do you love basketball?" just because Haruko’s words, the birth of a legendary basketball player. I just because "as a web editor is to do the promotion Oh", unexpectedly straight as a male Shanghai dragon Er, from the beginning of the long Shanghai Longfeng road optimization. The author will talk about is how the firm at Sakuragi’s heart in Shanghai dragon.

Discussion how to improve the brand keywords heat

is the boss or tuiguangyuan will cluster industry keywords to get ranked, arguably should be made in order to obtain the keywords ranking industry cluster flow, but the secondary index, the most important thing is your brand keywords is the most important, we look at the key words on the billboard heat or why never see industry keywords on the list, because the industry keywords does not produce heat, as long as the brand keywords will produce heat, in the search engine industry is not calculated in the inside of the key words.

in the promotion of the time every day and not thinking about the website ranking in the industry, want to let users click in order, that is not the development of enterprises in the Internet, this is a misunderstanding, you need to put the brand promotion Keywords appear. Let the brand to produce heat will get more users to browse your business, or even actively search for your business.

for the enterprise a brand keywords heat is a company’s brand, many enterprises brands are popular keywords, can be said that there is no one to pay attention to what, why, is because in the promotion of don’t do brand keywords, keyword is hot see you do, some business owners do manufacturing, told him about the promotion, he said the industry is a popular industry, it is a popular keywords, few people pay attention to the nature. In fact, this is a wrong way of thinking, not a brand keywords in the search engine out determines that it is a popular keyword. As long as someone let the popular keywords generate data will have to search, if you have no information, then people will find such answers, not to mention the keywords will produce heat. Say something, you do it for your professional know, the problem is that the user is not this knowledge, users do not understand so to find it, you need to let the user know that the user will go to search.

, the company’s brand image

website is updated daily inconvenience, the change is to send B2B not every day, or go to send advertising messages, because advertising messages you send, let people hate, but does not produce brand keywords heat, so no >

would like to use the Internet to build the brand, we must first take the brand keywords heat up, if your own brands are not heat, even if you use text or other promotion to tell the user, whenever the user search your brand keywords when not what data, then to the user’s first impression is your brand department at but, no trust. The brand is like a person’s reputation, only your name people everywhere, so there will be influence. The same is true in the corporate brand keywords, as long as the website reflects a lot of attention heat will show the company’s brand image.

Keywords heat

error of



industry keywords and brand keywords

method to improve the popularity of a brandThe

Five key points of B2C mall website.

, a catalogue of design

(1), catalogue clear: horizontal and vertical navigation, navigation, to distinguish between horizontal navigation as the main theme, the main products classification of vertical navigation.

(4) and the correlation between the priority list display users, improve the user experience.

(1) and no path search page, page processing, landing pages and the registration page are required for robots shielding.

(product catalog navigation: vertical navigation)

(1) at the bottom of this optimization: add a list of recommended products and add to cart button.

Taobao mall to meet the needs of users, the Jingdong mall to meet the people’s needs, jumei贵族宝贝 cosmetics online shopping mall group purchase by the transformation, this series of events show that B2C mall is the trend of electronic commerce. However, how to create their own online shopping mall in our small entrepreneurial team? Do the mall in addition to need financial support, the need for hardware support, how to optimize the site of the province is one of the e-commerce companies should focus on the things to consider. Happy horse do B2C mall site optimization is difficult, the difficulty lies in the mall of Shanghai Longfeng factors need to be considered by more and more. As the Shanghai dragon head, happy horse at work summed up the B2C mall site to do the five key points of Shanghai dragon. Do these five points to optimize the mall, improve website user experience, enhance the site will play a great role in promoting transformation.

(2): add sidebar list optimization with high correlation recommendation list

(functional navigation – horizontal navigation)

(2) > bread

do five key points mall website station optimization is the catalog directory design


Here we look at the Jingdong

(3) recommended list of text is not easy to exceed the "overall character of 30%


mall site navigation and horizontal vertical navigation design.

three, ZhengZhan path optimization

observation of the mall site, regardless of class or class, or vertical or. In the careful classification, good keywords, good product structure. Happy horse do B2C mall website, the horizontal and vertical navigation navigation navigation design in the design is very important.

two, the recommendation list design and layout

(3), classification directory must be combined with the theme and product classification.

(2), the classification directory must contain the keywords! Contains keywords to allow customers to more precise positioning, find customer needs.

Apply for shlf1314 Adsense money making guidelinesThe new board outlet everything is money

      are you above ADsense, you can earn advertising dollars, much of the day can be thousands, there are a few dollars, this is a good thing, but when you do Goolge AdSense some criteria must be observed, or how much money you earn is the following is good, others see the wise remark of an experienced person there is no harm!


      7; register your account with a clean web site; shlf1314 doesn’t care if you put your ad on this site.

      6; each other must die.

      1, never cheat old.

investment guru Buffett once said a word, when others are fearful, we must be greedy, when others are greedy, we must fear. In the past, we are not optimistic about the new three board, because the stock market to 5000 points, the new three board market index also reached 2000 points, this time the market is a fanatical. In such a case, the frenzy could not last, when the market was clearly over foaming and sooner or later faced the risk of collapse.

      5; if you want to sign up for several accounts without ordering several ads, first clean all the temporary files and cookie of all browsers on the machine, and change the IP completely.

      10; shlf1314; if you want K, it’s never cheating. shlf1314 cares only if the results are good and doesn’t care if you cheat.


      8; the website has 100% pornographic content; the copyright content can be done in the case of the person you know shlf1314.

      2, each application account address can only correspond to a person’s name, with the identity card of the family to apply for, pay attention to.


in the past year, the new board listed company became a lot of pain, many entrepreneurs complain that the new board did not melt into the money, the operating cost is also very high, the cost is more and more big, more and more difficult to operate, many entrepreneurs do not know how to do it. In this new three board facing the freezing point of the year, entrepreneurs should choose to seize the opportunity or give up?

new three board and equity incentive

      4; keep the machine clean; don’t click on any shlf1314 ad.

this year, we see a trend: the China three new board business has become increasingly large, China capital market a noticeable effective strength. According to statistics, as of October 25th, the total of 9273 new board listed company reached 1, the number is expected to break through 10000. However, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises on this road, but not every enterprise can take it well.

new three star enterprise more and more, many enterprises quickly boarded the innovation layer, the rapid growth in the capital market, blockbuster. But the liquidity problem is still the new three lingering nightmare, especially for the poor performance of some of the problems or the enterprise, always feel that there is no confidence, don’t know whether we should grasp this opportunity.

, hold on or give up,

but now we can see that after the stock market crash and the adjustment of a year and a half, the new board is now too cold, cold to 80% of the shares are not No one shows any interest in, the volume of transactions, in this case, the new board has become a value of depression, the average price earnings ratio is only two, thirty times the average price earnings even some of the company’s ratio is only twenty times. At this time the new three board market is still quite investment value. We can see it in the second half of this year, the top-level design of the capital market in our country, repeatedly mentioned the role and function of the new board, including how to leverage in the small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the financing difficulties of the middle process, the new board as a direct channel of equity financing, has begun to play a more and more so, a good way to play the small and medium-sized enterprise upgrading and transformation, so we believe that the new board is being abandoned over. Now, with the construction of the system in our country, especially the change of the new board itself, with a new chairman and general manager, then the new board may have a series of policies combined to launch soon, will usher in a new situation.

      some principles of shlf1314 Adsense products;


      11, shlf1314 put out of all ads, will monitor the conversion rate, conversion rate of less than a certain standard, must be K. Even if it is not k, it will be demoted. the specific proportion does not say

then new three board for once?

      9; income rose too fast to die.

      3; do not attempt to log in to multiple accounts on the same machine. The body in the field of webmaster, want to see the data when you bear with it, don’t use webmaster friends machine login, even carefully. It is recommended to use the report function to send the revenue of multiple accounts to the designated mailbox every day.

Beginner lost how to doOnline university website Udacity financing $15 million


1, download the program, on-line;

yesterday at the forum to see the friends with a deep space, have bought almost 1 weeks, the station also had no clue. Confused. Predecessors to help. Thank you, send some of their own experience and I hope a little help for the novice friends.

Sal Khan – sal Khan, the Khan Academy’s influence on Education after the Khan Academy course covers the world’s hundreds of millions of students, but decided to take the same way on their course. He said: "at first, we just sent emails to tell people to take our classes online without charge."." On the first night, 5000 students were enrolled. When the number of students reached 160 thousand, Standford asked them to stop enrolling. He said: "they don’t know what happened." Later, he decided to leave Standford and establish the Udacity.

Udacity course features

a lot of friends, a large amount of information, good choice of the CMS template, but often because of the use of skilled, encountered a lot of problems. For example: after a while found that some functions can not be achieved, listening to friends say another CMS immediately replaced, a hit other problems for a. Others see the template yourself with good-looking, it is another story, the last to know really easy to use the template, meet the space problem, what time migration sites are not the site traffic, and reluctant to spend money invested, eventually dragged, the site was K, or not the confidence to do.

two, novice Wangzhuan choose CMS or choose blog station program

Three. station promotion myth

I know you have a lot of tutorials, SEO forum, blog master; "XX electronic information that you back by heart" Wangzhuan promotion, but why still no

many friends are like this, see the N forum, a number of tutorials, is not it, why? Wait a pie in the sky? Other resources have trouble to know? Well, I was so over, in fact now is like this, especially for the flow of money the basic way of Wangzhuan not tried, because cannot read – if you really want to make money, then, we abandon the fantasy, just do it immediately.

my experience is not on the promotion of the website takes too long, you only need to do the following steps can be:


and SEO

now has a large number of start-ups trying to break the status quo of higher education, such as Khan Academy Khan, 2tor, ShowMe, Udemy, Grockit, Coursera, Lynda and StraighterLine. However, investment by Anderson Horowitz has made Udacity noteworthy in terms of becoming a profitable business. Although Udacity courses are free, students may choose to take some fee certification exams. At the same time, Udacity began to earn a referral fee by looking for jobs for graduates.

co-founder Sebastian Sebastian Thrun he worked in Stanford University professor of artificial intelligence course, he is also the co inventor of the shlf1314 driverless car. He co founded Udacity with robot scientist David Stevens David Stavens and Mike Sokol Sokolsky Mike.

website traffic?

Udacity plans to continue building its technology platform using new funds, including mobile applications and introducing adaptive learning technologies that vary automatically according to student capabilities. They will also expand the scope of the course and strengthen cooperation with industry in recommending graduates.

OK, I admit, I was a member of you, how to do? Can not solve the contradiction? Blog program function looks thin, no face ah. In fact, blog is the best choice for beginners, he looks lightweight, but the implementation of the function at all without CMS, you can do it do the company foreign trade station, station, or to be a guest of Taobao, you can do a photo station, photo station, you can even do video station, yes, I remember love you, a large amount of information, blog can also do the portals, the most important is, blog for the novice to learn much, line quickly, without a long time planning for the template, it can save you time, if you are not a programmer, the limited energy Teng out in need is more important to find good content or products.

, a website construction technology and the basic direction, do not know how to do friends:


online university" Udacity web page dedicated to providing free university education startup Udacity announced a $15 million B round of financing, by Anderson Horowitz – top VC Andreessen Horowitz led. So far, the company has raised $21 million 100 thousand from the outside. They offer online courses in computer science, mathematics, integrated science, programming and entrepreneurship for students who have no time, money, or access to traditional universities.


differs from other attempts to popularize higher education, and Udacity does not just provide classroom videos. But Udacity was almost the same game and course description. "Students are subject to questions, quizzes, not lectures," he said

entrepreneurial experience,

See the CMS function of

Small stationmaster is the group that can spend money most and cannot make money most

remember graph king Zaiqun said a word, what website can make money, to see how to make. I see. The word "King" refers to a train of thought. But sometimes the train of thought can not decide the way out. In fact, the Internet now, hundreds of thousands of individual stationmaster chummed, the opportunity to make money is very little.

any type of website is hundreds. Can there be hundreds of ideas? People copy each other, the content of homogenization is serious, and the result is that the Internet users feel the same. Individual owners in such an environment, it is by traffic, rely on advertising alliance, I always feel is It is all up with. Unreliable.

we can not help but admit that every kind of website has a leader, but we must admit that each kind of website appears a leader, all is sacrificed several hundred followers to change. This is a potential law. But why there are so many people rushed in? Is a dream or luck? Every day down tens of thousands of websites, the website itself is not so simple, is not out of energy, time and money into the smoke, finally nothing.

there are so many gaps on the Internet that I know no more than ten. But I had no money to start, so I had to keep it in my stomach for the time being. I hope I can do it, the Internet has not yet appeared. I would rather write a blog now, study, and do not want to pay a penny for that kind of web site. Now what do a QQ station, is not expensive, and the space CN domain name will be eighty ten, but finally to earn back the investment how many people? Do you not see the website of 80%

are losing money?

now want to do a website, whether big or small, investment is very amazing, I never optimistic about the kind of investment, three hundred or four hundred will be bigger and stronger. But every day thousands of people take out three hundred or four hundred, make up their minds to make a station, and continue the hollow pleasure. Numb updates, publicity, and finally found that revenue can almost be 0 of the time. Dig out three hundred or four hundred, do a station again, continue to circulate. A mixed network of webmaster, the annual investment is also said to be three thousand or four thousand, but more than half, even three hundred or four hundred did not earn back.

I can not bear to fight my compatriots’ enthusiasm, nor is it pessimistic. The Internet has no way out for us. But I hope we can face a problem, indeed, small Adsense is the most expensive, domain name registration of a lot of space to buy one after another, the site poured one, and then do one. All this is a permanent investment. Why do we now engage in IDC, advertising alliance to make money, because there are unlimited webmaster in the back of investment.

personal webmaster to do nationwide web site, basically is impossible, of course, I do not deny that there is a miracle, but that is one in ten million. What we need to do is to see the benefits of investment, not the dreams of second websites. Enjoy the pleasure of spending money and time and energy.

I’m here to talk about a few points: we should work hard in the business, there are technical webmasters in the Admin5 find some technical work to do >

What is more important than money in the process of starting a business

in the course of business a lot of people think that money is the most important, but in fact there are many are more important than money, although all the ultimate aim is wealth, but the process is just as important, no one can cross the process.

The second step:

the beginning, their lack of funds, it can get some funds relatively low project started, can start from the beginning of the Internet, online shop, do these are feasible measures.

The third step:

can follow the prescribed order to achieve the goal, morale cannot run away; morale is not scattered in team; team dispersed, success will point the day and await for it. So friends on the road, we have to review the team with the method. By the time you can unite a group of people with passion, wisdom, vision and hard work to achieve a goal, you can achieve your dream of starting a business.

dispute is the door of knowledge, at this time, you just have to have the team enough money, rely on their own primitive accumulation that a few, you can only fight some leftovers, you need a lot of money, all out and grab something to you all out, this.