To understand the nature of the chain website promotion do not worry

: the promotion of brand and core keywords.


believe that we do the chain is nothing more than three purposes (such as the spider is not). One is to improve the site weight, but the search engine of these early is adjustment, to leave a link basically do not transfer the weight of large area, especially the webmaster friends search engine love their own products, now do not transfer the weight; the two is to improve the keywords ranking, for this, the current search engine the strike is also more powerful, a lot of garbage outside the chain is not within the scope of calculation; the three is to drainage. More and more webmaster friends have seen the search engine’s attitude, understand the chain transfer weights and improve the keywords ranking has become the past, then the drainage became everybody hope to get results. So how to drainage


even seemingly formal vote for Links, users of the share, this is cheating. At present, so the nature of the chain is in the promotion, the main function is to drainage, so as a webmaster should how to do the work of

sites do not let the chain do? A lot of the time we have this.

for most of the webmaster, you put the chain to see this one is quite important. Although the algorithm update, but we did not reduce promotional advertising links. How can we send the chain? A5 has been revised, canceled the soft zone, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform algorithm is fast in the update, July 1st is the introduction of Scindapsus algorithm version 2, this series of measures that we should pay more attention to the value chain, soft Wen also need to provide substantive content to the user. So, as a webmaster, we in the end how to send the chain? Understand the nature of the chain guard that is the key to victory.

two: the foreshadowing, the sound of silence.

leads to the proliferation of advertising website management work increased, many sites have seen the chain or advertising directly deleted even titles, only reserved the original area let you leave a copyright. As for the chain, this is the accumulation of advertising, almost 0 (of course, the spider is OK). In this situation we should how to send the chain, how to promote? Recommend Guardian website needs to conform to the reality, write an article, a good article can not only bring you the high quality of the chain, we will bring forward the better propaganda effect. So webmaster friends should play to their strengths, their own brand and core keywords as the key, into the original article, even if this article is not a link, in fact, has been largely to our idea to pass out. Here we do not recommend an article at the physiological add their own brand and core keywords, we do not recommend the site to not related website. Of course, for we said not to write original, can’t write. You can go to attend the training, or listen to the guardian of the six true tactic: see, think, write.

Website optimization of play to your strengths

, is to explain a problem, we need according to their personal situation to do site optimization, but not stubborn in a so-called process to do, if there is no chain resources on hand, waste every day for several hours to get the text, signature, just not worth it, get through the soft Wen and the signature is within the page links, low weight, the weights of the website promotion play a very limited role, and in a few hours every day to send the chain, the better the content well, but is another way, a not clear straight hair of the chain, the chain and content are not well, a little merit is not, what is the map. Bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

I think website optimization should find their own advantages, and then try to play to their strengths, weaknesses, with their own advantages to make up for the disadvantages, some technical weaknesses if you do not, you can do as the place to do better, everyone is good at something different, but in the hands of resources is different, some people are good at writing, independent thinking and analytical skills, you can write a lot of articles insightful, and there are a lot of manpower resources, some people are good at doing marketing, is called a fresh all day, you do not how to make up for their own shortcomings, but how to play the advantages of the to a limit position.

There are a variety of excellent website

in the Internet, there are some sites like the content is not very strong, the update is not particularly awesome, but it has a high popularity, some websites almost no chain, never to do outside the chain, but rely on high-quality articles for a large number of loyal users, in the tiger sniffing I saw the words very pertinent: we never believe that content is dead. Yes, I have never believed that content is dead, it is relying on excellent content, unique comments, tiger sniffing got so proud. There are some sites, no substantial content, not updated frequently, but the chain is particularly much, this website can also get a space for one person, because they have a hand chain resources is extremely rich, can easily get a large number of high-quality links.

, thank you!

I am not a good network marketing people, no matter what type of website is mainly for original content, high-quality content to impress users, though not very well written, but not careless, better than some garbage soft Wen is much better, at least I write, share the heart let us learn something, perhaps, expression is not very good, the language is not so sonorous and forceful, but as long as they can make things clear, let users understand enough. Fortunately, many users are content to my admiring, even if my blog was not outside the chain of strong support, still get a good ranking and traffic.

Some cases cited above

Count the key details of how Taobao customers make moneyMobile Internet era, how to upgrade the tran

O2O: now, O2O model is very suitable for small and medium-sized website development in the mobile Internet platform, small and medium-sized site is mostly local station, according to local people understand, can be combined with their own advantages, the introduction of local service platform, from food delicacy >


Qingdao SEO in Amoy also a year more time, this year also summed up some experience, personal feeling good in the promotion at the same time there are some other details need attention, especially the novice friends, just enter this line, a long time not to earn money should seek to find a cause, see I summarize the following points if you noticed.

, chairman and CEO of Innovation workshop, said in 2012: "2012 is the first universal year of mobile Internet, and also the transition year for core users in.". In his words, I think, not without reason, in 2012, with the decline in the use of intelligent mobile phone, the crowd began to expand, including students, migrant workers, blue collar, ordinary people have gradually the use of intelligent mobile phone. Mobile Internet with the popularity of smart phones, but also gradually toward the mass era.

mobile Internet is different from the traditional Internet model, the traditional Internet is based on the Internet model of PC, the mobile Internet has its own unique — mobile. Seize the mobile features, webmasters can combine their strengths to continue to extend, you can also use the mobile Internet platform, so that their website successfully transformed.

2, Taobao customers don’t look at the specific number of background product promotion transactions, how much is to look at the average number of transactions each product of the Commission, and whether the sellers set the rate of commission agreement. I think this is important, many novice and veteran will often make a little attention, promotion of such products, and finally found the turnover Commission is much less. For example, a freckle products sales price is 160 yuan, the Commission is set to 40%, the equivalent of each product about commission is 64 yuan according to Taobao membership grades, the Commission on may have a little different, but very small, negligible, promotion of the number 200, shows the total expenditure of the Commission is more than 6000 yuan, see the promotion of quite a lot of Amoy friends, but the Commission is 40% not too low, and then promote it, but you see the total commission? According to the actual calculation of 200 products × 64 yuan per piece =128000 yuan total Commission, why he always the Commission is only 6000 yuan? The most Commission where the actual one is? We found that buyers may give the seller a discount when purchasing products, or sell.


in May this year, the global mobile Internet Conference, Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng in the mobile internet conference said: Tencent only got the mobile internet ticket for standing room. We know that the Tencent for the popularization of Tencent users, mobile Internet should occupy an important part, why Ma Huateng speaks Tencent only got the mobile internet ticket for standing room? He said, is not really the only get a platform ticket? We can only guess. However, in the mobile Internet this big ship, our small and medium-sized webmaster can grasp the opportunity to upgrade,

APP: with the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone, APP login mobile Internet as the most convenient way to hold the entrance of mobile internet. Now this kind of software is favored by more and more people. In the absence of a large amount of funds, the mobile APP website is a good choice for the development of small and medium-sized websites.

if this is a Wangzhuan era, as it is the popular Taobao off the Taobao era, customers this year really can use Han Qiaosheng’s words "Thunderbolt" classic lines to describe the. A lot of people from the Taobao business, Taobao from the guest family, through the Taobao off day to earn one hundred yuan, thousand yuan is not a few, even the Qingdao SEO Taobao customers when this part-time can earn hundreds of yuan, of course, not every day this month, earn two thousand or three thousand or no problem, personal feeling is more satisfied. So, those full-time do Taobao customers as can be imagined, certainly more than I earn more. There is so much interest to, who can not be tempted? Naturally, let more people to engage in the occupation of the guest of Taobao, Taobao has become a leader in the guest Wangzhuan project will be not at all surprising.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said: 2013 will be a year of rapid development of mobile Internet, especially now with the thousands of smart mobile phone penetration opportunities, mobile Internet has also ushered in a good development space. Here, I will become a mobile Internet metaphor ship will sail the ship, but the ship of the mobile internet ticket, our small and medium-sized site’s webmaster can get? In the mobile Internet era, how to grasp the opportunity to upgrade the webmaster

said above, our small and medium-sized webmaster can combine their own advantages of the site, with the mobile Internet to extend the development of the field of operation. Here, A5 admin5 editors think the following two directions are better: the first is the APP direction, and the second is the O2O mode.

1, Taobao customers don’t just look at the commission percentage of sellers set here mainly refers to the high commission to do single product promotion of Tao guest, many guest background in the League when searching for products only at the Commission is between 30%-50%, while ignoring the price of the product itself. Single product promotion is generally relatively large profit margins, we choose single product promotion and do API promotion, because API 10 turnover may be less than a single product transaction we earn more, so here follow a principle, do not choose single product promotion of less than 100 yuan of products, products the price of natural high commission is also higher.

From sh419 91 innovative incubation, look at the giant after the entrepreneurial EraIs there a short


capital markets more critical of the mobile Internet business, after most of the science and technology enterprises profitability than manufacturing, services and other traditional industries, hundreds of billion valuation, hundreds of times PE, is optimistic about the Internet investors of the enterprise innovation ability, and the ability of the follow-up prospects, once they are determined to lose creativity the valuation of the company, will be a devastating blow.

if you already have your own plans and ideas, even if it’s not accurate, then maybe it’s time to walk into the boss’s office and give you your resignation with a smile.

now, your destiny is in your hands, and you have plenty of time to turn your passion into something fruitful.


editor’s note: author NeilPatal, Forbes contributor. He was one of the founders of CrazyEgg, HelloBar and Kissmetrics, and helped Amazon, NBC, HP and Viacom boost profits. The Wall Street journal says he is the most influential person in the Internet industry, and entrepreneur magazine says his company is among the 100 most prominent companies in the world.

undertaking is not one, but thousands of risks. The first risk is to resign.

so, is there a shortcut to entrepreneurship,

however, almost every entrepreneur admits that starting a business is difficult and creating a career of its own is not easy.

shortcut usually speeds things up, but does not reduce the difficulty of things.

I usually don’t encourage people to do some more brave than wise "feat", for example, quit a good job. But if that job keeps you from going on the road to success, perhaps it’s time to quit.

you’ll be surprised to find that the presence of risk motivates you to do something impulsive. Suddenly, you become nothing: no job, no stocks, bonds, no social security, no retirement benefits.

"grass roots" + "wild" mode to solve power problems

in fact, every job is challenging – a headache for a coworker, a grumpy boss, a boring job, etc.. The role of entrepreneurs is particularly difficult, they must go deep into every field, everything themselves, to establish their own authority and the deterrent effect, also requires a high degree of self-discipline. "The hardest boss is you," the entrepreneur likes to say.

crisis stimulation of self-help, in recent years, domestic Internet giants have attempted acquisition of entrepreneurial team or incentive mechanism within the business, including sh419 acquisition of 91, Ali m UC, and WeChat and other Tencent to support new projects, in addition to business strategic considerations, may also have a corporate culture of innovation desire again implanted gene. I learned from Smartphone Application distribution giant sh419 91 that they are brewing a genetic implant plan for in-house startups.

‘s sense of crisis has prompted giants to implant the pioneering gene

in grass >


1, resign


domestic Internet giants are basically gone through ten years, mobile Internet companies also experienced three or four years, long after the start-up period, the body is fat, promote enterprise advance early entrepreneurial impulse, power is cut after the founding, entrepreneurial giants of the era, is facing new challenges. The power loss of entrepreneurship, and innovation mechanism, make Marxism, hierarchy process doctrine, chaotic business system, science and technology enterprises consume individuality, what will happen? Look at once IT overlord Microsoft on WP system performance, SONY continuous losses, let a person shudder.

entrepreneurs, whether successful or not, often get a variety of answers when you ask them what entrepreneurship is like. Some people say that entrepreneurship is a matter of course, it naturally happened. Others say entrepreneurship is an irresistible trend. There are many people say that entrepreneurship is because of the need.

The enormous risk of

Ma Yun in Peking University speech to young people, said: "young people tangled today, IT industry, Alibaba, Tencent, sh419 to go, we just came out, also think the opportunity to IBM, CISCO, Microsoft took.". In the mobile Internet for many years I read these words, feeling a deep sense of crisis giants revealed.

yes, quit.


91 sh419 discovered this, didn’t let a big brother make up a new project, but offering a reward of 100 thousand yuan, through the contest, collected from 1400 employees to 108 creative projects, and selected 30 potential projects, as a key object of construction, these creative contributions for most of the staff, perhaps is the editor, perhaps is a programmer, perhaps is the designer.

for successful Internet companies, the most difficult thing for internal entrepreneurship is power. It is hard to imagine, has experienced many years of efforts, finally the hero fame, with a high salary, share option of tens of millions of executives or partner, there will be two times the power of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship this thing, more cases are grassroots, similar to "face MOE" developers Guo column, like a full-time person, all other associates all part-time, in order to save traffic costs, dare not go out 500 meters of cock wire.

2, looking for an entrepreneur mentor

sees the shortcuts outlined below, and you might think, "it’s impossible, it’s too hard."." That’s not what the big deal, the entrepreneurial threshold is the responsibility of all the problems of entrepreneurship. If you are unwilling to give, do not try to reap anything.

Why does VC always say, your idea of starting a business isn’t big enoughBuy a website must see 16 p

you may want to know some of my suggestions for buying good websites for friends. Look down.

The mathematical principle of

4, if the seller does not put shlf1314 Adsense ads on his website, please ensure that he is not banned from using shlf1314 Adsense. A site that doesn’t fit into shlf1314 Adsense, will you buy it,

1, keep in mind that the site you want to buy must be a site that requires only minimal follow-up maintenance. This is the key to build your online empire.

did you feel like a wheel of fortune when you first started your business? You thought the idea was great and the market outlook was clear enough. However, when you begin to contact investors, sometimes you get "it’s not done," "the ceiling is obvious," and your enthusiasm is instantly extinguished.

Assuming a

venture capital usually operates by the power law, that is, most of the fund’s returns come from a small portion of the investment. Because of this, VC needs to know whether a pen can earn a whole investment fund, is the project’s exit can bring is equivalent to the size of the fund’s return. This is the concept of Return the Fund RTF, which helps us understand the logic of VC’s investment decisions.

here are a few suggestions for buying a website.

RTF analysis is simple:


venture capital fund exit distribution is this: more than 60% of the investment is 0-2 times the return, the rest of the falls in the range of 2-5 times, 3 times the return hit a more than 10 times the return of the "unicorn" can make a venture capital fund to achieve the ideal and into the top ranks of VC. The success or failure of a fund depends on whether 1-3 projects can be thrown, the whole fund will be returned, and even more money will be made. At the same time, other projects with a return rate of 2-5 times lead to excess returns on the fund.

venture investment itself is also an idea. Through a simple Return the Fund RTF formula, this article explains – in the face of an entrepreneurial project logic of risk investment institutions to make investment decisions, investors will try to confirm that this project could help him earn a fund, that is whether the funds can exit from a project to earn the equivalent of the size of the fund return.

– Benchmark partner, Bill, Gurley

I have a friend who wants to invest in his limited savings. Not long ago, he asked me to discuss investment details. I suggest that he go to the website Trading Forum the more famous website trading platform is admin5 station, buy some good websites, and give him some suggestions to buy the website.

2, using third party statistics services such as traffic statistics and advertising earnings statistics, will allow you to identify what the seller claims to be the site’s monthly traffic and monthly profits. If the seller does not agree with the results of the statistics, do not hesitate to stop the transaction.

takes an example of the popular, block based, depth learning and self driving start-up is looking for $10 million at a $200 valuation

this is a foreign language translator: meets Mozart 183355102

3, when you check the traffic statistics, please be sure to check each other’s antecedents. Many people now build short, large capacity websites to sell, and they recommend sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, etc., leave links, and then get short, large traffic. Note that these sites may not be a good business model for you who want to run your website for a long time. So, check out the site’s antecedents and see how much traffic comes from the search engines. If more than 70% of the traffic comes from a variety of search engines, then this is a good site.


two months later, he spent 44000 U. s.dollars to buy 6 sites, we have optimized these sites, especially to increase the chain and link static and other work. These sites now have $5000 in monthly profits, excluding $200 a month in maintenance costs. This is really a very high return on investment. He will be able to recover the cost in 10 months! Ha ha, can you say that there are other items that can have such a high return on investment?

fund size / withdrawal of shares held % = minimum feasible exit

Abstract: Why are VCs chasing "unicorns"? How much do investors want from your project? I’m sure this article will give you the answer.

6, the PR value of the website can not explain the problem, >

5, and if he shows you the income we’re talking about the income of shlf1314 Adsense, make sure his Adsense CTR isn’t very high. If CTR is high, make sure that there is no violation of Adsense policy on his site, such as ads that cover temptation pictures and other behaviors that induce Internet users to click advertisements.

venture capital is not a home run the rate of return on investment of more than 10 times of the business, but a Grand Slam many times the rate of return on investment business".


Zhu Zerong stationmaster net first more than one cup the essay that has award to write a contest is

      sponsored by the webmaster network first "laab Cup" prize essay contest has ended, the first to actively participate in the activities of all the owners and enthusiastic attention thanks, secondly, so congratulations to the winners.

comment: Zhu Zerong (stationmaster net first, "many cups" prize essay contest judges, founder of Zhuo Xue class)

this competition is divided into two aspects: the voting of the stationmaster and the opinions of the judges. 5:5 is half and half. As one of the judges, I regard the winning works from three aspects:

1, authenticity. And real webmaster story distance in the end how far, the article is to let the webmaster deeply feel the same?. I believe firmly reduction webmaster to real, real experience, true story, the real experience is very important in this selection, such as a piece of work, he tells the story in the total education network experience, obviously, the general store in the station position, angle, and the level of capital, is unable to achieve the scale of operation therefore, although the style of writing is good, but with the grassroots webmaster some distance, so the judges can not discharge on the up link. The development of grassroots webmaster have twists and turns, there is bitterness, have a feeling of sadness thousand, striking one snag after another, but most contestant obviously failed to keep the anxiety, sorrow, pain, once several times to give up and express the direction of transformation. Flavor is delicious, and sometimes is also delicious, hope in the future in the essay contest, researchers pay more attention to this point.

it was this essay collection is the webmaster, shop and many stories and experiences, the author is in the guide writing experience and methods, some stray.

2, ideological. Is there a new inspiration for the webmaster, such as new management ideas, close to the actual development of the station line?. In the judgment of works, we pay much attention to the business ideas of the author, in the end they operate in what kind of website, whether their business direction by reference, they are still in a pragmatic retreat, to other owners have no inspiration, especially in the outstanding works and works out, we are not writing level how to write a good, it seems, of which one will be able to comment on the award of excellence, in the process, substantial business direction and close to the grassroots webmaster, or focus on some very practical and creative business ideas that we consider.

"Wangzhuan reined in, almost let me go on the road of no return" let us a heavy topic, he tells the story of all the owners is a spur, among all the quick selection is a lingering illness, indeed in the webmaster team, there are many webmaster because some "website" to the point of no return, the writing point of view, we make eyes bright, the problem, especially for the first time that all stationmaster station thinking.

3, style of writing. It does not emphasize whether the style of writing is vivid or not. It is true that most of the webmaster is not high, and many writers have low educational level. Writing is more difficult, but can they write in style?

The choice of enterprise recruitment free Hebei talent network can take how long (two)

today is an extraordinary day, but it’s a talent network for Yanzhao day. Today, Hebei talent network IP number exceeded 130. this is sixth days Hebei talent network station. I don’t know the data for a novice webmaster website is not much, at least it gives us great power, let us continue to go free of Hebei talent network full of confidence.

free itself is a kind of courage, through the analysis of the site IP background, Department of IP from Hebei Province, we show a promotion and promotion in the webmaster online play a big role, but PV is not very high, that people still did not get from Hebei talent network to him the information they need, open look away, this is the next step we need to address the problem of how to retain users? This problem also please the grassroots Webmaster Help me think, how to retain customers, allow customers to stay for a while?

is now more than 11 in the evening, and many people have been asleep, but the webmaster editor is still nervous review the manuscript, and again, I would like to represent grassroots webmaster, thank you, you hard. But please believe us, Hebei talent network ( to go down, will be free and brave.

novice webmaster growth diary, Adsense network first reprint please indicate the source.

Talk about website promotion trends

for most websites, a good site is defined as a page that is elegant, highly technical, rich in content and useful for viewing IP on a daily basis. From the perspective of the viewer to look for a site, there are two kinds of passive and active browsing browsing: the so-called active browsing, browsing is subjective sense of login to the site from the favorites or enter the URL into the website; passive browsing, search from the search engine, or from the advertising links, or from the window, even by the rogue software hijacked the IE login page, the page is passive to see.

there is a fundamental difference between the classification of a site quality, that is a good site, will the daily traffic in active browsing accounted for most of the IP; on the contrary, if the site is not good enough, even if the promotion is good, it is only temporary, once the stop promotion, website traffic will be inflated fight back to the prototype.

We are

from the heart want to make your own website before a site, but always backfire, doing a garbage station, every day from the search engine traffic accounted for the majority, once the search engine optimization errors, the result too horrible to look at. I have maintained this status, just like chicken ribs generally website – tasteless gesture.

we continue to plug pages into Baidu and barely fill our stomachs with small advertising revenue, but just filling our stomachs isn’t what we want, and we need to make a successful stop.

we look at those stations is how to promote:

Sina, Sohu, NetEase three portals are born in the Internet to be in full swing of the season, when the network effect is close to the myth, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei like a star every day in newspapers and magazines.

QQ old horse in order to promote QQ software and rush around the major colleges and universities, and around to demonstrate how good their QQ, their own Tencent network allows users to get what benefits?. After that, QQ dolls, QQ clothes, wallets and hats are made all over the country…… There are rumors that even QQ brand instant noodles (I am no) in 8848 and now Taobao popularity of online shopping, and their website brand advertising everywhere on the Internet, rogue popup is small, TV movie, street shopping district, the subway train station, have seen Taobao figure. Comrade Chen’s mop has been trying to figure out some gossip to discuss, and countless offline gatherings show his influence as China’s largest gossip community. Even tech savvy Google is coming, nothing to do, just a little news, often Lulu’s face. There is a man in the impression left behind asked how to borrow a space for someone? Answer: often outdated mix, something that, for a long time. YY, mix a familiar face, nature can borrow space.

said so much is to let everyone understand this truth: the Internet space is too small, not enough for us, Y>

Site experience talk about Baidu Fengyun list

Baidu Fengyun list seems to be a lot of Adsense must see an indicator. Why do you say that, because the data on the billboard reflects what Baidu users are looking for in a single cycle?. The content is subdivided into categories: the fastest growing day, the hottest week, the highest overall search, and so on. So, newbie, what can these data prove? How can I use the data,


so, today, and the novice webmaster talk about Baidu Fengyun list and how to use Baidu billboard to better improve their website traffic.


, old Wei has done a content entirely based on Baidu Fengyun list of websites, may be good luck. In the six months after the operation, the site daily traffic of about 35000, the weekend may be even higher. Well, how did you do this high traffic? And listen to me. First of all, the Baidu billboard is a list based entirely on user search, which means that the more users search, the more likely that keyword will appear on the list. Keyword concept almost no webmaster, it is clear that a site in the early stage of the station will have its own positioning, and the keyword is a reasonable embodiment of the site positioning representative.

said so much, how to rational use of Baidu billboard? Actually Baidu billboard is an index, does not necessarily reflect the right moment to users to search, so we can not blindly follow the keyword billboard to add their own content, but has the choice and rationally choose keywords for your site content. General entertainment station, proposed to enter billboard in through the small classification, after viewing pick your own web site content types, usually a small category I only select three keywords, and then enter the keyword search page, search to the bottom of the page, you will find a lot of relevant search.

okay, the first key behind the search is what we’re going to use. That someone will ask, why not do the keywords ranking directly on the display, search to find the key words in the first through the keywords? This problem is actually quite simple, do the optimization of the station, do you think the thousands on thousands of, at the top of the popular keywords at the same time, people will think of ah, everyone knows that in the billboard in words heat is high enough, so the competitiveness is also strong, as a novice, you think you can beat the "invincible" optimized master? Of course not! So we can only pick up the keywords optimization or optimization of others less to start, when people report traffic may over 10000, when we always can flow over a hundred articles. Perhaps Many a little make a mickle. does not lose to them, oh.

keyword selection is complete, as I said, three keywords suffice. You can begin to collect the content. Why do we say that content is collected rather than copied? Because we have to do "original", although the same content may be tens of millions of people on the Internet, but through our own

Open the health hot pot stores pay attention to grasp the characteristics

health hot pot in recent years has been sought after by many consumers, so many entrepreneurs want to keep health pot shop. So, open pot hot pot to make money? How can we attract diners?.

features: first, health Hot pot stores will protect the distinctive, so many open Hot pot franchise, the competition pressure is very big, want to do a good job in health Hot pot franchise business, not how to seize the consumer characteristics? On the dishes, chain stores within the operating style and so on can be launched features to help passenger.

push new products: the new things can always get people’s preference, when operating health stores should always Hot pot also introduced new products, continue to meet the growing demand to maintain the brand competitiveness of the tongue. How to open a health hot pot franchise store, the constant introduction of new products, so that customers always have a sense of freshness.

: a stable flow of chain stores in order to ensure a stable income, so it is necessary to do the maintenance of a stable source. In the operation of health pot stores, it is necessary to learn to stabilize the source. To retain more frequent customers, then the chain store business will be better to do.

has its own characteristics, in order to attract people, health Hot pot stores want to business is hot, distinctive. How to open a hot pot restaurant can make money? Learn to seize the characteristics, so as to seize the diners, do business to earn more!