How to reasonable and effective disposal site to temporarily stop the phenomenon

content quality must be reasonable and lawful

no matter what kind of website of the framework in every hour and moment changes, such as the part of the site did not repeat the program code in the early site, but when the site of too much data will change the code, it will affect the entire site, in the face of this situation as a webmaster must ensure that their website frame is simple and coherent standard. A simple frame structure to love Shanghai and included spider crawling, so the author suggests that the general website the best open source program, then do simple to modify their own. The website frame coherence told us the URL must affect each other, and can not appear dead links or repetitive links. The standardization of the website framework is mainly aimed at the code of the website, the Internet now popular variety of code, many free programs using the code are not standardized, a webmaster to avoid.

web framework must be simple, coherent, standard

hanging black chain is a family style means some people, at the beginning of the operation of the site, the site is often linked to the black chain, and most of the time you don’t know, only to see when to display the source code through the web page, this website is a means of great and if you are a local website, and on your website.

is a web site if included in the beginning, over a period of time after the collection is not good, then the content of the website quality, site framework, web site security problems, solve these problems as long as the collection site will continue, the following is a detailed talk how to solve these problems.


website is like a pair of scissors restricts the development of the site, regardless of how to change the search engine algorithm, web site is always the core part of our website. No matter what kind of website is the first thing to improve your head, but in the actual operation process we will find that part of the site at the beginning of the collection is very good, but after a period of time included suddenly stalled in the face of this situation, some webmaster there’s nothing.

site security mainly focus on illegal black chain

is not the original content of love is not to say that Shanghai will support more words like Shanghai more recognition, the content of a web site to the search engine key support is to see whether the content is reasonable, sensible and lawful. Reasonable content tells us that the content and website theme, theme and future development, to address the needs of users are closely related; the contents of plausible tells us that the content of the website with some thinking, not beyond the limit is not exaggerated; legitimate content tells us that our website content does not violate the relevant laws and regulations, but also no violation of other power content. I believe that as long as the content of a web site with these three points, so regardless of whether your website content included without rectification in the content of the site quality.

Free let users listen to your command of the Post Bar drainage techniques (one year weight 4)





love Shanghai Post Bar drainage step

this is a very important step, the final step is to guide the user operation is an important step, the method is very simple, want to see all the articles, you can search into the site to watch the Moumou Moumou, this update is slow, I believe you read in front of the story, you will definitely want to keep going, because the story is attractive very powerful, see the comments that readers not fun, look, is not to let users.

Shanghai Post Bar for love, we are not familiar, even most of them are playing Post Bar master, before the editor is to leave a link and pains in the Post Bar today, boring when Post Bar around, only to find the link with out has been in Post Bar, true master will not only do a show link. But let the user enter the site of the drainage way obediently, enough domineering most probably don’t know it, oh, also included a November 4 of the weight of the website for reference.

put ads at large the better to apprehend him

novel web site does not lack the story, the best selection of men is the protagonist of the novel, it is convenient for the user at the same time, obscenity, to stand in the angle of women to share a beautiful picture, although most people know that love is the beauty of Shanghai pictures, but is willing to believe that you can see the degree of hot share stories.

method is very simple, the first analysis of novel user groups, mostly men, for men to drainage Post Bar lot, "girlfriend" and "legs." "crush" is a male figure, Xiao Bian today is wandering "girlfriend" and "legs." that way, drainage do to let people admire. But this method not only can be used to guide the flow of color, can also be used to promote their own products.

At the end of 3.

case is a 90 novel website, domain name age in November, nearly a year, but this is not the site of the domain name age on-line time Oh, may spend less time to do weight 4, exactly how to do it? Come listen to me carefully.

for men, to the Post Bar purpose is to pass the time, communication is the best Korean jokes, stories of the drainage way, according to the analysis, discuss the topic mostly male, cannot do without women, therefore, the woman Post Bar also have male exchange place very much, right leg stockings and so on, here is Cen Huiyu not one by one example.

found 1. users often go to Post Bar

The The

first look at the year 4 of the weight of the case website

2. share a wonderful story

The website external links optimization strategy

how to ensure that the chain included

operations are generally divided into two parts, the first part of the high weight link, one of the strategies is also easy to fall right. High weight link refers to the authoritative website or web site links pointing to us, we can be connected through the exchange of friendship, home page Links exchange, cross Links rapidly increased the weight of the site within the page or home page.

network long pass sentence let many webmaster know the true saying external links for the importance of the website "the chain for emperor", in spite of all external links is not our website optimization, but it is in the website ranking factors always plays a vital role, divided into external link anchor text links and direct links, anchor text the link can rapidly enhance our website for a keyword ranking, and links can enhance the overall weight of our website.

The benefits of

external links not only to ensure the weight of the chain page, but also to ensure the readability of the article, here the readability of the article refers to do not add a keyword or anchor text or deliberately. In the article, it will affect all users to read, and the search engine may be judged as spam articles, delete after which were not included or included, or as spam links not to calculate the weight.

believes that most of Shanghai dragon Er all know the importance of a high quality and site or external links, and we should pay attention to the quality of external links rather than quantity, a high quality the good than you do outside the chain of dozens or even hundreds of spam links have effect.

The second part ?

refers to the external links to other web pages or web site on the Internet to our website home page to anchor text links to.

external links to the site to bring the

resource strategy, resource station operation there are a lot of risk, does not recommend the novice webmaster using this policy, if the operation is not easy to let the search engine that is cheating and right down, but the resource station can quickly improve our website weight. Also in the blog, BBS, question answering system and other outside the chain of our release.

External links

two, not in the article to join the website link.

external links

, not greedy (each page of the best guarantee of two links, a link is the most healthy)

webmaster friends think make full use of resources, with a number of external links in each article, this is a big drawback, the first is the possibility of the search engine in this article is not included, after second is included to delete will cause drop right on the site, after third the weight of each link is included is limited, is not conducive to our website optimization and ranking.

what is the external links


three, so that the release of the article is rich in content, with high readability, best quality.

Analysis of the optimization of a new station

second is their love will be submitted to the Shanghai site, but do not know why, every time to submit your site will only let me love Shanghai, love Shanghai site was included more slowly, perhaps love Shanghai will think you are deliberately.

How to optimize the

according to the analysis, the cause of this problem, a space server and website are inseparable, because many sites where the host is different, if you find yourself in the tragedy of the host once a IP is love Shanghai punished, then congratulations, winning, not unconventional means let love Shanghai website, then the only result is in sight.

third is also a very common way, Links! Of course, you are a new people to.

so we can take what non conventional means let love Shanghai as soon as possible included it, first of all, we should understand what is the principle make love Shanghai included in the site, included in a web site, he will send his site grasping spider love Shanghai again and again to you, if there is no problem, this the website will soon be included, so the spider is the problem, how can we attract spiders crawl over is the crux of the problem.

a website to do just do the domain name resolution, line on the website, at this time, the love of Shanghai have a assessment period on the site, we can also call it a "sandbox", love Shanghai will do a period of study on the new station, the time for some three days on station. Shanghai love can be included, there is one week, two weeks, what is more, will reach a month, still not love Shanghai recognized so the cause of this way is what, how to solve it.

love Shanghai

first, we can use some of the conventional way to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, such as: the chain! No, all the earth know the way, but when the release of the chain, remember to use the anchor text of the chain, although the love of Shanghai has approved the text of the chain, but the actual operation effect, ten the text outside the chain is not worth an anchor text of the chain, because a forum will attract a large number of love Shanghai spiders crawl, and anchor text you release, can be very good to Shanghai to attract spider to your site, submit by website.

railway station, this is a problem that many webmaster very headache half a bucket of water, make your own website how fast to be loved in Shanghai included, how to select the appropriate keywords, how to optimize the internal structure of the website, how to make your site ranking rapid promotion and so on, there are many webmaster need a headache, and as a webmaster hands ten, twenty, or even forty or fifty websites need to manage time, this problem is more tangled, here, according to the author’s own experience for everyone to do a new optimization station specific analysis. Pure water does not contain any dry cargo.

: how to make your website quickly be included in

The necessity and methods of the construction of the chain of Shanghai Dragon

we do in the Shanghai dragon, we all know that when the site was established, will be updated every day, every day on time or not stop updating or the content of pure original or false original or it is the website as a child, wanted time to take care of. Every day to toss about point to open to see what needs to be changed, open to write something in it, so it is very good, because you want to prove, especially the original writing, as long as the stick around the central key words expanded to write some excellent original content in the relevant inside, there’s a good chance of success; but this is not enough, only pay attention to the internal construction, do not know how publicity is very difficult to get good rankings, especially our Do the new words, write not only add to the chain, included in a period of time is a problem.

forum, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in the construction of the chain of Shanghai dragon is the most simple and effective method, but when we send a link in the forum must pay attention to methods, BBS signature can try, whether it is the anchor text or the chain or can even write up, increase the maximum exposure rate however, the best inside or in the forum post, a quality post, in the post inside a soft link or anchor text in, but should pay attention to the quality of the article, must not let the moderator find you have advertising suspicion, or could you hard in vain, too to remember for yourself next, or let other people help you, of course, if you write good words, many people go to the top of the natural member, maybe will be the moderator add, total And try to get more people to visit and reply, and let more people to use, so your link to turn away, oh, you’ve made your point.

content is king, the chain for the emperor, this sentence is not so simple to talk about, really want to do it we need, then we should be how the website construction of the chain of our


1) the construction of the chain of the forum to promote

3) the construction of the chain of soft Wen promotion "

2) the construction of the chain of Links

as we all know, Links, the most direct and effective method, through your relationship in the network or a public network terminology, to exchange your anchor text and links to other sites and you have the same or similar content on the site, but we need to pay attention to is the website of the other side, quality and weight, which is not to say that other high weight without you can’t you exchange, generally if the other site snapshot update is faster, and it is the chain website weight or high it can be linked, but if there is a high weight website to link to high weight the website that is better, Links exchange is a gradual process, not ambitious, suddenly add too much, and we usually have to check to see if there is no death. Chain.

To recover the original simplicity more attractive Shanghai dragon website

to recover the original simplicity?

in recent years rapidly, new variety of Shanghai dragon website dizzying, whether you are young or experienced in Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai dragon website optimization is even more painstaking, has brought great benefits to the operation of the site, site traffic was increasing. It is very popular for a web site. But as a webmaster, holds the lifeblood of the site, only to rely on short-term revenue is as true pleased with oneself, is very wrong. As a Shanghai dragon ER should have deep eyes, you know you do look far ahead from a high plane, a website is not because of a momentary or fresh impulse was done, your goal is to run a good Shanghai dragon website, the success of the operation and to earn interest, this long time cause you to understand the bait, this is the most attractive in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. So, what should you do to make Shanghai Longfeng site more attractive in the Internet, farther down the road? Xiaobian that recover the original simplicity is the kingly way, following several aspects and colleagues discuss a.

. What is

The development of Shanghai dragon website

on the rail gradually Shanghai Longfeng site, in the continuous optimization of Shanghai dragon even profitable, some profit driven Shanghai dragon ER will slowly ignore the content of the website, which is the key site of success and failure, in other words the focus gradually lose value, this is undoubtedly a the key to a deadly Shanghai dragon website, is not conducive to the long-term operation of Shanghai Longfeng website. If a site has a large number of users, not the value of the content will also affect the whole website traffic size influence website profit. Conversely, if you form a track in Shanghai Longfeng site, still pay attention to the content of construction, and released a lot of valuable content, will make the Shanghai dragon rising in popularity, Shanghai dragon will optimization ranking in front, not to mention the keyword search ranking list. As a Shanghai dragon.

what is the interpretation of Chinese dictionary, recover the original simplicity?: remove the external decoration, to restore the original state of the plain. Here is the extension of ER in Shanghai told the Shanghai dragon dragon in the optimization of excessive packaging to return to the original site after the most attention of local content. In fact, as a Shanghai dragon ER, is not difficult to find in a website to start construction early, remove the layout appearance of the building, the most concern is the content of the website. What users are most concerned about the content, what is the user needs of the content, what kind of content is the most valuable and so are the site of early new Adsense is concerned, Shanghai is also the most simple part of the original dragon optimization part. Therefore, recover the original simplicity is to let more Shanghai dragon ER then focus on return website early, let Shanghai dragon website according to the more attractive, occupy a space for one person in a large number of Shanghai dragon website.

why want to recover the original simplicity?With the formation of


YC new head Silicon Valley entrepreneurs do not have to tallExperience sharing eight principles of b

earlier, Paul Graham also expressed a similar view: "we are at the beginning of an outbreak of start-ups.". Now, whenever a bit of ambition, will at least consider ‘entrepreneurial’ this matter, in other words, entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common sagong". Ultimately, PG argues, the number of startups is not the number of good idea, but the number of good founders. More and more people choose to start their own businesses, and accordingly, excellent entrepreneurs are increasing. "If YC wants to put money into these hands, we have no choice but to scale up," PG told me.

Sam Altman is sacred where he was selected as the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship Paul Graham Y Combinator known as the Silicon Valley’s first incubator new head. He was one of the first 05 years of employment YC entrepreneurs, with YC source Graham less than a month; he is Stanford Computer Department of dropout, he created Loopt position; service was acquired by Green Dot for $43 million; he is an angel investor, or a popular blog writing. Oh, by the way, he’s going to be 29.

, the name of the blog is not easy too long. The blog will generally have the title and subtitle, the name is too long to cover the subtitle of the meaning, and the blog name is too long will lead to a name of the blog links become long and the influence of themselves and others blog appearance. In addition, the name is too long, may also cause others can not quickly write down your blog name, resulting in a decrease in the number of visits. So that everyone in the sun is empty to the blog name names don’t take too long, should be short and easy to remember.

know some small but was a commonplace talk of an old scholar, still JiaBuZhu want Sam talk about business trends, the results just ask directly to be outspoken Sam to BER back…

three, the blog name, as much as possible with your blog theme. Recently, independent blogs have become more and more. If your blog has a certain theme and a certain set of readers, then your blog name is best associated with your topic. This will show the professionalism of your blog and your readers will be more trusting of your words.

six, use the keyword to make blog name. Recommended for those who pay attention to the flow of theme blog using relevant keywords to do blog name, the same site, search engines will be more trust of the blog site, use keywords to do blog name, maybe soon you will be able to win the first search engine, so as to bring more traffic.

five, sun empty recommended personal blog named ABB style. Now more and more individual blogs take the name as ABB’s style, and sun’s empty is one of them. So if your blog is personal, then I suggest you use ABB’s name to make blog name. This is a very good choice for a personal brand blogger. Sun Kongkong’s blog access source is part of the visitors through search "Sun empty" these three words come over. This shows the importance of a personal brand. If you want your blog name to go far behind, it’s better to take a simple personality name. Perhaps you don’t need to advertise more, and visitors will soon remember you.

": the media always loves to write about the trend, but really promising startups tend to have nothing to do with all the visible trends. To take the trend of that thing if I tell you this: when we sit down to discuss with YC partners which company is expected to enter the $one billion club, we found that more and more companies have this potential, more and more people – this is a business trend, reason is also YC expansion, Sam told me.

diagram note: left is Paul Graham; right is Sam Altman.

wrote here, Xiao Bian can not help but quickly recall the past year, I contacted the Chinese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, really what kind of

‘Entrepreneurship’ becomes a potluck

two, blog name, try not to use english. On the homepage of the independent blog home, many blogs use English words or phrases to make blog names. If you are not an English blogger, try not to use English as your blog name. Because the visitors compared to English, Chinese to feel more familiar and easy to remember. Also, visitors have a much higher chance of getting a Chinese blog name than in English, so even if your domain name is hard to remember, visitors will also find you through the search engines. There is the love blog with some of the more difficult to remember the words English blog name, this is a taboo, if you must use English, then use some simple words.

four, blog name should be prominent personality. There are so many blogs in the world. How can you have a personalized blog? First of all, the blog name should be personalized. No one cares about you playing the title party, and no one cares about you playing word games. Try to make your blog a bit more personal, and it will work well.

lead: an interview with Sam Altman, he is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the eyes of the horse.

Graham Sam Altman in Paul’s eyes, is a "very clever and rare talkative" chatter, he is perfect for the new head of the YC. Recently, I had the privilege of YC activity in close contact with this full of go after 80, please ask him to give you going on this change in Silicon Valley venture capital circle.

diagram note: left is Sam Altman.

seven uses the correct syntax rules to make blog names. In other words, do not make some strange, eight strange self made words to do blog name, is not conducive to SEO excellence

Stationmaster faces crisis, hold to the development in crisis

environment in the age of information economy, the webmaster to survive and develop, in addition to the program mode of operation follows the questions, analyze and solve problems, but also must have a sense of crisis, the crisis of social environmental factors, but more important is their consciousness.

through understanding, analysis, I think today’s personal Adsense generally face three major crisis:

‘s first crisis, unresponsive to users, or even completely without understanding users.

When the

website just up, webmaster should be very concerned about the user, we are always willing to listen to their views on the site, whether it is good or bad, advice or complaints, we are actively to improve. But when we gradually get up, the flow of the website increases day by day, we gradually find that the voice of users is getting smaller and smaller. They seem to be getting farther and farther from us. What’s the problem,


many webmaster in the station after a period of time, will shift the focus to that increase content and flow, advertising income to go up above. Concerned about whether the traffic has risen or dropped, the union cheating is K, advertising revenue?. There was no time to listen to the needs of users. At this time, only the eyes of the flow and money. Slowly, forget the user’s presence. The website will also in half-dead stage. Can not keep users, you can only rely on search engines and live, which for our webmaster is very sad, which day Baidu see you not pleasing to the eye, you drop the right or direct K dropped, and that is not dead.

if you want to observe the McDonald’s and KFC will find their store is always not far away from the McDonald’s see, KFC also saw KFC; phase, McDonald’s will to fight desperately. Because they all understand, users who enter the door, who won. Regardless of the so-called price war, or VIP services, in fact, are robbed of customers, because every profit from customers, and if you can not create value for customers, customers only leave you.

many webmaster are very concerned about Baidu, care about GOOGLE, if you SEO do good, really can bring great flow, but a go, what’s the point?. After a while the algorithm changes and you have to optimize it. OK, the traffic is up again.. This is sure to keep the flow. Such a station, I think you can only earn a little money, cheat point click, worthless.

second crises: lost in direction, forget who you are.

and I also have this problem, blindly follow the lead of nothing to do, what a peer I want to copy it over, so frustrating after a period of time that is endless, so back to honest do stand.

third crises: love fiddling with

in the large amount of money into the Internet industry, the small and medium-sized website manufacturing false traffic is "forced" to become a common phenomenon, this kind of false serious

Peng Yucheng website soft Wen promotion method detailed explanation

master soft text promotion method is a network promotion personnel essential skills, should say soft Wen promotion throughout the network promotion work, no matter which promotion methods are inseparable from the soft text. In the hard advertising is no longer strong in the past two years, soft Wen began to occupy the main position, and will continue strong momentum. This soft Wen promotion method is detailed, but also Peng Yucheng do network promotion, marketing work for several years summed up the skills and ideas, hope for everyone some help. As everyone knows the Wanglaoji event, Pizza Hut event, VANCL are good use of soft Wen promotion to enhance the brand influence, but also brings a great sales, so use the soft Wen, I believe that no matter what is the promotion of products, will have a huge effect. Don’t say any more about it. Let’s get down to today’s topic.

one, soft Wen promotion purpose

1, bringing sales

through soft Wen promotion, can bring sales is the best result, product sell more, not afraid of others can’t remember you. And through soft text promotion brought about by customers than general promotion way more viscous, this point, Peng Yucheng deep feeling. And if your product is very good, through the customer’s word of mouth, will bring a lot of sales.

2, enhance influence and popularity

suggest that you go to a push to see VANCL marketing strategy, mostly relying on the promotion of soft paper, and now look at where the visibility and sales, that is really quite bad. Of course, there are other good, soft text promotion case, here is not one example. Everyone familiar with Mou Changqing, basically rely on soft Wen successfully promoted a few websites, such as: go9go link exchange platform, Adsense navigation.

3, access, included

this is for their own web site, to update the general pseudo original or original articles, and do the optimization work properly can improve the keywords ranking, bring traffic, do good website can improve the long tail keywords ranking brings substantial traffic through this method. Some friends may say that posting hyperlinks in a forum can also bring in traffic, which is correct. But now the national regulatory forum is tight, and the forum also oversees membership, and it’s not so easy to put on the link.

two, soft Wen often applied

1, portal

this form of soft Wen, we may see every day, do not believe you go to Sina or NetEase look. They often use the user’s perspective, the news of the new product, and so on, to say how good the product is from the user’s point of view. But this is indeed a very inexpensive way, but also can be summarized, this is the use of network media promotion and soft Wen promotion methods, to do better, need more professional writers and publishing channels.

2, forum

forum soft Wen, I will not say more, this piece I believe everyone must be very familiar with. Now basic >

Share my online part-time job

contact network for many years, but as a network of part-time, is nearly two years, so it is a novice, but in the past two years, the network of part-time way has experienced many twists and turns, which included acid and sweet. I have a moment of leisure today, finishing their own ideas, write down the network of part-time way, and I have a similar experience, or friends can encourage each other together, of course, if it is not a fragment of heroes, regardless of, I ask for your help and guidance.

‘s first introduction to the Internet is a friend. After surfing the Internet, it’s no use watching news, TV, movies and listening songs all day long. Until one day to talk with friends to know, don’t say the network Nothing is too strange., open shop, even playing the game can earn a lot of money. So under the guidance of friends playing the game, is the beginning of round the clock crazy, even the wife said I should be careful, indulge, about half a year, I still did not play the role level or how many people Dailian is and how hard, if you like a friend to be your own boss please people do that. But, look at yourself, the body lost a big circle, his son has become a game fans around, if things go on like this that still have such a hard money, so determined The loss outweighs the gain., do not do. It is to want to ask for the moon, with a few friends game with me, every day down to today, they also have extra income well. But I do not regret my abandonment, everyone has its own focus, according to their own circumstances to choose their own path.

did not play the game, the time freed, the first network of part-time give up halfway their understanding of the network, but it is different, the network is not only to provide a variety of information for us, and the wider world, the development of the network must be beyond our imagination, so broad world belongs to me? I’m looking for with the loss, see many part-time advertising, then join the Witkey, customers to donate, started the program, pick the registration task, something to do, such as to help people write the name, planning, writing the program to write a summary of writing the paper advertising language, numerous, submitted many tasks, but each one had no echo. To understand their knowledge is sparse shallow, the network that I ordered a galaxy of talents, fur, laughable. To do so may lose confidence, or just let it go.

met a month ago, and I seem to have found the answer. All I want is what I can do. So, with the CEOs interview, brief conversation, let me know what to do website, and know, we want to work together for the development of the site, the site as its own business to manage. In order to site more traffic and Baidu in the rankings, I began to work, the first is the hot keywords Baidu Search Ranking with the original article, the beginning of a period of time, learn to feel full of go, footloose, Article 32 to get it, but soon after, I do not know how to start in the face of a pile of words, to the news in a daze, a bit numb, is the river "