Shanghai Longfeng optimization must pay attention to several problems in the

today put the problem and share with you, hoping to help other novice friends. What is the problem?

The main reason of The

Links is very important, and Links, delete Links is to be cautious, one day, the Commissioner of the chain we suddenly deleted 10 several links on the site for the reason, there is no other site I site, and then collected and ranking sites would stop for a few days I don’t know, this is accidental or inevitable.

2, for Links cautious

website ranking problems in this domain, because there is no record, there is no way to use domestic space, so I bought a Hongkong xirang for the space station! Originally all development is very good, but one day after more than a month, found a snapshot of the site stop, is even more exaggerated included page display is extremely unusual, the title of the site was originally a terminal machine, even stripping with a terminal machine, speed 7000 / automatic terminal machine – hour Huambo automation ", but the site website is in the terminal machine display love Shanghai, see description also, the page from the original 88 dropped to 25, obviously, the site of a big problem.

1 requires a high quality of the space

website is a terminal machine enterprise station, domain name www.wb881贵族宝贝, the station began to accept from me, I only spent less than a month’s time, the ranking from the blind side to love Shanghai before three, but unfortunately, due to some small good times don’t last long, after the accident, make a originally a good website ranking dropped to three, has been hovering between the love of Shanghai 5-6, a direct result is that I can’t charge money of mine.

webmaster all know, website optimization is a very troublesome thing, a little wind sways grass, will interfere with your work, even let you to cast to the wind. For this, I have a deep feeling, just two months before I pick a site optimization order, let I deeply feel the website optimization is not easy.

at the beginning, I thought it was Links problems, have been implicated, but through the webmaster tools query, seems to be no problem, where is the problem? A moment confused! Second days suddenly think that will be my neighbors involved? Query other sites with IP, this does not look don’t know, a look surprised, the website with IP have told me the same question, and many are not even included, obviously, the IP is in love with the sea K! Quickly contact the space business, the space drained away, and then wondering, ultimately cruel ruthless, or buy the domestic space earth record now, after all, is independent of the IP? In the space of seamless link, website for second days, and finally normal, but, unfortunately, the site was apparently drop right, so far, the site included or not, ranking Not to mention.

Keywords integration of commercial value

With the rapid development of

flow and value are not contradictory, why a lot of people in the choice of love is more popular? The reasons are complex, but more should be misled. After the popular keywords spend a lot of energy to make up, get in return is not proportional to the gap is more and more. May make up most of the flow after the customer contribution is in contrast, visit, instead of buying or real benefits. The real needs of customers, do not use a wide word to use, but to find the precise words, the final transaction probability of at least this proportion is very large.

The rapid development of

industry in Shanghai dragon, a lot of the same customers often choose words also tend to the same, this is an important reason for even before popular keywords is now more popular. In fact, the target keywords should not only to flow or conform to the trend, just for commercial value, namely the return and pay the maximum.

is more important.

industry in Shanghai Longfeng, more and more people use search engines to commercial development, it should take into account the keywords of commercial value, pay with a certain proportion of return is worthwhile, or in the strategy will make big mistake. Remember early when a customer, do whitening products of new sites, must do this kind of word whitening freckle, actually he is selling whitening mask, must meet the requirements in March, I opened a relatively high price, because in March to do really need a lot of time and energy, your customers feel don’t accept my advice, this kind of word do whitening freckle facial mask. Then get someone else to do, the price should be and I had to give the general product keywords almost, for more than a year, did not see the ranking. About this type of operation, the customer of Shanghai dragon ER is not cost-effective, if the right to guide customers to do their own professional customers, then return at least very reasonable.

on "keywords commercial value", some people think that the love of Shanghai index and search to the number of words are of commercial value, some people think the key words bring flow is larger, the word commercial value is higher, for these two views is undeniable, Jianwei think a there is no word keywords commercial value is to look at this word to bring what kind of user groups, and through the keyword user group can bring the economic benefits.


also recently a friend to pick up a single do finance, he chose the keywords when easily selected the word "T+0", of course, this is very much in line with most of the people in mind, a careful analysis of it, the word is very difficult, the index is basically in more than 1W, a new station to make achievements really is not easy, it is hard to pay and reward in proportion, after I explained the situation, he chose "stock T+0 and stock trading platform", because he is the main business in this area.

Google launched a new tool news source web site can modify the Google news content directly

is a Google news network news aggregator, collect news content from major news website. If Google news information error source website is difficult to have the means to correct. This is not a problem that picked up the phone and call on behalf of Google will be able to solve.

however, the "Google News Center" was launched in the United States, but Google said that this tool will soon spread to other countries, and with the passage of time, it will add more features.

News Publisher Center

now has a "Google News Center" (https://partnerdash.贵族宝贝/partnerdash/d/news#p:id=pfehome& a=100095465, noble baby;) the news source site at least for their own news content on Google news has some control over.

baby aristocracy

specifically, "Google News Center" to allow the news source web site update site details, including change the site name and label; changes in the original site structure, change the corresponding links etc..

[TechWeb] reported on August 5th news, Google recently launched a "Google News Center" (News Publisher Center of the noble baby) PC side web service tool, this tool allows the site to directly modify the news source on Google news in the news that Google news content can be synchronized with the source web site.

Analysis of foreign trade website how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

The design of

second, the choice of keywords and distribution optimization

search engine for the foreign trade site is better than other types of sites, especially in the speed of the above, I suggest that you can choose a foreign server, because the type of foreign trade website customers relatively some more foreigners, naturally foreign in this regard host advantage is obviously a lot, and can improve the user experience, so if you want to do, do it the best foreign trade website is to choose the foreign host.

first, clear theme, seize the customer

with the deficit China and world trade, China many aspiring webmaster friends began to enter into the network trade in this industry, because of significant opportunities in the China trade website industry relative to other industries to other countries, after all, foreign websites are doing very hot, but in China relatively is still relatively deserted, so we can do Chinese foreign trade website leader, of course, many owners also face don’t know how to do foreign trade website optimization Shanghai dragon, so today I will discuss with you and share some experience.

Keywords There is

third, the server speed must be fast

fourth, the foreign trade domain

is a key point for a site can be said that the internal site content is around these keywords to write and publish, so you do what the contents of the product must choose good keywords of this kind of product and to stand in the user’s perspective to design the key words, but also to to view these keywords to query whether hot enough to use some tools, do not choose keywords too low, this is a foreign trade website the most taboo, we must pay attention to.

believes that make friends all know that the site started matter, also in Shanghai, which is also the premise of Longfeng optimization based, because we all know, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization to improve site traffic, and then further to flow into the order (or profit), so at this point we must be clear about the subject, what is their own doing, this is very important. Then through the characteristics of some products, such as pictures to seize the hearts of customers, only in this way can we improve the site conversion rate.

when doing foreign trade website, a good domain name is very important, of course, the domain name is not to be the case, after all, this type of keywords have been registered. In this.

in the optimization of keywords in the title, the best content of smooth words, but must not pile up, and may be performed by some prominent keyword tags, and that can do some keyword anchor text links to related content in the article page, this method is widely used in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the effect is very obvious.

How to create maximum value with minimal trafficFruit The Ultimate Guide to making quick money onlin

many new owners do not know how to start in just entering the Internet industry, spend a lot of time to build the website, I do not know how to make money, the fruit for you an analysis step by step, the website how to make money fast, novice to quickly experience the Internet to make money. Want to make money fast, must be different, no special thinking mode, method, and action, want to get different results? Is that possible? The answer is of course impossible. The Internet is the birthplace of the fastest replication success, and if you do not copy at all a fast way to make money, then your desired result is certainly underwater mirage. To get rid of the shackles of the traditional webmaster, get rid of, CMS station, collection, optimization, to traffic, advertising embarrassing situation, first of all, must choose the right copy of the target.

with you! ?

resource station I was mainly advertising GG, probably because of my character problem ‘or because the site is subject matter, GG has very low price, even for a long period of time has been hovering below 0.01, the total count down, resource station day GG income of almost $2–3 because the site a long time, and there is a certain well-known, the.

3., how can I promote this ad even if it makes money?

2., how do I know which advertisement is making money?

observation, we need to observe. If you will SEO, please observe by SEO method. If you like to see some popular websites, please take a closer look at all the ads on the website. If you like to search, please look at the PPC, so simple. Take you to see the ads in order, make a list, then put each product into the sh419 search, compare, and soon, you can find a very good product, if you have not found, please continue to observe.

website chase flow, with almost Qianzhaihuanqian generally according to the site now as unalterable principles, but the number has already exceeded one million, while the China base of Internet users has been very difficult to have growth, we have what method to get a share from these have been established in the data even if there is, and how? The investment effect and how good? On the other hand, now the portal website has started to comprehensive development, why? Because they need to keep their left behind, they need to enhance their own strength, they will cut the grass root webmaster hands of this part of the considerable traffic transfer into their hands. They have been afraid to let more grassroots webmaster success to share in the autumn winter has turned the IT industry, so they repeatedly to reduce the audit efforts, so they repeatedly raise map Content of teasing scale, many grassroots webmaster, especially those professional, this is the webmaster have become increasingly worried about their prospects, but here I found a very serious problem, we have lost in the flow, we ignore this matter to do stand, do what is the station why? Is money or traffic flow? It means money? No flow means no money? At least I don’t think so

! !

where did you find the ads, you can completely copy his Fang?

1., I don’t have any products or services. What’s the use of advertising?

I’m here take permanent free resource station and my own blog download Fetion two compare, permanent free resource station IP normally around 6000, almost PV 2W, has been almost two years, but this kind of website to download the Fetion blog, because the content is not good, but also not suitable to add some not related to the content, so far the only 20–30, the flow is pitiful, only a day less than 20 IP, of course, only less than a month’s time, but not how to download blog promotion! But Fetion a IP value than the permanent free resource station and game states so far the traditional flow type website, I take my own example to compare the actual

, you seem to have a lot of problems. In order to achieve the purpose of making money quickly, I would like to explain that this guide is intended for those who want to act without knowing the method. If you are a person who asks three questions, I can do nothing about it. Next, let me answer the questions above.

you may not have the product, no service, but you find advertising, product or service mark advertising, you can purchase agent, can also be used for simple model: Taobao off or similar CPA PS: if you think that it is soft, please skip this article, so as not to delay your precious time. It may take some time for the stock to be purchased. In order to achieve the purpose of quick money making, we choose Taobao. I believe there are a small number of people who spend a lot of money on Taobao every month.

what do we copy? Of course it’s advertising. Why do you want to copy advertising? Because advertising is a super weapon to make money. Only advertising can drive sales. Only sales can make money. It’s that simple. You may have a lot of questions to ask: I don’t have a product or service, and what do I do? How do I know which advertising is money? Even if the ads to make money, how can I extend this advertisement? If the advertising promotion, how do I sell

how to determine their site types in my previous article, the direction of the website talked about a permanent free resource station and states such as the basic flow in the game, rely on advertising to survive the website, but in addition to these sites and sites may be more than the two net income is higher, more easily in fact, this website!! long ago by some predecessors proposed, but also a lot of practice, I just combined with some examples of my own to share with you an analysis of this site’s performance today! And compared it with the traditional flow line of site

How to improve the effect of mail marketing

believe that many people use email to promote website or shop, according to the current feedback effect is not ideal, the message is now too much if you do not have a good strategy generally do not receive what effect, some e-mail marketing method on the body.

one, automatic feedback

website information users in the most general end information left often don’t remember which had stayed at the site, so if we develop a set of automatic feedback system, when users of the message we can automatically put the main e-mail to tell someone to give him a message attached to the main and leave URL in the mail, so that users can click on URL to view the very nature of others to leave the word, this type of advertising can be very good to attract users back, the statistics China second-hand car using this method every day to get 15% of the traffic.

two, build relationships with customers first,

generally, if he doesn’t know you before sending it to the customer, the effect will be very bad. So we have to think of ways to build relationships with our customers, such as you can become an expert and ask customers to ask you. Specific operations such as can send a paste that you have some who want the scroll has network promotion can leave mail in Baidu Post Bar and other places, so many people will leave the mail when you give them back to the message when they will not feel strange, but the mail reading rate can also raise a lot of times.

three, the design of reasonable mail layout

mail content layout design is very exquisite, in order to improve the click rate of mail content, we must consciously guide the user. What is "boot"? The word may be too professional. People who do Google Adsense are often referred to as "induced". Different formats have a 50% effect on click rate.

Dry sharing how to operate hundreds of platforms from the media

hundred authors, you should be worthy of these things (absolutely dry goods).

, whether you’re a little white or a great God, see, don’t spray, if you know, then when I’m talking nonsense, if you don’t know, then you should study.

all right, don’t talk any more. It’s going to be bullshit.

1, hundreds of homes were sealed, what about the proceeds?

answer: earnings will also be credited. I have a friend who has already arrived.

How do you get the invitation code for

2 and hundred?


answer: there are several channels for the 100 yard invitation codes. The first is the beauty college, the second is the good-looking City, and the third is the invitation code for some group, but you need to have creative ability. They just give code. (plainly speaking, skilled workers), and the invitation codes are free of charge. But some people reselling charges, fees are, one is (X treasure), one is (reselling), and one is (cheat paper).

3 and 100 are upgraded,


answer, at present, two upgrades, one is automatic, one is artificial. If you say you’re looking for? I will tell you, as a senior from the media, if you even can not find, only that you Daoxing not deep enough.

(of course, you can ask your media friends, maybe they know), do you want to ask why I don’t tell you? I keep silent about this question.

4, frequent posting how to do?


answer: frequent posting, you click the document when a little slower, a little bit of the point. Don’t like epilepsy Meng, the articles are written, why are you in such a hurry. Borrow a word on the road, "Ning stop three points, do not grab a second."". Of course, not only is the author of epilepsy, even Baidu will epilepsy, while posting a frequent mistake. We can only try to avoid, but not 100% change.

4, a bank card, how many

can bind?

answer: I’ve seen the most bound 5 numbers, and of course there are more. So please don’t ask this question next time. Avoid embarrassment!!!


, you can’t say that because of this. A lot of things, studios, or friends. Too many..

5, for the field, it is estimated that we have found these days to log in, there is an opportunity to automatically select areas. How do I choose,


answer: for this is a good thing, but in your choice of the field, please first understand what questions in the field of inquiry, avoid getting the time to send a document, can not find their own field, it would be embarrassing.

The choice of

field means that you will continue to output articles in a field in the future, so you’d better choose your own field, so as to ensure the quality of the article and the output of the article.

okay, >

Anhui entrepreneurial star launching ceremony held in Hefei

now has become a business theme of the times, there are a lot of people have an entrepreneurial idea, at the same time in the society will continue to hold a series of entrepreneurial activities, recently, Anhui venture star "activities carried out in Hefei.

12 PM, Anhui venture star "launch ceremony in Beijing Innotree, Hefei science and technology innovation nursery and Hefei love public record signing ceremony was held in the public space of Hefei science and Technology Innovation Service Center Building Conference room. Deputy researcher of Hefei science and Technology Bureau Yuan Cheng attended and delivered a speech, Beijing causal Tree Technology Co. founder, Hefei Teng love multi-creation space founder Wu Xinkun, Anhui specialty chairman Niu Yongwei, chairman Chen Yongquan and other innovative DreamWorks founder, CEO to many enterprises.

in the event, all entrepreneurs are actively sharing dry cargo, communicate feelings, thought of novel ideas and unique triggered live guests applause,

How to sell small series for you to analyze

when we focus on a project, we all want to know more about it. How about a quick sale? Many friends want to know the answer. Global fast selling through the core advantage of the global trade in the new situation, the global buyers procurement methods are undergoing dramatic changes, small quantities, multiple batches are forming a new trend of procurement, good prospects!

aliexpress? This is free to use   to Chinese all users;     Alipay certified on the line, like Taobao, is now released in February 2nd January free investment, product audit, in March fifteen on the line, can do, but in exchange for a transaction fee of 5%.

aliexpress arrival caused a sensation in the market, it is concerned by the society. How about a quick sale? Through the above, I believe we have to understand. How about a quick sale? Directly to the end of the wholesale retailers to supply, the shorter the circulation of retail channels, direct online retail payment collection, to expand the small batch of multiple product profit margins, to create more revenue for wholesale retailers.


Keep the love forever

is now more and more people love pets, but with humans, pet life is limited, they also need to experience a process of life and death, many owners for pet leave not sad tears, but now there is a way to allow the owner to keep it forever beloved ""!

in order to satisfy those who want to stay for a long time pet the wishes of the people, a Chengdu girl opened a special pet specimen studio. The idea came from her experience at a pet hospital. After graduating from medical school, she was assigned to a pet hospital, she could see the owner of the pet almost every day, because the beloved cat and dog will never leave their own tears.

The process of making