On the popular keyword and short words are what is the difference

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we often see a lot of keywords is very hot, but there are a few websites is up by Shanghai dragon. For example, "Beida Jade Bird", the popular keyword search volume in more than 2000, but SERP is a love of Shanghai by Shanghai Longfeng make up site are not.

: please keep the

short, keyword analysis should not rely on, or feel analysis, we should rely on data analysis.

don’t put some long words as cold words, such as "Beijing Beida Jade Bird how", "Beida good employment" and so on key words. These words from the length of view is really long, but this does not mean that the search less people, but that does not mean the competition site less, or even think of such words from much of customers.

today and everyone to share different hot words and phrases, if there is a good place, please advice, some friends think so, not good to do some popular keywords, the competition is very fierce, since it is not good to do, don’t do it! I do not talk about this problem.

This paper comes from 贵族宝贝sybenet贵族宝贝


many webmaster friends will understand the popular keyword search keywords for many people, like Shanghai search engine mentioned hot word list like hot words here is purely judging from the number of search. Short head is a technical term in Shanghai Longfeng industry, especially those related to the website keywords search volume, competition and more to do with the enterprise or individual product or service. Can see a common hot words and short head has a search volume is high, but the degree of competition and the related degree is not considered.

Exchange chain ten note to all the webmaster

8 robots.txt, have you noticed? In general, each site will have.

6 IP, with the friends of the chain should pay attention to. The best IP website is not with friends of the chain. Because a few years ago when the influence of war, caused the search engine is very sensitive to the IP website, if multiple sites are the same IP for each other, so that a search engine will think you’re cheating, the impact is not to say, we all understand. Of course, if only one of the friends of the chain with the IP website, it is generally not what problem.

3, eliminate the JS chain. Love is not a spider crawling JS Shanghai link, so, if you want to exchange chain website, the Links part is JS, then please stay away from this website. In addition, some Links website is to use rolling form, this website also will have to be careful, it is best not to chain.

7, pay attention to the nofollow tag

. For the label to understand it, can refer to love Shanghai Encyclopedia: NOFOLLOW. To explain in great detail, in fact, the main role is, when the label into the code, marking this label content will not be search engine grab. That is to say, when we do friends chain, to see whether the chain is part of the nofollow tag, if there is, then please leave this site. Add this label will not transfer the weight.

1, first of all, to use a variety of tools, all kinds of information you want to link to the website: collected snapshot, and chain, chain, PR value, weight, keywords ranking etc.. To see whether the site is K, friends of the chain number is too much (less than 25 can) etc..

2, don’t waste sites to do friends chain. What site is garbage sites? You can ask Baidu. Why not instead of doing a chain? Waste site survival time is very short, usually in order to make money in the short term rapid construction site. Perhaps the amount collected is very large, but we must note that the article, whether the original content? This website is normally collected each big website content is published. The weight as can be imagined. So in order to the healthy development of their website, away from the garbage site.

4, not illegal, cheating site chain. This is not what to say, illegal and cheating sites, even when not being K, the latter will be wiped out. So, in order not to bring trouble to their site, away from this kind of website chain. With the IP site in this type of website, you have to be careful oh.

5 pages, links can? A website, the highest weight "is the home page, so under normal circumstances, friends of the chain do website homepage. The inside pages of a chain, someone is doing. However the weight pages transfer values will be very low, is not up to the requirements of the effect, so under normal circumstances, enterprises or other types of sites, not to exchange with other web pages of the chain of friends.

Web site chain optimization really so important

in the chain optimization diagram of


link relative website internal links, has become more and more important. Before the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we all know the chain for the emperor, the chain is king, the chain released a lot of information for the website, can bring a lot of traffic into the website weight and good website can bring better rankings for the web site.

and the chain optimization is an important means to guide the search engine spiders crawl web content and links, but also through the optimization of the chain, guide the other page access information within the site, increase.

what is the sites within the chain? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is this for web site chain optimization introduction: "what we do in the chain will optimize effectively so as to improve the weight of a page indirectly to search ranking results. At the same time effectively lead the search engine spiders to crawl the entire station."


search engine spider crawler is a process simulation of user access to the site, the equivalent of the user access to search engine crawlers toread, the station of the content analysis, and make a preliminary judgment whether to access the site, the weight value of the site and whether to give the ranking, if it can bring value to the user. If the quality of the website provides better, conducive to the user experience, the site will continue to judge the search engine as a valuable platform, the website will give a certain weight and ranking, the user can get a certain rank when searching for specific keywords, obtained by traffic users.

sites within the chain at the same time, as the Shanghai dragon Er is necessary for us to understand and know what is the site within the chain within the site chain optimization? What does it mean? A Shanghai dragon optimization by finding love Shanghai encyclopedia, the chain refers to the mutual link between the station under the domain name of the content page in the same network, the electricity supplier in Shenzhen, home of the website, the website domain name information interaction link, such as keyword link A page under the domain name "URL link to B. Website internal link structure which can improve the website search engine rankings and website to obtain better weight, is an important part of website optimization.

In the understanding of The external

now with the rise of the Internet, the network above every day will produce a large amount of information, the search engine for processing hundreds of millions of information, is a very huge project, the search engine on the web content included and capture has become more and more picky. Want your web site to be included and ranking, whether it is the webmaster or site of the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, in the station optimization has become more and more attention, for the understanding of the site within the chain optimization is more and more thorough, the web site of the chain optimization has become an important part of Shanghai dragon Er daily work the.

Where is the website three days K two days a little K reason

recently received a customer’s site, encountered a people particularly depressed, A5 provides Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) also have less time, during this period of time is given to many customers site diagnosis, also encountered some trouble but, through the joint efforts of the A5 webmaster Shanghai Dragon Team also were finally solved smoothly, but this happened a little trouble, especially to fantastic, through the communication with customers found diagnosis and A5 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng group found that the site is basically three days a K the three day, the website K, two days a small K, very strange, but fortunately, the general was K after second days or third days will be able to return to normal, but after 21 days and may be home By K or by K, included O. Don’t know the webmaster have encountered such a website? After A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team found the reason is as follows:


three, with the

, a chain of the same page

server connection< >

space suck

space has been based website development, or even if your website is again good but often not open, every time to grab a spider to enter your website, that is, if it is you, you will not bother you? Have a crush on it? In fact, between this and the people to get along with others is the same, even if you are a few times to your friend’s home to play, but have no access to the door, when he was not at home, you will want to run next time to see whether he is at home? The answer is not words but only.

many owners in order to improve the weight of a web page, often in the chain are chain back to the home page, believe that this is a problem most easily overlooked, in time to do the work in a short period of time can not see what is abnormal, perhaps, after you have done this a few links in every day also, did not see the search engine immediately included, feel the chain efforts may not be enough, so you every day more a few, but everyone knows, these links will be in the search engine the next big update to suddenly be put out, then how do you for? A small site, if thousands of the chain increased overnight, but also are the same to the home page, you feel joy or sorrow? The answer is no, no matter what The website can not stand such a good show, although you want to treat it well, but the search engine does not think so, may therefore make the punishment of your site, such as the station was included in the K, O, or drop right home page is K, etc. These are likely to happen. Therefore, A5 Shanghai Longfeng group comprehensive diagnosis and optimization to diagnose the problems found in this site, there may be caused by the site three days a K, an important reason for two days in a small K.

5 factors to tell you what is the user experience


1. website loading speed

needless to say what, who is not willing to take a longer time to wait for a haven’t visited websites. This is the first step that the user experience, then this factor told us owners in the choice of the space, we must consider the long-term, not in order to save a little money, but in the fall, not worth it.

what is the user experience of the website? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is explained: the user experience is that a user visits a website to the website user experience effect, want to see whether the content and give the user some valuable content. There are two points in this sentence: users want to see content and gives the user a valuable content. So when we fill the site’s content is from the two aspects to do. Now you still feel the chain daily daily, the pseudo original of no great importance can give your website much improved user experience? What’s more, some owners are not to write the pseudo original.

who love to see beauty, there is no exception for the website, not to mention people are fatigued, if your website can make the users in the eyes of a bright, presumably he is half will forget, if your website can not attract attention, perhaps competitors ran in front of you go! So this factor tell the webmaster, in the design of the page should pay attention to the background color, text color, and even the layout and so on. In the design of the beautiful at the same time, do good visual psychological habits, is also essential.

to add the user to read an article, I feel very useful on their own, this time to see you at the end of this article we introduced a related article, so as long as he does not.

user experience is vital to the user experience, Never mind with those of the chain method, a long and minute statement text writing, so the user experience which contains "feel"? Here we list the 5 important factors.


as everyone knows, a website is the need of management and optimization. Orderly management can make the operation and development of the site is stable, effective optimization can improve the user experience of the website, to get more people’s attention, to achieve better profitability of capital. Recently, the major search engines, especially love Shanghai constantly updated algorithm and emphasis on the user experience, a lot of people have been published on how to enhance the user experience and other topics. However, over the concept of the Internet, to enhance the user experience of the road is still a long way to go.

we have done for Shanghai dragon people, the user is our god. As if I were to open massage parlors, the customer come massage is worse than being dead. Then, who would dare to? On the Internet, do a good user experience cannot survive. Don’t blindly to ranking, ignoring the original purpose of Shanghai dragon.

3. dead links and links

2. site of the beautiful degree of

See websites through influence

don’t know if you have seen the "influence" of this book, I feel very well written, we have time to look at the book, the author directly participate in observation, to infiltrate salesman, probation division, collected a large number of convincing case, summed up the 6 basic types of these 6 kinds of persuasion. Types are a guide to the principle of psychology of human behavior as the basis. They are reciprocity, commitment and coherence, social identity, preferences, authority, and shortages.

in my website has just started, when I have set the content column according to the principle, because I was doing flash online training, for a fee, so I need to convince others, let others believe me, he will be willing to go to my card to play money. And for online training, this relatively new model of teaching. Without any formalities, there is no evidence to make others trust is even more difficult. Now let me see what these principles mean to my website.

reciprocity: the principle of reciprocity suggests that we should try to repay others for what we have done in the same way. The classic case is a free trial at the mall". This point I feel particularly profound, remember a time when I get off the taxi, a beggar take the initiative to open door to me, although now begging people too much, but also many of the group, a lie, so numb. But for the beggar I really couldn’t refuse him, because he helped me, if I do not express, I feel owe him, I will feel I will let others give up. Although his help is a bit of a compulsion, it still makes the principle work. Compulsory help can be, if it is sincere to help others, then the effect will be better. This is for all make people apply, so you must provide something of value to others, let others feel your benefits, so he will come again, he will recommend you the website in his friends. At the same time, you should take the initiative to help others, if you really help others, although the sight of nothing in return, but I believe that someday he will help you. So the articles in my website are basically written by myself. I also see the website of the lower right corner of the announcement, if there is what flash related questions you can ask me, I only wrote is doing, I give a lot of flash lovers answered, even they have done a lot of things for free. I don’t ask them to give it back at once. At least I think I’ll be a man that he can trust. Next time some of his friends need training, maybe he’ll introduce me.

there is a reciprocal principle is implicit, if the other party for the first time you put forward a request, you didn’t promise, then he put the request to reduce the difficulty, then you will feel pressure, because you think he is a concession for your patronage. Just imagine if someone asked you to lend 100 dollars, you didn’t agree, and then he said, "80, you haven’t promised yet." finally he said, "50 is OK."

From the domain name trading, new developments, short domain name short wonderful

short domain because of its short memory and easy access, the market at home and abroad are more popular, and more and more domestic and foreign companies and websites for short application domain also attaches great importance to the acquisition, short domain operators and web site brand case is often seen, the author found that the recent overseas market short domain domain name by buying and enable the case is more frequent, short domain name value increasing.

The enterprise website

and various areas for short domain name applications become more and more attention, and enable its acquisition of abbreviations short domain name is not a few, such as the Yingkou network platform in the field of life China recently successfully purchased CC short domain name yk.cc, the investment industry Guangxi Investment Group Co to enable short domain name gig.cn, third media enable short domain 3mt.com of the media industry, game ninth city company has recently successfully enabled short domain 9c.com line launched its new web game site, the education sector should be mutual technology of nearly 200 thousand yuan acquisition of domain name en.com.cn.

from the above example we can see that short domain name application range and all areas of life, games, investment, media have enabled short domain case, and each industry and enable short domain type diversification, digital + Pinyin tone Pinyin abbreviations, abbreviations and other types, while the other has some short domain name suffix in the domestic market, especially with the CN suffix Pinyin abbreviation short domain name is subject to domestic enterprises and sites like, this type of short domain wide application.

the same short domain plays an important role in the foreign market, trading at high prices and enabled many cases, short digital domain 2.de on offshore platform with 29000 euros about the sale price of 260 thousand yuan, short domain name 3j.com for $24500 about 160 thousand yuan price of the transaction, TZ.com domain name for $80000. The price auction, about RMB 540 thousand the real estate company Mid-America Apartment Communities yuan, the price of nearly 430 thousand yuan to buy the domain name abbreviation maac.com enterprise.

from the above example can be seen in the foreign market short domain name market is also optimistic, short domain name transaction is in the mainstream of suffixes of type COM, the transaction is short domain name in 1 to 3 characters, of course, other suffixes short domain name transactions in foreign markets is also indispensable for a class of short domain name.

at the end of the paper, the author thinks that the domain name and domain name Pinyin English although occupy a large share of the domestic and foreign domain market, but with the enterprise and website of short domain value, short domain name in the domestic market plays a significant role in the future, short domain more commercial value, it is acquired and enable the case will increase, short the domain names will be affected by domestic and foreign enterprises and domain lovers attention.

renamed Chinese information Zhuangao, please indicate the source.

What money can not get early financing

early in the capital generally appear sleepy, many investors tend to look for investors to finance. But is financing really a 100 percent reliable way? Of course not, it is necessary to know that some money is not an early start financing. Specific what money, we can see from the following specific.

1, unequal terms

the early start can not finance what money? If in the investment agreement, the emergence of excessive shares, abnormal gambling, all kinds of strict supervision and other terms, or is to negotiate with investors, or may be considered appropriate for investors.

this inequality in terms may result in the late very fatal damage to the enterprise.

2., by the name of cheap

the early start can not finance what money? Some investors may promise all sorts of resources before investment, such as’ xxx ‘, very familiar with the leadership’ company CEO very well ‘,’ the XXX traffic will certainly help you guide "and so on,   and hope the valuation discount, even a very low price to enter.

these sources may be very reliable, the company really need these resources,   but in these bandits the proposal would rather cash to give discount resources.

3, the identity of minority shareholders, the rights of major shareholders

some investors small shareholder, but in corporate decision-making, the use of funds, personnel and other aspects are large shareholder rights, even one vote veto.

the entrepreneur may be a similar role for the company to work, no benefit.

4, strategic intent is too obvious

this decision is difficult, mainly to consider or their own business whether you really need such a "Godfather".

but the bandits think, in early entrepreneurial enterprises is not recommended for strategic investment, in need of some strategic resources rather use the cash to buy, may be more cost-effective:


5, bureaucracy

the company name, if you want to do something big entrepreneurs proposal directly PASS, all sorts of bureaucratic process bother you dead.

the early start can not finance what money? Above the money can not be introduced, if investors do not understand the case to take the above money, then the latter will be greatly reduced entrepreneurial income. Therefore, if investors want to invest successfully, we should be more alert to unequal financing behavior >

China Volkswagen index released in Sichuan

is now at every place there are many different entrepreneurs, at the same time, each region’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high, recently a country entrepreneurship index reports also attracted the eyeball.

by Southwest Jiao Tong University research "Chinese public entrepreneurship index (MEI)", "provincial", first released in Chengdu on 9. The report shows that the provinces of mainland China, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, the highest ranking of the three business index, Tibet entrepreneurial demand index ranked more than Zhejiang, Guangdong.

in the public business demand index, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin ranked the top three, is a gathering place for the country to absorb elements of innovation and entrepreneurship. But Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Tibet also has a huge demand for innovation and entrepreneurship, even more than Guangdong, Zhejiang.

"Tibet provincial space for future development potential, entrepreneurial opportunities, the provincial public business demand index will be even more than the provincial economy is relatively developed." Chen Guang, director of innovation and entrepreneurship research center of Southwest Jiao Tong University, the current mainland provinces in China are relatively strong entrepreneurial needs, the highest score of 97 points and the lowest score of only a difference of 20 points between the scores of 77.

Dessert to join the five major brands which small series to introduce

before people can choose to drink in the summer is limited, and now the market is hot, so that people can enjoy the delicious taste of cool desserts. What are the five major brands of dessert? Please see the following introduction.

1. lemon queen dessert

2. sweet wing dessert

Sweet wings of authentic delicious dessert heritage of Hong Kong and Taiwan, not the most expensive, but the most authentic. After the sweet dessert from the raw material to the process, from the idea to the finished product, all from the classic, the taste is not the taste of consumers often eat. After the sweet taste of the wings of the core team, with the most authentic way to do the most authentic dessert, completely break the mainland cottage dessert for consumers to bring surprises, consumption tide.

3. half acre sugar dessert

4. dessert party

5. old port dessert

The old port


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