Xining public security fire brigade building during the Spring Festival, the city’s fire safety

Spring Festival is approaching, the city’s various celebrations, celebrations and other entertainment business activities are increasing, stream of people, logistics concentration, it is the use of fire, electricity, oil, gas peak

Spring Festival is approaching, the city’s various celebrations, celebrations and other entertainment business activities are increasing, stream of people, logistics concentration, it is the use of fire, electricity, oil, gas peak. To conscientiously implement the spirit of the series of instructions, and do a good job of fire safety work during the Spring Festival, and resolutely prevent and curb serious fire accidents, create a safe holiday good environment for the people of the city, Xining public security fire brigade according to the need of cleaning fires campaign work, careful arrangements in advance, dispatched by "during four initiatives to build a strong spring fire safety" firewall".

  during the Spring Festival, shopping malls, market promotion activities increased, public places of entertainment Business Hours extended, crowded places flow increases, the fire safety management difficulty to increase social units, the fire accident danger. Therefore, the fire brigade quickly put ideas and actions to the municipal government and the Corps of the decision-making arrangements, a comprehensive analysis of the fire safety situation in the city, to find the weak link, through the deployment of cleaning fires campaign work, a comprehensive investigation and rectification, eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that the big fire accident does not occur during the holiday season. At the same time, in the clear requirements of detachment, the brigade quickly formulate feasible fire prevention measures, a solid grasp of the fire safety measures to prevent Qunsiqunshang vicious fire accidents; to recognize the grim situation, the current fire safety by analogy, without slack, through the implementation of fire safety responsibility system, the initiative to the front line, divided responsible for the film, the months of supervision, to carry out inspections, timely solve the problems of fire safety, to ensure the continued improvement in the city’s fire safety situation; fire safety work conscientiously implement the comprehensive management, offer the word offer policy, actively report, implement the responsibility system based on strengthening the role of government staff in upper layer, the formation of joint management situation, and strive to improve the city’s urban and rural fire prevention and control level, to promote the city’s fire socialization process.

business hotel market, and celebrations in public places of entertainment, religious activities and other crowded places as the focus, focus on the implementation of the fire safety zero action "against fire" series of work. The detachment of the brigade stressed the need to strengthen the organization and leadership of inspection operations, develop practical programs of action, focus on examination unit or place of storage or whether illegal fireworks, evacuation routes, safety exit is smooth, whether the fire safety management system implementation conditions; who is in charge, who is responsible for the principle of the the relevant departments should organize the supervision industry centralized investigation and remediation, timely prevention of fire hazards; the brigade to effectively play against fire "main force and vanguard role, crack down on violations of various types of fire in accordance with the law, strengthen cooperation, and urge social units to implement the main responsibility for fire safety, promote the city’s" clear fire "the battle to carry out in depth. In addition, the communication links between the various groups, local government leaders have been carried out in recent days to carry out grassroots units;

To solve the problem of drinking water safety of 80 thousand people

In order to further solve the problem of drinking water safety in rural population, according to the municipal government arrangements, this year the city has implemented a total project of rural drinking water safety project 9, after the completion of these projects, can solve the problem of rural drinking water safety of 80 thousand people, this reporter learned from the municipal water authority. Rural drinking water safety is related to the livelihood of the people, the municipal government attaches great importance to. According to the plan, in 12th Five-Year, the city will solve the problem of drinking water safety in rural areas of 250 thousand people, as of the end of 2013, has solved the problem of drinking water safety in rural areas of 140 thousand people. 9 this year, implementation of the project include: Huangzhong Tian Zhai county middle school, the group added farm water supply project, Huangzhong County Lijiashan, Haizigou project for safe drinking water, safe drinking water project in Huangyuan County, Tibet Bo hang Xiang Township 6 villages, drinking water safety engineering 5 state-owned forest farm of Xining City, 7 village Huangyuan Dahua town drinking water safety engineering etc.. After the implementation of the project, 12 villages and towns can solve the problem of drinking water safety in a total of 92 villages, a total of 6 farms, and a total of 1 secondary schools. Currently, there are 5 projects to complete the bidding work, start the implementation, and another 4 projects are expected to start construction in the near future. Huangzhong County Jia Shan, Haizi ditch drinking water safety project is one of the focus of the city this year, one of the people drink project, the project plans to invest about 36000000 yuan. The original block long mouth, Haizi ditch, Li Shan’s drinking water pipe network was laid in 2002, low construction standards. With the steady and rapid development of economy and society, the level of rural life in our city continues to improve, now LAN long mouth, Haizigou, Lijiashan part of people’s home built bathing facilities, the existing water supply has been unable to meet the needs of the masses, especially in the spring dry season, shortage of water masses. After the implementation of the drinking water safety project, to meet the 36 thousand people, the first (38 thousand) livestock drinking water safety issues, the masses of water will be protected.  

The province’s first national unity cup theatrical performances and tour held

8 on the evening of 19 August, Qinghai radio and television studio hall Ambilight, All seats are occupied., the province’s first "national unity Cup" Arts Festival Finals held here, also kicked off the tour activities.

the first national unity cup theatrical performances and tour activities organized by the province to create the national unity and progress of the leading group office of the provincial Office of the provincial press and Publication office, the Provincial Ethnic Affairs commission. Through the activities of national unity and progress of theatrical show and tour form, give full play to the leading role of culture elite, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of all ethnic groups, the province take part in the establishment of initiative and creativity, promote exchanges of various ethnic blend, build the common spiritual home.

it is understood that the theatrical performances and tour activities from the beginning of July this year, the province’s bottom-up layers of selection, including songs, dance, drama, comic, comedy, instrumental music, etc.. After intense competition, and ultimately produce 20 outstanding works of literature and art, and will tour around the province, to the end of mid September.


Safe Xining intelligent traffic formally launched

In June 9th, "Qinghai province 2015 smart city forum and" peaceful Xining intelligent transportation "launch ceremony," peaceful Xining intelligent transportation project officially launched this will start for Xining city in the future overall construction of intelligent city especially in intelligent transportation have a positive and beneficial attempt, with advanced the benchmark significance in the western region, will greatly facilitate the lives of the people in Xining and travel.

it is reported that the "smart city" concept originated in 2008, is the use of information and communication technology, the sense of key information measurement, analysis, integration of city core operation system, make intelligent response to various needs of the people’s livelihood, including environmental protection, public security, city services, industrial and commercial activities. Make the city managers to identify potential problems in advance, make reasonable decisions, make the city operation and management more effective. Its content covers intelligent transportation, intelligent medical, intelligent education, intelligent transportation and other aspects. This year, the city to "Internet plus" thinking, and strive to build Qinghai’s first intelligent transportation project sponsored by the traffic police department, opened a new pace of smart city construction in our province, to fill the gaps in our province intelligent transportation service.  

Xining Local Taxation Bureau to carry out a three day post contest contest

recently, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau to carry out a three day post contest, three counties and four districts of the whole system of 7 teams of 35 cadres through the fierce competition, the last team, on behalf of the west bureau of Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Datong County team won the team competition in one or two, more than three. Award.


Xining East District to carry out six special action to fight the six


in order to effectively prevent and curb larger production safety accidents, Chengdong district from now started the special rectification action will continue until the end of December. During the period, will strictly implement suspend production for rectification, close banned and punished severely limit the responsibility of the Four Unities enforcement measures, focus on remediation, a number of current outstanding illegal illegal, illegal violations, greatly reduced due to illegal violations of the accident, promote the steady production safety situation has improved.

special action will focus on starting from dangerous chemicals, oil and gas pipelines, transportation, construction, fire and other damage, the damage to oil and gas pipelines, remediation pipeline construction digging luanzuan chaos surrounding the issue; to combat the illegal transportation of hazardous chemicals, remediation unlicensed, filling, transport, illegal modification, certification. Illegal anchored, outsourcing, illegal loading and other issues; combating acts of non qualified construction, renovation layers of subcontracting, illegal subcontracting issues; bus combat illegal trading behavior, remediation unlicensed, super scope, management and speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving and coach nighttime driving violations and other issues. Meeting the requirements of the area of the relevant departments closely combined with the recent deployment of dangerous dust explosion-proof enterprise rectification, road transport of dangerous chemicals safety, hazard remediation of oil and gas pipelines, dangerous chemicals and fireworks special rectification work, to determine the specific content of the region, the industry in the field of the special action. During the operation, the district will develop 6 measures to ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification activities, such as record tracking supervision, joint law enforcement, typical exposure, the implementation of a "blacklist" system, "one vote veto", public trial and interviews, warning of a case of double check, according to shutting down etc..

Xining to carry out foreign affairs specialist training

November 20th, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xining Municipal Foreign Affairs held second foreign affairs office staff training opening ceremony, to study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen as an opportunity to strengthen the Xining municipal foreign affairs cadre team construction, improve the ability and level of foreign affairs to carry out work.

with the development of economic globalization, the importance of foreign affairs is becoming more and more important. Xining is an inland city, must be closely combined with the spirit of the party’s eighteen, increased opening up efforts, further innovation of foreign ideas, gather foreign work force, combined with the visit and reception, vigorously promote Xining, show a good image of Xining and new style, to enhance Xining’s international reputation and influence.

it is reported that the District, county, Commerce Bureau, municipal departments and other departments, as well as more than 100 leading cadres and cadres of foreign affairs attended the training. This training is closely combined with the spirit of the eighteen expansion for the first time the foreign affairs office staff training, invited to the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and other departments of the leadership instruction, going abroad (border) centralized training audit approval process and visa requirements, knowledge and knowledge such as cross-strait exchanges, content rich and colorful, compact arrangement, strong pertinence. In order to make the city’s foreign affairs cadres understand the party and the country’s foreign affairs related policies and regulations, and further improve the overall quality of foreign affairs staff and the level of work, promote foreign exchanges and cooperation in various districts and departments need to work, so that Xining City Foreign Affairs to better serve economic and social development in Xining. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Liusun)

Xing Hai market will withdraw from the stage of history

to cooperate with the smooth flow of the city and the project also delisting Road, Xing Hai market will be officially removed 21 this month. The original open-air street market will withdraw from the historical stage, converted into an indoor standardized supermarket farmers.

Xing Hai Lu market since its completion, convenient around the daily life of residents, but with the development of city, west district government requirements planning, "12th Five-Year" in three to five years will be the market all street market, a black hole (such as commercial market, market Lane Lane) ban gradually, all into standard farmers market the government built, Xing Hai Lu as an open-air street market market, with the demolition of the city development planning requirements. To this end, the west district government and the Xining real estate group has issued a joint announcement on June 5th, 15 days to market operators to deal with the term of goods, the market will be officially removed 21. In order to protect the interests of businesses is not compromised, the government has also done a lot of coordination, and the new LITE-ON sea farmers supermarket business side to reach a consensus, to the old market of Xing Hai road to give the most favorable conditions. It is reported that the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce approved the construction of the standardization of supermarkets and supermarkets Hing Road, was in June 17th trial operation, from the scale, grade, quality aspects are better than the old market. It is worth mentioning that, Xing Hai supermarket after the farmers put into use, the facilities will be gradually improved. In order to ensure the safety of the people eat safe food, according to the municipal government meat traceability system construction requirements, the public to the supermarket to buy vegetables, meat food if you find the problem, you can find the source of the root cause of the problem. In addition, the supermarket farmers to take the way to cancel the middle of the docking process, from the field directly to the fresh vegetables to the supermarket. (author: Liu Dan Zhang Mei)

The effect of urban community health service system in our province is obvious

urban community health service system in our province, the effectiveness of community health services gradually recognized by residents. Reporters learned from the provincial health department, the survey showed that residents awareness of community health services, satisfaction increased year by year, reaching 93% and 96%, respectively, there are more than 75% of the residents are willing to seek medical treatment of community health services.

in September 21st, Xining City West District college Lane community health service station, "health education", "women’s health", "chronic disease" "child care" and other files neatly arranged in the filing cabinet. It is understood that the province’s urban community health service institutions in addition to the establishment of health records for community residents, the screening of chronic disease patients unified management, as well as on-site follow-up services. According to the health service station door doctor, before the community health service station to treatment based, and now, it is based on prevention, public health and disease prevention. In addition to routine treatment work, but also to come to do the follow-up health as part of the elderly, to provide medication guidance and family care for psychiatric patients, do psychological counseling, menopause health and child care for women.

create 15 minutes community health service circle

continuously strengthen the construction of urban community health service system, increase the training of community health service personnel and other measures to urge the basic health problems of urban residents in the community to be convenient and effective solution. At present, Xining, Golmud, Delingha three city set up a total of 29 community health service centers, 148 community health service station, technical staff of nearly two thousand, more than 95% of the community residents to walk 15 minutes to reach the community health service institutions, and get the basic medical and public health services, basically completed the "15 minutes of community health service ring". According to the survey, residents awareness of community health services, satisfaction increased year by year, reaching 93% and 96%, respectively, there are more than 75% of residents willing to seek medical treatment of community health services.

general practitioner on-site service

for the service radius of large part of the community health service institutions, not time for the actual area residents to provide convenient services, the center of 29 community health service in three cities set up 106 general practitioner team, regularly into the community for residents to provide on-site services, effectively expanding the coverage of community health services. At present, every general practitioner team consists of 1 general practitioners, 1 to 2 nurses and public health physicians and community personnel, in the service process, to solve the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of the residents and the basic public health service, fully embodies the community health service continuity, comprehensive the characteristics, effectively improve the degree of recognition of the residents of community health services, community health services, further establish the brand.

residents have a family doctor

to solve the elderly, women, children, slow;

Qinghai specialty goods, won the customer business purchases

"what is this wine?" "Organic wine, you can taste." In Qinghai Huzhu highland barley wine Limited by Share Ltd booth, a yellow bottle of organic wine favored by customers. Company general manager Wang Zhaosan said, this is our new product recently developed, organic wine has passed the state certification, in order to make our products, is the use of Sinopec platform, to the country, to seek more cooperation.

8, 30, hosted by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, Sinopec Qinghai petroleum company hosted the Sinopec Qinghai commodity ordering will be held in Xining. From the Sinopec Limited sales system in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Hongkong petroleum, joint venture company representatives to participate in the enterprise cooperation and exchange event, Sinopec will purchase 183 million yuan worth of Qinghai specialty goods.

order will be in the exhibition hall, a variety of products with distinctive characteristics of Qinghai. Beef and mutton series, honey, fruit drinks, Chinese wolfberry series, eight eyebrow pig mutual characteristics of agricultural and livestock products available.

this order will be a total of 26 exhibitors in Qinghai Province, the characteristics of the types of goods involved in traditional agriculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts, wine and so on more than 600 kinds of.

"this honey taste pure, health care effect is very good, there are a variety of flavors to choose from, please taste." Orders for the meeting, Qinghai Province Hua Bao apiculture joint-stock company staff constantly approached to booth, many businessmen have taste, consulting.

new products favored, green food is the most sought after. Qinghai Plateau snow product development Limited by Share Ltd responsible person of iron rich said, today I will bring a new order of barley barley tea products, consulting the person also very much, I hope the government to build a fair platform, can make the product sales further, because of the high quality of our products in Qinghai, pure green pollution-free I am confident, bigger and stronger.

Qinghai as the source of Sanjiang enjoy the "Chinese water tower" reputation, rich agricultural resources, mineral resources, cultural resources and ecological resources, tourism resources has nurtured a large number of green, environmental protection, organic plateau specialty brand products, favored by the vast number of consumers. Sinopec is the upper and lower reaches of the integration of large enterprises, with more than 30 thousand gas stations, 25 thousand easyJet convenience stores, but also a large convenience store chain retailers.

orders, Qinghai Sinopec signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, and with the Qinghai Highland Barley Wine Co. Ltd., Qinghai Shang Gu Yuan Trading Co. Ltd., Qinghai xiaoxiniu biological Dairy Co. Ltd signed a commercial agreement.

it is understood that in recent years, Sinopec of Qinghai petroleum industry as a positive in Youth assistance, in the "Yushu earthquake", "100 enterprises Union hundred villages" and "plateau beautiful countryside construction and village poverty alleviation activities in a positive response, has made an important contribution to the economic and social development in Qinghai.

according to the relevant person in charge, the name of these products will be invited;

Xining Chaoyang Street office community parent-child activities parents like dolls

June 10th, a burst of laughter from the provincial capital of Menyuan Road No. 42 families courtyard, Chaoyang North Street office and community to carry out "my Chaoyang my home – thick family parent-child activities held here.

"my kids don’t like to talk, this activity can exercise the child’s social skills, very good." Participate in the activities of the small beautiful mother said. The community held the parent-child game is divided into four sections, respectively, is the darling of the talent show, parents quiz, a running and blowing the candle leggings.

this activity provides a platform for parents and children to communicate, close the relationship between the neighborhood, and enhance the team spirit of cooperation in the event." Cheng Zhaohui, director of the mountains and rivers community, said the event increased the feelings of children and parents, so that parents learn how to better communicate and communicate with their children.


Xining local tax system to achieve 12366 tax knowledge sharing

The tax service hotline 12366 tax business knowledge base is a comprehensive knowledge covering tax business, tax policy, tax collection and other business support platform, with scientific classification and interpretation authority, clear, timely and effective, practical and easy to use, has a typical 12366 daily accepted a compilation of the consulting business, through questions and answers in the form of help the consultants understand query related contentThe tax business tax service hotline

12366 knowledge base is a comprehensive knowledge covering tax business, tax policy, tax collection and other business support platform, with scientific classification and interpretation authority, clear, timely and effective, practical and easy to use features, a compilation of 12366 daily by the certain typical consulting business, through the form of questions and answers to help consultants understand related content query.

12366 knowledge base in the city’s rent sharing system and wide application for tax authorities will unified tax consulting, standard caliber question and answer mode, accurate analysis, to build a harmonious relationship between tax levy and payment of tax, to promote and improve the quality of service to provide a good platform.




Xining traffic police detachment will vehicle Luantingluanfang comprehensive remediation

for the Beijing Olympic Games torch relay traffic environment to create a safe, smooth, civilized and harmonious, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment in May to the end of August will be on the vehicle Luantingluanfang comprehensive remediation.

This is the key of

remediation of serious traffic violations and illegal lane, on the sidewalk and driveway luantingluanfang. The focus of the renovation of the blocks are: Jianguo Road, Volkswagen street, Tongren Road, and other eighteen traffic intensive roads and streets.

asked the Xining traffic police detachment brigade to point line, in line with the surface management specification of motor vehicle Luantingluanfang problem in large commercial outlets in the sections of extra police strengthen traffic grooming, the traffic violations Luantingluanfang vehicles to form a strict control, strict, strict situation, ensure smooth traffic. To strengthen the existing temporary parking point management and management staff training and supervision, supervision and management to enhance the sense of responsibility, the vehicle should be placed neatly norms, legal fees, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of arbitrary charges. At the same time, in conjunction with industry and commerce, urban management and other departments to increase efforts to clean up the management of non traffic lane, the road wrecker work as a guarantee of city road traffic safety and smooth flow of important means, and also the road to the people; set up and manage the temporary parking spaces for reasonable planning, centralized design, adhere to the convenience of the people, is conducive to the smooth flow of traffic safety, is conducive to the good traffic order principle, in the road to strictly limit the approval of parking space for road traffic congestion, to adapt to the current or not affects the passage of vehicles parking must be resolutely banned. (author: Li Jing)


Xining Public Security Bureau Security Detachment organized a forum on security work

In order to further standardize the market order of the security service industry in our city, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the customers and security service enterprises and their security guards, and promote the healthy development of the security service industry

in order to further standardize the market order of the security service industry in our city, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of customers and security service companies and their security guards, and promote the healthy development of the city’s security services. According to the Ministry of public security "on the security system and financial security system to carry out visits to comment on police activities of the notice" spirit, in March 18, 2011, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment called the city’s 11 security manager of the company on the unification of security service charges, to avoid unfair competition, promote the development of the security market problems in the discussion. President of the provincial security management association Su Qingbao, provincial public security corps security management detachment vice captains Cheng Kewen, Li Xinmei was invited to the meeting. Meeting by the security detachment to let too much.

, first by the Ministry of security corps security management detachment Cheng Kewen had announced the "2011 Annual security service industry in Qinghai province" (green fee price guide Insurance Association No. [2011]03), discussed "on the security service industry in Xining charge limit the specific content of the agreement". The captain was too focused on the current situation of the city’s security market and the signing of the "security services in Xining area limits on the purpose of the agreement. The security companies have discussed the "Qinghai Province security services industry price guidance price" and "the Xining area security service charges limit agreement" respectively. Companies generally believe that the "security service fees of 2011 to determine the annual security service industry in Qinghai province" in the basic price guide fees in accordance with the market situation, Xining Municipal Bureau of public security detachment set "on the security service of Xining area limit agreement" in charge, as determined by the service fee for the lowest price limit, the company should be abide by the agreement, should conscientiously implement the black box operation, lower prices of the phenomenon. At the same time, the company should be more communication, mutual supervision.


, Cheng g temperature captains will be this year’s focus on security work made clear: is a to carry out security officer qualification examination work must be completed during the year, a unified security certificate; two is gradually standardized self security team, to determine the self security unit standard according to the overall situation of the city, for the into the security team management, the record in the public security organ; three increase the intensity of supervision of security clothing standardized management, resolutely avoid the uniforms, wearing the rank. four is to strengthen the supervision of the company’s operating behavior, once verified by the report, in strict accordance with the security regulations to be punished. Finally, President of the provincial security management association Su Qingbao said, ministries and documents, the city Bureau set system, its only one purpose, is through the guidance and supervision, the security company to achieve "high-quality, safe and efficient" service quality, promote the healthy development of the city’s security service industry. Here are the company’s legal person, the city’s entire security market environment is good,;

Xining held in 2015 the second batch of public rental housing allocation Yaohao ceremony

August 28th, Xining, the second batch of public rental housing allocation Yaohao ceremony held in Chaoyang District, north of the city in the primary school, a total of 340 public rental households to apply for a round of housing dream in the world, in 2015. In addition, the third batch of allocation of public rental Yaohao at the end of September, is expected to distribute more than and 400 houses.

Open Yaohao the distribution of public rental housing a total of 340 sets of houses are city Ruihua district and Rui and Jiayuan in Nanchuan Road No. 139, a total of 131 units, the standard rent is 10.5 yuan per square meter, apartment layout area of 35.14 square meters to 62.98 square meters; City North Green Tang town of area a which is located in the Qaidam Road No. 539, a total of 209 units, the standard rent is 8 yuan per square meter, apartment layout area of 52.47 square meters to 57.03 square meters. The above three areas are high-level, Huxing reasonable design, complete infrastructure facilities, beautiful environment.

Women’s basketball team won the northwest champion thirteen times

In the final in the Northwest Division China College Basketball League ended in March 29th in CUBA, Qinghai Normal University Women’s basketball team to a 67:48 victory over Xiwang Group strength of the Xi’an Jiao Tong University women’s basketball team, successfully defending, thirteen times won the Northwest Division champion, created the CUBA partition champion record.

Understanding and thinking of the six plus four model of honest and clean government culture

since the 17th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the construction of clean government culture. The Central Committee issued "to establish a sound education, system and supervision system of punishing and preventing corruption in the implementation of the program" clearly stated, "we should vigorously promote the construction of clean government culture, actively promote honest pride, to corruption as disgrace." Therefore, the use of the cultural appeal, multi-level, multi-channel, all-round strengthening the construction of clean government culture, for in the whole society to carry forward the idea of improving the consciousness, advocate the moral, to create the atmosphere, has a special important role and significance to prevent the occurrence of corruption. Strengthen the construction of clean government culture, give full play to the construction of clean government culture jizhuoyangqing, uphold the function of ideological field to advanced and clean government culture with health, helps to develop the excellent tradition and style, to resist various decadent ideology, to help the majority of Party members and cadres to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values and right view, view of status, interests, build a strong ideological and moral line, improve the ability of resisting corruption, maintain the advanced nature of the Communist party.

first, the achievements of the establishment of clean government culture in Datong County

county Party organizations at all levels to carry out a wide range of clean government culture "into six" activities, activities to fully mobilize and inspire the whole society to participate in the cadres and the masses, and actively explore ways and innovative forms, rich content, expand the carrier, and actively guide the county Party members and cadres and the masses to learn, use of low-cost, low-cost, low-cost tree worship, creating a strong the missionary work pattern. Has made great achievements and accumulated a lot of valuable experience.     one is organs tree atmosphere "thick". According to the characteristics of the industry and the actual, in the various departments and county units to carry out a wide range of activities of the cultural construction of the rich and colorful. County Water Authority, forestry bureau, social insurance bureau, county housing and Construction Bureau, Jingyang town government, the township government has roots in the office and corridor hung with pictures and the warning posters and slogans, the party and government of the unit to open, each unit of each organization staff watch warning education not less than 5 times, to carry out the warning education not less than 3 times, in the county authorities formed a thick atmosphere of low-cost low tree worship. Two is a form of school education live". In order to strengthen the ideological and moral education of minors as the starting point, the clean government culture into campus culture, into the classroom teaching, accurately grasp the point of integration to the education and the classroom education, educate and guide students to firmly establish the honest pride in the ideological and moral concepts. One in six, Datong Garden Primary School and other campus suspension and posted to the aphorisms as the main content of the propaganda posters and pictures in the campus library dedicated to the creation of the "the bookcase", to carry out the culture as the theme of the singing, painting and calligraphy exhibition, the story of the activity, lets the student in the flexible the activities of perception, understanding, understanding the essence of the culture, and enhance the ability of students to distinguish between right and wrong, promote the formation of good school spirit.

Xining industrial and commercial renovation of the surrounding environment of substandard food and s

Reporters from the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to understand, to protect students’ consumption safety, from February 20th to early March, the Xining city industry and commerce departments at all levels will carry out the campus surrounding environment special rectification activities, focus on examination of the Xining City Campus surrounding small shops and stalls and other business field, sales of "three noes" food, fake food the unqualified, school supplies business households to heavy penalties or in accordance with the law.

it is understood that the special inspection of the focus of remediation schools and the surrounding food store, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and whether the management, whether the sale of expired metamorphism, three noes food, substandard school supplies, the implementation of supervision and quantitative grading management and the purchase and sale of food from purchase ledger, certificate and invoice approval system food hygiene, commodity compulsory certification marks are complete. (author: Wu Yachun)


Qinghai national fitness center upgrade will bring four changes

As a key cultural Huimin project in Xining Province – Qinghai National Fitness Center renovation and upgrading of state-owned land on the housing levy is being carried out in an orderly manner. The Xining public health, culture and leisure, shopping malls and other sports facilities in one, carrying the Xining city cultural quality, improve the service functions of the city’s major infrastructure construction projects, from the beginning of the project has attracted wide public interest. November 26th, the reporter learned that, after the completion of the new fitness center, will bring four major changes in the city of Xining and the general public. The change of fitness facilities: the newly built national fitness center building area of about 300 thousand square meters, a 10 on the ground floor of the sports center, maximize all sports; Xiachenshiguangchang with its excellent safety performance, will become a good place for autumn and winter fitness public swimming pool facilities; the tennis hall, and other venues will also appeared together, Qinghai province has become the largest and most advanced facilities of national fitness venues and sports theme complex. The change of leisure experience: the new fitness center will be the first choice for public recreation and fitness, not only to attract the public facilities of the fitness facilities, the green ground to expand, improve the supporting facilities for the public, showing a park like strolling entertainment, fitness, shopping, leisure and entertainment one of the National Fitness Center, will bring new people feel the construction of leisure. Changes in traffic patterns: traffic congestion, parking difficulties, traffic flow and traffic is the original fitness centers around the face of prominent problems. The national fitness center in the new "borrowed" to the underground space, will build a 1295 space three underground parking lot in the field of underground, and in the West and north of the opening of the 4 lateral to the underground garage entrance, to facilitate public access at the same time, the vehicle restrictions present museum periphery, effectively alleviate traffic the pressure around the stadium, people hunhang car will become history. Living conditions change: the original fitness center in 80s and 90s 6, the last century building, in order to completely change the living conditions of residents, the national fitness center in the new process, the original old building demolition by the replacement property of new residents, in 2016 is expected to be back here, the whole new high-rise residential occupancy from 51.06 to 6 square meters, 161.3 square meters apartment layout optimization, will meet the housing needs of different residents. At present, the project involves the public has by the demolition of the entire agreement is completed, more than 80% of households have signed a compensation agreement, three years after the residents will move back to the site.