Entrepreneurship is difficult, the most difficult is the idea of entrepreneurship

business, in many people’s imagination, is the two guys in the garage, or in the student dormitory, McCain out of an idea, and then find an investor or VC, after a few words to explain, VC clapped, within 10 minutes, decided on the spot, down $20 million then, the two guy recruiting work overtime, launched the products and services, the results hit the red one time, so the listing of the company, good writings make people copy them., between the two boys became overnight millionaires and billionaires…… Such a thing in real life is actually very rare, if everyone has such a luck to start a business, the business magazine to write a good story no one will read.

Chain industry is MLM teach you to distinguish authenticity

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2016 is suitable for individual shop items

is now in 2016, we must also be in the new year in the plan, right? Do you want to start a business in 2016? What are the entrepreneurial projects that are suitable for individuals? Today, we sorted out a number of individual shops for the entrepreneurial projects, come and see.

puzzle shop

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements.

breakfast shop

2016 what are suitable for individual shop start-up projects? With the improvement of people’s living standard and the quickening pace of life, people who eat breakfast outside are quite large. Breakfast market has a lot of consumer space, unlimited business opportunities.

DIY toy

2016 what are suitable for individual shop start-up projects? Under the financial crisis, people’s pressure is increasing, but also the novelty of the toy accompanied by decompression to become a relaxed and happy little thing. Funny shit shit face knock hammer sounding doll, a variety of facial expressions, shut up, greedy, funny. A hard knock, lovely hammer will be issued with a "dang~dang" sound, and can continue to shock, which can be used as a fun, funny, knock back, eliminate fatigue, very comfortable.

personal shop is not easy to do business for the project must be cautious when I believe you want to know what suits the individual shop, 2016 venture? The above items

Fuji Taiwan snack procedure

snacks to join what project? Fuji Taiwan snacks must be a good brand to join. Fuji Taiwan snacks under the Ji’nan Jingxin culture dissemination limited company, provide technical training for snack authority joining, snack equipment wholesale and snack ingredients and other special services.

company has more than 20 food and beverage industry authority lecturer, all from the local restaurant, working for 30 years, taught snacks variety, taste pure, fresh, fragrant, spicy hemp, lead a person to endless aftertastes ages. Fuji Taiwan snack cart, stainless steel body, no smoke and no pollution, convenience and energy saving, and internal closed mechanical structure, strong firepower, energy saving and environmental protection, the cooking speed is two times more than ordinary snack cart, fried, fried, cooked, fried, steamed, boiled, stewed, simmered, eight kinds of practice everything handy. Steamed buns, noodles, wonton…… Varieties of more than 160 kinds, thousands of flavors, a car in hand, make money without worry.

Taiwan fooke snack car Mala Tang, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, fried chicken, beef burger, barbecue stall, pastry, Teppanyaki, Bibimbap, recipe, western style steak, ribs Steamed Rice Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, characteristics, characteristics of Oden pie, Goubuli, ravioli stewing, potato powder, special flavor vermicelli and so on.


joined Fuji snacks

1, investment advisory: through telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the preliminary understanding of project information;

2, field survey: investors need to Taiwan fooke snacks headquarters project site visits, visit stores, confirm the project, submit an application;

3, join the qualification: Taiwan fooke headquarters qualification snacks for investors, investors confirm cooperation qualification;

4, the two sides signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a cooperation contract;

5, operating guide: Taiwan fooke snacks headquarters to assist investors opened, and give business guidance and help, after the formal operation, the headquarters sell skills, promotions and other technical support guide.

40 year old entrepreneurial success stories to share

we have a lot of life in the case of husband and wife entrepreneurship, the couple arrived at the age of 40, entrepreneurship is not impossible. The couple started the textile shop, can build up the family fortunes dream, today we will introduce to share 40 entrepreneurial success stories, come and see.

5 years ago, Zhou Zhibin and his wife try holding the mentality, to 2000 yuan started, opened a textile store. Today, his home textile store turnover has reached millions of dollars.

2000 yuan started a small shop

Liantan at


"small store, the location is not good, many residents do not know this shop, I want to always wait for customers not to." Then, a free week Zhibin moved to the table near the door, the flow of local farms to stall. I did not expect the effect of the stall is good, home textile stores to increase the flow of people a lot, but to see more people, the real money to buy things are few.

> first venture

Graduated from selling dumplings for two years in the end is how the wealth of millions of buns sold

graduated from a famous university, a student of electronic technology professional, but graduated from selling dumplings, all wealth of millions of years! This steamed stuffed bun in the end is how to sell? As the top students of Tongji University, Chen Kai gave up his life in the big city office, and the choice of home business selling dumplings. The following is the entrepreneurial story Chen Kai sold dumplings for college students.

in Changning District Anxi road Anhua Road intersection, Jiang Rongxing steamed hall shop is very eye-catching, blue cards read "Jiang Rongsing" three words, there are a Chinese wearing traditional clothing of the boy’s head. This is a shop selling steamed buns, noodles, rice and other Chinese snacks, fast food stores, every meal time, attracted a large number of neighbourhood.

and ordinary snack bar is different, this store is open and bright, the door with gorgeous crystal lights, the waiter is refined and courteous. The summer of the end point of single seat, they will close the add

the details determine the success of Chinese dessert restaurant sold a lot, how to be out of the ordinary? Who studied industrial design Chen Kai’s answer: details determine success or failure.

to store the table for example, seemingly ordinary in a mystery, it feels very smooth vertical and horizontal feels rough. This allows guests to sit face to face, it is easy to push the table, and the waiter can be placed on the table from the side of the table is not smooth. Another example of air conditioning, not just to buy one or two sets of vertical air-conditioning at random, but in different locations in the shop, loaded with 8 split air conditioning, head and ceiling fan. Dining encounter non peak, you can guide customers to focus on sitting in the vicinity of one or two air conditioning, electricity saving, the customer is also comfortable.

"bookish" and "boss"

for a few days, store processed mung bean soup color taste is not very ideal, Chen Kai himself drank several mouth, let the waiter put on the counter inconspicuous place. Meet a customer to buy mung bean >

Fish dishes Hot pot fire characteristics Hot pot brand market development


Hot pot now as delicacy food and beverage industry’s most popular, popular development has been in the market have very high, with the current economic development continues to improve, people’s demand is also constantly changing, the traditional Hot pot has been unable to meet the needs of consumers in many rows, launch fish dishes on fire Hot pot, good to meet the current consumer demand, launched a special fish Hot pot products, the market has won a good reputation. Join the investment fish dishes Hot pot fire, harvest more successful wealth.


fish dishes Hot pot fire? As an innovative Hot pot brand, creative of the flame of fish that consumers themselves, more novel form is well adapted to different consumer psychology of seeking new delicacy. The original flame fire fish dish fish, it has both the temptation of visual and taste, the market sentiment is very high.

fish dishes Hot pot fire headquarters that enterprises in the catering market brand depends on the quality of survival, so in many aspects such as production no chances, choose more high-quality raw materials, the entire production process strict in demands to give consumers considerable wealth, business opportunities. The choice of business fire fish dishes, more profitable projects.

as a leading brand in the catering market, as in an industry featuring innovative Hot pot franchising brands, how to fish the fire Hot pot dishes? So far, has successfully expanded the franchise nearly 100, and, by the headquarters of the awesome support, through the headquarters to join the support team do not regularly shop direct face-to-face operation instruction, make every fish dishes Hot pot fire to open a shop a shop fire. Now the fish dishes Hot pot fire investment to join headquarters a series of preferential policies, so that entrepreneurship is more simple.

Do you have a market prospect

Liangshan one hundred single eight hero, this is the inside story of outlaws of the marsh, but to the heart with a classic character is Wu Dalang, because of the tragic fate of Chinese so deeply the sympathy of the people, at the same time we see the story of Wu Dalang is also very interested in Clay oven rolls. Now there is a famous brand of Dalang Clay oven rolls, by providing a fragrance for consumers naturally popular Clay oven rolls, entrepreneurs want to choose Dalang Dalang Clay oven rolls to join, join Clay oven rolls money? Here we give you analyze.

said there is Clay oven rolls market prospects?

, a high rate of return

is not only the appearance of Dalang Clay oven rolls more let consumer appetite, with nutrition and health, in line with contemporary people’s pursuit of a way of keeping good health. The surface and not put the meat stuffing Clay oven rolls and any additives, flavor and chemical raw materials, authentic, delicious, crisp outside and tender inside, ages, customers have the appetite, waffle cold is crisp and tender, eat your cake and repeat in more than ninety percent.

two, gross profit of

in accordance with the proportion of Dalang sesame pancake recipe and production methods, the teacher one to one teaching, students hands-on, repeated practice, until the satisfaction of the students to make the taste, not limited learning time. Analysis of profit: a cake Dalang Clay oven rolls 8 in the cost of 1 yuan, gross, price 2.5-5 yuan. It can also put Clay oven rolls quail egg, sausage, chicken, vegetables. Sesame seed cake equipment: oven, and noodle machine.

three, easy to make money

Wu Dalang stores not only Clay oven rolls of small investment, high efficiency, quick return, but only once you join, Wu Dalang will join the headquarters Clay oven rolls the necessary technical support given to you, let you easily when the boss, simply make a lot of money.

for Dalang Clay oven rolls whether there is market prospects presumably through the introduction above, you already have a personal satisfactory answer, if you still have what other problems we want to consult our website, please in the comments below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message after.

2015 entrepreneurial business through these small businesses to make money

we are also in the preparation of entrepreneurship? So, do you want to do what you want to do? If you want to start a business, then this article should be useful to you. Today Xiaobian to introduce entrepreneurship in 2015, these small projects allow you to win in the year of 2015.

2015 entrepreneurial business by: convenience supermarket

2015 entrepreneurial business by: the old restaurant business road

the old food should be low cholesterol, low sugar, low salt, low in calories and has certain therapeutic effect of nourishing and. Now the restaurant dishes although many varieties, but really suitable for the elderly are few, so a special offer and it is easy to digest tonic, preventive and curative effect of the elderly food restaurant, will be welcomed…… Investment evaluation: kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, tables and chairs, tableware equipment costs about 6000 yuan, store rent to be $1500, raw materials and other costs of about $2000, the legal formalities for 300 yuan, other costs of $1000. Revenue accounting: restaurants should be based on the principle of small profits but quick turnover, such as better operating conditions, when the monthly profit of more than 4500 yuan.

2015 entrepreneurial business by: personalized souvenir shop

market to sell a lot of African souvenir shops are shoddy, with the imitation of the art students to the original single goods, so the first African country to a circle, collecting some of their cheap and good, small souvenirs with national and regional characteristics, to sell to get back. >

How to bargain – a of customers

for customers, as long as things will certainly buy a counter-offer, but for the owners, a lot of goods prices have been very cheap, the customer is still bargaining, people are very disgusted. However, if you can not be a scientific decline in customer counter-offer, I’m afraid it will lose more customers. So, how to decline the customer’s counter-offer?

for US retailers, in the daily operation of every hue will meet customers, the customers love to bargain because as a no lack of such people, buyers, everyone wants to buy the lowest price to the most suitable products, this is as unalterable principles. However, in the face of customer bargaining, different retailers have different ways to reject the counter-offer, of course, the results vary widely.

I think, thanks to a counter-offer is a science, otherwise, once our way too direct, or even rude, then we will lose more than a deal, but the customer trust, and store reputation, of course, will bring unfavorable influence to our marketing. Therefore, in the face of customer bargaining we must strengthen study, ponder the customer psychology, care, sincere sincere, polite refusal, refusal, reject science.

is to learn to politely refuse. As the saying goes, many people do not blame, is the importance of politeness. For our operators, courtesy is particularly important. Civilized, polite, propriety is our manager at least the occupation moral quality, in the face of customer bargaining, we must learn to use "feel shy, sorry, we can’t bargain here", or "feel shy, sorry, your counter-offer is too much, our price is already the lowest price in the market" so, polite language and smile to answer customers.

let the customer feel our friendly, courteous and accessible, refined and courteous, genuine and sincere service etiquette, must not be placed on the face of the customer said: "this is not bargain, do not buy to go, don’t delay my business!" Such rude language similar to hurt customers, all of a sudden the customer exclusion from thousands of miles away, so in the end, let a customer complaints, it is possible to produce a ten at the end of ten, hundred, no adverse effects, but also damage the business operators of our image, affect the long-term business.

two is to learn to reject science. In fact, for the customer’s bargaining, as long as we try to figure out the customer psychology or a scientific method can be solved. For example, if you store business model is the price tag, a sales approach, we may wish to adopt the "shop down counter-offer" sign to remind customers of science even if customers want to have declined to bargain, bargain psychology also feel shy to say.

if your store’s business model is the face of the customer’s bargain