Operating jewelry stores need to pay attention to what

fashion jewelry no matter what time, are very popular, but the corresponding market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. So, we take the road of entrepreneurship, but also need to pay attention to many aspects of business problems. Since young people are fond of wearing jewelry, the jewelry market is very large, very promising, and the small jewelry stores investment is relatively low, very suitable for small business investment, then you want to shop if you should pay attention to what?

ignore the site lost source

many jewelry stores first operators can not do a very good site investigation, blindly choose to shop shop, easily opened easily, there is no source, this is the lack of study and exercise in jewelry stores business can not be neglected in the shop location factors, the inside is half of the success.

promotion is not in place less than

promotion is not in place the lack of popularity, this is a lot of stores did not think, a lot of people just to open their own shop, do not know the holidays or opened first promotional work, ignoring the public psychology, also easy to cause the promotion is not in place, not to attract customers, timely promotion, but also a manifestation of the strength of the shop jewelry stores, can refer to store promotions, appropriate to do promotional activities.

a taste of perfection for wide

jewelry stores from the beginning of the first day will have their own style, do not waste, such as now only sell Carpenter Tan comb, stone stone not only sell, other things not worth selling income, but. Of course there are some people to spend less, population is relatively small place, you need to take some things to sell, but in fact these places do jewelry, is just want to make a lot of money basically impossible. When the jewelry stores into a department store, it has lost its meaning, jewelry stores selling a mop, the boss can earn money is limited, so in the beginning of the shop, the store of choice is the key.

first store after the goods

as the saying goes, a shop to eat the three generation, the address was selected, the shop is a good position, no matter what you sell can sell, but the good level is different. There is a good shop, generally do not worry about selling, your goods no matter how good, no good store can only be accumulated. Therefore, in the business operators shall make more efforts, find a suitable shop into a suitable number of goods, with a more suitable business model, to give customers better service, these details are ready, you are not far away from a victory.

we set up shop on the need to know more business skills, so that in order to attract more consumers, in order to allow consumers flocked to allow continuous flow of profits. Open jewelry store business skills to introduce here, there are many recommended

What money can not get early financing

early in the capital generally appear sleepy, many investors tend to look for investors to finance. But is financing really a 100 percent reliable way? Of course not, it is necessary to know that some money is not an early start financing. Specific what money, we can see from the following specific.

1, unequal terms

the early start can not finance what money? If in the investment agreement, the emergence of excessive shares, abnormal gambling, all kinds of strict supervision and other terms, or is to negotiate with investors, or may be considered appropriate for investors.

this inequality in terms may result in the late very fatal damage to the enterprise.

2., by the name of cheap

the early start can not finance what money? Some investors may promise all sorts of resources before investment, such as’ xxx ‘, very familiar with the leadership’ company CEO very well ‘,’ the XXX traffic will certainly help you guide "and so on,   and hope the valuation discount, even a very low price to enter.

these sources may be very reliable, the company really need these resources,   but in these bandits the proposal would rather cash to give discount resources.

3, the identity of minority shareholders, the rights of major shareholders

some investors small shareholder, but in corporate decision-making, the use of funds, personnel and other aspects are large shareholder rights, even one vote veto.

the entrepreneur may be a similar role for the company to work, no benefit.

4, strategic intent is too obvious

this decision is difficult, mainly to consider or their own business whether you really need such a "Godfather".

but the bandits think, in early entrepreneurial enterprises is not recommended for strategic investment, in need of some strategic resources rather use the cash to buy, may be more cost-effective:


5, bureaucracy

the company name, if you want to do something big entrepreneurs proposal directly PASS, all sorts of bureaucratic process bother you dead.

the early start can not finance what money? Above the money can not be introduced, if investors do not understand the case to take the above money, then the latter will be greatly reduced entrepreneurial income. Therefore, if investors want to invest successfully, we should be more alert to unequal financing behavior >

What are the hot pot franchise promotions

industry competition, businesses need to find ways to improve their competitive advantage. Hot pot franchise operators can start from the promotion. To attract more consumer attention with more appropriate promotional activities. If you do not know where to start, you can take a look at the small series of recommendations that can be useful to you.

a coupon promotion

under what circumstances is it appropriate? When the store turnover is declining, you can send coupons. Meet the competitor’s low-cost attack, in order to keep the old customers, you can send coupons. Just opened, in order to expand the influence, you can offer coupons in the surrounding area. In order to improve customer loyalty, you can also give the appropriate concessions to the old customers.

two, gift promotion

also donated gifts targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. Gift not only to build brand awareness, but also to consider the promotion of brand reputation, with their own brand image closely linked.

three, service promotion

service is critical. Therefore, to do a good job of service, the relationship between the operation of the hot pot restaurant in the holidays, you can also send a greeting card, etc., and with a number of coupons.

hot pot franchise operators can take advantage of some promotional activities to attract the attention of consumers. If you want to improve the overall strength of the store, you can use more promotional techniques to enhance the popularity of the above promotional programs you learn it? Go to the market to experience it, you can not miss a good opportunity.

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Qinghai, Xining expand employment to create an integrated service chain

as the western region, Qinghai has lagged behind the eastern provinces and regions. This year, Xining chose to explore the future development path from the direction of public entrepreneurship, and to help young entrepreneurs to learn and access to resources, stimulate the enthusiasm of the people of entrepreneurship, and promote regional economic development.

"start looking for work, sweep the two-dimensional code," supermarket "platform of full awareness." West District human resources and Social Security Bureau, said Wei Xia, director of. In July this year, the area of employment and entrepreneurship on the WeChat platform since the line, increasing the amount of attention, more and more interactive, entrepreneurs, employees and enterprises to achieve rapid dating".

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The starting point for the success of 10 self-made entrepreneurial ideas

Now a lot of people for the

investment is very interested, but do not have a good business idea, or because of the lack of funds, in fact, all of these are not a problem, as long as want to start, there will be a good idea, let’s look at some white a good idea.

1, the logistics distribution

2, agricultural

3, manual Association

to start manual association form, through the service processing, part of the laid-off and unemployed sisters together, to each of the two lines plus 5 yuan processing fees, in addition to embroidery 50-100 yuan processing fees. Through 8-12 months of operation can be profitable, about 2000-3000 yuan per month profit. The initial investment in this project is very small, can operate directly at home, without additional rent.

4, home service intermediary

5, laundromat

the coin operated washing machine, dry cleaning machine, washing process by the consumers themselves, plus 1 hours of washing drying, convenient, fast, health, suitable for college near the hospital, residents concentrated residential areas, densely populated areas such as hotels, open. The project in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States and other developed countries has been very popular, but in the country has just started, so the prospects are very broad. Initial purchase of equipment, hire facade start-up funds need 200 thousand yuan.

6, small family hosted classroom

What are the channels for the purchase of snacks

whether children or adults, are very love to eat snacks, healthy and delicious snacks are all very love, is a very good business, choose a snack items is not easy, but want to snack franchise business is more difficult, which for the majority of zero food franchise owner, it is important to find the appropriate purchase channels, cost and benefits always linked to natural snacks affecting the majority of practitioners heart.

open a snack shop to purchase channels which? Local can run their own wholesale market procurement, if it is the field of specialty food, can be purchased through different networks. Note that the snack shop purchase must be in the formal channels, first of all to ensure the quality of food, secondly to ensure food safety, some children’s food bag clip with toys, we must carefully check the children’s toy play will not hurt.

open a snack shop to purchase channels which? In addition to snack product category is complete, according to the research, product variety and number of store sales generally better a lot, because children have a psychological, put more more like a superb collection of beautiful things, as for what to buy things in second.

thank you for your patience to read all the contents above, is a snack shop purchase way of description, if you do not know what can contact us through the above text reading, presumably of the snack stores purchase channels must understand? If you want to know more, welcome to communicate with other small partners in the snack industry, so as to open the local market, to ensure their own income.

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Zhejiang to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou into a fashion city

tourism and culture since ancient times is a kind of inseparable, especially in the modern society, tourism and culture can be said to be complementary to each other, a region wants to develop its own tourism industry, first of all we need to do is focus on the promotion of the city culture.

the fashion industry planning, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou 3 city as a fashion city construction pilot, Keqiao Haining, Zhuji leather fabric, pearl jewelry, jewelry Yiwu, waterfront leisure products, Shengzhou is planning to build 6 tie features of the fashion industry base construction pilot.

"points" was also proposed, will start 10 around town features, focus on fashion industry park construction, advancing about 50 key enterprises and fashion fashion brand cultivation, organized a number of major fashion events.


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What are the barriers to Uber’s success in China

China drops taxi software is of concern, and market a wide range of applications, can be said to be a big success, a time Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River Uber company launched Uber, and car rental software intended to China has captured market, did not think the result is far not as good as expected.

however, global expansion plan of Uber company is in China aspiring frequently cold, Chinese government pursued by local protectionism and well funded competitors will fear into the industry’s "edge game player".

Uber is no doubt the first competitor in China is fast, which in the last week after a round of up to $3 billion of financing, the total market capitalization of $12 billion. Drops behind the fast moving hands, including Tencent, Alibaba and other companies, in the car rental market share of about 60%-80% floating. At present, the fast drops in the field of Chinese cars occupy the undisputed supremacy.

drops fast with a strong backing, the power behind the scenes are also included in the China as sovereign wealth fund investment company (CIC). "Obviously drops fast from the local market for better protection," CrossPacific capital management partnership Greg · tal (GregTarr) said, "from the local government support for investment in China business is very necessary."

"" you can win, but you can’t win. " This is what I’ve always wanted to tell the people who came to china. Uber politically shrewd enough and ambitious, I very much respect in their current Chinese development plan, "he said" but when you have the powerful technology and great business model, but just a little confusing to the local business "unspoken rule", even from the west coast of the United States ambition can only make you come so far."

Starr said, local protectionism is mainly embodied in two forms: one is the face of competitors to bias in the law enforcement level, two is to cut the further expansion of commercial territory channels you required (Uber and drops fast have suspicion of "operating license" in the spring of this year the government Chinese day become the object of sanctions).

however, recommended by the state

How to operate a jewelry store do not rush to shop

now the country has introduced policies to support entrepreneurship so young people to develop their own career is the primary choice, when it comes to business will have to mention joining. Now is the biggest advantage of the franchise model can reduce the risks of investment and management, but how to join the jewelry business is a problem, although the headquarters will open training, but some jewelry business skills or to master the. How to open a good jewelry store how to operate a jewelry store, we will look at some of the jewelry business skills!

How to make the business more prosperous home fishing tackle shop

in the current entrepreneurial tide among them, open a shop is very simple, but want to let the shop business is booming, naturally we need to master the relevant skills. So, how to make the business more prosperous to open a fishing tackle shop? Let Xiaobian for your analysis.

fishing tackle shop two years we have been trying to explore the experience, in order to gradually scale. Fortunately, we start by two counter and a shelf, for now the development of the business area of 100 square meters; from the beginning don’t know what is "Xie rice", now only bait fish there are hundreds of species; from the beginning of the customer to go behind the word "fishing tackle Guinness, nothing to what" to the customer had lamented: "fishing tackle Daquan, full varieties really ah!"

for these small achievements, we are both pleased, but also deeply inadequate: first, the store into the goods and the goods placed in disorder; two is to guide the customer to consume a lot of deficiencies. Because we are busy all day business, greatly reducing the fishing time, fishing experience can not give customers a good guide.

especially in terms of feed ratio, and sometimes give the customer some erbium material formula, the heart is not at the end, really feel ashamed and uneasy. In order to solve this problem, I dedicated to Laogui fishing school training, in order to remedy the deficiencies in this area. Now I’ll take more time to go fishing.

to make the fishing tackle shop in the competition for survival and development, also need to master the relevant skills, below, let Xiaobian to discuss: one is to determine several brands of products, product variety and complexity; the two is to do some publicity in regional media, improve visibility is three; some fishing game held regularly and manufacturers, to create a platform to compete to catch fish.

four is engaged in some promotions, such as customer consumption to a certain amount can catch a prize, there can be two times free in my fishing contracting ponds; five is to improve the service attitude, management is not only a fishing tackle shop selling products, but also have high quality service, in order to get the "God" favor. The six is also subscribe to some fishing magazines and CDs, placed in a corner of the store shelf simple, free access to fishing for fish.

a shop business is not impossible to do what you can do, let alone in the current competition is so intense society. So, if you want to open a fishing tackle shop venture investment, whether these skills will help you in stores?

Ji’nan veteran high-tech zone to the two venture to seek new development

is not only the innovation of emerging regional events, Ji’nan high tech Zone has experienced 25 years of development is also very valued the double opportunity to seize this opportunity and realize the two innovation of high-tech zones "".

25 year old Ji’nan hi tech Zone once again ignited passion and dreams. In 10, the high-tech zone held a mobilization meeting again, high-tech zone sounded a new round of development of the assembly, embarked on a new journey of entrepreneurship again.

the venue, consensus on condensation; outside, action has been started. High tech Zone will focus on building four centers, the construction of modern city of the central task, in order to "create a national independent innovation demonstration zone, the construction of the domestic first-class science and Technology Park" for the development goals, and strive to be a good main force in the construction of "four centers", and write a new chapter in the development of economy and society.

A new understanding of

1991, Ji’nan hi tech Zone has become one of the first state-level high-tech zones approved by the state council. In the process of developing from scratch, gradually expanding, as well as the realization of economic and social development over the next 25 years, with the re establishment of the foundation and conditions.

Fourth, Hi Tech Holding Group operating ability basically formed, played a strong financing, investment, development, maturation and land protection ability.

Taobao female shoe store purchase method

is now open in the Taobao online female shoe shop is very much, if you want to get a very good store operations, not only need to have a variety of business skills, first need to be clear about the store purchase mode. So, Taobao shoe store way of purchase? Let Xiaobian for you to resolve.


shop can not only kill time but also earn money, so there are a lot of people to follow the trend set up Taobao female shoe, but want to open shop, we must first solve Taobao shoes purchase, but because the new shop owners do not have the purchase experience, what to do? The following small series from the current situation for the shop owners who analyze the way Taobao shoes purchase.

1. Shop consignment

is now the most popular Taobao female shoe purchase, shop dealers refers to the online supply website or supplier do online consignment shop owners to provide a source of information and data, pictures and so on a series of service purchase mode. When the network only need to use it, in order to purchase the site, then the goods can directly reach the hands of consumers from the supplier, although the shop owners can not see the actual supply of goods, but this method does not need to purchase Taobao female shoe shop owners to hoard goods, basic can do zero cost sales, and even customer service service also by the website or supplier to solve.

2. wholesale purchase

is equivalent to the new Taobao shoe store stock way, the wholesale purchase is more conservative to the wholesale market purchase method. But the purchase to the wholesale market can see the actual supply of goods, shop owners personally selected can effectively avoid the defective goods appear probability, and Taobao shoes wholesale market wholesalers purchase choice because many goods are so relatively complete, it has also become a wholesale market advantage exists. But the Taobao shoes purchase relatively has a greater risk, especially for those who lack of experience of the main shop, because it needs to buy the goods if the goods stockpile of obsolete words is easy to cause the slow-moving situation.

3. shoes manufacturer

this Taobao female shoe store purchase way has been accumulated a certain amount of experience and the strength of the shop owner to try, because the manufacturers from the purchase of the chamber of commerce requires a one-time purchase of a large number of store owners. This purchase from the shoes production source can reduce turnover links, the purchase price will be down to a minimum, convenient shop owners in the shop when puerile, in order to occupy a space for one person in the competition, but the purchase of Taobao shoes, because manufacturers are generally in a suburban traffic is not very convenient, it will increase the purchase cost in virtually.

since the Taobao platform for the sale of a variety of women’s shoes, first of all, it is necessary to have a natural right to purchase channels, >

Micro business can replace the status of Taobao

now this society, has not heard of micro business people is too OUT. In the face of the bottleneck when the Taobao shopkeepers, micro business has been explosive development, from the computer to the phone, micro business has almost replaced Taobao platform to become the first choice for young entrepreneurs.

1, the status quo comparison: Taobao is the Red Sea, micro business is blue ocean

before since the media has said, Taobao 90% sellers do not make money, this Taobao president epilepsy row responded that all profitable businesses are in Taobao. Such an attitude is very artistic, but in fact did not deny the fact that Taobao 90% sellers do not make money. Today, Taobao has been a red sea, with the arrival of the capital predators and traditional brands, small sellers in the completion of raising big Taobao’s historical mission can only be left behind.

2, cost comparison: the high cost of entrepreneurship Taobao, micro business threshold is lower

in the brother was also a member of Taobao in 2011 after the seller, I paid 1000 yuan of consumer protection, the official start of the Taobao career. At that time, Taobao is particularly easy, do on the shelf optimization and Title Optimization, and every day there are hundreds of natural flow in products with reliable quality, customer service and thoughtful service, the conversion rate of long-term to maintain more than 10% stores, re purchase rate can be more than 50%. A year and a half to do the 3 crown, the annual water has also done about 3 million.


but in 13 years, business was poor half, because of the natural flow of Taobao to more and less, plus the brother do is health food, can not open train and drill, so I had to expand the team, increase the art, promotion, operation, outside the station to drainage. After that, I think the more tired, almost all of the money used to do the promotion, and put all the white Taobao. In the elder brother is very depressed, why do so happy Taobao, a computer plus recommended

Restaurant personalized name Daquan

restaurant is now in our social life can be said to be everywhere, many corners in the society in fact can see some are operating restaurants, such as investors, now want to open a restaurant, how to get the name.

In fact, to take the name

restaurant name:

Gokokuji kongfuyan       000 Longzhou; South Beauty   Fu Lou   Alex Hua Tian   earth; Moscow Friday     goose and duck qishilin       Landgraf Longxi; Morel’s Maksim     Quanjude   pianyifang Liqun     nine Huashan   gold   Changan No.1   duck king   white Quebec   Dayali   fresh   basin; Ming and Qing Dynasties furenju circular       Laguna Colorada; lotus spring garden   one pot boiling for a long time at         Shun Fuhua; flower garden; Taoyuan Restaurant   Dongxing building   hi fishing restaurant   restaurant; restaurant is Zixia       for a meal; jufulou


Integrity management to win customers favor

what kind of business strategy for the operation of the store, which will have a great impact on the store’s operating results. For retail stores, the business is good or not, and cigarette sales will have a great relationship. After all, as the saying goes, "no smoking". Thus, cigarette sales in a store occupies a very important position. Cigarette is a leading department store, is the cornerstone of other commodities sales". Due to the huge profits of cigarette sales, many retail customers pay great attention to the store’s cigarette sales, but also make great efforts to learn the marketing skills of cigarettes.

, however, cigarette management seems to be simple, but there are many inherent rules and techniques. Facts have proved that mastered a certain amount of cigarette management skills, you can make cigarette sales to achieve a multiplier effect, so that cigarette sales to a new level. Do not attach importance to cigarette business skills, there will be sales, business is bleak predicament. Therefore, to learn the skills of cigarette management is the proper meaning of cigarette sales.

as a cigarette sales to households, from their own reasons, to find deficiencies, it is open-minded to peers and customers of the tobacco companies managers to consult, grasp the cigarette business skills, can put the cigarette business done, achieved good sales performance. So, in today’s increasingly fierce competition in the market, how to win the consumer in the cigarette retail, win the market, so that customers choose your shop to buy rather than other businesses? Xiao Bian introduced here, this is the integrity of the business, which will play a very important role in the management of the store.


image of the shop to rely on long-term accumulation, the customer said a store of "good" or "bad", is not a matter of impression, but his observation and knowledge of HP infiltration after a considerable period of time. So, the owner of the shop is and the reputation of the store’s merchandise is the image of the store, the sale of fake, private, non – "cigarette for personal gain is temporary interests in the consumer mind in mind a good reputation is the long-term interests.

therefore, I am very formal in terms of the purchase of cigarettes, all from the tobacco sector to purchase, will not be into the gift of cigarettes, reflux smoke, high imitation smoke, which is conducive to further establish the integrity of the image. I will be in the store to sell the whole cigarette, I will leave a special mark on the cigarette, the problem is well documented. Over time, these marks have become a symbol of consumer confidence in mind, but also a symbol of my shop integrity.

in cigarette business, I also do Friendliness is conducive to business success. customer convenience. Hospitality warm, kind and pro, but also to establish a store image and credibility of an important part. I often go out with old customers, take the initiative to ask for advice, ask them to advise me on my services. For new customers, I will take the initiative to introduce the cigarette brand, to create a sense of intimacy, to make friends with them, to establish a positive relationship of trust, and actively understand the customer’s purchase needs >

Organized by the University of Yantai University entrepreneurial salon guide entrepreneurial team

graduated from college graduates have two options, first, employment, and the two is to continue to study. With the gradual transformation of the social concept, the third choice – Entrepreneurship into the eyes of the majority of students. Recently, Yantai University, Shandong to build a high-quality entrepreneurial platform to encourage students to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Two aspects of

the exchange activities mainly around the business park after work and the new and old park team communication. The enterprises in the park "beaver" team share the potential customer development and product promotion experience; broad education and social entrepreneurship founder exchange resources cooperation experience; smoke wind studio responsible person made an analysis of start-ups in the survival period problems and confusion; lan’ou network science and technology limited company representatives to share in team building business experience. Other entrepreneurial team leader in the early planning of entrepreneurial projects, the composition of the team staff and future prospects, etc..

it is reported that Yantai University will continue to carry out the "entrepreneurial Salon", held "entrepreneurship training camp", the establishment of "entrepreneurship mentor library", in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students, and gradually improve the college students’ Entrepreneurship supporting mechanism, build more high-quality business platform for College students.

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A hospital in Zhengzhou was destroyed with buried body demolitions equipment

Zhengzhou hospital suddenly demolitions, part of the medical equipment has been damaged, in addition to the morgue was bulldozer demolitions, and even the patient remains were buried corpse. Currently, the investigation team involved in the investigation.


"I was inside a patient on chest radiograph, the house was a large hole, the patient is scared to death, directly run." Recall the scene demolitions, director of Radiology hospital Liu Chunguang is still a lingering fear.

Deputy publicity chief

"the patient remains buried in the ruins, no respect for the dead, never thought this would happen. Department of radiology equipment buried, diagnosis do medical activities had been suspended and many patients require referral." Yuan Fang said.

the hospital has alarm in the first time, the detailed investigation is still in progress.

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3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving

      which is good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Super energy saving – reduce the cost of kitchen 40% gas, improve the effectiveness of the chef 30%!

cost reduction, energy saving and environmental protection kitchen utensils which good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Reduce expenses, increase revenue is every enterprise, every boss think of things. Saving is to reduce costs, saving is to increase profits, why not save province?

  today, the majority of owners and catering enterprises to introduce a modern industry first, the function of magic and the effectiveness of the kitchen stove energy-saving equipment — "Zhongxing 1 energy saving 3 air defense fire system device. The device can not change the original user range of structure and function, appearance and operation method, the users of the old stove for energy-saving technological transformation, energy efficiency and energy saving users to achieve 30-55%, see. "ChinaSat 1 energy saving 3 air defense fire system", is a set of international popular "energy-saving" and "energy saving" the combination of the new low carbon energy-saving device for cooking stove and development by controlling the heat loss three energy saving method.

– the complete elimination of such behavior in the process of Chinese cooking stove burning waste air hole, energy saving and environmental protection kitchenware which good? The best choice of energy saving system for air defense. Through scientific research found that the Chinese cooking process about 30-50% of empty waste. For a long time, the stove has not been a good solution to solve the problem of empty burning.