What needs to be done to open pet stores

pet stores more and more, many businesses are very optimistic about the future development prospects of the industry. If you want to invest, you need to know what needs to be prepared. If the novice is not clear about this problem can come to know.

1. understanding of the pet industry

open the web page, e-mail, TV, all kinds of advertising overwhelming. Choose a good project is particularly important, directly determine whether you will make money in the next few years. If you choose the pet industry, then you have to put down all the things you start to do a comprehensive understanding of the pet industry. International & the history of the domestic pet industry, pet industry development, pet business scope, pet development in China, and even pet habits, you have to do homework. When you master and stand on a certain height on the analysis of the pet industry, you can choose to join the pet store project has a calm mind, paving the way for future store operations.

2. capital injection

personal shop and join the shop, you need money, but will be more money to join. Of course, we must first consider how much money available in the hands, arbitrary investment or careful injection, are not rational. To send Doug pet stores, there are 8 items (pet supplies sales, pet grooming, pet, pet health, living sales, maintenance, labor park, pet pet photography), there are 4 projects (Mini pet shop stores, boutiques, standard stores, flagship store) for each franchise investment is different. There will be pre join the franchise fee and operating margin injection, although the deposit can be returned, but still need time constraints, it must be considered before. If the renovation costs and housing costs, a few million must be prepared.

3. store location


pet store address selection is the shop management flexibility of the worst factors, need to consider a variety of factors, including the surrounding population size and characteristics, the number of pets, competition situation, traffic convenient, near the business characteristics, real estate costs (rent cost), the duration of the contract, and the trend of population change the laws and regulations etc.. Too cold, remote lots, not suitable for pet shops.


pet store shop need to prepare for the work mentioned above, if you want to take a closer look at you can see three point small share, the industry has a certain requirement for investors, entrepreneurs need to figure out if they meet the conditions, not blind investment.

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Lofty vision let Zhou Wenbin business success

business is a lot, but a lot of people are short-sighted, see only the immediate interests, but not from a more long-term perspective, so naturally there is no way to do business bigger. Qianshan County, Zhou Wenbin, the boss of this year, 42 years old, thin one count, he has been engaged in the retail industry has a history of over 22 years. The 20 years of Zhou Wenbin with his unique perspective, lofty vision, in the way of retail work, all the way forward, had an almost on the verge of collapse of the rural supply and marketing cooperatives booming business, business more prosperous, become famous for retail hotshots, some retail households often experience art door apprentice.

think of his walk through the retail, there are many places, especially the wisdom of retail operations, it is worth learning from the retail. During the 5-1 this year, I took the opportunity to interview Zhou Wenbin, below I will introduce some of his business experience, I hope to be able to inspire the majority of retail households.

newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger, the bold contract retail supermarket

22 years ago, 20 year old Zhou Wenbin graduated from high school did not go to college, he took the job in the supply and marketing cooperatives, the father of the post, assigned to the Qianshan Anhui Chong township (now incorporated into the town of water roar) supply and marketing cooperatives. At that time, the Red Cross of supply and marketing cooperatives located in remote mountainous areas, traffic inconvenience, economy is not developed, coupled with the radius of less than 200 meters around the supply and marketing cooperatives have 5 retail stores, these private retail business method is flexible, enough time every day, brings great pressure to the supply and marketing cooperatives, so the supply and marketing cooperatives business it is not good to do.

some of the people who work here, because soberly see these difficulties, feel that the supply and marketing cooperatives difficult to carry out business, it is difficult to stay safe. The staff go, mostly for half a year or a few months, only 3 of the people standing here for many years, every business desolate. In fact Zhou Wenbin is a stranger, I see, so the situation of supply and marketing cooperatives, to tell the truth was very disappointed, but also very anxious.

but he is different from other foreigners, he is not in a hurry to choose to escape, but choose the right face, positive against difficulties. He said: when he was in high school, when the country’s reform and opening up in full swing, when many newspapers and magazines have introduced some businesses, private owners, self-employed deeds. In particular, there are often a number of ‘million households’ introduction and reports on their own a certain attraction and temptation.

himself has seen a lot of articles on business, broaden their horizons, activate their minds. It should be said that this is a great inspiration to yourself, remember to less than 10 days, in the face of supply and marketing cooperatives in such a situation, there is a fearless drive, it boldly and that 3 of older workers to discuss the exchange, on the supply and marketing cooperatives facing difficulties and how positive.

How to improve the level of service

competition in various industries is becoming more and more intense in the modern society, if you want to make a good business development, but also need to do a good job related services. Today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the financial industry, financial institutions pay more and more attention to the sale of their intangible products. As a frontline teller, how to improve their service level? Combined with their own practice, I think the following three steps:

a, eye to

the eyes are the windows of the soul, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. In the communication with the customer, the eyes played a crucial role. In the face of a shabby customer if you give him a look of disdain will hurt his self-esteem, then he may not be the next business. The face of the slow motion of the old man, when he finally lost the password to give him a look of approval, the old man will be very pleased.

eyes in the spring moisten things silently, give people a warm.

two, mouth to

remembered phrase three warm winter, abusable cold in June. "Hello, may I ask what you do business?" A few simple words can make customers feel at home. In addition, a brief home, warm greetings can win the favor of customers and trust. Customers are real people, the need is a real feeling, and all of these services are from the beginning of the greeting.

intimate greetings such as cool summer wind, add a cool comfort.

three, heart to

customers regardless of size, regardless of the number of transactions, the key lies in the service! Intentions to seize the details, intentions moved customers; with our sincerity, for customers at ease; with our love for customers happy. Only the heart, we can stand in the customer’s position and perspective to consider the problem, in order to pay attention to and understand the customer’s individual needs, in order to achieve beyond customer expectations.

services endless, make full use of intangible assets, and strive to do the trilogy, so that the service deeply rooted in order to brand service on the road farther and farther!

financial industry is now facing competition is increasingly fierce, therefore, as the work of the frontline workers are only the facade to improve their service level, it can attract more consumers, so that the business of the shop became hot up. So, if you are a frontline teller in the financial industry, do you know how to improve their service level?

Anhui entrepreneurial star launching ceremony held in Hefei

now has become a business theme of the times, there are a lot of people have an entrepreneurial idea, at the same time in the society will continue to hold a series of entrepreneurial activities, recently, Anhui venture star "activities carried out in Hefei.

12 PM, Anhui venture star "launch ceremony in Beijing Innotree, Hefei science and technology innovation nursery and Hefei love public record signing ceremony was held in the public space of Hefei science and Technology Innovation Service Center Building Conference room. Deputy researcher of Hefei science and Technology Bureau Yuan Cheng attended and delivered a speech, Beijing causal Tree Technology Co. founder, Hefei Teng love multi-creation space founder Wu Xinkun, Anhui specialty chairman Niu Yongwei, chairman Chen Yongquan and other innovative DreamWorks founder, CEO to many enterprises.

in the event, all entrepreneurs are actively sharing dry cargo, communicate feelings, thought of novel ideas and unique triggered live guests applause,

How to further improve the employment support policy system in Panzhihua

rapid economic development, but also led to the widening gap between the region’s poor. How to narrow the gap? It is very important to provide a series of effective support policies for the poverty-stricken areas. So, how to further improve the employment support policy system in Panzhihua?.

this year, the city has issued a new "Panzhihua employment unemployment registration regulations", "Panzhihua city employment certificate management implementation details" and the "Panzhihua city employment difficulties apply to identify the implementation measures", to further improve the new round of employment support policy system.

new employment unemployment registration rules and the implementation of the employment difficulties identified by the implementation of the measures showed a two expansion of an adjustment feature:

one is to expand the scope of employment and unemployment registration. Further expand the scope of employment and unemployment registration, and promote the equalization of urban and rural employment services.

two is to expand the scope of employment difficulties identified. The urban resident personnel, in accordance with the conditions of life insurance and land is requisitioned in accordance with the conditions of the rural workers, migrant rural migrant workers into the scope of application, enjoy a new round of employment support policies.

three is to adjust the employment difficulties identified conditions. The older people will be identified as the conditions for the application of the determination of women over 40 years of age, men over the age of 50 and above.

support for the poor areas, Panzhihua constantly improve the relevant rules and regulations to ensure the effectiveness of the policy. The further expansion of the scope of the employment and unemployment registration, the employment difficulties for the identification of the conditions are also adjusted accordingly, the scope of the employment difficulties identified for the expansion of the staff. In the future, it will be possible to further deal with the problem of poverty in the region.

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What are the snack bar investment projects

        if you are tired of working for people to live, then you might as well try our snack bar, absolute choice to make money! Here are some good snack items to choose from!


Goubuli steamed bun

fruit pancake

delicious bovine bone (authentic scent of cattle bones)


How to promote the popularity of food and beverage outlets

to open a good restaurant, not only to know how to operate, but also learn to rally, using a variety of promotional activities to attract the attention of consumers. So how to promote the use of food and beverage promotion popularity? Let us take a look at it, I hope every restaurant entrepreneurs can be harvested.


for the opening of new restaurants, most of the shops in the market visibility is not high, but how to do a good job in the restaurant opened promotion that, for most investors, the store business has many benefits to attract popularity, promote sales through price discounts and concessions and also the opening ceremony of the successful and effective use of this form of promotion effect is obvious.

gift coupon


in the opening period, you can come forward to join the friends and customers from all the gifts of a small number of restaurants with information on the small gifts, small gifts, so you can win the favor of customers, but also play a certain role in publicity. The catering store opened in addition to how to promote small gifts, can also offer some coupons in the restaurant opened before making good concurrent to the target customers in the hands of holders during the opening and use it to the specific consumption of dishes can enjoy preferential.

signature dishes promotion


for the opening of new restaurants, specialty dishes promotion is more suitable for a promotion, at the same time the store’s popularity, and the later operation also can bring good effect, the brand effect signs dishes can lead to a restaurant, if properly handled, will help to sign a restaurant dishes popular.

look at the above promotional skills, do you have any harvest? In the face of fierce competition in the market, open a restaurant is not easy, pressure alexander. If you want to succeed, you must be good at using sales promotion, to effectively enhance the popularity, in order to achieve personal dreams, create more wealth.

Suining implementation of the management of the red and black list system

in the process of economic development, there are a lot of outstanding enterprises have done very well for the local economic development has made its own contribution, but there are some companies, often secretly illegal. In this regard, the implementation of the management of Suining red and black list system.

enterprise red list can get financial incentives

in recent years, foreign investment has played a more and more important role in the economic development of our city. The reporter learned that, in order to reduce the access threshold, and expand the scope of foreign investment, the city recently issued "to promote the reform of foreign investment management system of Suining city plan", on the city’s foreign investment enterprise management and service system has been improved, in order to optimize the investment environment, to provide more effective institutional guarantee for the development of an open economy.

management to strengthen the implementation of the red and black list system red list of companies can receive financial incentives

it is understood that the city will establish a comprehensive supervision platform of foreign-funded enterprises within this year, according to the law enforcement of relevant laws and regulations, supervision and inspection of contract and articles of association of enterprises with foreign investment and coordination to solve the problem. At the same time, the city will implement the "Red List" blacklist "system, investment and financing, for foreign-invested enterprises, quality management, trade management, foreign exchange business, even bargain, tax law, labor and staff security, environmental protection, resource conservation, production safety, social responsibility and other aspects of supervision and inspection, reward punishment. Included in the red list of enterprises, will be given annually 1-3 million reward.

in the reform of the examination and approval management, the city will promote the reform of the management system of examination and approval of foreign invested enterprises and foreign investment this year, timely implementation of national treatment before admission negative list management model, the implementation of "approved" management of the contract and articles of association of enterprises with foreign investment. For foreign-invested enterprises, the city will set up a parallel implementation of the registration examination and approval, to ensure that the approval of a window through the window, one-stop service, so that the city’s foreign investment contract prospectus approval management more standardized and efficient.

system to improve the report system of foreign exchange registration of foreign-invested enterprises to implement the audit by the banks directly for

before the implementation of foreign-invested enterprises is a joint annual inspection system, this year we will implement the joint annual report of this part of the enterprise system." Relevant responsible person told the reporter, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the city plans from this year, the city’s foreign investment enterprises in June 30th of each year, the main market credit information publicity system to business department, the annual report on business conditions, and the authenticity and legitimacy of the responsible for the report.

in addition, in order to facilitate foreign investment in foreign exchange registration, this year the city will also be related to the reform of the system. It is understood that the city will cancel the foreign-invested enterprises to the foreign exchange administration for direct investment

Send light lose money business profitable

almost all Chinese people have a characteristic, is like to take advantage of small, if the right to use this feature, you can make entrepreneurs make a fortune. Here Xiaobian to introduce a light to send out a real example of a great cause of wealth.

As everyone knows the

Mobil Corp under the banner of "money" banner to oil pad, free service for consumers, on the surface, in the eyes of consumers, this is the "lantern could not find a thing, not only can enjoy the cheap" kerosene "convenient to use at the same time, but also for their own free use of a platform.

is cost-effective and convenient, there is a profit for himself, Why not?? Mobil Corp therefore compensate for the loss of about 800000 oil lamps, but Mobil Corp’s business really lost it? The result is what we all see, that is, not only did not lose the profits.

Mobil Corp to "lamp" as bait, make consumers buy consumers of this "good thing" – ten, ten – 100, buy kerosene people naturally more, then a small profit big profit, profit over interest, compound interest, really is "throw a sprat to catch a whale". In order to lose money in the oil lamp to obtain kerosene profits, this is the real purpose of Mobil Corp.

it is because the master of consumer psychology, so Mobil Corp can make such a big success, if you are to make a career, when there is no progress, you should also think about your marketing strategy?