Watercress interface of the new revision, Fitz’s law to help you interpret the ideas behind

After the revision of design characteristics on

bean, bean navigation caused extensive discussion, all the fize law in the application user interface design once again attracted the attention and attention.

Hai Xu Roy’s article to we introduce the applications of fize law extremely in product interface, through this article we can obtain the understanding that the new revised bean product interface, from the point of view is to follow the "Franz law" the continuous optimization of the user operation.

Today about

(Fitts’ law) Fitzgerald’s law, there are a lot of information online, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Here is a map, found on the Internet, Fitts is in the mobile terminal on some of the applications.


one, what is Fitts’s law,

?The time required for the

to move from its initial position to the final target depends on two factors: the distance to the target, the A, and the size of the target.

t = a + B log2 (2A / W)

, where a (=0.230s), B (=0.166s) is the empirical parameter, A= indicates the distance between the target and the target, and the size of the W= target. They depend on specific pointing, the physical characteristics of the device, and the factors such as the operator and the environment.


conclusion: the bigger the target, the faster the direction and the shorter the time. Similarly, the closer the target, the faster the direction and the shorter the time. That is to say, the time to locate a target depends on the distance between the target and the current location, and the size of the target (in particular scenarios, of course, there are other factors).


has the law of application

is currently being used in the design of PC and mobile terminal products.

1, in the process of designing the user interface, buttons and some GUI controls should be designed more reasonably. Compared to small controls, it is relatively difficult to click. Therefore, in the current software and website GUI design process, toolbar icons are becoming larger, and some other text description button background area is also increasing.

2, no matter where the mouse moves, the mouse can always stay on the edge of the screen, so the edge or corner area is easier to reach than other areas. Dock Mac OS X system design in product interface design, menu bar at the top of the design, and the Windows XP system interface of the lower left corner of the start menu button design and Mac OS X system interface is of practical application of this theory.



Zhu Zerong stationmaster net first more than one cup the essay that has award to write a contest is

      sponsored by the webmaster network first "laab Cup" prize essay contest has ended, the first to actively participate in the activities of all the owners and enthusiastic attention thanks, secondly, so congratulations to the winners.

comment: Zhu Zerong (stationmaster net first, "many cups" prize essay contest judges, founder of Zhuo Xue class)

this competition is divided into two aspects: the voting of the stationmaster and the opinions of the judges. 5:5 is half and half. As one of the judges, I regard the winning works from three aspects:

1, authenticity. And real webmaster story distance in the end how far, the article is to let the webmaster deeply feel the same?. I believe firmly reduction webmaster to real, real experience, true story, the real experience is very important in this selection, such as a piece of work, he tells the story in the total education network experience, obviously, the general store in the station position, angle, and the level of capital, is unable to achieve the scale of operation therefore, although the style of writing is good, but with the grassroots webmaster some distance, so the judges can not discharge on the up link. The development of grassroots webmaster have twists and turns, there is bitterness, have a feeling of sadness thousand, striking one snag after another, but most contestant obviously failed to keep the anxiety, sorrow, pain, once several times to give up and express the direction of transformation. Flavor is delicious, and sometimes is also delicious, hope in the future in the essay contest, researchers pay more attention to this point.

it was this essay collection is the webmaster, shop and many stories and experiences, the author is in the guide writing experience and methods, some stray.

2, ideological. Is there a new inspiration for the webmaster, such as new management ideas, close to the actual development of the station line?. In the judgment of works, we pay much attention to the business ideas of the author, in the end they operate in what kind of website, whether their business direction by reference, they are still in a pragmatic retreat, to other owners have no inspiration, especially in the outstanding works and works out, we are not writing level how to write a good, it seems, of which one will be able to comment on the award of excellence, in the process, substantial business direction and close to the grassroots webmaster, or focus on some very practical and creative business ideas that we consider.

"Wangzhuan reined in, almost let me go on the road of no return" let us a heavy topic, he tells the story of all the owners is a spur, among all the quick selection is a lingering illness, indeed in the webmaster team, there are many webmaster because some "website" to the point of no return, the writing point of view, we make eyes bright, the problem, especially for the first time that all stationmaster station thinking.

3, style of writing. It does not emphasize whether the style of writing is vivid or not. It is true that most of the webmaster is not high, and many writers have low educational level. Writing is more difficult, but can they write in style?

The relationship between webmaster and us

believes that many people often come to the stationmaster’s Internet cafe. Why should we come? It must be necessary for us to come here. That’s what we are going to say today. I come to stationmaster net undoubtedly is the following four points:

one: look at the soft text. Do not tell me, do not understand what is soft text, if you really do not understand, then go search. I was telling the truth, many webmaster online is soft, I attended the party above some Adsense often hear someone say: the website not included? In fact, do good! Go to the webmaster nets hair soft Wen, general new second day included. Look, this is the webmaster network charm to the site so soon included, for us this grassroots webmaster, Why not?! of course, there are still some high quality articles, such as the A5 editor to write their own, there are some Internet elite.

2: watch the news. Attention to changes in the webmaster circle, timely access to Internet information is an excellent webmaster indispensable course, so you can keep up with the trend. Our ancestors once said, we can not K station. Like you want to Baidu included your site, and then give you good rankings, you don’t know Baidu, she will give you the traffic to rank you, wait, dream, unless the day Baidu epilepsy made.

third: send soft text. In fact, that is what writing experience, and say well, that is published articles. Ha ha, I this person is straight, what is what to say. I believe that few webmaster specially run to write an article, and then don’t want to make a connection for yourself. Of course, I’ve seen someone so quiet and selfless. Here, on behalf of the webmaster net, I will give you an oral commendation!


4: looking for resources. Adsense network above advertising more, such as League advertising, space / server advertising, source code resources, friendship links, agent registration, site navigation to include websites. This I often go to stationmaster net to seek, do not know other stationmaster is this, hey hey, of course you can also search. It’s something special,

sum up, we can acquire the relevant information in a timely manner through the station network, but also through the soft paper to make their sites are included and the chain, of course, you can also learn a lot of knowledge and resources related to the station. And if the webmaster network is compared to a forest, then we are that big and small trees, the webmaster network because we exist, we are because of the webmaster network and development.

this article by the Yueyang forum www.yybbs.com webmaster dedicated to A5 webmaster network, I wish A5 better and better! This article by Yueyang forum webmaster original, reproduced please keep links, kind,


Today’s network outsourcing services, grasp the details, in order to win-win situation

I am a programmer, has been engaged in the development, the PHP project 06, 07 years in the network often outsourcing development to do two times the development of some open source program and separate the entire station. For a long time not to do outsourcing services, because now the network outsourcing service is uneven, prices fell a lot, I am not willing to do self-worth, so push away a lot of single, the middle stop for nearly 1 years or so, the middle seen too much because for low price programmers do the results, after all, money has not disappeared, the program is a problem, can not find people to remedy, find me, I don’t want to accept the natural outsourcing, just give him some advice, did not understand why these customers are in the program do not have to check the blind acceptance, pay? For the hearts of customers, and has been connected with single programmer’s psychology is not very understanding. Such a long time to stop, the company has been busy work, ignoring the network outsourcing, calm down, think carefully, but did not understand the truth has been figured out: people have mental laziness, and unilateral customers are no exception.

1. customers because they do not understand the program, so access to the program, because of the trouble, go to check one by one function a bit, even if it is just a check, check a surface, a lot of details are not clear, because it was just a test by the self function demand has need some of the features, but should have been there, but neglected, put into actual use, but found a demand is not good, even it is not done, then find someone can’t find.

2. unilateral, because the program to do a lot of repetitive work, these already very tired, plus as a programmer, itself is very easy to overlook some of the specific details of the testing problem, if detected by customers hastily, the unilateral will simply end more than half. This is not to meet the unilateral irresponsible, it is human nature. Two days ago I received an outsourcing, do two times a dedecms development, for a long time not to do so, do very carefully, some directories, files, data table what has been done to automatically create the function to do the transplant procedure as simple as possible, so that customers save a lot of work and I also save a lot of work Follow-Up Services, both save a lot of trouble and additional follow-up, do the work, but I spent more than 10 minutes. So I’ve figured out why, as part of the job, some parts of the work can not be omitted, and a few minutes, 10 minutes, will save a lot of trouble for the future. It was too lazy to do some work than to the customer, leaving some defects, caused him a notoriety, no longer to return loss better how many times? Obviously this is obviously. Here is my little ad, you do not laugh at

himself nearly 5 years of PHP development experience, the middle of the large and small stations have done countless

Talking about the purpose of family website

as a family shop, I believe that people who have done the website will think how to profit this problem, and I think it should be more than once thought about this problem, it should be repeated. Because everybody is very puzzled, everybody is not satisfied, just rely on such a little advertising fee to continue this website.

when the Web2.0 era came, when the Internet users were gradually broken down, did our webmaster want to get rid of the single profit model which only relied on advertising fees?. I often studied the profit model for almost one year, and simply divided the profit models I have seen or I understood into three categories: advertising profit, member profit and product profit.

although there are many profit models, but none of them are from my list of those three models out of, or to cover up. At present, most personal websites rely solely on advertising revenue, a part of the implementation of the AD + members or advertising + product collocation profit model, a small part of the vast web site also achieved more than three listed profit model.

we all know, by advertising, profit is very simple, every day to promote optimization, write soft Wen can let your IP quantity growth, and increase your advertising revenue. But that’s just the case. Why do you have to toss yourself around every day in order to earn your advertising money?.

my site (a) profit, you will be clear at a glance, I always told you can change an angle to think whether you should keep the advertisement profit in the first place and other modes are not even admitted to consider. Do you feel like you’re making or losing money?.

you give to others to do the advertising, people must be earned, and you? You don’t bother.

and a few cents all day

has been advocating the idea of being a business man and a businessman. He who will make money is the first choice for a businessman. He must be honest, credit, flexible, thinking, introspective, struggling and decisive. So I think it is necessary to make money as much as possible to businessmen, and to think of ways to change the means to make money.

I am very clear that the purpose of doing their own website, whether it is money or interest, to the last site will embark on the road to profitability, this is inevitable. Because I believe that no one is willing to a profitable thing has been investing and didn’t expect he can bring you some money, I believe that many people can understand this! If you are in the way of thinking about environment.

by www.ci-gu.com webmaster feeds.

Reduce the areas that are considered as spam

in order to avoid spam is identified as spam by these filtering methods, we should pay attention to the following problems.

1. checks if the server IP address is on the blacklist.


selects a mail server, it should check whether the server provider’s IP address is listed on the main garbage blacklist.

users can query their servers on the Internet in real time, and whether IP addresses are blacklisted. Of course, the use of the process can not rule out some users to send spam affecting other users. If the mail delivery rate and reading rate are greatly reduced, you should always monitor the IP address in the main blacklist.

2. note notes written in

(1) in the message header and text are to minimize the use of sensitive, often using typical spam words, such as English Viagra, loans, pornographic pictures, awards, winning, and Chinese, free gifts, promotions, invoices, tax avoidance, workshops, financial discount, etc.. Not to say that the words themselves have any problems, nor is it entirely useless, but as little as possible, so as not to trigger the garbage filter algorithm.

(2) use exclamation marks less, use less exaggerated colors, especially bold red fonts. This is typical of spam, a commonly used way to attract attention. If it’s English mail, don’t capitalize many words.

(3) do not use explicitly fictitious strings in the message content, title, and sender name. For example, some spammers wouldn’t tell others their real names and write the letters just in the sender name. Maintenance of spam filtering algorithm is not stupid, this kind of random strings are usually rather baffling spam features just.

(4) HTML mail code should be concise and reduce the use of pictures. Although HTML mail allows pictures to be used to beautify mail, pictures should be kept at the lowest proportion compared to text. The more pictures you have, the higher the garbage score you’re likely to hit.

3. registration process notes

(1) a thank you page and confirmation post after the user submits the registration form. It should remind the user to add your domain name and email address to the user’s own whitelist and address book. The mail client software usually has whitelist options in the garbage filter settings, and most free mail providers such as YAHOO, Hotmail, and Gmail also have corresponding settings. Storing e-mail addresses in the address book also has the same effect.

(2) if a message has been filtered to the junk e-mail folder, click to remind users not spam "button to tell the filter error of judgment, the feedback will be filtering mail server statistics and using the algorithm in the future.

(3) gives the user the easiest and most convenient way to unsubscribe. All posts sent to the user

Building a website is actually very simple

many novices often don’t know what kind of websites they want to build and have the ability to do so. Here are some suggestions for beginners.

1. station the first step to the theme, not blind to Yibudengtian can large website, after all the beginning novice get the website has many limitations, such as shortage of manpower, time limit, so you cannot determine the theme of your time will be lost here, and it is difficult to succeed! I think the theme can be determined with reference to your personal preferences, so that you also have the power to make their new fast.

2. knowledge is accumulated, the popularity of the website is the same, must regularly update your website content, will keep popularity, have vitality site potential is unlimited.

3. keeping the interface clean is a must, not messy. We can only go to talk about the basis of neat appearance, many novice site often early art foundation is not very good, in fact, then we should put emphasis on the localization of web content, and more is the key to success! Like: fast allusion net is a very good example.

4. listen to the views of users, make appropriate improvement of the website, enrich yourself, can go online to see some webmaster experience, reference, also can consult the high speed pointing site where to do insufficient.

welcome you and me to discuss the website production. Hainan leisure front net: http://www.179520.cn

Five reasons for responding positively to blog reader comments

is only for the articles like a text is not dull as ditch water, or to answer questions and discussion. This has even become a rule, and even for some people it has become a standard for blogging – not answering any questions or discussions of readers. For those bloggers with lots of comments, bloggers are obviously hard to respond to every comment. But you have to respond to some brilliant comments, right,


the fact is that most blogs aren’t what they’re called (blogs are also one of the few blogs). So, do we have to go back to the blog?. But in fact – many people can’t do it. I once said that even if your site has been built, the work is not over yet. You must put all your efforts into improving your essay and listening to all the comments left behind by the article. Learn to treat every blogger on your blog (everyone can discuss blog building with me).

for the past few months, I’ve been trying my best to answer every reader’s comment on my blog to see what happens. The result is surprising. My readers are very grateful to me for being able to answer their questions and even send emails to me to thank them. So what are the benefits of responding positively to blog readers? Why should you take some time to answer your readers and boil down to 5 reasons:

1. is good for encouraging people to comment,

if you ignore the reader’s comment, the reader won’t make any comment on your blog. By responding, you not only let people know that you care very much about the reader’s opinions, but that you encourage them to comment later. In addition, readers who do not often comment will feel your enthusiasm when they know that they have received a response.

2. is good for improving the quality of your article

readers who respond to this article tend to know something about the field, and you can gain more knowledge by reading their opinions and then improve your quality. Your views will be sublimated, and new ideas will be raised, and questions will be answered…… This process is the process of improving the quality of your article.

in addition, new readers will also join the discussion and publish their personal opinions.

3. is good for SEO

readers’ comments, to some extent, are beneficial to SEO, although the function is not obvious. The more opinions (including your own) mean the more relevant keywords, the easier it is for a search engine to catch your blog. In addition, some of the content that your article has not yet mentioned can be mentioned in the comments, which is also beneficial to SEO. (for example, your article is about Norton Antivirus, but in the comments, how did you kill the virus?)


I, in fact, is a grassroots webmaster

      often look at webmaster nets, can not help but want to write something, but every time I write it all feel uncomfortable, and I don’t know why. Maybe this feeling is exactly the same as what I do on my website. I’m always pursuing something that feels like that. It may not be a good idea to try to feel good about yourself, but there are always two things, good and bad.

web site for more than a year’s time, I was a pure rookie webmaster, is a grass-roots webmaster, I was a junior high school graduates, Chengdu to read a week of school, but what did not learn, because I think its in the idling mix inside the school for three years, is inferior to me directly to the outside society around three years, so I made a sorry my newspaper teacher decided to start my life career. 5 years, 5 years I have done a lot of occupation, I in a small restaurant to do odd jobs, doing reinforcement in the construction industry, maintenance of electronic games in Chengdu, I was in a restaurant inside the washing bowl…… I do not know 5 years so I had it, but every time I feel that is for me to leave the feeling that should not be such is my future, now is the most difficult time, no more pain. So I’m now head of a company’s general manager. In this regard, I also want to say to those who are still hard friends, adhere to the dream can be achieved, the key is to see whether you persist in the end.

continues to pull things. Website.

2007, by chance, I started my career on the web. In the absence of contact website before, I think the site should be a relatively simple matter, but after it was found, that simple, but hard to say, for I like this without technology no place learning website webmaster, really too difficult. I bought a lot of space, and now also bought dozens of CN domain name, but not a few. At the beginning, I used a friend sent me a space and domain name, because the domain name and a network of stone, I always feel that the feeling is not very good when use, so I will spend tens of dollars to buy a COM domain and a 100M space. The new cloud program is suitable for the novice webmaster, so I chose the new home of the cloud, and then select the forum is dynamic, but at that time I will only use the default template for the official, I don’t know about this import templates, I looked at other people’s forum template is very beautiful, very envious, I just want to find a program, so that period of time, my program will always come and go, very unstable. I do not have a computer, I have a switch program is in the Internet bar, every night after work, I will pass the program in the Internet bar. After, a website fellow told me that you can change templates after things, I just know, the original novice webmaster basically have to walk a lot of detours.

site, novice Adsense is not easy, no new technology >

Actual case new approach to improving website viscosity and liveness

personal feeling to go through many levels, and dedicated to the community to fill the content, do SEO optimization, Baidu included, have to register, after registration also tried to drive users to participate in the community topic, hope they become long-term users. When your users when rising, you have not thought about the users in the community walk are doing what? They are about what you are really interested in? We are going to discuss how to directly understand your users, so that they really move, let your community alive.

do you know what your users like,


from what can you know what your users like? The most intuitive of your community post visits and replies. Most of the time this data is frustrating, especially for some new webmasters. Obviously, the website’s PV is increasing, but the rate of reply is not growing fast. Can you judge the preferences of the users with this part of the data? Is it accurate enough? This time, you may ignore groups of tourists who make up most of your site’s visitors.

take a practical website to see:


data that what you see? For personal website, online at the same time, almost 2000 people to look for good grades, but only 87 of them are registered members, the rest of the visitors are tourists, tourists in the proportion as high as 95%. Visitors can only see how we know not to reply, for visitors most of the people what they love? Although we can hold a good fantasy, as long as they see are interested in content, they will reply to the registration, but the conversion rate is often less satisfactory.

How does

improve visitor participation

1, most of the new owners income is not too high, if you want to form a union website through the promotion of the huge costs, and the effect of continuity is very poor, as long as a stop advertising, registration will soon fall, the conversion rate of users is not high, this is a burn Dutch act the.

2, activities, must organize website activities. The hardest part of human communication is the first step to opening the atrium. For visitors to click on a few steps, you need a break through to sign up for your site, and activity is the most effective way to break through your user’s heart. And there are several advantages to Organizing Web activity:

the main part of the activity is on your website;

activity is one of the most attractive attractions for visitors;

activity is the easiest way for users to remember your website;

network activities have no geographical restrictions and no trade restrictions;

the cost can be very low.

of course, it’s important to think of a good participatory approach and an attractive incentive mechanism to attract users to your activities. < >