To recover the original simplicity more attractive Shanghai dragon website

to recover the original simplicity?

in recent years rapidly, new variety of Shanghai dragon website dizzying, whether you are young or experienced in Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai dragon website optimization is even more painstaking, has brought great benefits to the operation of the site, site traffic was increasing. It is very popular for a web site. But as a webmaster, holds the lifeblood of the site, only to rely on short-term revenue is as true pleased with oneself, is very wrong. As a Shanghai dragon ER should have deep eyes, you know you do look far ahead from a high plane, a website is not because of a momentary or fresh impulse was done, your goal is to run a good Shanghai dragon website, the success of the operation and to earn interest, this long time cause you to understand the bait, this is the most attractive in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. So, what should you do to make Shanghai Longfeng site more attractive in the Internet, farther down the road? Xiaobian that recover the original simplicity is the kingly way, following several aspects and colleagues discuss a.

. What is

The development of Shanghai dragon website

on the rail gradually Shanghai Longfeng site, in the continuous optimization of Shanghai dragon even profitable, some profit driven Shanghai dragon ER will slowly ignore the content of the website, which is the key site of success and failure, in other words the focus gradually lose value, this is undoubtedly a the key to a deadly Shanghai dragon website, is not conducive to the long-term operation of Shanghai Longfeng website. If a site has a large number of users, not the value of the content will also affect the whole website traffic size influence website profit. Conversely, if you form a track in Shanghai Longfeng site, still pay attention to the content of construction, and released a lot of valuable content, will make the Shanghai dragon rising in popularity, Shanghai dragon will optimization ranking in front, not to mention the keyword search ranking list. As a Shanghai dragon.

what is the interpretation of Chinese dictionary, recover the original simplicity?: remove the external decoration, to restore the original state of the plain. Here is the extension of ER in Shanghai told the Shanghai dragon dragon in the optimization of excessive packaging to return to the original site after the most attention of local content. In fact, as a Shanghai dragon ER, is not difficult to find in a website to start construction early, remove the layout appearance of the building, the most concern is the content of the website. What users are most concerned about the content, what is the user needs of the content, what kind of content is the most valuable and so are the site of early new Adsense is concerned, Shanghai is also the most simple part of the original dragon optimization part. Therefore, recover the original simplicity is to let more Shanghai dragon ER then focus on return website early, let Shanghai dragon website according to the more attractive, occupy a space for one person in a large number of Shanghai dragon website.

why want to recover the original simplicity?With the formation of


The three stage of the website ranking

a lot of friends like my advice, said a few months, no ranking is why such problems, it is the site of your work is not good, because a hot industry, as long as you are a good basis for the website in the top 100 is no problem, in Fig. that very clearly, these basic things to do, do so carefully, not as long as the garbage station, the line on the website will have a good record and ranked first.

believes that reading the mind map, for ranking basic knowledge, then the detail about the key.

In fact,

outside chain chain, and code optimization are equivalent to these auxiliary agents, to further improve the website included rate and comprehensive weight.

to this link, is the most important part of the content of the website construction, the content plateau and the high degree of correlation around the core + keywords, to promote the rankings are significant, the stage relatively minor role link, the more important the construction site, followed by the friends of the chain link and.

three: the last battle (rounded out the top three ranked


two: to win the war (ranked into the top ten home page)


basically most of the sites are stuck in this step, how can get into the top three, content and do very good, the chain also has certain achievements, but still ranked top in the front page of the opponent and the end, feel very helpless, a lot of people at that time could not help but want to use black hat techniques do go up, but were finally by K.

so the focus of this paper is here, what is the reason that you can not enter the top three? The fundamental reason is because of your site as the top three web sites, then find out why it is important. The analysis of competitors, there are a lot of people do not do well, so here in detail about how to analysis the competitors and beyond:


this link is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel often encounter problems, the website ranking, but up and down, has been on page second page third or more on the location, send a link to, how not to go.

haven’t submitted, I am really busy recently, and there are a lot of friends how to rank keywords I consulted on QQ, so the system to write an article keywords ranking of three stages, hope to help novice friends. The following is the ranking of the three stages of thinking simple map:

content of the construction of this link well, the extremely popular keywords basically 80%, you can break smoothly to home. I believe, as long as you have a good website content, to help users love Shanghai will give you a chance.



: a winning strategy (ranked 100 less than

And thinking about the influence on the medical profession love Shanghai No. 25 after the upgrade al

I do Shanghai dragon in a hospital, the site keywords ranking is good, there are more than 10 key words on the front page, recording and snapshot are good. The 6.28 event, love Shanghai for the medical industry to start once, but the time of our hospital station, not affected to the. Because of this policy, in 18 this month to re adjust the site keywords and title, just 22 space server problems, that day can not access, also announced the same day the upgrade algorithm meets the love of Shanghai, after a few days, check in the morning of 25, opened the website keywords all dropped to 500. Pictures are as follows:

The original

health platform and large health websites are not affected, regardless of other medical station optimization purposes, so the punishment right down, because the punishment and website Never mind too much love, Shanghai’s purpose is obvious to rectify the entire health care industry. The main purpose of personal speculation this upgrade is affected by the 360 comprehensive search, love Shanghai stock prices fell sharply, in order to improve the performance of Shanghai love, to rectify the whole medical industry, forcing the whole industry to go on the road for promotion, the price competition is more intense, promoting consumption to continue to maintain a stable performance of bidding the growth of the state.

weight 3, now turned into a weight of 0, but the recording and snapshot normal update.

since 6.28, love Shanghai for the user experience and network environment, better customer service, constantly upgrade algorithm and K station. The evening of August 24th, love Shanghai and made a big adjustment, we call the 8.25 events, the big update love Shanghai this time the punishment for the medical industry is still relatively large, I just have one or two medical industry website is love Shanghai punishment right down, as in this case to communicate with you.

so after the 8.25 event, our medical industry, the development of planning and how to decide on what path to follow?? I think now the direction of the re planning of the Shanghai dragon, the chain + simple update time has passed. We take the hospital website analysis of user needs, the user needs to understand what, good user experience and interaction. Want to recover as soon as possible right down, you should do that, in addition to the normal optimization, >

the 8.25 events have a characteristic, is the K site or other medical industry site, most of the articles are collected or pseudo original content, low quality, and there is no interaction, but the site weight can also, the weight of the 3-5 station, most of the punishment, punishment is the formation of direct right down, fell into the keyword one hundred. A friend of the gynecological hospital website, Chinaz weight 5, weight 7 love stand, the contents of the original + pseudo original, also be right down, now only 2 weight. After my careful analysis found that the hospital area is only 1-2 of the weight did not affect weight high, all right, the original weight only 1-2 instead of standing up.

Now in addition to the third party

A head of the Shanghai dragon experience sharing

with the search engine algorithm is more and more perfect, for the quality of the website also have higher requirements, which is good for users, but for those of us owners said five undoubtedly increased the workload. The search engine has put the user experience first, the past opportunistic method does not play a role, in order to ensure that the site’s ranking, the only honest and modify your website, make it more in line with the viewer’s taste, I share with you some of my own experience to optimize the site, I hope all of you help.

5, a website most likely to attract users of high quality content is on the site, the article is popular and easy to understand to love by browsing, user experience good natural, natural ranking rose quickly. The layout is the key, standard size >

4, the line on the website before the structure, URL design, code to simplify the search engine for the new impression is very important, to avoid the line after the change occurs, or extend the review period of the web search engine. Some of the basic skills to Shanghai Dragon: 404 pages, 301 jump, site map, Shanghai dragon are many details, the details determine success or failure, after we put all these details well, want to website ranking is not good, difficult.

2, select a good use of CMS will improve our work efficiency, achieve better results. The selection of CMS should follow the principles of safety, ease of use, security: a CMS broke vulnerabilities less the site more secure, easy to use, simple operation of the CMS allows us to improve efficiency, and not the more the better, for their own is the best.

3, the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, it is necessary to please the user, the first to have a beautiful interface, good things can always attract attention, then the speed is a very important factor, if you let your users wait 4, 5 seconds to open the page, there will be quite a few people will lose patience directly choose to leave, everyone’s time is very valuable. The search engine spiders will put it himself as an ordinary user browsing, page open speed speed will affect the site’s ranking.

1, selected host space to the pursuit of "fast" and "steady", this is an old promble, there are still many webmaster in making mistakes, especially the new webmaster, a friend of me but have personal experience, the friend bought a Hongkong as the host. Is the price is very cheap, but the website launched a month later, the host space is empty, the operator suddenly disappeared disappeared, QQ can not contact, telephone hotlines, my friend is just in the website did not know the backup sites, resulting in a month of hard work down the drain. Recommend the use of domestic space, domestic space faster than foreign open speed, then foreign space often appear "wall", open the case, people are very upset.

Interpretation of Shanghai dragon myth how much impact on multi site outbound links

, network links and sharing, a huge "link on the Internet, if there is no link, then into a separate space, has lost the meaning of Internet sharing. This not only the spirit of the Internet itself is recognized by people, but also by the search engine recognition. So, in this sense, the export link is meaningful to the user, is also in line with the user experience. A consistent user experience of the website, search engines will also get love.

finally, pointing to the authority of the website is ranked one of the factors. If your site has derived links to authoritative website, then this is one of the factors the search engine itself ranking. Before this factor proportion is very weak, then this factor has been improved, although the search engine doesn’t mention it, but you can see from some examples. For example, many web site navigation, many Chinese categories, these sites have many outbound links, but these links will not affect the site since.

The second is the essence of

first, affect export link not to own web page of the PR value, in theory, a web page of the PR value is determined by the number of backlinks page itself and the reverse link of the page where the PR value, and there is no direct relationship between the export link. In fact, such a situation may exist, if the page is too many links, then transfer to the other page of the PR value will be reduced, at the same time, the other pages delivered to the page of the PR value will be reduced. However, the site of the internal links is a network structure of multiple circulation, loss of the PR value is very small, therefore, will not affect the basic. Of course, this said export link refers to a logical, consistent with the export link user demand, and many related links, no sense or even sell links is not discussed in this paper.

then link to help the search engines to determine your theme. The anchor text link is an important factor in ranking, is not only the external link anchor text, anchor text links are also important, usually the export link anchor text is one of the important factors in the optimization of the web page. The reason is very simple, if a "A" in Shanghai Longfeng "as the link text to the page B, then the search engine that is closely related to the B and Shanghai dragon, think A Association and Shanghai dragon page, it will use the word link to B.

link can be said to exist in every website, different websites, outbound links more or less, many owners have a misunderstanding, that is if the export link multi site has an impact on their website.

everyone knows that the weight of external links in their website promotion help a lot, so naturally will think if outbound links too much, will have their own website weight loss. Outbound links many owners will be deliberately control their own website, so today and you talk about effects of export link on your site.

How to improve the weight value of love Shanghai

forum 4. soft reprint content: This is a pretty good. With the soft almost.

now has a lot of links to purchase the trading site, we want to buy 3-5 high quality links can be about PR3-5, then we want to optimize the keywords to link, this should adhere to 3-6 months. Must have the effect.

2. high quality blog blog: the use of high quality construction, to increase the content of correlation. This to insist for a long time.

second: increase in page website weight

fifth: the development of the two level domain to increase website weight

3. forum in the message: leave high correlation of the article in the forum. Message to this way, others question or your article and related high leave their articles and views.

this is very useful, it is best to blog. Or your own independent forum. The more the better development. But >

we each release an article, we have to reprint articles, so that each article site has the weight of

is now a lot of Web love Shanghai weights are not so high, not the weight of the site, the flow will be very few. So how can we improve our website weight value. Below I give everybody to improve on my way to love Shanghai weight, hoping to share good method and opinions.

third: buy high quality PR link

fourth: the establishment of Shanghai love Wikipedia

1. soft release: must to high quality website to publish, this should adhere to a daily. Persist for three months.

is the most important. The establishment of Shanghai love Wikipedia entries, his writing in may spend writing a. This is the most important, the best in Shanghai love Wikipedia entry add at the bottom of your website related to the long tail word.

long tail keywords good choice, we must have the original content. For new sites, we can not a large collection of articles, through the investigation to love Shanghai, we are in the collection content, which is conducive to income and increase website weight. Keep updated every day, to be on time, as we have three meals a day, we will regularly update the article. It is best not more than 10 p.m. update.

when we are building a website, our website design without design is beautiful, the most important is simple and generous at a glance. Plate layout reasonable. Web site design is good, then, we must grasp the contents of our website, oh, for what is what is the future of development, we must put on the content and keywords are added to our website, around this topic to study to explore. Have more long tail keywords around the site theme.

: the first increase website weight first catch website

Google launched a new tool news source web site can modify the Google news content directly

is a Google news network news aggregator, collect news content from major news website. If Google news information error source website is difficult to have the means to correct. This is not a problem that picked up the phone and call on behalf of Google will be able to solve.

however, the "Google News Center" was launched in the United States, but Google said that this tool will soon spread to other countries, and with the passage of time, it will add more features.

News Publisher Center

now has a "Google News Center" (https://partnerdash.贵族宝贝/partnerdash/d/news#p:id=pfehome& a=100095465, noble baby;) the news source site at least for their own news content on Google news has some control over.

baby aristocracy

specifically, "Google News Center" to allow the news source web site update site details, including change the site name and label; changes in the original site structure, change the corresponding links etc..

[TechWeb] reported on August 5th news, Google recently launched a "Google News Center" (News Publisher Center of the noble baby) PC side web service tool, this tool allows the site to directly modify the news source on Google news in the news that Google news content can be synchronized with the source web site.

Different display formats on the novice webmaster search results (two)

eighth, using the RDfa format label refers to the page the rich, noble and love Shanghai baby may also be under the heading line to add a grey text prompt of the text, sometimes the suggestive text includes the number of pages in the article, the number of Posts and the number of authors, update date etc.. This plate will also increase the user’s click rate and attention, easier to convince users to click on these results, if the price of the product, the number of user reviews and comments, will attract more user attention.

different display formats in the article on the novice webmaster search results (a), respectively, from the classical regular search results, a list of search results, the integration of search results, and indent list links to the total display five aspects and share of the search engine of five different display formats, of course, this is not just a search engine five kinds of display formats, including mini station links, One-box, the rich, breadcrumbs, text links and other five formats. I hope this paper can make us more to understand the basic knowledge of the search engine. Well, the beginning of today’s article.

Abstract: some rich

seventh, One-box: these generally appear in the search results in the bank, the most noble baby show, the search results will appear in a graphical display some information, stock price, with the Shanghai love to open platform, now love Shanghai will also appear such result, can not open the page click directly, to view the information. These are just for those enterprises or with the search engine with the cooperation between the enterprises and the open.

ninth, breadcrumb navigation: breadcrumb navigation is originally a navigation page, but now for some, especially the noble baby will display the bread crumbs. This is the original location of the navigation of a place. The classification of each link related category page, users can not only access to click on the title page, but also can directly click on the breadcrumb navigation, so you can directly access the relevant classification.

tenth, text links: text links refers to the text contained in the link, a general description is the head of the web information, but to use a part of the noble baby within the chain page will display text links. The user can click on the link to access the website that. But in general, this style is rare. For the love of Shanghai, more.


Mini station link: Mini station links are often very rare, but for some weight high website will appear in this form. This way English called Mini Sitelinks, there is no longer a small eight links, and displayed as a whole line four links. The total content and the link is somewhat similar, but just take the front four. As for why the search engine high quality sites use different ways to show that there are many, but the mainstream is the search engine itself is also in development, and strive to improve their own quality of service.

Do you know about the chain you do

, a chain which has several forms, their role in

with super chain chain We usually send the chain

pure text outside the chain, we do is in the soft, left comments like "web site, the information from Whampoa  stock School: 贵族宝贝ihuangpu贵族宝贝, please indicate the relevant domain such as pure text outside the chain can increase the site, in the fall in love with the sea with domain: instructions to identify these links are included. If a soft Wen wrote enough to attract, resulting in a large number of outlets, can bring good correlation domain for the site, which can improve the site weight and ranking.


in general can be divided into three categories: pure text outside the chain, with super chain URL outside the chain, the anchor text chain. The general site has the URL of the website will be love Shanghai included, but these chain’s effect is different.

love this year Shanghai issued a green algorithm, this algorithm has cracked down on the soft link and signature links, so we do when these links should pay attention to relevance and usefulness, otherwise it will become the object of love against Shanghai.

with super chain URL chain can directly click to enter the URL link, this link is relatively pure text links is very good. Put in the soft can not only improve your weight, but also bring traffic to the site. Use this link to the site conversion rate is also considerable.

1, pure text outside the chain

correlation, the correlation of correlation here is not confined to the theme of the site, in a comprehensive forum and we can find.

anchor text link refers to hyperlinks with keyword. This is a lot to do good keywords ranking. But it is not easy to do the anchor text, many forums can be released now, anchor text links, said to the webmaster to cherish resource on your hand gently, don’t be a title.

in the chain in the form of content is to be extensive, correlation. We are most familiar with the webmaster is webmaster forum, want some weight high webmaster forums, like A5, Shanghai dragon why, a push, the webmaster found every day, hair post, posts are very easy to be included. If we do is the webmaster site, so there is no problem, so the high weight of the chain can bring weight transfer website ranking, but if we do other products, so it is easy to be considered cheating love Shanghai.

2, URL

two, released the chain need to pay attention to the problem of

webmaster every day and send the chain, every 50, 100 or more. But there are many webmaster know foreign chain really. Do Shanghai dragon industry there for two years, in the usual course of the hair of the chain also do some summing up, hope to help the webmaster.

3, the anchor text link

From the master at the firm dunk Sakuragi Shanghai dragon heart practitioners

, a cherry without any confidence according to. Read the "master" dunk that Sakuragi is a rookie, a most dishes. In addition to the body is nothing. Is a rebellious boy this day is howling "I’m a genius", who are not as good as their own, anything can do better than others! This self-confidence, I until now no can want to understand. Why could he is really a genius. Speaking of which, focus on the ready – Shanghai dragon is the most important thing is the overweening self-confidence, self-confidence, self. We have a lot of so-called novice rookie, including the author himself every day, ask others what to do in Shanghai Longfeng, how to become a master, right now, I want to start and so on. I think its so asked, rather than point to their own confidence, not in the hands of business, not too high to be reached. Apply the sentences celebrity words is, as long as there is confidence, perseverance will prevail! The optimization work of the trust their own ability, can optimize the site. I can be stationmaster often said, regardless of oneself.

three, learning and thinking. Sakuragi can become a basketball genius in a very short period of time, and his learning and thinking are inseparable, remember him learning to dunk Haruko? Learning layup to Rukawa Kaede for the penalty? Think? His basketball for learning at any time. Here, I want to say is: Shanghai dragon learning is the webmaster must do. Every hour and moment in the network.


two, execution and patience. In basketball is not so beautiful, will start from zero. The question is, how could such a confession of genius Sakuragi insults from scratch, especially in the face of "lover" and "rival" fine son of Rukawa Kaede. But he did it, time of solid repeated dribble and pass one month in the corner of the practice. In spite of hate, but seriously do, the execution and the patience and confidence as his firm. When it comes to this, but also said another important point of Optimization — Shanghai dragon is the value of the execution and patience. Shanghai, most of the time is a tedious process, can not stand is the key for the webmaster, after all, there are so many webmaster complaining Shanghai dragon becomes stale and boring. Who can I walk a step, who one step closer to success. Persevere is the ancients said, but many people do not much, the webmaster should do.

these days again hooked on "dunk master", good-looking! Love, unyielding A fighting spirit soars aloft. character and temperament, which is reflected in the protagonist Yingmuhuadao body the most eye-catching. In his basketball career, did not consciously think of the work of Shanghai Longfeng way. "Do you love basketball?" just because Haruko’s words, the birth of a legendary basketball player. I just because "as a web editor is to do the promotion Oh", unexpectedly straight as a male Shanghai dragon Er, from the beginning of the long Shanghai Longfeng road optimization. The author will talk about is how the firm at Sakuragi’s heart in Shanghai dragon.

Analysis of foreign trade website how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

The design of

second, the choice of keywords and distribution optimization

search engine for the foreign trade site is better than other types of sites, especially in the speed of the above, I suggest that you can choose a foreign server, because the type of foreign trade website customers relatively some more foreigners, naturally foreign in this regard host advantage is obviously a lot, and can improve the user experience, so if you want to do, do it the best foreign trade website is to choose the foreign host.

first, clear theme, seize the customer

with the deficit China and world trade, China many aspiring webmaster friends began to enter into the network trade in this industry, because of significant opportunities in the China trade website industry relative to other industries to other countries, after all, foreign websites are doing very hot, but in China relatively is still relatively deserted, so we can do Chinese foreign trade website leader, of course, many owners also face don’t know how to do foreign trade website optimization Shanghai dragon, so today I will discuss with you and share some experience.

Keywords There is

third, the server speed must be fast

fourth, the foreign trade domain

is a key point for a site can be said that the internal site content is around these keywords to write and publish, so you do what the contents of the product must choose good keywords of this kind of product and to stand in the user’s perspective to design the key words, but also to to view these keywords to query whether hot enough to use some tools, do not choose keywords too low, this is a foreign trade website the most taboo, we must pay attention to.

believes that make friends all know that the site started matter, also in Shanghai, which is also the premise of Longfeng optimization based, because we all know, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization to improve site traffic, and then further to flow into the order (or profit), so at this point we must be clear about the subject, what is their own doing, this is very important. Then through the characteristics of some products, such as pictures to seize the hearts of customers, only in this way can we improve the site conversion rate.

when doing foreign trade website, a good domain name is very important, of course, the domain name is not to be the case, after all, this type of keywords have been registered. In this.

in the optimization of keywords in the title, the best content of smooth words, but must not pile up, and may be performed by some prominent keyword tags, and that can do some keyword anchor text links to related content in the article page, this method is widely used in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the effect is very obvious.

How do Zhang Wei blog a week to be included

this screenshot shows the love for the first time to Shanghai time snapshot of this blog and love Shanghai, Google, included soso. Next, Zhang Wei talk which is what reason, what have you done work.


this screenshot shows the site for the record by the time of June 26, 2012, the day before the normal visit.

D, platform resources. {after built at the same time in the blog, Sina blog, love Shanghai space, A5 station network, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why platform in the application of blog, and then update the space often, in order to get love in Shanghai included the point, when love in Shanghai after these articles included, just in time for the end of June, that is by the time domain name for the record. }

is 2 more than the workload and tasks of the ten day, the four step is to speed up the blog included does have effect, the next 6 days, what did Zhang Wei do?

from the blog to start the day, to be loved in Shanghai included, only 6 days, put screenshots, to show the truth:

B, update the article. This ten day domain name cannot be enabled, can only be accessed by a temporary domain. But don’t have to wait for the domain name enabled to update the content, Zhang Wei every day to update the 1-2 article, the article is the original, and try to make the search engine that is the original, this process is not easy, but we must insist, Zhang Wei blog itself is a record of the original blog. }

1, Zhang Wei blog is built in June 15th, the same day to civilink record, in June 26 by filing, within ten days, to do two things:

Zhang Wei

a, the station optimization. {in the station can optimize the local basic processing was done, in the following aspects: 1, seriously pondering the page title keyword, determine the core keywords; 2, in the proper position of a part of code add title= "* * * *"; 3, Add URL map and robot.txt file; 4, in each page to add the latest articles and popular a list of articles; 5, add love and love to share Shanghai Shanghai statistics code}


C, looking for friends of the chain. Here is a special case of {new friends, because Zhang Wei had boost network, pr=2, basically reach the second, so these two website link. Find another 3 PR for 2 friends this is the website link, with small site resources, so want to say, usually need to accumulate contacts and web resources. }

a, update the article, study keywords and long tail keywords. {give yourself the columns of the title and the title for the crucial lexicon, mainly to the long tail, is good in the establishment of columns and when writing, can try to tit>

Adaptive search will be launched on

, for example, if I see a new carpet in the market, then I am in the search on the search engine revolves around such as "new" carpet carpet "buy" and "carpet", when I use the search engine to search other information, my search results will show some of the most recent the carpet and related information. Adaptive search is based on the idea of evolution.

brand may also be innocence. According to the user’s search records provide a unique page may result when the relevant information of users to search for the brand, the results can not be displayed. To the example above me, if I had to search the word "Armstrong" is to study the moon, then if I want to find the relevant brand floor, when I enter the keywords, it would not have the relevant information of the brand.

search engine is of vital importance in the key is whether they can provide the user friendly experience. The desired user is the search engine can give them an intuitive feeling. Bing is similar to create a different page for each user. This means that individual users will have their own unique individual choice. This also means that the search engine of the collected data and behavior are distorted. The search engine will be further away from the expectations of the "pull" stage (which allows users to tell the search engines what they want), further to "push" state (i.e. they should tell the user how to find). Will be in the understanding of the purpose of consumers may be due to a user search stage make the wrong assumptions tilt.

in addition, ordinary people may not know his search results for him personally tailored, he would think that he will see the results and see is the same. Because the user does not have to get all the options and information and they do not know if this page is made for them, so some people think that this will be in the thinking process and ideology to mislead consumers, instead of helping them find complete information right.

adaptive search behind the concept is the use of the user’s search records to create a smarter search results. For example, I want to do a lot of research on the moon, then I will be in the search for the keyword "Armstrong", most people may search for "Armstrong" this brand of products, but in front of my results would be about Armstrong landing information.

said last week will be adding a new function in their algorithm, which is called "adaptive shrinkage ranking algorithm". In the past two years, Google and Bing have made adjustments to the search results for individual users more humane in their ranking code. Adaptive search behind the idea is to use search history to provide a more intuitive and consistent with the needs of the user.

unique users provide unique results of Shanghai Longfeng Er sounds could be a nightmare, but it is not. The final search results of search engine will consider that a high.

Discussion how to improve the brand keywords heat

is the boss or tuiguangyuan will cluster industry keywords to get ranked, arguably should be made in order to obtain the keywords ranking industry cluster flow, but the secondary index, the most important thing is your brand keywords is the most important, we look at the key words on the billboard heat or why never see industry keywords on the list, because the industry keywords does not produce heat, as long as the brand keywords will produce heat, in the search engine industry is not calculated in the inside of the key words.

in the promotion of the time every day and not thinking about the website ranking in the industry, want to let users click in order, that is not the development of enterprises in the Internet, this is a misunderstanding, you need to put the brand promotion Keywords appear. Let the brand to produce heat will get more users to browse your business, or even actively search for your business.

for the enterprise a brand keywords heat is a company’s brand, many enterprises brands are popular keywords, can be said that there is no one to pay attention to what, why, is because in the promotion of don’t do brand keywords, keyword is hot see you do, some business owners do manufacturing, told him about the promotion, he said the industry is a popular industry, it is a popular keywords, few people pay attention to the nature. In fact, this is a wrong way of thinking, not a brand keywords in the search engine out determines that it is a popular keyword. As long as someone let the popular keywords generate data will have to search, if you have no information, then people will find such answers, not to mention the keywords will produce heat. Say something, you do it for your professional know, the problem is that the user is not this knowledge, users do not understand so to find it, you need to let the user know that the user will go to search.

, the company’s brand image

website is updated daily inconvenience, the change is to send B2B not every day, or go to send advertising messages, because advertising messages you send, let people hate, but does not produce brand keywords heat, so no >

would like to use the Internet to build the brand, we must first take the brand keywords heat up, if your own brands are not heat, even if you use text or other promotion to tell the user, whenever the user search your brand keywords when not what data, then to the user’s first impression is your brand department at but, no trust. The brand is like a person’s reputation, only your name people everywhere, so there will be influence. The same is true in the corporate brand keywords, as long as the website reflects a lot of attention heat will show the company’s brand image.

Keywords heat

error of



industry keywords and brand keywords

method to improve the popularity of a brandThe

Five key points of B2C mall website.

, a catalogue of design

(1), catalogue clear: horizontal and vertical navigation, navigation, to distinguish between horizontal navigation as the main theme, the main products classification of vertical navigation.

(4) and the correlation between the priority list display users, improve the user experience.

(1) and no path search page, page processing, landing pages and the registration page are required for robots shielding.

(product catalog navigation: vertical navigation)

(1) at the bottom of this optimization: add a list of recommended products and add to cart button.

Taobao mall to meet the needs of users, the Jingdong mall to meet the people’s needs, jumei贵族宝贝 cosmetics online shopping mall group purchase by the transformation, this series of events show that B2C mall is the trend of electronic commerce. However, how to create their own online shopping mall in our small entrepreneurial team? Do the mall in addition to need financial support, the need for hardware support, how to optimize the site of the province is one of the e-commerce companies should focus on the things to consider. Happy horse do B2C mall site optimization is difficult, the difficulty lies in the mall of Shanghai Longfeng factors need to be considered by more and more. As the Shanghai dragon head, happy horse at work summed up the B2C mall site to do the five key points of Shanghai dragon. Do these five points to optimize the mall, improve website user experience, enhance the site will play a great role in promoting transformation.

(2): add sidebar list optimization with high correlation recommendation list

(functional navigation – horizontal navigation)

(2) > bread

do five key points mall website station optimization is the catalog directory design


Here we look at the Jingdong

(3) recommended list of text is not easy to exceed the "overall character of 30%


mall site navigation and horizontal vertical navigation design.

three, ZhengZhan path optimization

observation of the mall site, regardless of class or class, or vertical or. In the careful classification, good keywords, good product structure. Happy horse do B2C mall website, the horizontal and vertical navigation navigation navigation design in the design is very important.

two, the recommendation list design and layout

(3), classification directory must be combined with the theme and product classification.

(2), the classification directory must contain the keywords! Contains keywords to allow customers to more precise positioning, find customer needs.

5 factors to tell you what is the user experience


1. website loading speed

needless to say what, who is not willing to take a longer time to wait for a haven’t visited websites. This is the first step that the user experience, then this factor told us owners in the choice of the space, we must consider the long-term, not in order to save a little money, but in the fall, not worth it.

what is the user experience of the website? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is explained: the user experience is that a user visits a website to the website user experience effect, want to see whether the content and give the user some valuable content. There are two points in this sentence: users want to see content and gives the user a valuable content. So when we fill the site’s content is from the two aspects to do. Now you still feel the chain daily daily, the pseudo original of no great importance can give your website much improved user experience? What’s more, some owners are not to write the pseudo original.

who love to see beauty, there is no exception for the website, not to mention people are fatigued, if your website can make the users in the eyes of a bright, presumably he is half will forget, if your website can not attract attention, perhaps competitors ran in front of you go! So this factor tell the webmaster, in the design of the page should pay attention to the background color, text color, and even the layout and so on. In the design of the beautiful at the same time, do good visual psychological habits, is also essential.

to add the user to read an article, I feel very useful on their own, this time to see you at the end of this article we introduced a related article, so as long as he does not.

user experience is vital to the user experience, Never mind with those of the chain method, a long and minute statement text writing, so the user experience which contains "feel"? Here we list the 5 important factors.


as everyone knows, a website is the need of management and optimization. Orderly management can make the operation and development of the site is stable, effective optimization can improve the user experience of the website, to get more people’s attention, to achieve better profitability of capital. Recently, the major search engines, especially love Shanghai constantly updated algorithm and emphasis on the user experience, a lot of people have been published on how to enhance the user experience and other topics. However, over the concept of the Internet, to enhance the user experience of the road is still a long way to go.

we have done for Shanghai dragon people, the user is our god. As if I were to open massage parlors, the customer come massage is worse than being dead. Then, who would dare to? On the Internet, do a good user experience cannot survive. Don’t blindly to ranking, ignoring the original purpose of Shanghai dragon.

3. dead links and links

2. site of the beautiful degree of

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five, on the promotion of advertising on sh419, GG included influential. This is crucial for small webmaster, traffic would have little need to sh419 shlf1314 and sh419 included increased traffic, GG has recommended advertising plan, and sh419 boss rush to eat, against the boss of sh419, I think, a good day you stand out, so that the effect of alliance is greedy do billing cheap to pick up sesame lost watermelon.

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Apply for shlf1314 Adsense money making guidelinesThe new board outlet everything is money

      are you above ADsense, you can earn advertising dollars, much of the day can be thousands, there are a few dollars, this is a good thing, but when you do Goolge AdSense some criteria must be observed, or how much money you earn is the following is good, others see the wise remark of an experienced person there is no harm!


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      6; each other must die.

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investment guru Buffett once said a word, when others are fearful, we must be greedy, when others are greedy, we must fear. In the past, we are not optimistic about the new three board, because the stock market to 5000 points, the new three board market index also reached 2000 points, this time the market is a fanatical. In such a case, the frenzy could not last, when the market was clearly over foaming and sooner or later faced the risk of collapse.

      5; if you want to sign up for several accounts without ordering several ads, first clean all the temporary files and cookie of all browsers on the machine, and change the IP completely.

      10; shlf1314; if you want K, it’s never cheating. shlf1314 cares only if the results are good and doesn’t care if you cheat.


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in the past year, the new board listed company became a lot of pain, many entrepreneurs complain that the new board did not melt into the money, the operating cost is also very high, the cost is more and more big, more and more difficult to operate, many entrepreneurs do not know how to do it. In this new three board facing the freezing point of the year, entrepreneurs should choose to seize the opportunity or give up?

new three board and equity incentive

      4; keep the machine clean; don’t click on any shlf1314 ad.

this year, we see a trend: the China three new board business has become increasingly large, China capital market a noticeable effective strength. According to statistics, as of October 25th, the total of 9273 new board listed company reached 1, the number is expected to break through 10000. However, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises on this road, but not every enterprise can take it well.

new three star enterprise more and more, many enterprises quickly boarded the innovation layer, the rapid growth in the capital market, blockbuster. But the liquidity problem is still the new three lingering nightmare, especially for the poor performance of some of the problems or the enterprise, always feel that there is no confidence, don’t know whether we should grasp this opportunity.

, hold on or give up,

but now we can see that after the stock market crash and the adjustment of a year and a half, the new board is now too cold, cold to 80% of the shares are not No one shows any interest in, the volume of transactions, in this case, the new board has become a value of depression, the average price earnings ratio is only two, thirty times the average price earnings even some of the company’s ratio is only twenty times. At this time the new three board market is still quite investment value. We can see it in the second half of this year, the top-level design of the capital market in our country, repeatedly mentioned the role and function of the new board, including how to leverage in the small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the financing difficulties of the middle process, the new board as a direct channel of equity financing, has begun to play a more and more so, a good way to play the small and medium-sized enterprise upgrading and transformation, so we believe that the new board is being abandoned over. Now, with the construction of the system in our country, especially the change of the new board itself, with a new chairman and general manager, then the new board may have a series of policies combined to launch soon, will usher in a new situation.

      some principles of shlf1314 Adsense products;


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then new three board for once?

      9; income rose too fast to die.

      3; do not attempt to log in to multiple accounts on the same machine. The body in the field of webmaster, want to see the data when you bear with it, don’t use webmaster friends machine login, even carefully. It is recommended to use the report function to send the revenue of multiple accounts to the designated mailbox every day.

Count the key details of how Taobao customers make moneyMobile Internet era, how to upgrade the tran

O2O: now, O2O model is very suitable for small and medium-sized website development in the mobile Internet platform, small and medium-sized site is mostly local station, according to local people understand, can be combined with their own advantages, the introduction of local service platform, from food delicacy >


Qingdao SEO in Amoy also a year more time, this year also summed up some experience, personal feeling good in the promotion at the same time there are some other details need attention, especially the novice friends, just enter this line, a long time not to earn money should seek to find a cause, see I summarize the following points if you noticed.

, chairman and CEO of Innovation workshop, said in 2012: "2012 is the first universal year of mobile Internet, and also the transition year for core users in.". In his words, I think, not without reason, in 2012, with the decline in the use of intelligent mobile phone, the crowd began to expand, including students, migrant workers, blue collar, ordinary people have gradually the use of intelligent mobile phone. Mobile Internet with the popularity of smart phones, but also gradually toward the mass era.

mobile Internet is different from the traditional Internet model, the traditional Internet is based on the Internet model of PC, the mobile Internet has its own unique — mobile. Seize the mobile features, webmasters can combine their strengths to continue to extend, you can also use the mobile Internet platform, so that their website successfully transformed.

2, Taobao customers don’t look at the specific number of background product promotion transactions, how much is to look at the average number of transactions each product of the Commission, and whether the sellers set the rate of commission agreement. I think this is important, many novice and veteran will often make a little attention, promotion of such products, and finally found the turnover Commission is much less. For example, a freckle products sales price is 160 yuan, the Commission is set to 40%, the equivalent of each product about commission is 64 yuan according to Taobao membership grades, the Commission on may have a little different, but very small, negligible, promotion of the number 200, shows the total expenditure of the Commission is more than 6000 yuan, see the promotion of quite a lot of Amoy friends, but the Commission is 40% not too low, and then promote it, but you see the total commission? According to the actual calculation of 200 products × 64 yuan per piece =128000 yuan total Commission, why he always the Commission is only 6000 yuan? The most Commission where the actual one is? We found that buyers may give the seller a discount when purchasing products, or sell.


in May this year, the global mobile Internet Conference, Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng in the mobile internet conference said: Tencent only got the mobile internet ticket for standing room. We know that the Tencent for the popularization of Tencent users, mobile Internet should occupy an important part, why Ma Huateng speaks Tencent only got the mobile internet ticket for standing room? He said, is not really the only get a platform ticket? We can only guess. However, in the mobile Internet this big ship, our small and medium-sized webmaster can grasp the opportunity to upgrade,

APP: with the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone, APP login mobile Internet as the most convenient way to hold the entrance of mobile internet. Now this kind of software is favored by more and more people. In the absence of a large amount of funds, the mobile APP website is a good choice for the development of small and medium-sized websites.

if this is a Wangzhuan era, as it is the popular Taobao off the Taobao era, customers this year really can use Han Qiaosheng’s words "Thunderbolt" classic lines to describe the. A lot of people from the Taobao business, Taobao from the guest family, through the Taobao off day to earn one hundred yuan, thousand yuan is not a few, even the Qingdao SEO Taobao customers when this part-time can earn hundreds of yuan, of course, not every day this month, earn two thousand or three thousand or no problem, personal feeling is more satisfied. So, those full-time do Taobao customers as can be imagined, certainly more than I earn more. There is so much interest to, who can not be tempted? Naturally, let more people to engage in the occupation of the guest of Taobao, Taobao has become a leader in the guest Wangzhuan project will be not at all surprising.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said: 2013 will be a year of rapid development of mobile Internet, especially now with the thousands of smart mobile phone penetration opportunities, mobile Internet has also ushered in a good development space. Here, I will become a mobile Internet metaphor ship will sail the ship, but the ship of the mobile internet ticket, our small and medium-sized site’s webmaster can get? In the mobile Internet era, how to grasp the opportunity to upgrade the webmaster

said above, our small and medium-sized webmaster can combine their own advantages of the site, with the mobile Internet to extend the development of the field of operation. Here, A5 admin5 editors think the following two directions are better: the first is the APP direction, and the second is the O2O mode.

1, Taobao customers don’t just look at the commission percentage of sellers set here mainly refers to the high commission to do single product promotion of Tao guest, many guest background in the League when searching for products only at the Commission is between 30%-50%, while ignoring the price of the product itself. Single product promotion is generally relatively large profit margins, we choose single product promotion and do API promotion, because API 10 turnover may be less than a single product transaction we earn more, so here follow a principle, do not choose single product promotion of less than 100 yuan of products, products the price of natural high commission is also higher.