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Hello everyone, today I want to say is about personal webmaster Wangzhuan. Because the Internet has been gradually integrated into our lives. More and more people are entering the field of the Internet, so there are more and more opportunities. The potential of the Internet is infinite, to tell the truth to make money here, although many methods, but I know a lot of people did not really make money on the Internet, most of them have very hard, so why didn’t they earn? This is mainly because many bad people want to make money you use this mentality set many traps to let a lot of people are not real money, although we have very hard, I am a rural 90 webmaster, do 4 years of website. At first, I was interested in researching and doing web sites. Later I found the site to make money I began to do all kinds of Wangzhuan, I am the rural poor family I am interested in making money certainly, I began to search for a variety of ways to make money website. To tell the truth I cheated many times, many times when I was found a way to make money and not to earn money, I will put my harvest to share, especially has not made money novice friends must pay attention to personal webmaster. I’m talking about websites that aren’t e-commerce and charging services, which are small personal stations that offer free services and rely on advertising revenue.

my previous websites all relied on advertising revenue, and the alliance that I really made money mainly has ALIMAMA, shlf1314, sh419 alliance. I have also joined many different leagues, and although they have income, they have never been able to meet the minimum payment. Because small websites are not easy to support, so most of the individual Adsense rely on various advertising alliances. Some advertising unions don’t speak good faith. At first, your income may soar quickly, but the closer you pay to the minimum, the slower. Although many alliances say they don’t promise, they do not do much. You are more careful, you will find that their advertising is their own stations, or their own money making projects, so that we desperately for them to promote or make money. Perhaps you will see the League home page published every day, for example, Xiao Zhang income 100 has been paid, Wang income 150 has been paid, please pay attention to check…… These are mostly cheating on us, not all of them. They want us to feel they can really make money there. Small advertising I recommend the best not to go, although some can really go to which are not easy to trap and a lot, do our best to do some big high reputation of the alliance, at least we will not be a daydream.

search engine is really a good thing, not only to create value for yourself, but also to bring profits to others. sh419, good, shlf1314, good, YAHOO, good, and most importantly, the nano calcium carbonate network can go on well,

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can receive at least 3 consulting phones a day, 6, 7 IP enterprise websites, and what is the value of such a website?

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there is some sites to see an hour easily earn 100 such information we generally don’t believe, often browsing various websites we will find that these ads will only appear in a small site, my experience is that most is a lie.

new station, 20 days by sh419 included at the same time, related keywords have, very good ranking. From that day on, the site has become unmanageable, receiving calls, and even orders, every day. Because of my limited level of business, so many telephone calls have not really become orders, it is indeed a pity.

nano calcium carbonate industry is a relatively unpopular industry, the search volume is very small sh419 index temporarily no data. Perhaps because this is a relatively small field, the quality of its IP is very high. It’s easy to imagine that the word "calcium carbonate" would be searched by ordinary people,

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Electricity supplier research the same sex social networking site Fab electricity supplier Transform


Fab landing after the home page, feed function, instant push website information.


Fab landing home


enters a list of products after selecting a style or category on the home page. The list page is accompanied by a designer who indicates discounts and trading times for each item. "Business is a new research" Sina Technology Introduction of foreign electricity supplier website column, hopes to introduce some new products, business model and creative, to the domestic electricity supplier industry and related entrepreneurs bring reference.

talks about the design of fab.com, a flash buying site based in New York, Fab, and can not help mentioning the predecessor of its gay social networking site. Of course, the transition of Fab doing flash shopping website after the performance is also remarkable: 5 months on the line, the number of users exceeded 1 million, 12 days sales of $600 thousand; $48 million completed two rounds of financing in less than 5 months, the two major investors with investment.

Fab transformation has not been bound by existing product ideas, and in the field of competition in the electricity supplier successfully found a breakdown point: there are always willing to pay for the design.

previous life: male social network

Fab, formerly known as the gay social networking site, Fabulis, was launched online in April 2010. Despite its clear positioning, Fabulis failed to succeed. At the beginning of 2011, Fabulis joined in the review and group buying business, but there seemed to be no response.

Fab founder Jansen ·, Goldberg (Jason Goldberg) said, when the Fabulis is like Yelp and Grounpon gay version. On February 20, 2011, Goldberg and another founder of Bradford – Sher Hammer (Bradford Shellhammer) finally admitted that Fabulis mode failure, determined transformation thinking.

from the failure of Fabulis, Goldberg and Sher Hammer summed up the focus on doing a good lesson. In their view, Fabulis wants to do both gay social networking, but also want to do electricity providers, is committed "not focused" taboo. In addition, the two founders discovered that they had been doing a social product over and over again, and this time they were going to make a business model".

only a week later, the Fabulis transformation, the design oriented flash purchase site, was approved by the board, and Fabulis was replaced by Fab. In order to support the transformation of individual Fab after Goldberg invested $250 thousand.


What are the common bottlenecks in website operations

indeed, with the development of the Internet, website construction technology progress, now even do not understand any website technology white can successfully build a website of their own platform, so that the site is now more and more appear in the Internet, naturally required operators are more and more, and the website more and more, but also lead to specialist in encounter various problems in the operating process, a lot of bottleneck, so, what are the specific to the construction sites in Tianjin – the rate of scientific and technological small details for you slowly.

one, traffic

The change of

basically all Specialist Web site operators are more inclined to site traffic, but with web site development to a certain stage, the flow is stopped, then a lot of operation webmaster would be confused, began to consider how to break through the website traffic? Some webmaster operation as soon as possible in order to enhance the website traffic, even think some cheating methods, such as: the purchase link, with a link to a page and so on, which may lead to the site shut down.

: Tianjin construction site – the rate of science and technology small or feel, when the traffic bottleneck site operation is the most should do is to ask yourself, do not do, do a good job? Because only increase website traffic or Alexa rankings, the PR value is not healthy, should study the long tail theory, avoid too much garbage flows.

two, location

The positioning of the

website is a problem that many enterprises will encounter at the beginning of their construction, and also the most common problems in many enterprises. Many enterprises are busy building sites, so there is no excessive attention to the site positioning, because of the vague positioning of the site, it will force the site again and again revision, eventually lost. However, many webmaster website operators with the new field of love, will stick to it, especially with the special mining research and website on the target user’s profit point, will gradually unravel the direction of the website development problem.

suggests using creative thinking to break through stereotypes. When you’re having trouble solving a problem – that is, when you’ve used the skills you used to succeed – use it anyway – try a more creative way of thinking. When you’re troubled, you’re like a hound trying to dig deep in one place. You may actually try to dig another hole in another place right now.

three, promotion

when the site built just on the line, most of the specialist are anxious will promote out of your own webmaster, you want to earn more attention and exposure, eager to attract more potential users, but the effect is not obvious, a short period of time have no way to find the effective way of promotion. You know, there are many ways to promote the Internet, not every promotion is used for every enterprise, and some suitable for search engine marketing, and some suitable for

Is Hao greatly fragrant chicken process introduction

crisp chicken is one of people’s consumption of people now, chicken market is increasing year by year, caused many investors to join, join the brand chicken small series here for your special recommendation is Hao greatly fragrant chicken. The first step is to join the Hao greatly fragrant chicken, Xiaobian to introduce you with specific Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined the process.

is Hao greatly fragrant chicken joined the process is as follows:

first, join consulting

1, message for Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined the data, a preliminary understanding of Howard greatly fragrant chicken business philosophy.

2, through questions and answers to questions.

two, intention location

is Hao greatly fragrant chicken how to join? On Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined after a detailed understanding of the details of the cooperation, can be targeted for investigation of Taiwan snack food market, the rational analysis of the local market, multi location.

three, join the application

initially find a location, this is Hao greatly fragrant chicken franchise application.

four, join negotiations

headquarters audit application, reached a preliminary cooperation intention to determine the franchise.

six, signed a contract

can determine the location in the franchisee and the headquarters signed a cooperation contract, (signed into signing to the headquarters in Shanghai) to pay training fees, annual management fees and raw materials in advance payment, after the commencement of the contract, which entered the preparatory stage shop, headquarters departments will follow up follow-up storefront preparatory work.

seven, store design

To ensure the

is greatly fragrant chicken Hao corporate image, unified business style specification, store hall and outdoor advertising signs, should be collaborative design headquarters.

eight, recruitment

15 days before the completion of the decoration in order to put up posters, newspaper ads or TV subtitles in the form of managers, clerks and other staff recruitment.

nine, apply for license

in the local authorities to apply for business license, tax registration, at the same time for fire, urban management, health, labor insurance and other related procedures.

Opening a restaurant requires attention to site selection and pricing skills

hunger breeds discontentment, so we all believe that food and beverage industry without the market, the restaurant has become a lot of friends have some idea. However, it is not an easy thing to open a profitable restaurant. Open restaurant need to pay attention to site selection and pricing skills, here is to introduce you to open restaurant location and pricing skills.

right and visionary location

The use of

special offer clever promotion


related recommendations

Locksmith shop what to do


Doors are unbolted at night. in the current society, it is too dangerous to go out a lock, door lock, which has become a very common thing in the current. Because of the market demand for various locks, therefore, will undoubtedly have a locksmith shop related conditions. However, it is necessary to do more work to do business success. Then, the locksmith shop to do?

1, a qualified locksmith, is about to sit, first, to South range (or sitting in front of the West), no pillars, trees and other objects affect vision, in front of the store is the best road dual carriageway, from the door to the vehicle line more than 8 meters, the shop no step. Such a position is hard to find.

2, the store in the spacious and bright, walking outside to observed indoor conditions, the plaque is not too big, but should be simple and clear, prominent is the lock, or Key Duplication Service, entered the store to have flowers, birds, fish (bonsai) foil. So that customers will not be embarrassed, while trimming watch. Time will tell you, next time.

3, the store display is complete, of course is from the lock: (1, a collection of ancient, old lock; you have taken 2, special machine equipment, clean and neat, the table; 3 key blanks; hanging plate placed, divided into 3 groups (1, 2, ordinary civilian, special domestic; automobile, motorcycle; 3, imported cars). About 400 key.

4, operating table 2-3 meters, above a layer of plastic mat. 80CM high, 45CM wide, the tools used, 3 inch 2.5 inch, 2-3 a vise (gadgets do not have to say). This has a good working environment, in order to work.

5, clerk. A perfect assistant is at least as good as a director! Honest, generous. Master to be conscientious, willing to give the fine technology to the apprentice, apprentice patience, never proud. Confidentiality is the ultimate goal of every employee.

6, service. Business people say: thoughtful service, courtesy hospitality. Understand the customer’s psychology is a clerk of the first learning content, regardless of the customer turnover, or no deal should be treated. Do not limit the customer in and out of the store, the customer in your store spending 5 yuan and $500 is the same treatment, the user will not be careless to unlock, careful questioning, registration, safety first.

7, equipment. Determine your ability to purchase equipment:

(1) initial investment. Each locksmith first step of investment is very important, now the domestic market top equipment for the best of Zhang Yuanwen, BW – 283 type AC-DC dual-use machine is a key in electricity or no electricity can use ordinary machine. Market price of about 900, with its ordinary key can do; BW – 33>







”项目即将开启我们的眼睛,事实上,我们比我们想象的都更紧密,”MaryBeth Lauro说,该发言人。“很多人惊讶地看到,他们的根在一个地区最初承认的偏见。





鸟瞰两架飞机在停机坪上。Stephan Zirwes / Getty图像







夫妇等待行李在行李认领。Thomas Barwick / Getty图像



How to bargain – a of customers

for customers, as long as things will certainly buy a counter-offer, but for the owners, a lot of goods prices have been very cheap, the customer is still bargaining, people are very disgusted. However, if you can not be a scientific decline in customer counter-offer, I’m afraid it will lose more customers. So, how to decline the customer’s counter-offer?

for US retailers, in the daily operation of every hue will meet customers, the customers love to bargain because as a no lack of such people, buyers, everyone wants to buy the lowest price to the most suitable products, this is as unalterable principles. However, in the face of customer bargaining, different retailers have different ways to reject the counter-offer, of course, the results vary widely.

I think, thanks to a counter-offer is a science, otherwise, once our way too direct, or even rude, then we will lose more than a deal, but the customer trust, and store reputation, of course, will bring unfavorable influence to our marketing. Therefore, in the face of customer bargaining we must strengthen study, ponder the customer psychology, care, sincere sincere, polite refusal, refusal, reject science.

is to learn to politely refuse. As the saying goes, many people do not blame, is the importance of politeness. For our operators, courtesy is particularly important. Civilized, polite, propriety is our manager at least the occupation moral quality, in the face of customer bargaining, we must learn to use "feel shy, sorry, we can’t bargain here", or "feel shy, sorry, your counter-offer is too much, our price is already the lowest price in the market" so, polite language and smile to answer customers.

let the customer feel our friendly, courteous and accessible, refined and courteous, genuine and sincere service etiquette, must not be placed on the face of the customer said: "this is not bargain, do not buy to go, don’t delay my business!" Such rude language similar to hurt customers, all of a sudden the customer exclusion from thousands of miles away, so in the end, let a customer complaints, it is possible to produce a ten at the end of ten, hundred, no adverse effects, but also damage the business operators of our image, affect the long-term business.

two is to learn to reject science. In fact, for the customer’s bargaining, as long as we try to figure out the customer psychology or a scientific method can be solved. For example, if you store business model is the price tag, a sales approach, we may wish to adopt the "shop down counter-offer" sign to remind customers of science even if customers want to have declined to bargain, bargain psychology also feel shy to say.

if your store’s business model is the face of the customer’s bargain

Joy and peace over the Spring Festival warm breastfeeding space

please "blue ticket passenger passenger ticket automatic ticket machines, artificial wicket."

"don’t worry, uncle," I asked the little red hat to help carry the luggage."

2016 Spring Festival railway entered the eleventh day of February 3rd 9 in the morning, the reporters follow the footsteps of spring force to enter the Xining Railway Station waiting hall, see the "90" Han Rui is passenger who patiently guide passengers on the train ticket.

as a transport hub in the Xining Railway Station passenger travel peak, even the day to carry bags of migrant workers, carrying a shoulder bag, the student passenger hand luggage visit passenger shuttle service station crowds, passenger volume has remained at around 18 thousand people every day.

this year, 26 year old Han Rui, Xining Railway Station is a passenger, but also a beautiful Sala girl. During the Spring Festival, she is mainly responsible for the general speed train ticket.


start from 8:40 distribution of the first trip to Chengdu car, to 23 when the last trip to Shanghai car, our class a day to receive 56 trains. Fast to the Spring Festival, the post is particularly busy, we do not even dare to drink more water, afraid to work on the toilet delay." While the ticket clearance, Han Rui said.

‘s son, Mustafa, was born to be a great man. This year only 7 months old, because he is not accustomed to eating milk powder, so has not been weaned. In order to let the Korean heart on duty during the Spring Festival, every day her family will be 17 to 19 in the afternoon, in her free time in the work, the little Mustafa to the station nursing.

"Han Rui, your husband holding little Mustafa to find you." 17 in the afternoon, just the end of the ticket work Han Rui, heard the class passenger Luo Haiting propaganda, trot all the way straight to the great beauty Qinghai service desk.

busy during the Spring Festival, while feeding the child, this time my colleagues are taking care of me. When I go to lactation, the business of the king, Liu Jie, they will help me stare at the post, really appreciate everyone." Han Rui side took the child, told reporters.

just started to leave home to feed the baby, but it will have to spend more than 1 hours, plus breast-feeding time, time is very tight. In order to make her feel at ease, the family decided to hold the child every day to the unit breast-feeding. You see, my son has become a frequent visitor!" Han Rui’s husband Han Shenghua quipped.

during the Spring Festival, considering with the baby’s mother passenger will increase, and this year the Xining Railway Station "80" and "90" passenger who mostly became a mother, in order to lactating mothers and mother passenger workers to create a safe, convenient, warm environment, the Spring Festival this year, the Xining Railway Station in union special make the passenger waiting hall of 3 closed room, set to "lactation space", which is equipped with a baby bed, lockers, small kits, coat racks, water dispensers and other equipment, is also preparing to set up a small bench, mothers can foot in nursing;

Xining public security fire brigade building during the Spring Festival, the city’s fire safety

Spring Festival is approaching, the city’s various celebrations, celebrations and other entertainment business activities are increasing, stream of people, logistics concentration, it is the use of fire, electricity, oil, gas peak

Spring Festival is approaching, the city’s various celebrations, celebrations and other entertainment business activities are increasing, stream of people, logistics concentration, it is the use of fire, electricity, oil, gas peak. To conscientiously implement the spirit of the series of instructions, and do a good job of fire safety work during the Spring Festival, and resolutely prevent and curb serious fire accidents, create a safe holiday good environment for the people of the city, Xining public security fire brigade according to the need of cleaning fires campaign work, careful arrangements in advance, dispatched by "during four initiatives to build a strong spring fire safety" firewall".

  during the Spring Festival, shopping malls, market promotion activities increased, public places of entertainment Business Hours extended, crowded places flow increases, the fire safety management difficulty to increase social units, the fire accident danger. Therefore, the fire brigade quickly put ideas and actions to the municipal government and the Corps of the decision-making arrangements, a comprehensive analysis of the fire safety situation in the city, to find the weak link, through the deployment of cleaning fires campaign work, a comprehensive investigation and rectification, eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that the big fire accident does not occur during the holiday season. At the same time, in the clear requirements of detachment, the brigade quickly formulate feasible fire prevention measures, a solid grasp of the fire safety measures to prevent Qunsiqunshang vicious fire accidents; to recognize the grim situation, the current fire safety by analogy, without slack, through the implementation of fire safety responsibility system, the initiative to the front line, divided responsible for the film, the months of supervision, to carry out inspections, timely solve the problems of fire safety, to ensure the continued improvement in the city’s fire safety situation; fire safety work conscientiously implement the comprehensive management, offer the word offer policy, actively report, implement the responsibility system based on strengthening the role of government staff in upper layer, the formation of joint management situation, and strive to improve the city’s urban and rural fire prevention and control level, to promote the city’s fire socialization process.

business hotel market, and celebrations in public places of entertainment, religious activities and other crowded places as the focus, focus on the implementation of the fire safety zero action "against fire" series of work. The detachment of the brigade stressed the need to strengthen the organization and leadership of inspection operations, develop practical programs of action, focus on examination unit or place of storage or whether illegal fireworks, evacuation routes, safety exit is smooth, whether the fire safety management system implementation conditions; who is in charge, who is responsible for the principle of the the relevant departments should organize the supervision industry centralized investigation and remediation, timely prevention of fire hazards; the brigade to effectively play against fire "main force and vanguard role, crack down on violations of various types of fire in accordance with the law, strengthen cooperation, and urge social units to implement the main responsibility for fire safety, promote the city’s" clear fire "the battle to carry out in depth. In addition, the communication links between the various groups, local government leaders have been carried out in recent days to carry out grassroots units;