The official site optimization techniques

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million a month is not so simple, because do not see a monthly income of 10000 yuan, a see someone sales so well, under orders, many shop sales of Taobao are out of the brush, a day to sell dozens of sets, you look at his sales history, the same person repeated purchase, these.

believe that many friends will rack agency, has its own set of rack website, perhaps many beginners do not care about this website, a lot of people do not get the site to optimize the

first, send this set of official website, certainly has its reasons, some people will say that money to do promotion, do the bidding, are in the advertising for the official, let them better software to sell, this is just part of the reason, the novice can see, at present Taobao software sell good shops, they the website is not Google ranked high, is the love of Shanghai ranked high, if you rely on the train to promote the software that your daily click costs will be a very large amount of money, you may sell a set of software to earn enough money to promote others point out, Ali’s mother, basically what role did not, so few clicks every 1 months, Ali mother invested 200 yuan, may also sell a set of

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some people would say, website promotion, as well as the shop to do the promotion, website promotion is much more difficult than shop promotion, these words are those who don’t Shanghai dragon skills, never do website promotion say, website promotion is really hard to do, really need to invest a lot of money. Today, posted the purpose is to introduce a free site in Shanghai dragon optimization, every day you only need to spend 1 hours to write a soft Wen, the official website to send, rapidly improve the site’s ranking in Google

website traffic, here is a very good green Shanghai Longfeng optimization software Wang, interested friends can Google search into their home page to see Wang Tao, soft power, my site is you can Google search "buy Jie Yitong" "Jie Yitong" best buy "agent Jie Yitong" more than this several keywords ranking is my website natural ranking on the home page, page second page third there are many words such as "Jie Yitong" Jie Yitong agent platform "official" and so on, here to say that, my website was less than 1 months, adhere to the original articles published daily, quoted 1 some other good posts on the Forum on your own website, if there is no effect, the store opened 1 months, sold 3 sets of software based. This is all from search engines, there are 3 customers in the negotiations! Yesterday I opened the train one day, fell 100 yuan, basically no effect! Are malicious click, point in 3 seconds out, here also hope that Taobao can optimize the train, who come in 10 seconds to click on the button for 10 seconds not money! What do you think of software, if you really want to order this software, at least we should look at the

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This can also make money onlineBeginner must know three kinds of network business mode



recently more time, and want to carefully sum up the network, in the end can rely on what things to earn a little money, so opened the sh419.

I’ve been searching for a phrase that I think might be more popular".


take the marketing route, there are two kinds, one is to help others marketing, another kind of own operation website, own marketing. For the first, the difficulty was significantly smaller, after all, no sales pressure, as long as you according to customer requirements, they will need to release the soft, posted a link to engage in place, then we can get a commission for the second, there will be more difficult to clearly, at least to know how a SEO optimization, web site operators understand a little knowledge, also need to know is the promotion of knowledge, can be said to have universal knowledge, so for the beginner who, when go marketing route, should start from the first step, and then continue to operate independently of the


in the results of the emergence of the first few are to promote, I did not see much. I find that the fourth result is not generalized. So I opened it, and I didn’t feel anything after it was opened. So I took a look at the contents. Discovery is an investigation project. Is the air traveler network. As previously seen, and then I click on the link to the air traveler network, looked and found written promotion can make money. Then I looked back and clicked on the link. Discovery is a promotion link. At this time I just feel the intention of this stationmaster.

these two reasons, entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the most important, because only the correct direction, then behind the effort will be rewarding, if you get the right direction, then you no matter how hard it is, and will be more and more far away from the target, so the author combines the current situation of the Internet and to the majority of the Wangzhuan novices, summed up a few will know the business, hope to be able to let the novice webmaster take some detours, the success of

technology roadmap will never become obsolete, of course it needs to beginner we need more knowledge, but also need to keep the spirit, the innovation spirit and the spirit of learning, because the Internet technology always change rapidly, if you can not keep pace with the times, it is also very difficult to succeed, take the SEO optimization. A lot of technology will change with the search engine algorithm, there are many subtle changes, if you are not able to realize the key, there is no way to compete with others, orders will be less and less! But on technical route, the price is quite high, because people will understand the technology demand so, take the technical route, is still an important way of entrepreneurship many Wangzhuan novice

keywords Wangzhuan from the sh419 index data, clearly feel the Wangzhuan attention has been is very high, we can see the picture below

as soon as possible!

search links: sh419/s, wd=%CD%F8%C2%E7%D7%AC%C7%AE&, cl=3,

We view the

this way is now a lot of beginner who preferred business, in reality it’s like we open a store, you only need to know how to deal.


hehe5a$ $is changed to @, recent website has a problem, leave a link to encourage encouragement. Www.54mfs

1: take the technical route

three: take the mall or on behalf of the delivery platform to sell products

, I don’t have to say anything. This is the first time I’ve written this. Just a discovery. Would like to share with you. Hope the webmaster see do not fly into a rage. Sorry to say sorry to you here.

two: take the marketing route

, I’m a newbie. Who would you like to promote?. Although every day to webmaster nets. But there is little to learn. If you are willing to help me, please send me an e-mail.

thus, Wangzhuan popularity is very high, but I understand that now can really through Wangzhuan rarely, build up the family fortunes, grassroots webmaster is scanty, causing this situation, there are two main reasons, one is the grassroots webmaster can not find a suitable way of business, the second is the lack of execution of

Views on how successful personal websites can be made

1, the best to do other people have not done (this is not possible, but can be said to be less done by others. ) but there are potential markets. 2, website access speed is faster, web page display speed is quick. It is better not to do pop-up ads (facts have proved that the monthly income of pop-up ads for personal webmaster is almost meaningless. (don’t tell me about the "NetEase" popups, which is just a temporary fix to attract customers at the beginning of the website alliance. ) because there is no economic value for popups except that they are objectionable.

3, the content should be as fine as possible, at the same time the number can not be too small, otherwise it can not attract repeat customers. It’s best to update 1~2 times a week, and if it can be updated every day, it’s certainly better.

4, there must be a platform that allows visitors to communicate directly with the webmaster, conditional on the site to establish a forum, or apply for a forum on other sites. No conditions, but also had a message book. In addition, you can consider establishing a web site QQ group.

5, about advertising, I don’t think ads on the same page should be placed too much for personal websites with small visits. A page of more than 2 advertising, it is easy to cause user resentment. In particular, some shoddy, no aesthetic advertising is even more so. This is extremely disadvantageous to the development of the website. It is better to use text, news, advertising, less pictures and flash advertising. At the same time, the ad page is best integrated with the page background so that visitors do not feel abrupt. My station is, I’m interested in it.

6, content repetition, although in the current form, the content is completely original, there is no possibility of repetition with other sites almost nonexistent. But it’s important that you have your own content at any rate. Even if you have very little content and just modify the content of someone else, that’s your own content. This is very important, and I hope you will pay attention to it.

7, remote link, because most of the personal web site is adopted by the virtual host (that is, space rental) way to achieve, in general, there will not be very large FTP space, sufficient bandwidth and very high-speed access speed. So it’s bound to cause a lot of music, flash, pictures and so on. This time you need to pay special attention to, many websites have their own anti-theft chain measures (not allowed to link different places, often change links, addresses, etc.). If because of their negligence, resulting in their own off-site links on the site failure, and they do not know, it will cause a lot of customer churn. So we must be cautious in making remote links, not for the sake of convenience to.

8, HTML, picture processing and perfection, now many >

Personal experience on how to let Baidu included

how to let Baidu included? In fact, this problem has been in, old Adsense needless to say, everyone must have everyone’s method. Of course I have my own method, but now it is written in the soft text, we can also refer to the truth. Perhaps some people say I am not kind, but this is the purpose of survival. I can not guarantee that Baidu will be 100 percent included, but it can be said that 90% of the opportunities will be included in the above,


what are the websites now, SEO, I don’t know SEO very well. But generally speaking, you can say four points: first, the head two, the bottom three, structure, four, and even.

today, the main talk is not to say SEO, the site how, Baidu does not include is useless (note here, I rely entirely on Baidu live. It doesn’t rule out that someone is relying on other search engines. Search engines don’t include SEO, right?.

into the theme: how to let Baidu included


actually very simple, home page to see what your station is! If it is enterprise station, I suggest you submit! If it is garbage station, I suggest you better not submit. It seems like many people use free space these days. Free space is a good choice for beginners. It’s important that you choose the right one. Now, many free spaces are liars, but some of them are unstable. Find a stable space.

we don’t submit, there are non submissions, and I’ve read similar articles, but the writing is not very obvious. What about it?. The use of large sites on the network cited, like Webmaster Station opened a spider area, I think this is a bad open area. Why? The reason is simple. The Internet is like this. When a thing is done by many people, the effect is much worse.

wrote here, I believe we should also understand, do not understand, you can leave a message asked.

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Reprint 76 good site experience marketing experience

actually, I saw it somewhere else. So I want to set up a new website in accordance with the high standards, this article is forwarded to the webmaster webmaster can see a piece, a little bit more to our station into the station’s nutrition, ha ha.

recently the college entrance examination before the end, fractional line is also down, no matter how was the exam, the students can finally rest temporarily. Just hope to the end of the entrance of a brother and sister have to relax but do not indulge in the place, trying to get off campus literature like the site, think carefully, in fact, when we each school, which the school outside No 1, 2 place to rent the novel, ha ha, Jin Yong Gu Longqiong Yao is the time to know these masters think, is outside the literature room, is also miss the school scene. School of literature website for the house in strict accordance with the standards, please need friends to focus attention, make suggestions and opinions. Here are the rules.

76 experiential points of experiential marketing on


one, sensory experience: presents the audio-visual experience to the user, emphasizes comfort.

1. design style: meets the target customer’s esthetic custom, and has the good guidance.

Before designing the

website, it is necessary to identify the target audience and analyze the aesthetic preferences of the target customer to determine the overall design style of the site.

2. site LOGO: make sure logo’s space is protected, and make sure the brand is clearly displayed without taking up too much space.

3. page speed: normally, make sure the page is open in 5 seconds. If you are a large portal, you must consider the North South interoperability problem, the necessary stress test.

4. page layout: focused, primary and secondary clear, illustrated. In combination with the marketing goals of an enterprise, place the most sales force information of the target customer’s interest in the most important position.

5. page color: with the brand overall image of unity, the main color + auxiliary color is not more than three colors. Ensure the viewer’s browsing comfort with proper color, brightness, and brightness.

6. animation effects: with the main painting face coordination, open speed, animation effects moderate rhythm, do not interfere with the main picture browsing.

7. page navigation: navigation bars are clear, prominent, and clearly hierarchical.

8. page size: suitable for most browser browsing (15 inch and 17 inch display based).

9. image display: scale coordination, no deformation, clear pictures. The pictures are neither too dense nor too far apart.

10. icons: simple, clear, easy to understand, accurate, unified with the overall style of the page.

11. ad: avoid interference with view, advertising Map >

Want to seize the opportunities to take the initiative to group purchase – Business

era of development so that the traditional fragmented business model began to change, the group began to become more owners want to master the business. However, if you want to seize the opportunity to buy, but also need to take the initiative to attack operators. I think, in order to buy the cake bigger, then we can not keep the retail customers in the store all day long, expect heaven pie, but to take the initiative to go out to find the market.

said the previous "the opportunity is to find out, not to come out, waiting for" never take the group purchase business. I opened the retail store, buy the business to account for more than 30% of the total sales, in some local group of customers inside, or have a certain reputation, many companies are willing to deal with me.

I think, want to seize the group purchase customers, retail customers as you, first of all to do a "ground", legs are not lazy, want to often go out and find the market, whether it is business, yet no business or organization under large orders. There are buy business, you can contact the ground can be timely to collect the demand information, targeted supply of goods.

for those who do not have business dealings through regular exchanges, to deepen the impression, in favor of a cooperation agreement; in addition to mouth, is to the main procurement staff regularly with enterprises and leading phase contact, communication. But buy large orders, and its consumption structure is relatively high, the profit is also very impressive. So as a business operator, do not let go of these rare opportunities to make good use of all available resources, seize the buy order.

according to my sales experience, to the business group purchase seized and will be responsible for personnel matters and some leading group purchase or good relations, for the words above. At this time, you can use the side contacts to matchmaking, if the relationship is in place, they will "sell" a good. In order to contact group purchase emotion, I usually take to go out of the way, when business is busy, I will go to the "bubble" of the group purchase customers, understand their needs and opinions, to enhance the emotional and supply organization.

although some shopkeepers know the importance of the group, but also want to earn this piece of profit, however, many people just want to earn a thought. In fact, for some group purchase business, you have to hold long thought of dealing with them, instead of wild speculations, with "take a walk" idea, but to hold the operating principle of small profits, so as to achieve the purpose of win-win cooperation, the satisfaction of their own profit group purchase object.

Part time entrepreneurship is also a way to get rich

more and more people in this era of entrepreneurship to their own boss, including many office workers, they have ideals, passion, ambition, the heart and some unwilling, because the job, in addition to keep a proper salary, the heart always has a lot of sense of loss, so there will be a more and more part-time entrepreneurs. In order to achieve greater value pursuit. Work and entrepreneurship? This is both a good thing, how to achieve it? Entrepreneurial business magazine to part-time entrepreneurs some suggestions, hoping to give some help to part-time entrepreneurs.

The main factors affecting the sales of baby supplies store

two child policy liberalization, many families have to prepare two treasure. This will bring a new round of maternal and child supplies boom. For the first time to participate in entrepreneurship, how to grasp the daily operating elements of the baby store is very important.

price baby store products


in some baby products franchise store, cotton’s clothing has been more popular, because in the minds of consumers, and is linked to the comfort of cotton, and in recent years the fabric has been pay attention to environmental protection, so the main fabric clothing is also pregnant baby with a soft, moisture absorption and perspiration.

in the style, the baby store shops to learn to follow the fashion, now parents are the new age people, their life requirement is the need to follow the trend, aesthetic is different from before. Therefore, in the store on the need for more observation, more inquiries, more investigation into the popular products.

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The entrepreneurial approach to work

is actually a lot of people in the business on the road that some successful people can make more achievements than others and not because of his superhuman powers, but because he is good at making use of time, as they are good at working in some spare time to start.

scheme two: make full use of the accumulated in the work of the resources and build connections.

scheme three: choose the right partner for entrepreneurship.