On my website PR to experience 6

4, I think it is a critical moment. This time we can exchange with PR5. But the PR5 webmaster. Unless it is garbage station. If it is normal station are arrogant. They rarely exchange with you. However, we can choose some major sites of the two level domain name. So I had to engage in, for the more than 30 PR5. and PR updates naturally to 5.

is now in fact many owners do not PR this thing too rare. After all is the webmaster hand itself has a high N PR website. This is something like PR. Your site is higher, more, more extensive network, it is. Hard as I am. From just entering the Internet is single-handed. What resources are not. Then the one or two sites at hand. How to go up, in fact, is the most difficult. Because you PR0 basic is not trade with you,. Rely on friends, and I don’t have any friends. No money to buy links. Go to the forum what, to improve the PR help is really small.

when I first is to find some of the same is not what PR exchange website. You can find 0. 1-2 website. Then around the point of soft paper. At A5 months of writing a check. Get to the point of the chain of capital. PR update. The 1. followed by 1 to 2 of the exchange. As much as possible to exchange. At the same time, which do your website content. Because I have some of the chain are some games published by the website, to other sites by catch to link to the game player. But the number can also be. One month down to a total of 10. So slowly from 2 to 3. from 3 to 4.

this afternoon, the group opened. PR update. I look, unexpectedly PR6. In fact, this is a surprise. Because I have a long time not how to exchange Links. Of course, my heart is still very happy. Although we say that PR is not important. But who do not want their website PR high point ah.


PR6 said high, said was low, I believe that many webmaster have such a PR website. But also, I believe most of the webmaster is not high PR website. Then I will do a little, I told PR to experience 6.


, if we PR to 5, finally is successful. Now, we should not focus on the link above to exchange. We should do a good job of website content. A lot of the exchange links with some well-known site exchange. Because of you, this time you will find that in fact, many Webmaster Station in addition to PR5, it Nothing is right. So, we can only exchange links with the famous website. Although this is very difficult, but work hard or can be realized. This time we exchange links to pick. At least you have to make sure your website hanging foot 40 PR5 or more links. Then a lot of articles within the chain, do their own website >

The enterprise network marketing road in Shanghai Longfeng and bidding

concluded: Shanghai dragon is not a panacea, not bidding and Shanghai Longfeng opposite. A lot of enterprises the best mode is Shanghai dragon and the auction are done, let the two to achieve the purpose of complementary, so as to realize the network marketing success!

we know that Shanghai dragon is very slow, but there is another drawback is that the degree of competition, a lot of long tail keywords Shanghai dragon is very easy to do search engine home page, but some of the fierce competition in the tail word or the main keywords, using Shanghai Dragon technology is difficult to achieve the home page, so for this part of key words, we have no need to waste too much energy in the Shanghai dragon, which we use to make up for auction.

: first let the bidding and Shanghai dragon to achieve complementary, mutually make up the defects of


by 贵族宝贝chinahbzx贵族宝贝/ webmaster, starting A5 BBS, please indicate the source.

also is to say that most of the long tail word we use Shanghai dragon to reach the purpose of search engine home, but the feeling of Shanghai dragon do not go up, or it is difficult to sit on several or dozens of popular keywords, so we don’t waste, use for it, because not many times, so the price realized it so down! Shanghai dragon and the auction was achieved on the harmony of complementary. It is to use the Shanghai dragon on the word of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon do not up words bidding.

with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises have embarked on a network marketing route, some do Shanghai dragon, some do, some can do and do the bidding of Shanghai dragon, then for the enterprise whether successful network marketing for Shanghai dragon and the bidding how to do

the second plurality: network marketing promotion Shanghai dragon and bidding

The original

Shanghai dragon and the auction is the main way of network marketing, but not all the way. Therefore, we only through the network to our product or brand playing out is the network marketing mode, and many methods for Shanghai dragon and bidding have certain stimulative effect, this way depending on the way the industry will be different, mainly rely on the enterprise network staff to find their own, that is to say to all the opportunities to promote their sites, including the promotion of line.

for the current enterprise website to promote out, bring traffic and customers, there are two ways: Shanghai dragon and bidding. Bidding is good, but expensive and discouraged many enterprises, so the choice of Shanghai dragon, but the slow progress of Shanghai dragon and make a lot of business owners have a headache, can not find how to do! This is a lot of business owners face network marketing headache problem, then what to do?

Site monitoring data non flow monitoring

1: recorded data included the number of total included: the front is introduced, included is the basis of a website ranking. Not included in the site, everything is meaningless, we want to make the search engine fully included in our website, as far as possible included more than page, so the collected data is especially important. We generally find is included using the site: instruction, the total number of pages included is the best percent of the total number of seventy or eighty.

site command that included more and more data is not accurate. Let the site command can fully display the number included, we usually use the site: URL + web page will appear the words such as the name of the web site. For example: a total collection of site:www.baidu贵族宝贝 love Shanghai can accurately check the training site. .

, a collection of data.


site data monitoring includes the monitoring of non flow and flow, the non flow monitoring website introduce.

website is not sufficient or not included in the following aspects.

But in recent years the

keyword ranking query may be the webmaster of the work day, but the general webmaster will only query website main keywords ranking, rarely involve other key.

included data records included several classification page 2. The classification page number included is helpful to understand the classification page that included classification is not sufficient or not included, and take corresponding measures. The number of pages included in the query classification can use the integrated use of search instructions, for example I have collected the query classification page, can use the intitle: class name site: website address instruction. If the web page address specification, also can do: site: website address inurl: address classification features, such as site:www. erfs贵族宝贝 inurl:/ Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon jichu/ number included here can query the site of Shanghai dragon Jichu classification page. Need to query the number included in a certain period of time, you can query using address features.

1, the domain name weight is not high, resulting in a page weight is too low to meet the minimum standards included. 2, website structure that spiders can’t crawl. 3, there is a lot of positive factor, search engines such as fish, JS link. 4, a large number of web content copied or reproduced, the original is not enough. 5, the internal optimization problem of link distribution, which makes the classification weight difference is big, the search engine is not included under the category page.

traffic data monitoring, here including the site of the collected data, monitoring data and ranking chain data.

The The

, the two ranking data.

: a collection of data to be recorded: 3 page features included. In order to quickly (of course, this is not accurate) know which page weight is low, is not good, you can select some of the characteristics of each classification page to check whether or not included.

The three stage of the website ranking

a lot of friends like my advice, said a few months, no ranking is why such problems, it is the site of your work is not good, because a hot industry, as long as you are a good basis for the website in the top 100 is no problem, in Fig. that very clearly, these basic things to do, do so carefully, not as long as the garbage station, the line on the website will have a good record and ranked first.

believes that reading the mind map, for ranking basic knowledge, then the detail about the key.

In fact,

outside chain chain, and code optimization are equivalent to these auxiliary agents, to further improve the website included rate and comprehensive weight.

to this link, is the most important part of the content of the website construction, the content plateau and the high degree of correlation around the core + keywords, to promote the rankings are significant, the stage relatively minor role link, the more important the construction site, followed by the friends of the chain link and.

three: the last battle (rounded out the top three ranked


two: to win the war (ranked into the top ten home page)


basically most of the sites are stuck in this step, how can get into the top three, content and do very good, the chain also has certain achievements, but still ranked top in the front page of the opponent and the end, feel very helpless, a lot of people at that time could not help but want to use black hat techniques do go up, but were finally by K.

so the focus of this paper is here, what is the reason that you can not enter the top three? The fundamental reason is because of your site as the top three web sites, then find out why it is important. The analysis of competitors, there are a lot of people do not do well, so here in detail about how to analysis the competitors and beyond:


this link is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel often encounter problems, the website ranking, but up and down, has been on page second page third or more on the location, send a link to, how not to go.

haven’t submitted, I am really busy recently, and there are a lot of friends how to rank keywords I consulted on QQ, so the system to write an article keywords ranking of three stages, hope to help novice friends. The following is the ranking of the three stages of thinking simple map:

content of the construction of this link well, the extremely popular keywords basically 80%, you can break smoothly to home. I believe, as long as you have a good website content, to help users love Shanghai will give you a chance.



: a winning strategy (ranked 100 less than

Yiqifa panelower member registration activities on-lineLeague administrator National League Informat

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Analysis of ten possible profit models for video websites

, since Google bought the video site Youtube for $1 billion 650 million, there have been thousands of video sites on the Internet overnight, and Youtube’s profit model is the biggest puzzle of these sites. Then, the question of how profitable video sites will be pushed onto the agenda. After investigation, the author sorted out some ideas, hoping to give some inspiration to the video site.

first, the player’s built-in advertising, advertising films before playing or playing video playback, but it is best to put in the video after the end of play. This format has been adopted on some video sites, such as Ku6 networks.

second users, and is divided into model, users upload video hits higher into the more commonly used mathematical arithmetic sequence to calculate for comparison. This form will greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of users to upload high-quality video, thereby greatly enriching the content of the site.

third, in cooperation with manufacturers, it is best to work with MP4 manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers to provide high quality video downloads for their products. This will result in higher hits and increased support.

fourth activities can be held by college students’ activities such as video production contest and other activities to drive traffic, and the campus activities are very popular love business, so as to achieve fame and interests is one double harvest.

fifth, packaging artist, can work with entertainment or record companies, or organize their own talent show format, with the advantages of video sites to promote, the effect should be quite good.

sixth, video advertising creative, creative departments, hire professionals to video production and creativity, with its own media advantages, for enterprises or individuals to produce advertising commercials and so on.

seventh, a content provider, in addition to the production of advertising creative film can also produce their own rich and colorful programs to play, so not only can improve the site’s popularity on the famous gold column will attract advertising. If you can work with the television station, the effect will be even more ideal.

eighth, as the video production software, website operators, technology is a necessary condition for survival, and has a strong technical team can not only develop more suitable site procedures, can also create more value for their own. Because they are fighting on the front line of technical personnel, so you can use these forces to develop video related software for sale (only for technical tough big video site adoption).

ninth, members charge for their own meetings and provide intimate service, is to persuade members to pay the best means. A large number of fee paying members will make a great profit for the website.

tenth, shopping, you can set up shopping channels on the video site. It’s also a good way to get income. For details, please refer to the current TV Direct Selling Company

Baidu, would you please be a little more gentle


may be bullied too deep, this is 5 years (I do have 5 years), they do not know how many letters to my station, one of the two have reason to say that I accidentally touched their so-called "cheating" rules, three four, five six. It is a little like (a website I searched for their own reasons, even the last suspect did Google Adsense alimama, they are likely to be eyeing), I am not programmers, do the dumpster, most of them have a substantive content of the website, and I am not that kind of at the same time operating stations that station, is a station of a station, a child raised.

at first, Baidu can always bring some traffic, indeed, very pleasant surprise, grateful, even I silly for the Baidu alliance, although income is very low (low is unbelievable, buckle buckle is excessive, and Baidu has always been a strong fighter style), as well as think of no return flow regardless, until the day suddenly disappeared from the Baidu website, before the bleak ending, even shut the station (a hastily left Baidu, traffic will begin to decline, from the original confidence, immediately the heart empty, quickly go on), so every time I go to Baidu’s official blog, feel every they say that every action is affected, like a bad man just killed Uncle wearing blood stained gloves for kids to cut the cake like affectation.

Baidu never is not overbearing, do not give me any explanation, is not, phone, mail is no echo. These 5 years I can say is my most precious youth 5 years, most of my time and energy into the site, the university with my girlfriend I think it is not good enough, not caring for her, away from me, most of the students engaged in other industries, but also basically is there is a chance of setting (promotion management management to do business, also went to do business, the civil service exam, are admitted to the left), I also silly in time by Baidu after K, and beginning a new webmaster. Every night in a rented little room, sleeping on a little crunch bed, holding a pillow, dreaming of my website famous, the traffic has gone up again.

also nearly 30, and I think I want to leave the Internet industry, and I don’t want to be immersed in the webmaster dream every day, every time broken, in the end who killed the industry, in the end who murdered my youth,


Responsive Web designs how to make websites compatible with different requirements



often has these problems in design:

1. wants a website compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and PC, and has to make different versions for different devices.

2. wants some pages of the web, displays more content on the next line of widescreen display, and has to customize a version for widescreen.

3., many people don’t browse our pages in full screen. Would it be better to make the page adjust as the browser width changes?

Is there any way

can effectively solve these problems,


Web design (Responsive Web response design) is the concept of the design and development of the page should be based on the equipment environment (platform screen size, screen orientation, etc.) and user behavior (change window size) of the corresponding response and adjustment. The specific way of practice is composed of many aspects, including elastic grid and layout, pictures, CSS, media, query and so on. Whether the user is using the PC, tablet computer, or mobile phone, whether or not the full screen full screen display, the screen is either horizontal or vertical, the page should be able to automatically switch the resolution, image size and script function, to adapt to different equipment.


responsive web design requires higher requirements for interactive design and front-end implementation. It is necessary to consider the layout changes and the scaling of the pages under different resolutions.

The advantages of

responsive Web design:

development, maintenance and operation cost advantage: only one page, just made some different designs for equipment of different resolution, different environment, so in the development, maintenance and operation, the relative multiple versions, can save the cost.

compatibility: the size of new mobile devices customized versions usually emerge in an endless stream, only applies to certain specifications of the equipment, if the equipment resolution of new changes in the larger, often not compatible, and the development of the new version takes time, this time the visit is a problem, but the response type Web design can prevent this problem ahead of time.

is flexible: responsive design is for pages, you can change only the necessary pages, and other pages are not affected.

example shows


view online demo

when the browser width is changed, the width of the two columns is narrowed down, and the Left Banner pictures and videos are correspondingly reduced, and the list of the head on the right is >

How to improve the level of service

competition in various industries is becoming more and more intense in the modern society, if you want to make a good business development, but also need to do a good job related services. Today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the financial industry, financial institutions pay more and more attention to the sale of their intangible products. As a frontline teller, how to improve their service level? Combined with their own practice, I think the following three steps:

a, eye to

the eyes are the windows of the soul, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. In the communication with the customer, the eyes played a crucial role. In the face of a shabby customer if you give him a look of disdain will hurt his self-esteem, then he may not be the next business. The face of the slow motion of the old man, when he finally lost the password to give him a look of approval, the old man will be very pleased.

eyes in the spring moisten things silently, give people a warm.

two, mouth to

remembered phrase three warm winter, abusable cold in June. "Hello, may I ask what you do business?" A few simple words can make customers feel at home. In addition, a brief home, warm greetings can win the favor of customers and trust. Customers are real people, the need is a real feeling, and all of these services are from the beginning of the greeting.

intimate greetings such as cool summer wind, add a cool comfort.

three, heart to

customers regardless of size, regardless of the number of transactions, the key lies in the service! Intentions to seize the details, intentions moved customers; with our sincerity, for customers at ease; with our love for customers happy. Only the heart, we can stand in the customer’s position and perspective to consider the problem, in order to pay attention to and understand the customer’s individual needs, in order to achieve beyond customer expectations.

services endless, make full use of intangible assets, and strive to do the trilogy, so that the service deeply rooted in order to brand service on the road farther and farther!

financial industry is now facing competition is increasingly fierce, therefore, as the work of the frontline workers are only the facade to improve their service level, it can attract more consumers, so that the business of the shop became hot up. So, if you are a frontline teller in the financial industry, do you know how to improve their service level?

Park Hae Jin fans Park Hae Jin received a bunch of fans arrived coriander coriander

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