Love is not love Shanghai lazy acquisition of irresponsible behavior

4, irresponsible acquisition: first need to clarify is that love Shanghai refuse to say the acquisition, refers to a copy of the existing content on the Internet, collection content without finishing all pushed to the line of "lazy" behavior. For the collected content for further processing, integration, high quality output of "rich content, no reason to refuse to love Shanghai. So, we say, love is not love Shanghai lazy acquisition of irresponsible behavior.

4, love Shanghai love respect the original website, you can reprint other website content, but please do not put the keywords others website content, brand word to get rid of the original source, leave each other. Although this is turn on

2, Shanghai does not love love a copy, the collection content without finishing is released to the lazy website. Many sites are reproduced in the article, not original, reproduced directly to oiwn website. Love is not love this website in Shanghai.

everyone to see the content building under the love given by Shanghai stationmaster College introduction. So, I have to share my personal views on the two words:

these days idle, I took a look at the Shanghai School of love inside in the end is what. By understanding, I found that the contents are similar. However, for the content construction for me is very helpful, I also believe that the owners must also help. Below, and Shao Lianhu love Shanghai college blog about content construction introduction.

only give you the content construction of College Station 4 and 100 reprint 5 content:

3, fell in love with the sea will severely punish those irresponsible acquisition, is the collection content on the part of key words, brand name changes and then posted to the website, want to cheat love Shanghai this is the original content. Love Shanghai also said that this is not love love Shanghai, the risk is very big, please look at the high risk of these words, we consider the consequences.

a few days ago, that love was founded in Shanghai love Shanghai college, mainly is the webmaster training class. There is love in Shanghai working principle, content construction, website construction, website optimization course. I think the above contents are similar, there is no detailed understanding of why.

5, pseudo Original: Shanghai does not love above we love irresponsible acquisition, so some people began to move from the original head of camouflage. After collecting content on the part of the keyword batch edit, attempting to make love in Shanghai that these are unique content, but the content is completely different, can’t even read this is not love love Shanghai, great risk. Or just said, love Shanghai not slice site collection content, the key is how to use the content and data acquisition, how to integrate into users and search engines need content is the webmaster should consider the content.

1, Shanghai does not love love a large collection of web sites. For example, your web site is the most original content, occasionally some content can be reproduced, love will not oppose Shanghai.

Love the sea off of Taobao passenger abandoned Taobao A thing has its cause. survival (end)

(2) 51 rebate network PR=5 love Shanghai weight =7

we use the data returned, 51 rebate network and Tesco network data:


three other website rankings are good, especially the return of net and 51 rebate network, they can see, Shanghai dragon >

through this picture, we can clearly see the return of net, wheat bags and 51 rebate network in the search results page, and in July 11th, I still remember the rankings in addition to the return of net, wheat bags and 51 rebate network, there is a higher ranked Taobao customers and the same is the third party platform Tesco shopping network, here again and say sorry to you, because of negligence, no shots, but I believe there should be people in these days searching Taobao mall, and there is the impression, however, on the evening of July 11th, I search for love in Shanghai Taobao mall ", found the search the results have great changes, the return of net, 51 rebate network, Tesco network and the top ranked Taobao customers, the collective in the results were killed, I can not help but want to ask, is it all a coincidence These websites are closed? Love Shanghai drop right? Today’s search results as below:

love Shanghai weight

, according to the recent love Shanghai "Taobao" and "taobao贵族宝贝" search results change, I have contributed two articles in A5, which are "love Shanghai abandoned Taobao passenger survival of Taobao A thing has its cause. guest" and "love the sea off of Taobao passenger abandoned Taobao A thing has its cause. survival (cont."), in my personal opinion, from Shanghai, and man-made aspects to do some analysis on these changes. In July 12th, I found that I was missing a little change, that is love Shanghai "Taobao mall" search results, changes in the search results, let me feel very interesting, it is necessary to take out and share all the webmaster. Due to negligence, not to Shanghai recently Taobao mall search results screenshot down, after a friend’s help, I found a March 28th love Shanghai "Taobao mall" search results screenshot, as follows:

1, Google PR and

(1) return included and the chain network is relatively small, but recently did not happen too much volatility, less because of the return of net itself did not share the community forum, just a comment mall platform, micro assessment network, is an independent domain name.

2, love Shanghai and set the chain

(2) Tesco network and 51 rebate network chain and set the relative return network would be a lot more, the reason is that these data are included in the amount collected and issued by the respective forum in the forum outside the chain.

PR=5 love Shanghai

(3) PR=6 love Shanghai Tesco network weights =8

(1) return the net weight =8

3 and other keywords ranking

Two days before

Discussion on profit model of local classified information websites

now has more and more classified information websites. Usually webmaster busy, very few enterprises in operation. The main reason is that such websites are harder to make. Especially nationwide classified information sites. 05 years ago, Ganji, 58 and other classified information stations have been many VCs, the entire industry is optimistic about, is definitely a potential stock. Regional classification information station how to operate, especially where the profit point, but we are all concerned about the webmaster.

hangs Google Adsense, Baidu affiliate advertising, Ali mom is our easiest to do. In fact, the regional classification stations have a great advantage over the national classification stations:

1, regional advantages. Regional classification stations should be very understanding of the local, including residents of life, shopping, entertainment and so on habits, access to local information more convenient, even if you want to do market research, relatively foreign companies also come convenient.

2, resource advantages. The integration of local resources is relatively simple, targeted and effective.

3, customer base. It is easy to distinguish the source of users, hobbies, habits, the use of people, this resource is also relatively convenient, relatively simple communication.

general classification site access to the largest number of channels is property, commercial services. These are the most commonly used in the daily life of local residents. The purpose of classification information is to facilitate residents to find daily demand information quickly, accurately and in a timely manner. The division of regional organization information is the first to be done by the large scale classified information websites such as Ganji and 58.

national classification of information stations generally in a region or part of the development of better. It’s hard to do well all over the country. After all, the classification information needs the support of local information. Local enterprises or individuals do classification stations, in which a great advantage.

where are our profit models coming from,


was the first to mimic a nationwide classification site. For example, go to market like this. At the same time strengthening the classification publishing function, charging bidding or recommendation is a good choice. Membership recharge, spend a little points, you can put advertising, demand, supply information in the first place. Imitate them hanging Google, Adsense and other ads.

second, regional advantages. For large classification stations, combined with the local specific market, for merchants and enterprises services. Of course, membership recharge is also part of the business tenants, but we can launch more professional services for the industry. Take the Nanjing real estate, such as "real estate" channel, we can optimize the industry term "Nanjing property" Nanjing housing network "" Nanjing second-hand housing ", allowing users to use search engines to find your classification station. Professional local real estate network HOUSE365 through this way to obtain a lot of customers. At the same time, professional customers bring professional merchants and enterprises. Professional merchants also bring professional information resources. Real estate enterprises are also optimistic about your classified channels, a lot of advertising costs will be thrown. He.

What are the snack bar investment projects

        if you are tired of working for people to live, then you might as well try our snack bar, absolute choice to make money! Here are some good snack items to choose from!


Goubuli steamed bun

fruit pancake

delicious bovine bone (authentic scent of cattle bones)


How to operate a jewelry store do not rush to shop

now the country has introduced policies to support entrepreneurship so young people to develop their own career is the primary choice, when it comes to business will have to mention joining. Now is the biggest advantage of the franchise model can reduce the risks of investment and management, but how to join the jewelry business is a problem, although the headquarters will open training, but some jewelry business skills or to master the. How to open a good jewelry store how to operate a jewelry store, we will look at some of the jewelry business skills!

Restaurant personalized name Daquan

restaurant is now in our social life can be said to be everywhere, many corners in the society in fact can see some are operating restaurants, such as investors, now want to open a restaurant, how to get the name.

In fact, to take the name

restaurant name:

Gokokuji kongfuyan       000 Longzhou; South Beauty   Fu Lou   Alex Hua Tian   earth; Moscow Friday     goose and duck qishilin       Landgraf Longxi; Morel’s Maksim     Quanjude   pianyifang Liqun     nine Huashan   gold   Changan No.1   duck king   white Quebec   Dayali   fresh   basin; Ming and Qing Dynasties furenju circular       Laguna Colorada; lotus spring garden   one pot boiling for a long time at         Shun Fuhua; flower garden; Taoyuan Restaurant   Dongxing building   hi fishing restaurant   restaurant; restaurant is Zixia       for a meal; jufulou



育碧已经给我们在预告片的下一次迭代的高度成功的刺客信条系列,刺客Creed III.




刺客信条III将在10月31日推出的Xbox 360和PlayStation 3和11月23日PC版的Wii U版本也在计划之中。


球迷已经释放Dragon Ball Xenoverse兴奋极了。这是一个备受期待的游戏,它终于在这里得到球迷的手。万代游戏做了一个推广的人不一定熟悉Dragonball Z.,但大炒作是很大的期望之间的博弈和建设工作好兴奋。游戏是否将在炒作已经围绕是否将自己最近的龙珠游戏,只是没有足够好的列表。阅读更多。

特邀审稿:Nico Di Maria

GAME ?Dragon Ball Xenoverse





Xenoverse的故事是一个重新想象的传统和心爱的龙珠Z传说。两个邪恶的时间旅行者,Mira和父母的,是经过时间干扰历史的进程。树干让希望万能的神龙带来一个能在他身边战斗的战士(或者说他所有的战斗,他!!)。这带来你创造你自己的个性!你可以选择作为一个人类,赛亚人,在Namekian,马晋(BUU)和Frieza race(是的,它叫什么!)一个巨大的游戏的一部分是要花这个家伙或女孩(是的女孩!)所以他们的名字是明智的!我已经开始后悔,我甚至在大部分时间花在试图找出一个好的赛亚人喜欢的名字。衣服可以改变在游戏中的任何时间购买或你让你的角色看起来坏蛋寻找新项目!然后你花时间训练你的战士打败这些ememies,赚取XP和升级。你有几个属性,你把时间、健康、耐力、KI、基本攻击,特殊攻击,攻击力



会说Xenoverse是最好看的龙珠Z游戏我们见过的公平。当然,这是第一个龙珠游戏在PS4和Xbox One,不足为奇。人物模型看起来很棒和美丽,就像环境。然而,当环境被破坏,你会经常发现地板上有一个坑,只有看到火山口消失,地板又恢复正常。这将是惊人的看到的破坏仍然没有辞职的房屋和树木。然而,这是我唯一的抱怨说到图形以外,游戏点在该部门。


玩法是xenoverse的骄傲和荣耀,它真正的光芒。在观看游戏视频发布前,我被我看到的东西吓倒了。我看到一个游戏,看起来很壮观,但是很确定我能再现那瞬间的录像。当你开始游戏,它将带你直接进入了Goku和Frieza之间的斗争。这是一个开放的战斗,没有教程或指示,但它是一个黄金机会,发挥周围和实验。不过,不要担心,一旦你有点进一步,开始的故事,你给了一个完整的打破如何战斗。这是无价的。如果你不懂得如何战斗,你将无法得到最好的比赛。然而,这是一个简单的任务来抓住。强大的攻击三角,快速攻击方,X为KI攻击跳跃/飞行/传送和圆。你可以使用所有的四个按键组合来创建动态的、毁灭性的攻击,可使对手造成真正的伤害。肩按钮也使用,R1是用来针对特定的敌人,而L1是用来保护。2是用于特殊攻击和L2是一个升压,而飞行。R2 + L2将允许您执行最终的攻击。这是一个简单的按钮配置,但它可以真正工作时,放在一起。我有强烈的战斗基于实力/力量和其他战斗围绕一个具体的战略战斗距离。这让我想起了拳击/混合武术。你可以在许多不同的方式战斗,它建立在战斗中如此多的变化。



说,Dragon Ball Xenoverse有足够多的让你盯着它几个小时,仅在故事模式播放时间。添加到平行的任务,你必须做,以及训练下你最喜爱的Z战斗机,你会被钩住一会儿。即使是那些我们甚至没有划伤表面!沿途有Z战士和敌人,他们向你寻求帮助!例如,Guldo请你帮忙以赚取自己的臭名昭著的ginyu主力位置!本地离线战斗也很好玩。战斗与您最喜爱的Z战斗机可以增加小时的享受,将是我的主要娱乐来源一旦故事结束。人物的深度是令人印象深刻的,更令人印象深刻的是每个角色都有不同数量的服装。每个服装甚至有不同的统计!





Business competition sowed the seeds future match when Bozhou venture

now is the time of year employment peak, in many places in some business competition held a variety of like a raging fire, in Anhui this year in Bozhou held a youth entrepreneurship contest open up a fresh outlook.

"organized by the youth entrepreneurship competition, in order to meet the trend of the times, the public business innovation, inspire the youth innovation wisdom and creativity." As the organizer of the municipal Party committee relevant responsible person said, the winning business "golden ideas" will become a "seed", obtained a series of preferential policies, and look forward to the "seeds" final "golden fruit".

, rehabilitation training robot

with the onset of aging and stroke rate increasing, more and more people who need rehabilitation to restore and maintain the athletic ability, especially the ability to walk.

The elderly

"our products can assist patients with stroke, hemiplegia or paralysis, some functions can restore the first body, then gradually restored in the body movement under the condition of some physical therapy, electroshock therapy, help patients further rehabilitation." Wang Qinghu said.

this project won the contest judges unanimously praised, and won the first prize.

let straw waste Baocheng fuel

Comprehensive utilization of

in the youth entrepreneurship competition, Wu Jiaqi and his team is bringing a biomass energy industry chain project. The project uses straw and agricultural and forestry waste as raw material, through the deep processing of high-tech, to produce a high density of biomass pellet fuel. Compared with non renewable energy, Wu Jiaqi developed this kind of particle fuel, accounting for only about 50% of the cost of fuel gas or electric heating boiler, both environmentally friendly and can be used to achieve waste.

on the contest award winning projects in the future, Wu Jiajian

Electricity supplier combined with the advent of the crisis, such as beautiful and

this year is the electricity supplier industry in the merger of the popular period, many electricity providers are in the merger, and the beautiful and said has no action, which is why? Look at the market analysis will have the answer.

that several of the friends with

2015 for the Internet, is absolutely worthy of the merger year. From the quick merger of the 58 to shake hands and go to the market, and then to the United States to stop the public comment on the war, the Internet industry in the capital driven gradually towards peace. I remember in the United States and the public comment on the merger, I ask questions in the circle of friends, the next one will be who? In many of the answers, there are two of the most frequently mentioned, are good margin century and Lily network, beauty and Not let us wait too long, in December 7th, Lily network and Jiayuan announced the merger.

seems to be left extremely lonely beautiful said And recently said that the merger of the United States also began to grow rumors. Will the old friends really be together? Many media have to verify the matter to the two party, the results of both strongly denied. Some people comment on this: the more it is denied, the more likely it is, because it is likely to be in contact with, and do not want to be disturbed by the outside world. Whether it is a merger or not, it is worth mentioning that this should be two of the most talked about topic this year.

mushroom with beauty in the end there is no possible?

and beautiful has been dubbed the twin brothers. Both parties are engaged in women’s business platform business, if you look at the two sites of the operating mode, almost impossible to find the difference, even from the course of development of the two sides, are based on Taobao shopping guide website started in Taobao under the "force" began the transition to self built platform. From these levels, with the same field, do the same business there is a very large number of merger possibilities.

from the capital side, Hillhouse capital is and beautiful common shareholders, if the merger of the two and the impact of the market, for Gaoling is absolutely good, therefore, Hillhouse will actively promote the merger of the two. At the same time, because there are no two Ali and Baidu figure, said the investment side of the beautiful Tencent must also be very happy to see two mergers.