In those years we did together Wangzhuan AllianceDong Jun the use of a single page Taobao monthly re

webmaster must remember a word when advertising alliance, the alliance will not only be icing on the timely assistance. Especially when some CPA and CPL advertising alliance, we often see the webmaster message, said for months the application may not be, in fact this is advertising a limit on the site, such as the Alexa did not enter the 500 thousand, in the past the alliance did never had a monthly income of thousands. The author has done many years of General Union, your monthly income reached more than 1000 yuan, the alliance will have a dedicated customer service staff to serve you, if you have a monthly income of over a million words, your service customer service staff is not the same. When the Union launched new CPA activities, especially the advantages of activities, advertising will be a priority for the monthly income of over 10000 owners recommended, then a monthly income of over thousands, and finally all the webmaster.

every day

, I don’t talk much anymore. If you have the resources, of course, the best, if there is no resources, you can buy the connection. Generally spend two hundred or three hundred to buy the connection ranking went up. For example, I have done a lot of long tail words, such as the most effective weight loss products, this is sh419 ranked first in nature, the word can bring me about 100IP per day. There are also some long tail words, which can bring some traffic every day. In short, I put this station together, only 300-500 per day IP. But I can bring in 10 thousand yuan a month.

third step: website optimization

connection address: ajun123.>

: rejection reasons the readability is not high to more detailed analysis of the

first: Dong Jun Wangzhuan training institutions


second step: make a single page

welcome to reprint, please note the author and the source! Thank you for your cooperation,

the above four steps is relatively simple, as long as you follow my method to do, every month to earn thousands of dollars is still very easy. Afraid you do not carry out, if you have any questions, you can add my 59276608 and I explore.

instead of putting more unprofitable activities on the site, it’s better to place one of the most profitable activities in a prominent place. Remember 3 years ago, a Clinique free trial CPA ad, when the author of this ad pictures, text and other forms placed in the significant position of the site, and remove some of the usual advertising. The first day, the income reached one thousand yuan, this situation maintained for about a week, and to the second week, the alliance said that the amount of advertisers registered, and finally stopped. In recent years, the advantages of CPA advertising is less and less, but the stationmaster in disseminating these ads, or remember, don’t put too much advertising throughout the site, from several of the most profitable advertising, advertising is not only beneficial to click, but also help to enhance the user experience on the site, but also help >

alliance will not timely assistance

Author: Dong Jun

1, how to choose a web site alliance?

began to do Wangzhuan, from 2007 in the blink of an eye, has been in the past 5 years, these 5 years, the author has done a lot of website alliance, also witnessed the rise and fall of many web sites, but also encountered some affiliate fraud. The author will share these experiences without reservation:


fourth step: do outside company

single page how to do optimization, we can open my website to view the original code. There are a lot of my own original article, DIV can be hidden directly, pay attention to my keyword density. Very reasonable, so that the search engine will be seriously original. Some friends may ask, "how can a single page be updated? You can add a blog program in the domain name. It can be ZBLOG or WP.". Yes, I’m using WP. We can site: a little. My website, sh419 is not only included a home page. Many blogs are included, so the search engine will think you’re updating

how to choose a web site alliance, this problem is often asked by many novice webmaster. I recommend the most to all two alliances: shlf1314 alliance, sh419 alliance, the two league is currently the most faithful among all alliances, of course, is one of the longest living alliance. In addition to these two points, but also because the two union sites treated equally, regardless of station station, as long as you have the traffic, you can get revenue. shlf1314 alliance application is relatively simple, basically, as long as the application has the opportunity to pass. A few years ago, the author applied for sh419 Content Alliance, but did not pass, and applied again last year, once passed, it seems also lowered the conditions of application.

now a lot of friends to do Taobao, basically use Taobao mall to do Taobao customers, because the mall’s products are many. There is nothing specific about it. Well, nonsense, I do not say more, and I will say how I use a single page Taobao monthly income of more than 10000 yuan.

3, focus on the league’s most profitable activity,

step 1: select a product

recommends that you choose health care products, such as whitening, weight loss, breast enhancement, these commissions are relatively high. Up to 50%, Dong Jun is the product of weight loss.

, you can see my website, www.315date. This is a web site I made more than a month ago, we can do a single page. How do the single page? We can go to the Taobao customer goods for various products, and then sold a single page in the row can top ten, such as I am slimming products, then I will do a slimming product list, if you do is breast enhancement, you can do a breast products list.

The executive power of the stationmaster determines the success and failure of the websiteThe new bo

original trading supplement mechanism

Any, company, can, be, listed, but, time, will, tell, the, tale., this is a slang term for the nasdaq.

website to take the promotion of three main ways, below are shared with you.

can not say, can not ignore the listing costs

, NYSE and Nasdaq will levy initial listing fees and subsequent annual fees for listed companies. These fees are usually based on the amount of the company’s outflows. Microsoft MSFT.O listed on NASDAQ in 1986, starting 2795000 shares. Intel INTC.O listed on NASDAQ in 1971, the first 350000 shares. The following table compares the costs associated with listing on different exchanges.

beat NASDAQ on 2014, winning the world’s largest IPO Alibaba. Compared with Nasdaq, the NYSE has a long history and a greater reputation. With the rapid development of global high-tech industries, the NASDAQ is not far behind, showing a strong momentum of expansion, Microsoft, Intel and other technology giants are listed here.

currently has a NASDAQ market capitalization of $7 trillion and 700 billion, and the New York Stock Exchange has a total market capitalization of $32 trillion. Today, the Nuggets three board research center to explore the NASDAQ holdings giants secret company, as well as the new three board reference.


data source: AMEX

taking into account the good reputation of large companies, investors access to information rich channels, more symmetrical information. NASDAQ created the POSIT and Instinet systems. The system as a supplement to the trading system with centralized trading function, display function, matching function, cross trading instructions and execution, to facilitate the listed companies and investors trade directly docking, reduce transaction cost and delay decision, is on the NASDAQ.

two, forum. It’s better to add URLs to your posts. Another point is to find PR high forum, at least PR in more than 3, because the PR is too low BBS, I feel for increasing the weight of the site has little effect. The last point is more important posts is the best original, my own requirements is absolutely original! Because it is more conducive to the collection of sh419, some people say that the original too hard, and that it is not difficult, because the post space not too long, one, two hundred words can be and isn’t it difficult? Of course also can not ignore the quality of the posts, not the pursuit of speed and quantity. Quackish luankan so easy to let everyone dislike, fix your post will be posted as garbage to delete! This day around three forums, each forum issued the most two you can post.

three, published articles, or soft text. Now I have formed a habit of a free writing, are also beginning to feel very hard, very hard, but once insisted a long time will think this is a very easy thing, even a few days do not feel the lack of written what did not like, not falling by this! I also realize a truth: no one what is difficult, but we do not insist, just do what can be made! A5 is my favorite place to go, I write it here first submission, if not published before submission to other places. Through this >

, search engines. Mainly by sh419, shlf1314 despite the inclusion of many, but almost no traffic every day. My station is on line one week after sh419 included, I take methods in improving the ranking method is to buy links, buy links in the same type of station, this method is very effective to improve the site’s ranking in the short term, but to grasp a degree, namely the website don’t buy too many links, in order to avoid let sh419 "suspicious"! I content every day about 5 articles, of which 1 or 2 pieces of pure original, the other is pseudo original, this is about my website in mid May, a primary key in a sh419 ranking and on the first page! But this keyword search volume is small, every day is estimated about 100 people came to the site search, I will flow around 20. Until early June another key I have on the first page of the rankings, can bring me 60, 70 of the flow of these two words every day, and all directional IP, basically every one or two single, I do is slimming products, we can think of a month 2, more than 3 thousand money is completely possible, this is my new master, January is the tens of thousands of There are plenty of people who.

webmaster to do website to have a step-by-step process, more important is pragmatic, firm mentality, not a fat fat person.

in the case of Microsoft, the first 2795000 shares, compared to the table, the NASDAQ and the NYSE listing fees were $10000 and $51550, five times the NYSE listed at the beginning of Feigaodanasidake! In addition, each year $5250 and $16170 were also on the annual fee. With the increase of tradable shares, the two trading venues fee will increase correspondingly, reached 50 million shares, NASDAQ fees reached peak, but the annual fee is still the NYSE NYSE continued to rise, the highest annual $500000 reached almost 25 times the giant companies like Microsoft!, in outstanding shares close to 8 billion shares, listed on the NYSE to pay 25 times the annual fee a fee for NASDAQ! So calculated from nature is superior to the NYSE nasdaq.

From one of Guo Yujiao’s posts, talk about the human touch of the A5 Forum

, the day before yesterday, a friend told me A5 BBS, no human feelings, said all the webmaster is for money, in the BBS post, as long as the money does not matter, no one cares.

as a friend said, I do not think, usually just pour in the forum program, sell what sell links, although money is not much, but every month there are hundreds of thousands of income, living expenses of Kazakhstan also can still, but often find intermediary with flat fan, forum administrators and moderators are not too much communication.

I am a very lazy person, I rarely go to think about the A5 of some of the things, as saying that there is no human, there is no deliberate to judge, just think of me as a small webmaster, here also can still earn money.

just accidentally in the forum to see "2 years, I really don’t know how to do" this post, this post is published December 9th is 8:30 last night, as I write this article, 127 back, 1585 hits, 127 comments I verbatim also yes, the envy of AD forum popular sentiment also think you are happy, there are so many webmaster friends have give the landlord to encourage and enlighten, I think the landlord in after reading the reviews should also know how to do.

A5 forum is perhaps not a friend said that no human, I hate all the people look like money, but I hate money, I A5 the purpose is very clear, is to sell links, selling procedures, as for other content to pay little attention to, I do not understand technology, see some help the post I was helpless, my heart just go online to search Kazakhstan maybe the answer came out, maybe I was a bit cold, maybe many webmaster friends like me, just come here in order to "money", and neglected to care about other grassroots friends.

to many webmaster forum is outdated and the A5 forum, to date only one purpose, that is to irrigation, to relax, to A5, quite frankly is for money, now the A5 forum so I do not want to complain here, ignoring other friends complain. And now the backward can not bring me Money.

Watercress interface of the new revision, Fitz’s law to help you interpret the ideas behind

After the revision of design characteristics on

bean, bean navigation caused extensive discussion, all the fize law in the application user interface design once again attracted the attention and attention.

Hai Xu Roy’s article to we introduce the applications of fize law extremely in product interface, through this article we can obtain the understanding that the new revised bean product interface, from the point of view is to follow the "Franz law" the continuous optimization of the user operation.

Today about

(Fitts’ law) Fitzgerald’s law, there are a lot of information online, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Here is a map, found on the Internet, Fitts is in the mobile terminal on some of the applications.


one, what is Fitts’s law,

?The time required for the

to move from its initial position to the final target depends on two factors: the distance to the target, the A, and the size of the target.

t = a + B log2 (2A / W)

, where a (=0.230s), B (=0.166s) is the empirical parameter, A= indicates the distance between the target and the target, and the size of the W= target. They depend on specific pointing, the physical characteristics of the device, and the factors such as the operator and the environment.


conclusion: the bigger the target, the faster the direction and the shorter the time. Similarly, the closer the target, the faster the direction and the shorter the time. That is to say, the time to locate a target depends on the distance between the target and the current location, and the size of the target (in particular scenarios, of course, there are other factors).


has the law of application

is currently being used in the design of PC and mobile terminal products.

1, in the process of designing the user interface, buttons and some GUI controls should be designed more reasonably. Compared to small controls, it is relatively difficult to click. Therefore, in the current software and website GUI design process, toolbar icons are becoming larger, and some other text description button background area is also increasing.

2, no matter where the mouse moves, the mouse can always stay on the edge of the screen, so the edge or corner area is easier to reach than other areas. Dock Mac OS X system design in product interface design, menu bar at the top of the design, and the Windows XP system interface of the lower left corner of the start menu button design and Mac OS X system interface is of practical application of this theory.



Personal webmaster before leaving, please think twice

              today in A5, see a "year of life" the webmaster muddle along without any aim. Let me have deep feeling, say is an unemployed webmaster full-time personal website story. Website promotion and management are difficult, without financial support or girlfriend support. The webmaster finally failed to stick down, lost his girlfriend, unable to find a new job, but ended his year of webmaster life. What’s the reason for the failure of the stationmaster? We can learn a lesson?

      quitting the job is equivalent to cutting off the source of the economy; a headlong plunge into the ranks of the station; and often alone. Probably every day can only eat instant noodles, chewing steamed bread to live. A website from the input to promote the fastest, it will take 3-6 months, so in the absence of sufficient funds to prepare before, or do not move the idea.
;   two thinking, technology and team

      do station requires comprehensive technology, from art, program, promotion, management. So it’s definitely not a wise choice for a person to "stand alone", even if you’re very comprehensive. But you have no superhuman powers, how a person wears several hats? It’s a dead end for a person to do, and it’s important to have a team.

      think twice, good idea

      this is the most important point, your website should have your own ideas, have originality, without this, the technology is good, the team is strong, the funds are rich, and do not try to do the station. Man wanted to go out in the vast sea, need is the unique characteristics of the out of the ordinary place.


Wu Xiaosong decoration company skillfully use Tianya community to promote examples

those who engaged in decoration industry friends have a consensus – decoration market (especially home) competition has become increasingly fierce market competition, the key positions from the traditional media, such as supermarket quietly moved to the Internet, I have a classmate Liu opened its own decoration company for 11 years, started the implementation of network marketing 3 years ago, because Liu not familiar with the network, from the site to network promotion are made by the author one planning and implementation, since the company website and carry out network promotion, the effect did not dare to say is excellent, but it is obvious. Now tell me how to help Liu general company network promotion.

here to point out: if a company wants to develop network promotion, strongly recommended to the construction site, must have a publicity platform, like war must have their own positions and trenches, according to the same. Of course, some shell companies play guerrilla warfare is another story.

promotion option: network promotion way too much, beyond count PPC, blog, promotion, micro-blog promotion, Forum promotion, QQ promotion and so on, eighteen Wu Yi to see how you use straight to pick one of the PPC and the forum to promote the two kinds of practical operation.

one, Baidu PPC is the most effective way to promote. If the economy allows enterprises to carry out other suggestions, in free promotion activities while there are stages of Baidu PPC promotion (such as decoration industry off-season and season, in the season before the arrival of a month on the competitive ranking the most ideal). At present, Liu’s company is still placing Baidu PPC advertising, has continued to launch 4, each issue only 5 thousand, a total investment of 20 thousand. Interested friends can search Baidu, "Haikou decoration company", you can see Liu’s Advertising – "XXX X Cheng decoration company."".

two, clever with Tianya community "Hainan home improvement" column for promotion. Hainan decoration company many choose to advertise in Hainan online "Home Furnishing decoration" channel, "Home Furnishing decoration" channel has a plate called "home diary", is available for users to bask in their own experiences of decoration plate, this plate is actually the "Tianya community" in the "Hainan home" column, everybody all know, skyline community daily traffic. If you post in this column and the quality is good, your post will get good views and attention on both the online and skyline communities in Hainan. The friend also post promotion in the community, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, in the Tianya post revealed in this paper, the advisory and a friend in need can contact the author, QQ:641522628.

now talk about how to operate.

1. first develop a model housing program, choose a design that is better case positioning model room. To communicate with the owners, for the owners of the consent of the post sun decoration diary.

2. from the beginning of the decoration approach, arrange for the company to take pictures of the scene every day, >

Lofty vision let Zhou Wenbin business success

business is a lot, but a lot of people are short-sighted, see only the immediate interests, but not from a more long-term perspective, so naturally there is no way to do business bigger. Qianshan County, Zhou Wenbin, the boss of this year, 42 years old, thin one count, he has been engaged in the retail industry has a history of over 22 years. The 20 years of Zhou Wenbin with his unique perspective, lofty vision, in the way of retail work, all the way forward, had an almost on the verge of collapse of the rural supply and marketing cooperatives booming business, business more prosperous, become famous for retail hotshots, some retail households often experience art door apprentice.

think of his walk through the retail, there are many places, especially the wisdom of retail operations, it is worth learning from the retail. During the 5-1 this year, I took the opportunity to interview Zhou Wenbin, below I will introduce some of his business experience, I hope to be able to inspire the majority of retail households.

newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger, the bold contract retail supermarket

22 years ago, 20 year old Zhou Wenbin graduated from high school did not go to college, he took the job in the supply and marketing cooperatives, the father of the post, assigned to the Qianshan Anhui Chong township (now incorporated into the town of water roar) supply and marketing cooperatives. At that time, the Red Cross of supply and marketing cooperatives located in remote mountainous areas, traffic inconvenience, economy is not developed, coupled with the radius of less than 200 meters around the supply and marketing cooperatives have 5 retail stores, these private retail business method is flexible, enough time every day, brings great pressure to the supply and marketing cooperatives, so the supply and marketing cooperatives business it is not good to do.

some of the people who work here, because soberly see these difficulties, feel that the supply and marketing cooperatives difficult to carry out business, it is difficult to stay safe. The staff go, mostly for half a year or a few months, only 3 of the people standing here for many years, every business desolate. In fact Zhou Wenbin is a stranger, I see, so the situation of supply and marketing cooperatives, to tell the truth was very disappointed, but also very anxious.

but he is different from other foreigners, he is not in a hurry to choose to escape, but choose the right face, positive against difficulties. He said: when he was in high school, when the country’s reform and opening up in full swing, when many newspapers and magazines have introduced some businesses, private owners, self-employed deeds. In particular, there are often a number of ‘million households’ introduction and reports on their own a certain attraction and temptation.

himself has seen a lot of articles on business, broaden their horizons, activate their minds. It should be said that this is a great inspiration to yourself, remember to less than 10 days, in the face of supply and marketing cooperatives in such a situation, there is a fearless drive, it boldly and that 3 of older workers to discuss the exchange, on the supply and marketing cooperatives facing difficulties and how positive.

In the chaos to survive China lighting market analysis

real estate market prosperity of the birth of the decoration, lighting industry also ushered in the turn. However, the current Chinese lighting market chaos chaos, flooded with a large number of low-quality low-priced goods. How to get out of the trap in the chaotic market, to obtain economic benefits, lighting enterprises need to think about the problem.

focus on brand building

in green lighting power today, some manufacturers have by the government into the spring lighting market, the whole industry is showing thousands of LED production enterprises, although the concept of LED is hot, but truly understand the enterprise LED core technology, with a handful of core talents. The majority of enterprises is to follow the trend of operation, no brand awareness, in the fierce market competition today, if only blindly copying, imitation, cottage, think this enterprise will not be long-term.

product positioning

LED was first applied to the outdoor lighting lighting, with the implementation of the national energy-saving emission reduction, enhance the awareness of green environment protection, LED lighting has been not only applicable to the outdoor, and into the area more widely, from outdoor lighting gradually toward indoor lighting in advance, especially in large hotels, shopping malls more generally.

to establish a good marketing channel

brand positioning + + product marketing channel = business success, only with certain products and brand influence is not enough, in today’s information age, also need to have a good marketing channel, good products to promote people know is limited, which requires enterprises focus on marketing channels.

market to determine the future

the above points are done, enterprises need to have a deeper understanding of the market, the future of the market, only to fully grasp the market dynamics, the enterprise will go farther and farther.

currently on the market price of LED lights, praised the phenomenon, enterprises should actively expand propaganda, let the consumer recommended

How the sun water heater phenom product functionality – strong business

now, in our lives, environmental protection and energy saving lifestyle, is always very attractive to consumers. How about the sun phenom water heater? Energy saving and environmental protection. Join the sun water heater project phenom, is very the advantages of choice!


phenom sun water heater?


phenom sun water heater? The sun water heater phenom environmental protection will not only reflected in the energy-saving, water-saving and emission, is also reflected in the design, manufacture and use of the whole life cycle. Green home appliances is not limited to energy saving, sun water heater phenom involved in product design and manufacturing process of environmental protection, the service life of the product and the length of the performance index of the level and parts of the recycling of raw materials and recycling rate. Sunshine water heater phenom money tips please enter the > >

now the concept of water heater has gradually matured from the mainstream, is gradually to power generation, heating, refrigeration, drying and industrial applications. It is understood that the thermoelectric power generation technology is a kind of directly converting heat energy into electricity generation technology, has no moving parts, small volume, light weight, convenient movement and high reliability, sun water heater can phenom reasonable use of solar energy, industrial waste heat and other low-grade energy source, is green and environmental protection technology. The United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries have paid attention to the research of thermoelectric power generation technology in the civil field, and have made considerable progress.

now, consumers demand for home appliances is far from simple functional, high-end technology will be the main theme of the smart home appliance industry. The biggest bright spot is the sunshine phenom water heater insulation effect super good condensing performance, the use of non-metallic material, economic, practical, durable, energy saving and environmental protection. The unique temperature difference power generation technology has opened up a new way of using solar energy to generate electricity.

has a unique brand, always very attractive to franchisees, as well as the consumer’s eyes. Then, start to choose to join the phenom sun water heater do? Let us work together to create wealth!

Skipping ten brands list – the whole

in a variety of sporting goods, rope skipping, although small, but it is a very high penetration rate of a commodity, and if used properly, the amount of exercise is also very large. Of course, no matter what the current market consumption of products, will focus on brand choice. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of rope skipping bar.


skipping brand ranking NO.1, Dragon Flower – Guangdong Shantou and athletics skipping-rope Co. ltd..

Professional Athletics skipping-rope R & D and production enterprises, the national outstanding patent products, skipping the ten brands, Guangdong and the Shantou athletics skipping-rope Co. ltd..


skipping brand ranking NO.2, Zudys – Guangdong mesuca sports goods co..

international sports brand, one of the most competitive of the largest sports brand, skate ten brands, Guangdong mesuca sports goods co..


skipping brand ranking NO.3, Decathlon, Decathlon (Shanghai) Sports Goods Co., ltd..

in France in 1976, the world famous sports brand, multinational enterprises, ten mountain bike brand, Decathlon (Shanghai) Sports Goods Co., ltd..

skipping ten brand list NO.4, Adidas Adidas – Adidas (China) Co., ltd..

was founded in 1948 in Germany, the world’s leading large-scale sporting goods manufacturers, the world’s leading sports brand, Adidas (China) Co., ltd..

rope skipping ten brands list NO.5, iron man – Nantong iron man sporting goods Co., ltd..

Jiangsu famous brand, Jiangsu famous brand, professional design / manufacturing / sales of high-end fitness equipment in the Sino foreign joint ventures, Nantong iron man sporting goods Co., ltd..

rope skipping ten brands list NO.6, strong – Fujian Qiangli sporting goods Co., ltd..

began in 1987, China’s well-known trademarks, well-known trademarks in Fujian, China’s leading of feather sports equipment brand, Fujian strong sporting goods Co., ltd..


skipping brand ranking NO.7, lion high school – Guangdong mesuca sports goods co..

1997 the introduction of the United States well-known brands, professional commitment to sporting goods and mobile