Website optimization five elements you do which of the following items

now has a lot of website program have the initiative to generate a sitemap utility. But there are also programs for the safety of the site, the dbya directory file to appearance, this will not be able to generate the site map. Do. The essence of the site map is the official website optimization master. A whole web page all links. If the search engine can’t find a page, the search engine will come to the site map. How to optimize the site. So the site map is of great help to the search engine optimization. Compare the site speed optimization. When building a site map, see the website optimization there are a lot of people are basically two do website optimization. We must ensure that all links are true and useful. In fact, the website speed optimization. The map is too large to be easily understood, rather than map. When the website content update, optimize the master’s official website. It is necessary to map the site and >

website is the website navigation structure, search engines crawl in time, is in accordance with the site navigation to the contents of the web page to crawl. Learning to do. Site navigation column content must use text, there are a lot of people who are basically do two things. The picture is not enough or jaudio-videoa scripts are jump. Because the search engine is only able to identify text content. Basically. If in order to beautify the site navigation using pictures, listen to how to optimize the site. It will be necessary to picture ist attribute set. Website optimization.

, a structural optimization of websiteWe are


two, website optimization

for search engine optimization, you know the website promotion optimization. So we first look at the breliefu optimization guide said the following: website ranking optimization. Breliefu pointed out that the official website structure is the best web page -> site list page; -> Web page content. As the structure of the website is the most consistent search engine to crawl. So we set up the website structure, website optimization keywords society. To use this as a reference model. We will need to manage the structure of web page. The optimization of the site speed. When the number of the content of the website page too much, in fact, people. We need to establish the column page. Learn how to optimize the site. The section of the web site page and website content page link name should not be too long, because the deep level, optimization. The address itself is very long. Listen to the site keywords optimization.

A section of the

whether the new Adsense or part of the old owners, in the website optimization, many. There are a lot of people who are actually doing two things; one is the website content updates, learning website internal optimization. The other one is the construction of the chain website. Optimize so easily, the website can have ranking, in fact how to optimize the website keyword. Not that anyone can do? I have to know what the external website optimization. In fact, the website ranking optimization.

Don’t drop right revision two or three step operation


data are updated due to the love of Shanghai, we can only use SOSO to find the former website tittle, the first is the revised website tittle, the second is the website before the revision of tittle. The revision of multiple keywords before the rank of the website page second, multiple keywords revised website home page. Although these are the key competitiveness is not strong, but at least a little revision does not necessarily bring down right.


revision for many companies, it is imperative to. Why do you say, now most companies treat the attitude to know the company’s website. A herd behavior, this phenomenon is particularly serious in the small and medium-sized enterprises. The name of their website label set is roughly the same and all. In the chairman to slowly realize Internet business, search engine rankings, started to pay attention to the website of the optimization. In the face of these enterprises to optimize, how should we change? If the site itself has some weight, revision will not be right down here? We should pay attention to some details, grasp the revision of the scale, let the search engines do not punish site.

tittle writing before the revision is too long, there is also the question keywords accumulation. In the pages indexed by search engines often can’t display your web site tittle. Don’t say too many keywords will distract the weight of this problem will not, first of all to the user in the search engine watch brought inconvenience, because indexed pages can’t display a complete tittle, the company’s name will often not be displayed, which gives the company propaganda also brought certain influence, so the author has made a simple the change of tittle.

we saw in Shanghai Longfeng white paper, the name mentioned above the article page in the form of the tittle+ website. I think that a lot of people misunderstanding, here is not the name of the web site home page tittle. Because.

wrote the article page

enterprise website has already done most of the pseudo static, so the basic revision is not for the content page, and we were included in the search engine page is the most is the content page. The link address unchanged, at least to ensure the traffic is not too serious loss.


three, tittle

tittle is most likely to cause down the right reaction, but to have a degree, the search engine will not be directly sentenced to death. For example, I change a video site site tittle, has not been right down, instead of keywords in the rankings obtained.

, a page link invariant


two, tittle change at least 60% original tittle

for the last revision of a enterprise site tittle:

I swim network a truly original lies in their own hands

, happy net, renren贵族宝贝 belongs to the SNS community, write the article inside hair although not loved Shanghai search engine included, but there are still many webmaster friends willing to send the article inside, this is because there is a very busy person, a good article, in which the propaganda effect is of course immediate. Not only can import a lot of traffic to their website, but if the site’s articles to attract users, may make your order immediately soared. The SNS community can do soft Wen promotion, can you want to find the article on the other hand.

webmaster friends know taobao贵族宝贝 shield love Shanghai spiders, Taobao online articles, love Shanghai search engine will not crawl, so Taobao web content can also be used as a webmaster looking for original content of the treasure, and Taobao’s huge amount of users, every day in the above users also want to go too many to count. Find the article, can have the opportunity to select, what kind of article is helpful to your website, what should give up, there are owners say.

, a QQ space log

, a web site is the most important content, has the rich content support will allow more users interested in the site, to know the search engine is based on the user’s grasp the content of a web site, which is why many have Shanghai dragon website weight and keywords ranking is very good. So a website content will be webmaster friends to do the most important places in Shanghai Longfeng considered, the original article is not only the search engines love, but also the users want to see, stand in the stereotyped, will only make the search engine and users at the same time lose interest. Many webmaster friends know the importance of the original site, so the idea of trying to find some original content, for example, the most common are the following:

three, SNS

two, taobao贵族宝贝 article

more than three places, and also his constant concern, so the original article inside can really find it? The desire for a original article webmaster, where the article is not truly original, because many people are also copied in someone else’s website up, really have their own original that is very little through long time observation, it can be found that only the QQ space of the original degrees is relatively high, while Taobao and SNS released the "community

! in the community

QQ in China has become the most important tool of communication network are now up to seventy or eighty years old, and five or six year old children, have their own QQ, QQ space is a lot of friends as a spiritual space, every day to write the log space regardless of its number of friends. It would be convenient for our webmaster friends, because these are the log space will not be included in the search engine we love Shanghai, left hand right hand is a copy, paste their own original articles, if you can find a few such QQ space, then you need to worry about the original article

Return the user experience to discuss the Shanghai Dragon

regressionHow to judge the effect of

pop-up rate, access time, visit the page number the viscosity index of the website, also can be the search engine tool records. Pop up rate is low, the longer residence time, visit the page number, indicating that the user experience better, may have a positive impact on the ranking.

as we know Shanghai Longfeng workers Shanghai Dragon Technology search engine algorithm in the myriads of changes, at any time of renewal, but the final search engine is designed around the user, ensure the search results page is precisely target users need to search, or search engine users have been watching but updating algorithm. Did Zhang Shanghai Longfeng in front of many mentioned in the article is to improve the website content relevance, authoritative and practical, Shanghai Dragon Technology webmasters may know that use, so now is no longer operating Shanghai dragon of the above, we need to consider the user experience to discuss the Shanghai dragon

6. and Alexa

search result web pages in the search by clicks and proportion.

4. viscosity

5. hits

ranking web site traffic>

if a brand name or domain name itself by many users search, the brand’s official website the user is likely to be looking for the website ranking may be increased accordingly. If you intend to develop a website operation for a long time, think of a good brand name is very important.

user behavior ranking

repeat search and the corresponding click

1. search engine

, for example, a user has a Shanghai dragon website, subscribe to a large number of Shanghai Phoenix blog, a search engine can flow through the statistical service and RSS reader identification, the user at least for concern, Shanghai dragon is probably Shanghai dragon expert users in the search engine search results click on the first Shanghai Dragon after 10 seconds to return to the search results page, click on the third results, at this site visited 10 pages, stay for 30 minutes, then every few days, the user will visit again in the top 3 websites, and stay for a long time, access to multiple pages. Such a pattern of behavior if repeated, the original ranked third in the website is likely to have a positive impact, have important effects on improving site weight and ranking.

all search engines to spend a lot of money to promote their browser toolbar, mainstream search engines all hope they launched the tools to capture all the user’s browser. To promote their tools of search engine spare no effort, the purpose is not only to provide itself in the search engine market share, another important function is to record the user search and visit the page, how long to stay, the search engine can use tools to statistics.


3. brand name search

The consequences of exposure to a space agent

released a few days ago a soft text, is about their station, but today is not to write the soft Wen, to write space business how revenge my. Anyway, the station has been DOWN here to write articles.

If you are a

just to do station, if you are a just learned how to make websites, want to have their own virtual hosting space, you don’t buy a Xin’an IDC a LAJI space, if you go to Xin’an Google Baidu search IDC can search many comments about it on the space business the day after the exposure of the space station has been


Service Unavailable

Oh, with space for several months, also found that it really is to write GOOGLE a brother like that, they began to space is relatively good pay, after paying the money in half a year, every day DOWN you, Service Unavailable has a lot of people just learning website will ask, cause what impact will be on my website?


first: cause your site doesn’t access properly. That’s for sure,

secondly: Baidu GOOGLE spider can not climb you, a climb, you DOWN, web site can not browse, and other needless to say.

so you really have to pay to make a stand, must choose good business space, the space business IIS IDC Xin’an crooks are fake a station to give you 40, 60, 80, VIP flat-share what few people flat-share on a server, can call customer service to you in Xin’an open the 2 permissions and then run a probe to see other host, I am not very clear, at least I know his 2G 4G VIP all in one server. One day DOWN 2 times a day, DOWN, if you want to select the host, or the host flat-share graph king ideal, I write this article today, I do not intend to use the Xin’an IDC you, because I know I use it for 1 days is 10 DOWN, day DOWN. Want to know who I am? You go check your host’s domain name is, this is me.

finally give you a sincere reminder of the words: Sanlu milk powder is very black heart, but Xin’an IDC more black, I believe the public eye, yes,


I expose you, you do me, then we continue to work, ah, space, I buy other people can not do it, let you famous


thank you. Some of my friends are especially famous for the QVOD movie station, the cattle B characters, the RR special master, the director ice X

What are the exact methods for adding powder to the public

if the public number is compared to a pond, then fans are fish. Expand the pond, use the water bait to put the fish into the pond, and when the fish are more, you won’t have to catch the fish.

, WeChat and micro-blog are different, WeChat fans do not see the number of fans of the public number, we do not have to pursue fans for fans, to use some powder artifact, or mass promotion tools. The higher the vitality of the public fans, the greater the value of our output, the focus is not on the amount of flour, but the pursuit of the quality of fans. The following summarizes their experience, talk about the public number plus powder what are the precise methods?.

number one, the public name and the title of the article should be good

a convenient memory and search name, so that promotion work with half the effort, others through other ways to remember you, even if others do not pay attention now, which day needs you, through search can find you.

There is a search function of WeChat

, when we are on top of the search a keyword, the search results are arranged (we chat and chat with friends in this record contains keywords), friends (friends share content), local life (including the key local public number name) and related articles (the title of the article contains the keywords).

, so the contents of the public number should not only be valuable, but also include the title of the article title of the industry. A good article headline can greatly increase the exposure rate of public information.

two, website publicity,

website will do promotion, and the website itself has certain flow. Put public number two dimensional code on the website, introduce the flow of the website to public number.

three, the use of test topics to collect user information

For example,

is the fruit of the public, can be a "love to eat the fruit from your character through the" interesting psychological test, when people do the test when the other WeChat can collect information, access to each other’s contact information from. Test results to be shared before you can see, so that the test free of charge to help you promote.

four, industry forums or well-known forums to promote

in the industry is well-known forum forum or related section some users comment on your posts when dry cargo, and to timely reply, this post has been in front of comments will become a hot topic, management as the content of the post of jiajing. At this time, you can edit your post to add your own public number, pointing out that "forum friends" more consultation, recent events can not be used to respond to the computer one by one, we have what problems can add me WeChat?." When the other side adds your personal WeChat, still worry about no way to push your public number,


five, using SkyDrive to promote

can collate information on the Internet and their experience sent to SkyDrive, of course, SkyDrive’s information can not be complete, the information below there are more quality content, please pay attention!

Talking about the purpose of family website

as a family shop, I believe that people who have done the website will think how to profit this problem, and I think it should be more than once thought about this problem, it should be repeated. Because everybody is very puzzled, everybody is not satisfied, just rely on such a little advertising fee to continue this website.

when the Web2.0 era came, when the Internet users were gradually broken down, did our webmaster want to get rid of the single profit model which only relied on advertising fees?. I often studied the profit model for almost one year, and simply divided the profit models I have seen or I understood into three categories: advertising profit, member profit and product profit.

although there are many profit models, but none of them are from my list of those three models out of, or to cover up. At present, most personal websites rely solely on advertising revenue, a part of the implementation of the AD + members or advertising + product collocation profit model, a small part of the vast web site also achieved more than three listed profit model.

we all know, by advertising, profit is very simple, every day to promote optimization, write soft Wen can let your IP quantity growth, and increase your advertising revenue. But that’s just the case. Why do you have to toss yourself around every day in order to earn your advertising money?.

my site (a) profit, you will be clear at a glance, I always told you can change an angle to think whether you should keep the advertisement profit in the first place and other modes are not even admitted to consider. Do you feel like you’re making or losing money?.

you give to others to do the advertising, people must be earned, and you? You don’t bother.

and a few cents all day

has been advocating the idea of being a business man and a businessman. He who will make money is the first choice for a businessman. He must be honest, credit, flexible, thinking, introspective, struggling and decisive. So I think it is necessary to make money as much as possible to businessmen, and to think of ways to change the means to make money.

I am very clear that the purpose of doing their own website, whether it is money or interest, to the last site will embark on the road to profitability, this is inevitable. Because I believe that no one is willing to a profitable thing has been investing and didn’t expect he can bring you some money, I believe that many people can understand this! If you are in the way of thinking about environment.

by webmaster feeds.

Lingshan eight thousand discount loans to help women entrepreneurs

is now in such an open era, female entrepreneurs are also very popular in the society, at the same time there are a lot of women out of their homes, set foot on the road of entrepreneurship and wealth, the business environment is a good woman.

looked at his paving business is red, Tan Shaoqiong very pleased. Tan Shaoqiong is the Lingshan County town of villagers Buddha village, at the end of last year, she won the local women’s Federation 60 thousand yuan small loans, open up a curtain and bedding shop, when the "female boss".


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Zheng intersection 10.13 upcoming cross-border e-commerce development

with the advent of the Internet era, everything seems to be closely linked with the Internet, and even do business, cross-border electricity supplier in the market is also favored. Sponsored by the Henan Provincial People’s government, Zhengzhou Municipal People’s government, Henan Provincial Department of Commerce hosted the twenty-second session of the Zhengzhou national Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as Zheng Fair) will be held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center from October 13, 2016 to 16. So, how to develop cross-border e-commerce?

it is understood that the intersection of Zheng (Zhengzhou) Chinese seize the favorable opportunity of Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce in Henan Province, and Zhengzhou City, the development of cross-border e-commerce, for the province’s electricity supplier demonstration county (city and district) issued an invitation, deeply related industrial parks and key enterprises to promote propaganda.

the opening ceremony to be held in October 13th 9:30-9:45 Zheng rendezvous in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center Exhibition held before the square, trading hours 9:00-17:00 on October 13th -16, will be divided into indoor exhibition hall and outdoor exhibition, according to the regional industry division and foreign goods, cross-border electricity providers, consumer electronics and other 11 Commodities Exhibition, there will be Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other more than and 20 countries and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions and 20 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions more than 2000 exhibitors participating, the audience is expected to exceed 200 thousand people.

need to be reminded that, unlike the previous year Zheng rendezvous, the general audience need to carry valid documents to log in before entering the exhibition hall to visit, professional audience and buyers also need to carry valid documents to apply for permits to go private channel admission.

although many rural areas in China is not very rich, but also has its own characteristics, with the development of the Internet itself, is a good choice. The Zheng rendezvous in addition to the stability and development of the previous mature professional exhibition, such as fishing gear exhibition, exhibition, tea jewelry exhibition and outdoor car exhibition, the exhibition for young consumer groups set up consumer electronics exhibition area of 6000 square meters; with China (Zhengzhou) cross-border electronic commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone to attract international Youpin, Zhou Zhou Hai excellent, all products such as cross-border electronic business platform for exhibitors, exhibition area of 3000 square meters; Henan province with the actual industrial and consumer demand of the public to set up special food exhibition.

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How to prepare for the exhibition

regularly held a number of enterprises in the investment activities of the exhibition, the exhibition planning is one of the key factors that have a good exhibition planning preparation, the exhibition will be held as scheduled.

three sampling principle:

a)   targeted, targeted   —-  means the exhibits to meet the purpose, principles, nature and content of the exhibition.

b ( ); representative, representative   —-  refers to the exhibits to reflect the high and new technology, production capacity and the characteristics of the industry.

c ( ); uniqueness, uniqueness   —-  refers to the exhibits to have their own unique, in order to compare with other similar products, obviously different.   display methods: exhibits itself in most cases, and can not explain all of its performance, display all the features needed by other materials or   equipment and other means, to illustrate and emphasize rendering. To allow visitors to actively participate in the scene, and prepare some small packaging samples free of charge. These are in order to arouse the interest of visitors   increase the purchasing desire of businessmen.  : booth design: on the surface, the booth design should focus on the beautiful, in fact, is not so simple. Mainly to the booth to fully reflect the image of exhibitors, can attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, attention should also be paid to  . Contrary to Zhu recorded fu;.