Webmaster should not only imitate copying

The number of Internet China rise of

in a short period of time will allow us China webmaster circle several times increased greatly, from the earliest domestic few station site now every day countless new birth, which illustrates the development of our Chinese Internet webmaster circle how fast. But most of the webmaster still imitate others.

for example, the first to do site navigation hao123 to the success of domestic overnight, many people began to do site navigation, because everyone can see the site navigation do so much to make money, I do think a can get this money, so even now we often can see a lot of personal webmaster do site navigation site, is not to say not to do, but do not blindly follow the trend, others to do what we do. They say novels stand to make money, and as a result, most of the station owners rush to do novel stands. I think the success of the webmaster, learn innovation is critical, do not blindly follow the trend.

if someone wants to ask how to copy and paste, then you can tell him two shortcuts, copy: Ctrl+C, paste: Ctrl+V. In daily life, there are many successful cases, which are the result of the wisdom and sweat of the party concerned. But there are a few people but is trying to copy the success of the template format, in order to himself will soon also can quickly go on the road to success.

China has always had a parrot saying, but it is also possible that the herd mentality, in short, a lot of people are anxiously from behind others, blindly passive. Such people have no views of their own, lack of rational analysis and the judgement. In fact, as long as you think about it carefully, you should think that both the external environment and personal factors make the successful person different from himself.

, your blind follow the trend is always weak, you are no competition for others, said. The way others walk, will you walk again? Is it appropriate to know that opportunities are always for those who are prepared?. He walked in front of you and took the opportunity. You can go again. It’s just a narrow mountain path. Can you walk out of a bright road?. So don’t blindly copy other people’s patterns.

you can learn from the successful experience of others, to win the length of everyone, to absorb their own. In communicating with others, you can use your observation to understand the information you need, and then use it in the fields you are good at.

so you’ve learned so much about your experience. What else do you have to fear? You know, though you can’t imitate, you can go beyond it. You must try to move in a new direction, turn the success of others into your driving force, and bring endless harvest for yourself.

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Send light lose money business profitable

almost all Chinese people have a characteristic, is like to take advantage of small, if the right to use this feature, you can make entrepreneurs make a fortune. Here Xiaobian to introduce a light to send out a real example of a great cause of wealth.

As everyone knows the

Mobil Corp under the banner of "money" banner to oil pad, free service for consumers, on the surface, in the eyes of consumers, this is the "lantern could not find a thing, not only can enjoy the cheap" kerosene "convenient to use at the same time, but also for their own free use of a platform.

is cost-effective and convenient, there is a profit for himself, Why not?? Mobil Corp therefore compensate for the loss of about 800000 oil lamps, but Mobil Corp’s business really lost it? The result is what we all see, that is, not only did not lose the profits.

Mobil Corp to "lamp" as bait, make consumers buy consumers of this "good thing" – ten, ten – 100, buy kerosene people naturally more, then a small profit big profit, profit over interest, compound interest, really is "throw a sprat to catch a whale". In order to lose money in the oil lamp to obtain kerosene profits, this is the real purpose of Mobil Corp.

it is because the master of consumer psychology, so Mobil Corp can make such a big success, if you are to make a career, when there is no progress, you should also think about your marketing strategy?

Under the tide of mergers and acquisitions opportunities for entrepreneurs

last year to now, BAT3 giants and M & a strategic stake in the message of each message is too busy to attend to all, I am shocked. Tencent rumors from the acquisition of public comment, to tonight’s special hotel was acquired by Jingdong, shocking point is not the same. The former is shocking, large public comment on behalf of the company to still can not get rid of the giant acquired, after a while tonight hotel special offer such "dying company" can be acquired, which shows the energy behind the capital side.

A, for China entrepreneurs is the joy and sorrow?

Children’s day on the pocketbook lets us 818 which items make the most money

labor day, mother’s day has just ended, Children’s Day was followed by the. Compared with the general holiday, children’s Day is more profitable business opportunities, although the children do not make money, but their money is the best earned! Children’s Day is approaching, are you ready for a child to earn money? Today, Xiaobian introduce the related business focus and several children’s day, the crowd rushed to


children’s toys

children’s food

children’s books

to meet the children’s day, bookstores have specially designed venues for children of different ages, put on a variety of books, flashcards, children from the album to children’s Encyclopedia of everything. Xinhua Bookstore clerk Liu Xiaojie introduction, store children’s books are very rich, about tens of thousands of species. In order to create a happy, relaxed atmosphere of the festival, part of the bookstore also hung colored balloons, ribbons and other accessories. At the same time, the bookstore has also launched a series of promotional services, such as in the 61 day, where children’s books will receive a beautiful gift, etc..

children’s clothing

engaged in children’s clothing business, early to prepare promotional activities as one falls, another rises. In many brands, how to make your products stand out, get the favor of children and parents? Today, parents buy children’s clothing, not only requires fashion style, the pursuit of comfort and health, so children’s clothing design and fabrics are very important. United States and the United States children’s clothing in the summer is very hot, all the ecological stretch cotton are from green pollution-free ecological planting base, pay more attention to green and healthy growth of children, welcomed by parents.

this year due to Children’s Day as the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the parents do not have to deliberately leave, so in order to accompany the child, the supermarkets more popular popularity, popular business is not to be missed. There are half a month, you ready?


Micro business can replace the status of Taobao

now this society, has not heard of micro business people is too OUT. In the face of the bottleneck when the Taobao shopkeepers, micro business has been explosive development, from the computer to the phone, micro business has almost replaced Taobao platform to become the first choice for young entrepreneurs.

1, the status quo comparison: Taobao is the Red Sea, micro business is blue ocean

before since the media has said, Taobao 90% sellers do not make money, this Taobao president epilepsy row responded that all profitable businesses are in Taobao. Such an attitude is very artistic, but in fact did not deny the fact that Taobao 90% sellers do not make money. Today, Taobao has been a red sea, with the arrival of the capital predators and traditional brands, small sellers in the completion of raising big Taobao’s historical mission can only be left behind.

2, cost comparison: the high cost of entrepreneurship Taobao, micro business threshold is lower

in the brother was also a member of Taobao in 2011 after the seller, I paid 1000 yuan of consumer protection, the official start of the Taobao career. At that time, Taobao is particularly easy, do on the shelf optimization and Title Optimization, and every day there are hundreds of natural flow in products with reliable quality, customer service and thoughtful service, the conversion rate of long-term to maintain more than 10% stores, re purchase rate can be more than 50%. A year and a half to do the 3 crown, the annual water has also done about 3 million.


but in 13 years, business was poor half, because of the natural flow of Taobao to more and less, plus the brother do is health food, can not open train and drill, so I had to expand the team, increase the art, promotion, operation, outside the station to drainage. After that, I think the more tired, almost all of the money used to do the promotion, and put all the white Taobao. In the elder brother is very depressed, why do so happy Taobao, a computer plus recommended

Chongqing People’s Sichuan Museum

China eight each have their own characteristics also have consumer demand for each group, eight cuisine basically has been able to meet the China Han nationality all the members of the diet tastes, today Xiaobian introduce a famous Sichuan Museum, Yu Heung people Sichuan Museum

"Beijing joint Chongqing People’s food and Beverage Co., Ltd." was established in 1999, operates the traditional sichuan. "Yu Heung people" Sichuan Museum, the existing staff of more than a thousand people, cook all from Chongqing; the waiter is most chongqing. With the establishment of Shanghai, Shijiazhuang branch, Hebei, Anhui, Guizhou and other places of vocational school graduates also joined the "Chongqing people".

Chongqing Sichuan restaurant to join

Chongqing rural people, Sichuan restaurant business area of nearly twenty thousand square meters, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang office buildings, hotels and commercial buildings, a total of more than a dozen stores. "Chongqing rural people," the source of a wide range of guests, mainly white-collar, literary and foreign guests.

"Yu Xiang people" operating traditional Sichuan, is committed to explore, study traditional dishes. The dishes used "pepper" and "pepper" and "pickle" and "meat" and other raw materials are mainly from Chongqing. Chongqing rural people trying to make traditional Sichuan cuisine with modern equipment. In order not to change the shape of Sichuan cuisine, dozens of years later still can eat authentic Sichuan, Sichuan is willing to inherit and try.

Chongqing people to join the Sichuan Museum support:

1, to ensure that the exclusive monopoly of operating rights in the corresponding area of Chongqing City, other people’s families.

2, the implementation of business management support, according to the dealer sales Chongqing Chongqing people to join headquarters to send personnel to guide the resident.

3, strictly control the price fluctuations, and give appropriate policies to ensure that the distribution of products rich in profit margins and high returns on market operations.

4, to provide a reasonable return protection system to ensure that the people of Chongqing City, Sichuan Museum dealers cooperation zero risk.

Chongqing people to join the Sichuan Museum conditions:

1, with a sincere and long-term cooperation attitude, in the region has a certain channel influence;

2, familiar with the local market, with a wealth of product resources, in the region has a wealth of channel resources;

3, there are more professional marketing team is responsible for channel development, to maximize the channel to achieve;

4, can fully tap their own channels and resources to carry out full publicity and promotion work;

Children’s clothing to join the brand what are the issues

national two-child policy is open now, more and more children are born, it is good to promote the development of the market of children, especially children’s clothing, children’s clothing to join as venture investors, what precautions? Children’s clothing store brand which have to pay attention to, which contains a lot of all aspects, to look at it with the small bar:

in the selection of children’s clothing brand to join, in fact, have knowledge greatly, join in choosing to join the brand, generally follow the "strict screening, patient, concept first, and no long-term vision and common development" principle.

strict screening and patient. Analysis and evaluation of children’s clothing market investigation, the franchisee must establish the brand in the consumer market long-term development direction, short-term market fluctuations sometimes can not explain the problem, especially the children’s clothing industry at any time because of climate reasons, social education reform (the provisions must wear uniforms) due to factors such as the product unmarketable pressure. So, join the brand children’s clothing in the selection, be sure to keep calm, strict brand, adhere to the principle of patient.

Mendanghudui, common development. Many franchisees easily into the "brand better" misunderstanding, in fact, different regions of the people love different clothing culture, such as the north and south people love, love the fresh type, according to local market demand, it is rational choice.

is about to enter the children’s clothing industry investment in the development of small investors, the above points, it is good to help everyone, it is worth noting that the choice of children’s clothing to join the brand shop, to consider their own financial strength and industry experience, the current market conditions, an alternative site where the District, there is the most important is to choose a suitable brand recommended by the Mai Xixi children joined the chain brand is very good.

2016 is suitable for individual shop items

is now in 2016, we must also be in the new year in the plan, right? Do you want to start a business in 2016? What are the entrepreneurial projects that are suitable for individuals? Today, we sorted out a number of individual shops for the entrepreneurial projects, come and see.

puzzle shop

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements.

breakfast shop

2016 what are suitable for individual shop start-up projects? With the improvement of people’s living standard and the quickening pace of life, people who eat breakfast outside are quite large. Breakfast market has a lot of consumer space, unlimited business opportunities.

DIY toy

2016 what are suitable for individual shop start-up projects? Under the financial crisis, people’s pressure is increasing, but also the novelty of the toy accompanied by decompression to become a relaxed and happy little thing. Funny shit shit face knock hammer sounding doll, a variety of facial expressions, shut up, greedy, funny. A hard knock, lovely hammer will be issued with a "dang~dang" sound, and can continue to shock, which can be used as a fun, funny, knock back, eliminate fatigue, very comfortable.

personal shop is not easy to do business for the project must be cautious when I believe you want to know what suits the individual shop, 2016 venture? The above items

Do retail business also need to be diligent in accumulation

is different from some of the big shops, for the retail store, the shop owner himself is a shopping guide, direct and customer dealings. Now, it is no exaggeration to say that the retail store can see the blossom everywhere, the wrong way of retail stores. This will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of the business, some retail bosses lamented business difficult to do. But in the fierce competition, there is still a lot of business owners made smooth, bonanza.

actually, it has a lot to do with the skills and skills of retail owners. Good business owners really put their hearts into the business, as a career to do it, always intentions, always use love. Of course, this performance in many ways, I think: diligent accumulation, good customer shopping guide is one of the very important aspects.

a, familiar with the store location.

store their own goods in accordance with the kind of neatly placed, such as tobacco, wine, food, beverages, dried fruits, etc.. For fragile, flammable, moisture-proof products need to do special protection must be special protection, and with a conspicuous reminder to remind customers. When customers come to buy goods, they should be able to quickly say their position or approximate location, to reduce customer search time. This will allow customers to feel comfortable, happy, but also allow customers to understand your intentions and feelings.

think of a boss is also the specific location of their goods are not clear, so that customers everywhere looking for, or even find their own half a day can not find, the customer’s mind is what feelings? If there is an emergency customer, it will have to wait? Absolutely impossible! And this will leave a bad impression on the customer’s mind, so familiar with the location of the goods in the store is every retail boss must do. This must not be too troublesome, to remember in mind. Because unlike commodity prices, we can also print and post.

two, familiar with all kinds of commodity performance characteristics.

as a retail boss, you should be familiar with the characteristics of the goods you buy in the store. Can make a brief introduction to the customer. For the same commodity to clear the similarities and differences between different brands; different kinds of goods should be clear about the difference between them. For example, all kinds of tobacco manufacturers, tar content, smoke flavor characteristics, etc., all kinds of wine production business, alcohol content, manufacturing processes, etc..

different milk manufacturers, nutrients and shelf life of the content of different toothpaste, content, specifications, etc.. These important commodity information in mind, when customers come to buy goods, when we ask for advice, we can just right to introduce them to provide a reference for the comparison of customers. Timely and appropriate introduction, so that they feel that the boss is talking about jargon, trustworthy, valuable.

three, familiar with the use of new methods.


Xining city rural doctors subsidy policy to build rural medical service network

in the rural health service system, village health room is the three level network of health services in rural areas set comprehensive commitment to public health and basic medical and family planning technical services and consulting three integrated services. In the village health doctors in rural areas is the broad masses of peasants health gatekeepers, effective service of rural doctors is rural residents access to public health and basic medical and health services and an important guarantee of social fairness, the work demonstrates the social public responsibility to protect the farmers health and social welfare has distinct the.