Love Shanghai remediation PPC effect gradually highlights the advantages of Shanghai Longfeng brand

breakout success!So

love Shanghai bidding competition is CCTV exposure, love Shanghai has started to lose weight, beauty and other industries were concentrated remediation, love Shanghai from the beginning of August 18th, on the termination of slimming products included the soft, while the weight loss products were screened by PPC! This round of screening, after a lot of weight loss website optimization ranking long time have been greatly promoted, which naturally reflected from a side to do now, Shanghai dragon optimization, build brand has become more and more obvious, so Shanghai Longfeng optimization is how to build the brand of

want to let Shanghai Longfeng optimization to acme, also need to pay attention to industry segments, to avoid the risk through the breakdown of intense competition, such as now many industry e-commerce sites have shouted out Decathlon online business model, this is a kind of effective management ideas in the industry will be the ultimate, and Shanghai Dragon optimization let this business ideas insert successful

and marketing Shanghai dragon wings!Keywords:

optimization is a kind of brand effect of the weapon, but if you do not pay attention to the choice of the industry, do not pay attention to segmentation effect, it is difficult to play the advantages of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as a lot of people xiaojiannaodai to e-commerce development, e-commerce is the profit ability is quite strong, but we are in competition this is a single plank bridge, the possibility of failure naturally greatly increased! Even if it is difficult from the chiefs fairy in such a fierce competition

now more and more consumers are through the soft, soft in the publicity came to the site, the traditional chain just leave a website the way, has been difficult to obtain directional flow effectively, the brand effect can not create a website, and soft in Shanghai dragon and Phoenix optimization effect becomes very well, the soft can bring about their website keywords anchor text, and these soft, often is to release the weight of relatively high site, so these soft included row >

? ! After

: from the first vertical field easily breakthrough

by Shanghai dragon optimization, to create a brand, is a very important aspect to improve website to search engine ranking position, but also to let the rankings become stable, a lot of people say the PPC is not very easy to do that? But the PPC is often through money, which funds the foot, can get better rankings and fake brands, because of low cost, they are not afraid to throw money, so now even through the PPC brand ranked first began to discount, and the long time of operation, optimize the site diligently, will also be more on the website ranking optimization the position before, and such website, are often easier to obtain the trust of consumers, that is to say, the brand effect will be more powerful

third: Shanghai dragon optimization to form a complementary

second ranking should be stable at home

Operation of RSS a new direction for website promotion

RSS is a way of sharing content between sites, usually we also known as the "polymerization", usually used in news and blog. This order if the site provides RSS output, then the user can directly see the latest updates and dynamic in the client. That is not in the open reading support RSS output website content website content pages. It is a kind of marketing means, now a lot of mainstream support RSS subion blog.

add RSS to your website, the best familiar with the following several of its basic elements, such as mandatory attribute version, is used to specify the current version; the only child elements of the channel, it mainly contains information content websites or columns; and title, the title of the page; link, the website or the column URL and Description: a brief description of the site; or column. There are some other, here is not introduced one by one. Simple in structure and usage we know RSS, you can manually edit RSS in the most commonly used Notepad, here first said adding ideas under static, in the process of adding each line to one correspondence, the focus is part of the text, especially URL, can not be wrong, otherwise mistakes. In addition it is finished, you can keep the file, the suffix for the.Xml format, we will add to the file link on the website, on the obvious position of the head. This website will have your RSS output.

The three advantage of

do stand for a long time, recently found a lot of blog has an RSS feed, before they know it exists, but there is no study. See related posts in the forum today, caused the discussion, so today to summarize the advantages of RSS and practice, let more webmaster understand. It is on the site optimization although there is no direct help, but from the aspects of indirect help website rankings. The following are from the definition of RSS, and how to make the three aspects of their own RSS to share, I hope to help the webmaster.

simple RSS based



from Shanghai dragon’s perspective, the advantages of RSS can not be directly realized, but can indirectly influence the web page ranking, and even web traffic. It has the following advantages. First, RSS subscription convenient other site citing your data, this is equivalent to the external links; second, most search engines now began to support the RSS subscription, so this may be calculated as a ranking factor; third, it can more easily search the news search engine index. Is a good way to improve the visibility of the.

How to write RSS

for dynamic program, you need to convert the content through the program. You can download the conversion template, but generally need to modify the database part of the data link. Including.

Before the

Longfeng promotion and resources in Shanghai to the industrial upstream layout makes you as boundles

for example when we do blog resources, in fact, can be said to be the promotion and resource development, when we do blog resources accumulated in Shanghai for example, dragon and phoenix. So we will be familiar with, what is the upper reaches of Shanghai Longfeng, upstream downstream is website construction, web promotion and Internet marketing. We are looking for our upstream, for example we want to do it to Shanghai Longfeng upstream demand. You must finish the site after a person needs to be done to promote Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, do not necessarily need to do website construction. According to this logic when we do resources, such as we do blog resources, independent blog or two level domain name or the third party blog or blog. We can do the construction of such words, and then guide for Shanghai dragon.

resource construction layout of the upstream must be planning a good time cost, because the upstream is not our purpose, just use this to attract users.

in the promotion of the same time, we can go to the construction site of the group to promote or go to the website or forum forum to promote our content, of course, do the chain and promotion of. It can also play the function of many people now shooting two birds with one stone, bound by the word correlation, that Shanghai dragon must do and Shanghai Longfeng exchange Links or in Shanghai dragon forum outside the chain is the best. In fact, this is not just a small, relevance judgment factors of the chain. The official also said that Shanghai love to see users have not really recommend your site really recommend a very important factor is that if the user clicks, click on your website, then this is a value to the users of the link, of course is not just one of the factors which will involve click, bounce rate, residence time these factors, such as PV.

but you can be sure that if a hyperlink does not click on a page that is of no significance, basically can transfer the weight is low. In fact, the internal chain is the same, I found a lot of people love to do their own target keywords a link to the home page, the user can click? Certainly not, such optimization will only lead to excessive optimization, and can not play a real effect.


now I found some of my friends do Shanghai dragon eyes and not let go, only in their own eyes this one. For example, I make the stone fish, so I just do this stone fish a word, not to look a little amplification. In fact, you can zoom in to the characteristics of food and beverage, can also zoom in a little bit. You can look into the restaurant this one, certainly can do low cost business. Not just stare at the stone fish at this point, it will make us great limitations. For example, many people say that they do not make the promotion of the chain resources, there is no place. In fact, there is no such problem, the problem is not open your eyes, your limitations is too strong, personally think that when one of the technology to a certain extent open thinking and vision will become more and more important.

When we do the

How do Zhang Wei blog a week to be included

this screenshot shows the love for the first time to Shanghai time snapshot of this blog and love Shanghai, Google, included soso. Next, Zhang Wei talk which is what reason, what have you done work.


this screenshot shows the site for the record by the time of June 26, 2012, the day before the normal visit.

D, platform resources. {after built at the same time in the blog, Sina blog, love Shanghai space, A5 station network, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why platform in the application of blog, and then update the space often, in order to get love in Shanghai included the point, when love in Shanghai after these articles included, just in time for the end of June, that is by the time domain name for the record. }

is 2 more than the workload and tasks of the ten day, the four step is to speed up the blog included does have effect, the next 6 days, what did Zhang Wei do?

from the blog to start the day, to be loved in Shanghai included, only 6 days, put screenshots, to show the truth:

B, update the article. This ten day domain name cannot be enabled, can only be accessed by a temporary domain. But don’t have to wait for the domain name enabled to update the content, Zhang Wei every day to update the 1-2 article, the article is the original, and try to make the search engine that is the original, this process is not easy, but we must insist, Zhang Wei blog itself is a record of the original blog. }

1, Zhang Wei blog is built in June 15th, the same day to civilink record, in June 26 by filing, within ten days, to do two things:

Zhang Wei

a, the station optimization. {in the station can optimize the local basic processing was done, in the following aspects: 1, seriously pondering the page title keyword, determine the core keywords; 2, in the proper position of a part of code add title= "* * * *"; 3, Add URL map and robot.txt file; 4, in each page to add the latest articles and popular a list of articles; 5, add love and love to share Shanghai Shanghai statistics code}


C, looking for friends of the chain. Here is a special case of {new friends, because Zhang Wei had boost network, pr=2, basically reach the second, so these two website link. Find another 3 PR for 2 friends this is the website link, with small site resources, so want to say, usually need to accumulate contacts and web resources. }

a, update the article, study keywords and long tail keywords. {give yourself the columns of the title and the title for the crucial lexicon, mainly to the long tail, is good in the establishment of columns and when writing, can try to tit>

Pulsing old code has completely stopped functioning since todayAdvise small and medium-sized website

actually do the webmaster want to earn some money, the secretarial chowder network rrrwm is no exception, after making friends, according to the results of adding billing advertising, tested more than two months, we will experience up to the webmaster, and study decision:

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

‘s old code, originally scheduled for January 15th, was terminated early in January 9th in order to ensure code security problems for members of the community there was a major loophole in the old program code. Currently, the pulse server is being upgraded, and members can still query the old system data, but the old ad code will no longer run. Please update the code in time to avoid your delay.

three source code, complex. Like sh419, GG promotion code is not a virus, but other advertisers code is questionable. This station since joining some achievements by billing advertising, advertising code after the launch, the site often strike after every two or three days, the technical staff let me give up advertising, at present, the station has to give up advertising promotion, thankfully, the station has no virus trouble it is estimated that some advertisers put Trojan.


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

advertising drag speed. We all know this, put advertising natural influence on the access speed, if we can make some money worth mentioning, but too little money, speed slow down, I think, who also want to advertise

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

, a join is not difficult, is not easy to make money. First come first, that went to the Golden Avenue, leaned over the body, that everywhere is gold, but from May to now, the weight of more than 3000 IP, only 20 yuan pay promotion income is one hundred yuan, I can’t get this twenty yuan, according to the results of visible, not imagine that money, for small and medium-sized website, money is the castles in the air.

five, on the promotion of advertising on sh419, GG included influential. This is crucial for small webmaster, traffic would have little need to sh419 shlf1314 and sh419 included increased traffic, GG has recommended advertising plan, and sh419 boss rush to eat, against the boss of sh419, I think, a good day you stand out, so that the effect of alliance is greedy do billing cheap to pick up sesame lost watermelon.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

two, the application is not easy to make money advertising, advertising sales jargon. According to the results of the billing advertising alliance inside promotion advertising is not fully open, advertising for the requirements of the site, like my secretarial chowder network applied to eighty-six percent ad, it is relatively high, but most of these ads are not earning money sales advertising, is only the customer clicks on the website and buy the site what to give the Commission, there is a mysterious black box, just a one-way transparent, I cannot know whether users bought something. In addition, more money is difficult to apply for registration of advertising.


As a webmaster, but also continuous learning

talking about website is really a casual thing. About two years ago had operational ideas, free space and registered two domain names had not to implement, really do stand is that a few days at the end of March, I saw the so-called online survey for money, after entering the family free Wangzhuan network, so the establishment of the idea came again. Webmaster road officially began.

buys space and domain names, and then worries about the web site. I am a high school student, said bluntly after high school did not seriously go to a class, on the web at what all don’t understand. What to do? Well, what resources are available on the network, find a web browser, and other people’s Web site down with DW changed, hey, really like that. Do not understand, do not worry, afraid not to try. After so many days of tossing and turning, your website has been successfully installed.

later because I think the website is too simple, I want to find a good website about theft, seek to know the CMS, and then look at most of the sites are using CMS to do stand on their own, so backward, get the manual station, take out or disgrace. Just ask a group of people and the now popular CMS program, and then select DEDE as his website program, also spent a few days in DEDE Global Forum, the harvest is also very much, including learning some basic knowledge of CMS and simple template modification, locally tried again and again, finally is successfully completed, will own website to type.


days is to some forum posting more hard paste, and threw down his website address, but also to the Baidu know to answer the question of the way to promote their own website, but the effect is really not satisfactory. After a few days, no one came in. Now the people are not scared by the Trojan horse? See with the web site are accustomed to that is a bad site. Think about this way is not a way to get effective flow,


is ashamed to have never known SEO before. It was also learned on the way to find ways to promote it. The next few days, I spent my mind on learning SEO. To each big Adsense network to see the data, to point to ask the question, basically a necessary work every day. To tell the truth, although he is only doing a dumpster, but from the beginning of the site to now, 00 pieces of establishment of knowledge learned a lot. I learned a lot too. Always listen to other webmaster said, new Adsense site need to embrace the attitude of learning to carry on, this is very reasonable, at least their experience is the same.

talked so much, just want to say, do and beginners like me, in fact, to learn too much, even if you don’t understand, what does not matter, step by step, difficult to think of ways to solve the problem, not solve is to ask someone else. I tried a lot of people. So, as long as you insist on your webmaster Road, I believe success will be closer and closer to you.

has problems. You can join too

Cause analysis on my guest station is right down the weight

I lose weight the most effective weight-loss drug station was established in April this year, the main keyword I is "the most effective weight-loss drug", about two months after the rise in the establishment of the primary key, and to the first page of Baidu, and several deputy with long tail keywords, such as diet pills, diet pills than Taobao Taobao is the most effective on the best diet, the best diet pills are to the first page or even the first page, where the heart is very happy, we all know that weight loss products profits are very high, when the time is 1000 yuan fee each month, and then sell products from it a month plus more than 3000 dollars! Think of website to build more than two months with this achievement, feeling really good.

but recently I found good times don’t last long, the website keyword rankings I started to decline, beginning from the first page of the third fell to the bottom second, and then second pages to present here when I engage in check "the most effective weight-loss drug" found that I have to shut the station third page fourth, just half a month of time fell to the third page, I am very sad ah, of course, other related long tail keywords ranking also declines, Taobao the most effective weight-loss drug is the original home of the second, now at fifth, several other will no longer say the. This makes me have to settle down to analyze the reasons for the decline in rankings. Throughout the whole process, I feel that the reasons for the drop are mainly as follows:

one, the chain was deleted a lot of

we all know that the chain for a website ranking role, can not be ignored. My chain is mostly from the forum posts, and many of these posts are not my original, this may lead to Baidu "hate" and deleted; another reason is that in the post operation method is not mature enough, when I signed up for a forum as long as the forum will post, I send with links to posts, it is easy to cause a day or half a day was found to remove the administrator of this posting, from the page caused an invalid link on Baidu too much.

summary: everyone in the post should be careful, don’t go up to send links with the poster, it is easy to cause the result even if Baidu is removed, your post, may stop for a period it will disappear from Baidu, causing the chain loss.

two, website revision

in the past few months, my homepage has changed three pages, I always feel that my homepage is not beautiful enough, so I can see a beautiful website just like someone else’s modification. In fact, this is the big SEO! Every change a version of the home page keyword density and position will change, thus resulting in a closed word key words appear frequency instability, don’t trust caused by Baidu, from the page may be down right on the site.

sum up: before you do the website, you must plan the templates and keywords of the website and the title of the homepage first. Once you have fixed it, you must not change it, especially the title "Yan"

Li Fang not soft, not hard soft Wen is really valuable soft Wen

do network marketing these days, listen to a Google on network marketing lecture, deep feeling. At the same time with A5 for a long time, published many articles, naturally experience what is the true value of what kind of articles can only be used as a small chain, what kind of articles can bring real reputation for you, what kind of articles can only bring some IP to you.

of course, personal experience is always insignificant, say wrong, but also hope webmaster friends criticism correction.


name must be soft and soft, what is "soft"? The real value, in any case can not see advertising, where people feel you described the good intentions, the so-called "soft", said that, this article is advertising for you, but for the reader is valuable the information.

but many friends tend to feel soft this, but ignore another important factor: soft, hard! So what is "hard"? That is make soft reading "total", and will be able to trap, follow your ideas to your advertisement, you study the ads, even your advertising experience. If the written text can reach this point, so that achieve success and win recognition for the website, not only can get huge traffic, but also can obtain the visitor’s identity depth; for products, can not only get the order, but also increase the reputation in the invisible.

first of all, the content of the soft must be close to your target advertising, or similar.

see a lot of friends to write the text, as boundless as the sea and sky broad range, but think about the true meaning of this article want to express, but found wide of the mark. Take the side of the webmaster, you are engaged in online sales, you write the article is "how to improve Baidu included, finally still at the end abruptly with a link, then this article what role? Rarely, basically is to add a chain, if you can give bring the flow of words, I am sure, are garbage flows, will not have any effect on your order.

so there are many webmaster friends complain about why the article reprinted so much, but it did not bring substantive help, this is the soft Wen and advertising related reasons. Like the Google Adsense ad, if the page and advertising related degree, then the price will be high; if the page and advertising correlation is low, then the unit price will be very low.

We can refer to

before I wrote an article about ".Htaccess online editor" description of the article, I spent a lot of energy to build such an article written, accurate and specific, and there are many unknown tips. At the same time, I also recommend myself to do that.Htaccess generator page. The same day, this soft Wen brought me more than 700 IP. And this effect is long-lasting, because many people find this editor really better than its

What should a female APP business do community or tool

no one will deny that the female market is huge, and no one will deny that women are more emotional than men, and are more willing to be the main consumer, no matter where the money comes from.

, but in the mobile internet field, phenomenon class products abound, but eventually let users "precipitation" down success is not much. There are so many entrepreneurs have said that the user’s heart like catkins subtle. This phenomenon is more pronounced in women’s APP, where women’s hearts are more difficult to grasp.

more likely to divide the female market segments of the market than other areas, have menstrual tool aunt, beauty grapefruit; shopping market beauty said, beauty market; beauty beauty, beauty makeup tips; Manicure market show Manicure, beaver; plastic market new oxygen plastic; pregnancy pregnant orange market ·, happy pregnancy; · · · · · each segment has a specific group of users. But it’s amazing how many women’s APP start-ups are dominated by men, and it’s also a consensus among women entrepreneurs that men know women better than women.

The initial user application

women how to access? Sticky tools and community who can increase the user’s application? Women can have what business model? NetEase technology held in July 26th Wudaokou salon female special APP, founder and investor of all female APP to discuss female entrepreneurs how to enter the market application.

female applications: community or tool

female market has some particularity, such as menstrual application must accurately record the monthly menstrual time, and form convenient control; especially for weight loss and weight applications, users need to record the daily intake of calories, calories per day and to determine their own weight-loss results. On the other hand, women are more willing to share and discuss than men, and also want to compare with others, which makes developers fight with the community or tools.

in the show nail CEO Yi Yi seems that women are born with "show" demand, so that they become beautiful, in addition to "Yue himself", but also to "Yue people."". Pure tool software has a natural problem, the lack of traffic access, only when users need it will open, so APP open frequency is low. Convince users to use incentives regularly, and through the concept of community, users will help you do what you want to do repeatedly and hopefully, forming a consensus field that will help you promote the transaction.

beauty, beauty makeup CEO, Zhang Bo chose a structured blog style community, the initial launch of the beauty scene, and then gradually increased the nail, hair, clothing collocation and so on. In Zhang Bo’s view, fan economy is a great magic weapon for managing communities. There are three types of communities in the United States, America and the United States. The first is cattle

The disadvantages of China’s website filing system tedious, complex, long time and high cost

website filing system cumbersome complex, long time, high cost, build the site to record, transfer the web host to record, modify the record information (even a phone), but also for the record, the new web site should also be filed. After the site is good, the Ministry also checks, check information, check errors to be canceled for the record…. In short, in a word, the website filing system is complicated and lengthy, forcing many sites choose to host in the foreign area (the "foreign area" refers to areas outside the Chinese mainland, including Hongkong and Taiwan, the same below).


harm to China’s filing system:

1, damage the interests of Web operators

to open the site to the record, the record that the website operators need to pay a huge cost, including the cost of time and money costs, labor costs, for the record to spend more than one month or even months, in the rapid development of modern society, time is life, the efficiency of website filing system is low, long cycle, complex is in the slaughter of life.

2 damage domestic IDC service provider interests

web server in abroad, domestic damage the interests of the company, Chinese website for the record system has a large number of foreign IDC companies fattened. This is like the government through administrative means to restrict the purchase of domestic goods, forcing people to buy higher prices, service worse foreign goods, the same reason.

3 hinders competition among domestic IDC companies

site record, and web hosting by a IDC company transferred to another IDC company (for server), but also to the record (record access, process complexity degree to re record the same), the website for the record and takes a lot of time, or even three or four months time, the website operators do not want to change web hosting provider, do not want to replace the IDC, the domestic IDC industry is not fully competitive development.

4, affecting China’s information technology

foreign host site access speed is less than the domestic host site, and in the recording system a large number of websites hosted in abroad, makes these sites in the domestic access speed is not high, thus affecting the overall level of China website, influence Chinese information.

5, threatening national security,

large number of web server located in a foreign country, the foreign government easy access to web server files in the information in the United States, Ling mirror door event exposure in the background, you can imagine, if the server is located in the United States, all information website will be the United States government and spies stealing some confidential corporate information confidential information, and even the government military information can be leaked, Chinese threat to national security.

6, causing difficulties in the supervision of the Chinese government

web server is located in China