Three years of operating experience Taobao Shanghai dragon ranking optimization tips



traffic acquisition category

six, Shanghai dragon post monitoring optimization

from the top two chart, you can find Taobao whole network the most hot search word, and appear in selling baby varieties is the flowers and roses, landing simulation simulation.

word value: here is mainly reflect the market trend, can let us see the market rise and the maximum amount of search search what words. For us to optimize the title, this is very important. Especially look inside the search words we can learn to rise, the market direction of our industry standard is what, can let us timely catch these competition relatively low rise search words, and can according to the keywords attribute rising, to adjust the direction of shop operation.

(1) Taobao home page, the system recommended words.

, a keyKeywords

, a key

Taobao Shanghai Longfeng optimization, first to choose good keywords. Now any keywords a category are many, and third party software to find keywords is a superb collection of beautiful things. We find that with Taobao keyword or official recommendation, keywords and outstanding market performance, we put these keywords as the preferred Title optimization. Find these words, mainly in the following ways:

word data cube in Amoy

, the five factors affect the natural ranking

value > 2

three, the establishment of a breakthrough

(2) Taobao TOP list


word value: here is mainly reflected in taobao贵族宝贝 now to the main push of the categories and keywords, is very important for sellers to grasp the market benchmark. Our simulation flower belongs to the small category, is of little value in this respect.


is a choice of value: These are the words recommended by Taobao search system, huge flow, belonging to the essential title keywords. The two is corresponding to different words Taobao recommended products, can let us know that the market is selling products, we have done for the store collocation package is an important reference.


(3) Taobao search drop-down box and you are not looking for the word


two, Title Design and combination of

can be seen from the diagram, now fence flower simulation this rising keywords greatly, one is that sales on the market trend of flower fence is also good, provides a reference for our new store development. The corresponding and related products, should also immediately add the soaring keywords.

How to use the third party platform to do a keyword optimization

also has a whip Niu Shi forum, the effect is very good, ranking or. But there is love Shanghai blog, the other is Sina, NetEase. Sohu were not ideal.

my company is mainly engaged in the Shenzhen auto show, so I chose the Pacific, Shenzhen housing network related industry platform, and in my practice, found that the Shenzhen real net weight is very high, of course made a post, they are the content of the website, immediately be included, and have good ranking.

The second step:


The first step of The

The fourth step: leave a link The third step: the content editor

website in most of the time, so try to use NetEase, Sina, and so on various forums and blogs made an effective use of third party platform to do a keyword optimization effect, feeling the effect is still good.

the purpose of promotion, is to leave a link, this is very important, so I will leave. For example, the article from there.

I usually come directly copied from the website, a word does not change, the main reason is that I want to maintain the N blog one day, forum posting, no time to deal with. So, when I do content, my approach is: after determining an article, long ago I was rewritten, the front section of the content I guarantee in 80 words or so, and the key word to get in.

finished the above steps, we can usually see effect, especially the love of Shanghai, will soon be able to see the effect. But the biggest problem is to keep the hair adhere to, does not stop with the content and the new title into "

in Shanghai dragon has a very important job is to send the chain, and the chain has many forms, such as forum, blog, and so on a series of soft, everyday form Shanghai dragon staff.

so when I send when the search included, have a period for the description of the search results.


before, I have put this to the promotion of the key components of a text document, according to the long tail theory, different keywords to form a group, take turns to Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tianya, news and other important right of the media, in the title, must pay attention to is, what are you going to do keyword. Write what keywords, and forward, also followed by a bit of literary words, it looks very good. Remember to try not to separate the keywords.

: third party platform.

when the actual promotion, through the third party platform with the need of Shanghai Longfeng work, also can do a keyword optimization. In fact, we choose to send the chain platform, there are generally good weight. Therefore, the third party can often give us better rankings.

Gourmet class click ads latest informationIn Japan earned 500 Wangzhuan training class personal view

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registration address: lianmeng


of course is not to deny all the training class, because do not deny that there are some classes really good. However, I think the good training can not let you make money fast. Good classes can give you a lot of Wangzhuan basic knowledge, let a novice to quickly understand wangzhuan. Then it depends on you how to use these knowledge to make a lot of money……

from contact with these money class situation, most of the techniques of this kind of money class through some cheating ways to refresh the traffic, such as mutual shlf1314 Advertising, external drainage to brush the mom, these practices are a big risk, pay a lot of work, but in the end get money is also matter, indeed, if the money could be one hundred or two hundred a day, but most of them are brush N days, and then at the time of payment is money to advertisers will be suspended, and then called shlf1314 aliamama said, disloyal, disorderly closure of the station, now called the advertiser posting many, but you can say these are the basic, who in fact, as long as you call, conscientious stand, shlf1314 and alimama are not random sealing station.

earned 500 is not impossible, but you are a people who do not have any basis to the pages of course, a few days training can quickly realize, that is impossible. Wangzhuan is a tutorial system, need to understand many aspects of network knowledge, to a certain program, accumulated more, will naturally achieve the purpose.

Seo has been held training classes, with students say that money can not be impatient, if have no grasp of theory, is eager to how to make the number of days, especially now popular online some Wangzhuan training class, base on income of 500, or a monthly income of 3000 yuan at the end of such training advertising, as long as you pay hundreds dollars, or buy their money making tutorial, they can teach you how to make money fast, more than 2 weeks, at least 3 days can make the day to earn 300 yuan. In the face of so many income security at the end of training advertising, forced people to ponder his authenticity! It is so simple? More friends said, why don’t you SEO off training plus a how to make the number of days to recruit students, the following is a personal answer to students last night, plus his thoughts today following that, this kind of training class Wangzhuan views, I have is :964043

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Beyond SEO chain analysis

for the current network, a company in order to run its own web site, there is no strong SEO is not good, and for a strong, need to do and know more. Among them, the essential data analyst, and colleagues write in the station distribution links and website content is also important to understand the construction and channel of the chain is also a SEO site can not lack of resources. In fact, each aspect of their own web site, SEO must be able to understand colleagues, but also to skilled operation, after all, SEO’s Pro force can only make the site better development. However, with the emergence of Baidu’s new algorithm, many of the site’s SEO began to fall into confusion, do not know from start and go to promote and optimize the. One of the most let you webmaster headache thing is, BBS signature after the chain is regarded as garbage links, how to do the chain is our SEO need to solve a big problem.

In fact,

construction in the new algorithm and policy under the pressure of the chain is the need to be more cautious, because the name from the algorithm we can see is to purify our network environment, to combat illegal trade links and use a lot of junk links to web site promotion. So, how do we build the chain? Well, not much to say, the following began to enter the topic.

In fact,

for the construction of the chain, and now we do not think so difficult, if a long time to do the high quality of the chain webmaster will feel that no matter how the search engine update for their website effect is not much, even does not have any influence on some website is the. Because when these SEO are linked, they don’t just think about quantity, to a certain extent, they are relevant and original. That is to say we should be taken into account in our promotion, we are the promotion of the website is a what kind of company, and our company do outside the chain can be recognized to attract related people to browse and read in that place, so for the correlation of the chain is already do. For example, each of us in the management of the company will be to recruit so for us, the recruitment information website in the construction of the chain can be connected in place, of course construction can not always must be in multi platform construction on a single platform, this kind of words for browsing and search engine it won’t take you as useless junk information.


for the chain itself, the quality is also very important, imagine if we were in the construction of the chain itself, its content is not readable any, so visitors will go to read? Of course not, therefore we must seriously in the quality of check for SEO, at the same time in the creation of the soft, must also be skilled, if every day we only two original words most also can be transformed into a 20-30 chain, then for some large web sites to help.

I Baidu Probation understanding

from the start, do not know what is web site optimization, website SEO, enterprise SEO, this process is very wonderful, don’t know how the predecessors began to enter this industry, so that even do the originator of the position, I might say SEO the course of my people will say how you might not have what, what no contact can be done now to what are skilled, when I just contact network, the work is so tedious, no goal, don’t know what I do in the end is the wedding dress for who do nothing to me, just give me anyone can complete the work, because no one tell me do these work can bring what benefit, if now tell about his role, be like at that time would double the work over the completion of the task, I optimized so far are Is the enterprise website, there is the hydraulic station of mining machinery, equipment, control cabinet and so on site, can a dragon all yourself is a great thing for me, I really do, their website all hand written full static website, although the former is very tedious, but once up optimization multiplier. I believe that when we say some technical problems or ideas to others, we are actually going out of the way in practice, rather than listening to other people’s routines, so that they can be implemented more effectively.

‘s understanding of the spider’s principle is even more important,

in the early stages of the Internet development, the website is relatively small, information search is relatively easy. However, with the explosion of Internet, ordinary Internet users to find the required information like this specialized search sites look for a needle in the ocean, to meet the public demand for information retrieval was born.

, the ancestor of the modern search engine, was invented in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at the University of Montreal in Archie. Although World Wide Web has not yet appeared, but the network file transfer is still quite frequently, and because of the large number of documents in every dispersed FTP host, the query is very inconvenient, so Alan Emtage thought of developing a system file to find the file name, and thus Archie.

Archie works very close to the current search engine, which relies on scripts to automatically search for documents on the Internet, and then index the information for users to query with a certain expression. Because the Archie is popular among users, inspired by the System Computing Services, Nevada university has developed another very similar search tools in 1993, but this time the search tools in addition to the index file, can search the web page.

at that time, the word "robot" was very popular among programmers. Computer Robot refers to a software program that can perform a task without speed at the speed that human beings can not reach. By >

What kind of factory suitable for rural

rural areas are relatively wide, many friends want to open factories in rural areas, this idea is also good, of course, the premise is to first understand what they intend to do. Perhaps you are also thinking about this issue, what kind of factory in rural areas? Come and have a look.

rural for what the factory? Processing feed

rural for what the factory? Manufacturing wood-based panel

rural for what the factory? Pepper processing

pepper "stomachic". Can be processed into bubble red pepper, red pepper, chili sauce, sesame chilli sauce, chili bean sauce, chili oil, pepper and so on, these are also the people’s favorite food.

rural for what the factory? Small pickles processing


Ordinary female farmers hard work for a year to fight the ten million

everyone is equal in front of entrepreneurship, as long as you dare to do do not suffer, what do not to. She used to be an ordinary farm woman in Zhaoyuan, but she chose to work hard, one year time to fight the ten million.

2004 opening day long queues in March, strong opposition from her husband and family, full of bitter Liu Weihong at the Yantai University in Laishan near the vegetable market, opened the first shop together with the twist of her dreams, named hongxiang.

Chengdu hi tech Zone 2015 to achieve the new four entrepreneurial achievements

mentioned the western region is the most suitable city, Sichuan, Chengdu must be in the forefront of the list of candidates. The launch of the new deal in 2015 all the land of abundance, only to fully optimize the business environment, to attract more entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial team stationed in.

unprecedented support

reviewThe first working day,

2015 in the afternoon of January 4th, the Chengdu high tech Zone Industrial and commercial department issued the first set of a business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate in one of the "three in one" license; the last day of 2015, December 31st, China West’s largest industry application software companies – Yinhai long landing the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Chengdu high tech Zone, with the number of listed companies reached 27.

The new


10 billion Zhenjinbaiyin supporter of founder

"plan" clearly, 2020 to gather all kinds of science and technology personnel 50 thousand people, hatching technology venture enterprise 1, built 6 million square meters of incubation carrier. To this end, Chengdu high tech Zone issued "business ten", defined in terms of capital, the annual investment innovation funds of various types of not less than 1 billion yuan, strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship activities, the budget 100 million yuan for innovative business incubator aggregation, service platform, high end enterprise training, entrepreneurial activities etc..

10 billion real money into innovation and entrepreneurship, Chengdu hi tech Zone opened the public entrepreneurship, innovation era curtain.

in the business brand activities, in March 29, 2015, "venture Tianfu · Jing Rong Hui" as recommended

Small urban lighting project for the night Tim

Recently, the reporter from the Street Municipal Engineering Administration Department learned, through continuous improvement, as of October, the Chinese high slot lane, lane, traffic lane, Saline Lake Lane all sections of the lighting project has completed 100% tasks, lighting project to create the bright beauty show. It is understood that the 2014 street lighting projects are alleyways street reconstruction project, the majority of alleyways mobility intensive, large traffic, construction vehicles do not easily pass, high-altitude vehicles parked inconvenience, and there are security risks in the peak period of construction, the lights are ahead of investigation after a detailed study, determine the traffic and pedestrians are relatively few the time taken, segmentation gradually way street construction demolition and renovation work base. The first street on high lane, the tank lane, traffic lane, Lane Road Saline Lake launched the old and new post demolition lamppost assembly work, and the street foundation casting work; secondly, reconstruction project of Xishan Xishan three lane, two lane, Beidou Palace Street, Lane Huangli shore, Victory Lane Fang Xiang, Zi Xin Xiang, Xiang seven street lanes Street development; at the end of the street, North Yu Jing Xiang Yin Ma, court street lamps were rebuilt installation work. As of October, street lamps have been completed in 2014 to build a small town lighting project. After the completion of the various sections of the road along the bright colors of each other, adding color to the night scene.