How to design both the user experience and search engine friendly website

At the same time when the

2, JS script, CSS script external call processing.


search engine does not love a lot of redundant code, as far as possible with the amount of streamlining the code to accomplish the same function as the guiding criteria, such as table DIV to change the layout, refinement of CSS code, using DIV layout is as little as possible to reduce the DIV layer nesting these conforms to Web2.0 standard.

navigation is important in the search engine, the main site navigation and navigation station is universal, so the navigation to try to clear, clear really play the role of navigation.

on the other hand, when dealing with navigation to use text navigation, as far as possible to avoid the use of pictures or flash.

3, eye-catching and clear navigation system

website design from the past blindly follow the fashion, now the user oriented transformation and oriented search engine is irreversible trend. To search engines, search engine friendly or have emphasized the importance of the website search engine – no search engine, where visitors? User experience or improve traffic or or increase access depth of the page, the new concept of web design to search engine and user adaptation as the main body of this. After testing many successful websites and has become a new trend.

1, code simplification, layout clear and smooth.

in the static process some sites require Javascript and CSS style uniform used in finishing the corresponding JS file, CSS file for external calls, generally do not directly to the code written in a web page, which can maximize the reduction of the amount of code in the page, the page loading speed is also conducive to search engine spiders grab more favorable! At the same time, in combination with JS code as long as the JS file is too large to minimize the number of script files, this is a standard

then how can it not only takes into account the ranking algorithm of search engine, and also promote the good user experience that? Shanghai Longfeng factors should be considered in web design? The following tips for web designers have to pay attention to.


the Internet based industry experience in the development and change of the long time, now slowly into the rational development track, especially now in the search engine more and more people control information search today, good user experience and good search engine ranking in the whole process of the construction site is focused on the need to consider the direction of the.

page layout not chaos, to do before the static web page on the layer structure of the whole of a clear plan, with DIV structure may be reasonable to give "static end is king. Reference standard: General page size not more than 125K.

The design of the navigation of the web site optimization

From the viewpoint of

3, deputy navigation.

The structure of

2, breadcrumb navigation structure.

said the site map, many personnel website optimization may directly relate to submitted to the search engine sitemap map file, making this type of map file submitted to the search engine spiders more in-depth crawl to your site. But here want to say is that the map navigation for visitors made intuitive website. When the site columns or too much content, can with the site map navigation user access. At the same time it will be more conducive to the search engine to crawl and grab, more conducive to the website optimization.

1 site navigation map.

summary. I think these classification and analysis, in fact, the starting point is from the user experience point of view or website optimization perspective. Site navigation is a key site in the optimization of position, so the owners have to pay attention to the content, and in the learning process, to continue consideration and summary.

from the website optimization perspective, the importance of breadcrumb navigation as the main navigation, but its role is not strong. On the company’s site, the main navigation website is to switch between multiple columns and page, these columns should include product programs, news and information programs and other column page or some single page target keywords, and breadcrumb navigation is the combination between the first two or three columns, page and the content page.

said Vice navigation, (Shanghai Minyuan Vocational Technical College) you must know its role is to help the main navigation, usually the general site will rarely use the side navigation navigation structure, usually using the condition are in the main navigation is the use of Flash or image, will be in the bottom of the website with a a navigation structure. The reason for this is still the first to site optimization, because we all know the navigation structure or Flash image search engine is not very good to recognize, and with the help of navigation can reduce this problem to a certain extent. Deputy navigation is usually made by some anchor text keywords website which consists of. For a site for side navigation is not necessary, but the side navigation is more conducive to the promotion of a tiger with wings added, optimization of the site.

The structure of

website optimization, website structure main navigation is located in the most important position in the site, this is a search engine spider crawling to the first position is the most favored, weight is high, can be said to be the site of the weight transfer structure zone. In the website optimization process in addition to the main structure of navigation, site navigation, what classification? Here to do some analysis:

since 2013, the search engine algorithm, some people say that change unpredictably, Shanghai dragon in this industry may disappear, some people say, Shanghai dragon this industry is being ushered in a new development.

The guard enterprise website down right innovation risk operation thinking is the key

Then the

with the Internet thinking has become the current hot words, it seems that the traditional industry with the Internet thinking will change the traditional industries of the play, so many companies started a website, with the electricity supplier, but turned to have a look, all these so-called enterprise website is only ten years ago, the enterprise website reprint, the only change is there is a more gorgeous coat, and looks useless all kinds of interactive pop and interactive contact, so the enterprise website after a brief brilliant, quickly become silent, and loved Shanghai right down.

third, the innovation of interpersonal relationship. Do have a wonderful life and different approaches but equally satisfactory results in the love of Shanghai, search algorithm about "people with type annotations are fully Birds of a feather flock together." principle. And if the high weight website for interoperability, for the low weight site will get high weight the weight of the site passed. So through the innovation of interpersonal relationship, on the site of the world, and to deal with the high weight of the site, and as far as possible and they made good friends, the formation of Links, the weights for the promotion enterprise website will undoubtedly play a very important.

second, enterprise website is the "wine is also afraid of deep alley, with many grassroots Adsense website, through a lot of free templates to build grassroots platform, and professional website construction company has unique architecture and innovative platform for the website, as well as the difference between a bungalows and villas. But if this villa can not be publicity, also will not be sold, so many enterprises website started innovative marketing ideas, not only through the love of Shanghai PPC Marketing by Shanghai dragon to optimize marketing, and marketing through the soft Wen, and these marketing work will not consciously enhance the enterprise website weight, so as to prevent the enterprise website is down right.

first, innovative website content. The traditional enterprise website content can use two words to describe, that is "pale", a beautiful picture seems to tell the user which is an enterprise web site. And the success of the enterprise website you will find how the contents become so rich, from the enterprise to the staff style style, introduced from the enterprise member forum to enterprise products, skills Raiders, and various relevant industry news. These rich content makes an enterprise website attract users to the capital, and effective user interaction, but also demonstrates the diversification of enterprise website content. In order to completely transfer the traditional enterprise website ills "pale" content.

is right down the site, why the enterprise website is always the most hurt that a group of serious? This is actually because the enterprise website has a congenital deficiencies, only a handful of acquired through the efforts to get rid of the corporate website is right down the fate, and these websites have talent shows itself. A common feature, that is innovative business ideas, the enterprise website as the industry website or portal to operate, so as to enhance the enterprise website promotion space. Here to discuss these innovative ideas for the operation.

Different display formats on the novice webmaster search results (two)

eighth, using the RDfa format label refers to the page the rich, noble and love Shanghai baby may also be under the heading line to add a grey text prompt of the text, sometimes the suggestive text includes the number of pages in the article, the number of Posts and the number of authors, update date etc.. This plate will also increase the user’s click rate and attention, easier to convince users to click on these results, if the price of the product, the number of user reviews and comments, will attract more user attention.

different display formats in the article on the novice webmaster search results (a), respectively, from the classical regular search results, a list of search results, the integration of search results, and indent list links to the total display five aspects and share of the search engine of five different display formats, of course, this is not just a search engine five kinds of display formats, including mini station links, One-box, the rich, breadcrumbs, text links and other five formats. I hope this paper can make us more to understand the basic knowledge of the search engine. Well, the beginning of today’s article.

Abstract: some rich

seventh, One-box: these generally appear in the search results in the bank, the most noble baby show, the search results will appear in a graphical display some information, stock price, with the Shanghai love to open platform, now love Shanghai will also appear such result, can not open the page click directly, to view the information. These are just for those enterprises or with the search engine with the cooperation between the enterprises and the open.

ninth, breadcrumb navigation: breadcrumb navigation is originally a navigation page, but now for some, especially the noble baby will display the bread crumbs. This is the original location of the navigation of a place. The classification of each link related category page, users can not only access to click on the title page, but also can directly click on the breadcrumb navigation, so you can directly access the relevant classification.

tenth, text links: text links refers to the text contained in the link, a general description is the head of the web information, but to use a part of the noble baby within the chain page will display text links. The user can click on the link to access the website that. But in general, this style is rare. For the love of Shanghai, more.


Mini station link: Mini station links are often very rare, but for some weight high website will appear in this form. This way English called Mini Sitelinks, there is no longer a small eight links, and displayed as a whole line four links. The total content and the link is somewhat similar, but just take the front four. As for why the search engine high quality sites use different ways to show that there are many, but the mainstream is the search engine itself is also in development, and strive to improve their own quality of service.

Talk about choosing partners

today a friend said to his name to my agent platform, I asked him why, he led to disband. We had a long chat on QQ, filled with a thousand regrets.

2 of them are friends, one is a technical expert, one is a business elite (Baidu Inc salesman), the company registered at the end of last year, began operations. This year, through their efforts, helped more than 200 local enterprises to do the web site, as well as other information services. Development to the present scale, their contradictions came out, because they want to occupy a larger stake than the other side, there is the division of labor, such as the differences. Now they have started clearing assets and reselling companies; · · ·

, the company made many friends do, open a shop at the beginning because of funding, contacts, technology and other reasons to choose partners, there are 2 classmates, friends, brothers drink "act" "of course is also thoughtful". These circumstances are often not considered in many ways, but only for the moment. After a period of friction, it was found that there are many problems.

personally, I believe that I can not partner without a partnership. "I would rather have less money than I would like to have one more person," he said. "If you are not a partner, you may pay attention to the following points:

: the first selection of partners, partners is as important as his wife, not me, don’t say casually, this is a business, not a child do family. To find a mind and you almost do, do not work when you say I do less, I said he did not do my good, and after you do not want to say that the money is less, he said shares less.

second: the beginning must be divided into good shares and written agreement, not because of "loyalty" "face" "offending people" instead of doing this thing, first person, after the gentleman. If this is done, even if there is a problem, follow the rules and be good to everyone.

third: in the course of doing things, you must assign your own privileges to other people. You can manage your technology as much as possible, and don’t interfere too much. Don’t overdo your business.

fourth: we have contradictions, you can make a lot of noise, but we must hold a belief that "we are noisy or good, we are all good for the product, the service is good, and the company is bigger and stronger.". Noisy, hit, and then go for a drink, singing, and tomorrow still work.

but I sigh with emotion to write, not very good, but my heart, please forgive me.

Dazhou life network station feeds

My decoration site was included in the Amazon catalog feelings

today, August 29, 2009, inadvertently opened the Amazon Catalog: Home Furnishing found our Chinese decoration, decorate the first nets impressively, also ranked eleventh, no small surprise, do not dare to believe, it also points to open the link, is the front page of our website. Amazon catalog included Chinese decoration first net, the mood naturally a little excited.

China decoration first network is on April this year on the line, after two or three months of perfect, I submitted to the Amazon directory. Amazon is the world’s largest artificial directory, Baidu, Google included difficulty than most of the page is submitted on very prominently reads: "please note: we are not a search engine, and our high standard to choose the site of pride. We will not accept all site landing applications." My website is a new station, and I don’t have much hope, but I know my website will be collected sooner or later. Some time ago, about half a month ago, I checked, and has not been included, it was submitted once. The general collection of about a month, so these days do not pay much attention to actually pay attention, do not pay attention to, without any help included, I have to do is copy of this part is honest, to do their own website.

is more than two years ago I decided to start the site, the first site is Zhengzhou home network, this is my second website, I do it a total of two stations, Zhengzhou home network can be regarded as a "pilot", my focus is on the first Chinese decoration network, there is no future plans to do new sites. At the beginning of the Zhengzhou home improvement network, I didn’t know what SEO was, let alone the Amazon catalog. Do more than a year, I learned about the Amazon directory, try to Zhengzhou Jiezhuang network submitted a bit, I did not expect to be included a month later.

said here, you may think that Amazon directory included is also very easy, I think, as long as the station is really doing, it is really easy to collect. Zhengzhou home improvement network, despite the "pilot", but my investment is still great, not half a year ago, the hard work of their own tens of thousands of yuan all voted in. I do not understand the technology, no work experience in the network company, there is no decoration industry experience, all by feeling, in the past two years has experienced a lot of ups and downs, but also learned a lot of knowledge. Explanation of words can be written in the novel, this is only talking about the feelings of the Amazon directory.

1, Amazon directory audit done well, mainly in two points:

1, audit of submission classes

Zhengzhou home improvement network was submitted to the category is: Business: Real Estate: decoration, home, and finally included in: Region: Asia: China: Henan: Zhengzhou: business and economy. Maybe Amazon’s staff think this category is better for my website. The reason may be that the name carries the word "Zhengzhou" and the service area is also the reason for Zhengzhou. Just look at it, it reads: "included in the decoration of home information site, the nature of the site included in the"!

Today’s network outsourcing services, grasp the details, in order to win-win situation

I am a programmer, has been engaged in the development, the PHP project 06, 07 years in the network often outsourcing development to do two times the development of some open source program and separate the entire station. For a long time not to do outsourcing services, because now the network outsourcing service is uneven, prices fell a lot, I am not willing to do self-worth, so push away a lot of single, the middle stop for nearly 1 years or so, the middle seen too much because for low price programmers do the results, after all, money has not disappeared, the program is a problem, can not find people to remedy, find me, I don’t want to accept the natural outsourcing, just give him some advice, did not understand why these customers are in the program do not have to check the blind acceptance, pay? For the hearts of customers, and has been connected with single programmer’s psychology is not very understanding. Such a long time to stop, the company has been busy work, ignoring the network outsourcing, calm down, think carefully, but did not understand the truth has been figured out: people have mental laziness, and unilateral customers are no exception.

1. customers because they do not understand the program, so access to the program, because of the trouble, go to check one by one function a bit, even if it is just a check, check a surface, a lot of details are not clear, because it was just a test by the self function demand has need some of the features, but should have been there, but neglected, put into actual use, but found a demand is not good, even it is not done, then find someone can’t find.

2. unilateral, because the program to do a lot of repetitive work, these already very tired, plus as a programmer, itself is very easy to overlook some of the specific details of the testing problem, if detected by customers hastily, the unilateral will simply end more than half. This is not to meet the unilateral irresponsible, it is human nature. Two days ago I received an outsourcing, do two times a dedecms development, for a long time not to do so, do very carefully, some directories, files, data table what has been done to automatically create the function to do the transplant procedure as simple as possible, so that customers save a lot of work and I also save a lot of work Follow-Up Services, both save a lot of trouble and additional follow-up, do the work, but I spent more than 10 minutes. So I’ve figured out why, as part of the job, some parts of the work can not be omitted, and a few minutes, 10 minutes, will save a lot of trouble for the future. It was too lazy to do some work than to the customer, leaving some defects, caused him a notoriety, no longer to return loss better how many times? Obviously this is obviously. Here is my little ad, you do not laugh at

himself nearly 5 years of PHP development experience, the middle of the large and small stations have done countless

I, in fact, is a grassroots webmaster

      often look at webmaster nets, can not help but want to write something, but every time I write it all feel uncomfortable, and I don’t know why. Maybe this feeling is exactly the same as what I do on my website. I’m always pursuing something that feels like that. It may not be a good idea to try to feel good about yourself, but there are always two things, good and bad.

web site for more than a year’s time, I was a pure rookie webmaster, is a grass-roots webmaster, I was a junior high school graduates, Chengdu to read a week of school, but what did not learn, because I think its in the idling mix inside the school for three years, is inferior to me directly to the outside society around three years, so I made a sorry my newspaper teacher decided to start my life career. 5 years, 5 years I have done a lot of occupation, I in a small restaurant to do odd jobs, doing reinforcement in the construction industry, maintenance of electronic games in Chengdu, I was in a restaurant inside the washing bowl…… I do not know 5 years so I had it, but every time I feel that is for me to leave the feeling that should not be such is my future, now is the most difficult time, no more pain. So I’m now head of a company’s general manager. In this regard, I also want to say to those who are still hard friends, adhere to the dream can be achieved, the key is to see whether you persist in the end.

continues to pull things. Website.

2007, by chance, I started my career on the web. In the absence of contact website before, I think the site should be a relatively simple matter, but after it was found, that simple, but hard to say, for I like this without technology no place learning website webmaster, really too difficult. I bought a lot of space, and now also bought dozens of CN domain name, but not a few. At the beginning, I used a friend sent me a space and domain name, because the domain name and a network of stone, I always feel that the feeling is not very good when use, so I will spend tens of dollars to buy a COM domain and a 100M space. The new cloud program is suitable for the novice webmaster, so I chose the new home of the cloud, and then select the forum is dynamic, but at that time I will only use the default template for the official, I don’t know about this import templates, I looked at other people’s forum template is very beautiful, very envious, I just want to find a program, so that period of time, my program will always come and go, very unstable. I do not have a computer, I have a switch program is in the Internet bar, every night after work, I will pass the program in the Internet bar. After, a website fellow told me that you can change templates after things, I just know, the original novice webmaster basically have to walk a lot of detours.

site, novice Adsense is not easy, no new technology >

Wuhan migrant workers to return home to enjoy the highest 200 thousand yuan venture guarantee loans

for countless migrant workers entrepreneurs, is not willing to endure hardship, nor is not willing to struggle, more people have encountered a problem is the problem of funds. To this end, all over the country in order to protect the return of migrant workers to start their own businesses, have provided loans. Wuhan is the home of migrant workers to return to work to provide a maximum of 200 thousand yuan loan guarantee.

yesterday learned from the Wuhan municipal government, the city issued a "notice on the day before to support migrant workers and other personnel home business work". From now until December 31, 2017, in line with the conditions of self-employed entrepreneurs to engage in self-employed, providing up to 200 thousand yuan of venture capital loans.

notice, monthly sales or turnover of not more than 30 thousand yuan of value-added tax return business personnel according to the provisions, shall be exempted from value-added tax. In the "Employment Permit" home business personnel engaged in self-employed, in 3 years 9600 yuan per household per year for the quota, in order to deduct the actual year should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and personal income tax etc.. Migrant workers to return home, such as the establishment of a new type of agricultural business entities, in line with the conditions of agricultural subsidy policy support, according to the relevant provisions to enjoy the same policy support.

of migrant workers and other personnel contracted barren hills, wasteland, wasteland, the operating characteristics of economic forest, to provide technical services and subsidized loans and other support, give appropriate subsidies. Migrant workers and other personnel to return home for the first time engaged in breeding, family farms and other business entities, the normal operation of more than 6 months, driven by a certain number of employees, to give a one-time subsidy to support entrepreneurship.

in order to protect the local development of the cause of the better development, Wuhan also provides a very favorable entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy, so as to protect more entrepreneurs to obtain the success of career. Wuhan will be eligible for the return of entrepreneurs engaged in self-employed, provide the highest 200 thousand yuan venture loan; the business operation of the partnership, founded Small and micro businesses, with no more than 200 thousand yuan per person, a total of not more than 1 million yuan of the amount of the implementation of the "bundling" loans, giving up no more than 2 years full financial discount.

What needs to be done to open pet stores

pet stores more and more, many businesses are very optimistic about the future development prospects of the industry. If you want to invest, you need to know what needs to be prepared. If the novice is not clear about this problem can come to know.

1. understanding of the pet industry

open the web page, e-mail, TV, all kinds of advertising overwhelming. Choose a good project is particularly important, directly determine whether you will make money in the next few years. If you choose the pet industry, then you have to put down all the things you start to do a comprehensive understanding of the pet industry. International & the history of the domestic pet industry, pet industry development, pet business scope, pet development in China, and even pet habits, you have to do homework. When you master and stand on a certain height on the analysis of the pet industry, you can choose to join the pet store project has a calm mind, paving the way for future store operations.

2. capital injection

personal shop and join the shop, you need money, but will be more money to join. Of course, we must first consider how much money available in the hands, arbitrary investment or careful injection, are not rational. To send Doug pet stores, there are 8 items (pet supplies sales, pet grooming, pet, pet health, living sales, maintenance, labor park, pet pet photography), there are 4 projects (Mini pet shop stores, boutiques, standard stores, flagship store) for each franchise investment is different. There will be pre join the franchise fee and operating margin injection, although the deposit can be returned, but still need time constraints, it must be considered before. If the renovation costs and housing costs, a few million must be prepared.

3. store location


pet store address selection is the shop management flexibility of the worst factors, need to consider a variety of factors, including the surrounding population size and characteristics, the number of pets, competition situation, traffic convenient, near the business characteristics, real estate costs (rent cost), the duration of the contract, and the trend of population change the laws and regulations etc.. Too cold, remote lots, not suitable for pet shops.


pet store shop need to prepare for the work mentioned above, if you want to take a closer look at you can see three point small share, the industry has a certain requirement for investors, entrepreneurs need to figure out if they meet the conditions, not blind investment.

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