Shanghai Longfeng exactly what needs to be done

3, according to the latest news to write, may also become a hot spot.

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three, the website should be how to write the original article

, a chain of

2, find related articles, this article rewrite most of the content, even if the original is similar.

1, overall data analysis: because this is the analysis of the basic data, the >

to write original articles, for some people may be more difficult. But we can collect information through websites, enrich our minds. You can take a look at the industry outstanding articles, and then processed, such an original article about idea of good.


two, Links

Shanghai, we are not strange, but to become a master can be difficult. Become the master must have a lot of conditions, but the most basic sensitivity to the data. If this were not qualified, so want to be master also don’t talk about. Shanghai dragon for many novice, they will only send links to send the article, think to do a good optimization, can enhance the site’s ranking, although this is not wrong, but this effect is not good, will inevitably lead to the optimization of excessive blind, can not get a valid the flow. Want to become a dragon Shanghai veteran, be especially sensitive to data. The data analysis should be mainly what

maybe a lot of buddy will ask, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the end is what? Shanghai dragon is not a new industry, Shanghai site optimization is actually very simple definition of dragon and Phoenix in fact, buddy from the following aspects about

Shanghai dragon master how to make

external links is the search engine one of the standards for the weight of your site, external links resources can help you easily improve the search engine’s weight, so that your site included, rankings are relatively good results, for the chain small website partners should know the quality of the chain is much higher than the number of the low quality of the external links, you get more, better than a high quality external link function, moreover the title need is novel and interesting, and is also the basic content, high quality content and the title of the novel can bring high quality links, because of the high quality articles often easily get reproduced, so buddies when the chain need to pay attention to the quality of the chain, the writing of the title, quality and relevance and the content of the

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can say that friends of the chain is the chain of the boss. From a long-term perspective, a good friend chain, the top of the tens of thousands of other chain. So we find Links to see if the other site and your site related, content is sufficient, whether the site is stable, if the snapshot update frequently see each other, how many friends of the chain, is what industry, because the enemy can find friends even

Do not malicious website optimization sense is down right or be K how to do

, what is the site to drop right

two, the web site is down right? Be right down how to do?

is usually the chain is right down is because recently done in violation of search engine operation caused by Ian, but found some time ago in Shanghai Shanghai dragon sex didn’t do optimization optimization is inexplicable malicious right down. Today I site is down right or be K this topic published some of their views, coping strategies and give some down right after.

strategy: in the website officially launched, the layout of /url format are fixed, and avoid the on-line soon change was right down. Of course, in the process of operation of the network, in order to increase the function to enhance the user experience is when some thing, if your site is stable because update the high quality articles, this is the right down through a period of time outside the chain of high quality to recover.

strategy: many websites will be "Links" this operation in the process of optimization, then Ian this suggests general business / personal website Links control in 20 below the best, and pay attention to the "quality Links" in the exchange links, and refused to cheat the optimization of the site link. At the same time to pay attention.

2. site frequent revision: often makes the spider often changes to the site to re recognize your website, so the optimization is not friendly.

4. added link farms: this point we should pay special attention to, especially the "you link to me, this form I link to you".

strategy: changing the stable server or source code.

strategy: if the site was hung black chain, suggest timely removal of the black chain, to improve the safety performance of the web server, and update snapshot complaints. Love the Pimpernel tell us the garbage outside the chain of radish, is used to reject the (portal: refused to junk the chain)


3. sites on the black chain, or buy black chain: general server security did not do a good job of website is easy to hang black chain.

1. server and a source of instability: This is because the spider often visit your site visit the abnormal caused by this site is down right is normal, because the spider can not access the website users can not access the general search engine, certainly do not want to put in front of a regular open web page in the search results of

? The What are the reasons for !

site is down right after the first thing is to troubleshoot down the right reasons, analysis of website recently about 2 months on the site did change after adjustment, then analyzes the possible causes of the site was down the right and as the corresponding coping strategies. Here are some common cause site is down right and recovery measures:

website down right refers to the search engine on site assessment level drops, is a kind of punishment on the website of the search engine. Usually for the website itself to correct the error of cheating, after a period of time will recover.

The 9 major issues for start-ups to choose from their offices for the first timeSing Chen Hua notes

in the game with the capital, Chen Hua exit.

within the company, you need to appoint a project leader. He / she wants to contact you and report directly to you. If you don’t want to go to war, so in the beginning you can IT department, human resources department, and finance department into the site, to form a team. And the team leader should be a very experienced person in the field of enterprise property and facilities deployment.

he was quick to step on the pulse of the times, seize business opportunities. He and I mentioned, in 1980s, Guangdong’s economy is how active, but after 1989, for four or five years, the economic downturn, until he left Guangdong in 1996 to the Beijing University, began to heat up again. The three wave of China’s Internet, the first generation of Internet in 1998-1999 years, is still at school. However, in 2005 and 2006, second, and third before and after 2011, he caught up with, he said: "there is a cycle of entrepreneurship, basically, about five years, a big wave.". Why? I think it may be relevant to the whole business cycle. Global capital will be crazy for two years, but it will slowly calm down and go into a cold winter. After the cold winter, there is another upsurge. When you see an opportunity like this, if you don’t choose to start a business, it means you’ll have to wait five more years."


times he experienced kuxun, calm a lot, also a lot of caution. Sing, only sixty or seventy employees, but the number of users 140 million, the efficiency is quite high. His experience is, simple to the extreme, can chop all cut off, can not do not do.

he avoids it carefully

besides, you’d better look for an experienced real estate lawyer, so that you can not only ensure that you are renting negotiations

what questions should I ask the landlord when I am addressing the company’s office?

in order to minimize the interference, improve the efficiency of office space search, you must start to understand what they really needed for office space, in addition to the consideration of the site budget and site specifications, and clear the site required process and time, so as to ensure the successful search and "occupation" a site.

one, how do I start,

two, who will be involved in choosing an office space?

so Chen Hua was very cautious when he started his business again in 2011, especially with respect to capital and capital. The singing company is a very common three office in Sanyuanqiao. In my interview with the staff meeting room, on the wall, I can even see that the former company moved out and tore up the posters and posters. Sing, director of operations Yang Fan joked, "before a reporter to interview, sing, thought into a courier company.". When I get to the singing office, sing, just change a new batch of chairs. They used to pick up the furniture and chairs left by a former company.

for Chen Hua, this could be a $3 billion lesson. In Beijing, he mistakes is the profitability of the demand is not so urgent, in 2008 when the economic crisis came, kuxun monthly income of only millions of dollars, not enough to cope with strong financial pressure. "I was so young, maybe I could make a lot of money with an experienced CEO."."

, as a question of what considerations should be taken into consideration when startups first select an office space, which was first proposed by netizens on the Quora website.

Chen Hua fame very early, 2006, in 2007, he founded kuxun was one of the hottest startups. Where I met a former employee, a few days ago, she said, was where the influence of kuxun than larger. Listed at the end of last year where to go, the current market capitalization of $3 billion.

not only that, you need to make sure you find a consultant team to help you. A realtor might be very helpful to you, because he can represent tenants, especially on behalf of the initial company and the newly created company. The initial company has some special needs. An excellent realtor can not only understand these requirements well, but also help these companies find the most suitable owner of their property. In addition, the rental broker’s salary is usually paid by the owner of the housing industry, so you can benefit from a professional real estate consultant and you don’t have to pay them.

, born in 1978, Chen Hua was a typical geek. When he was studying at Peking University, he made a sharing and searching platform for Skynet Maze. Before the program was recorded, one cameraman said, "I used your product at college.". Chen Hua said proudly, "many college students were my users at that time.".

at first you need to have clear business models and real estate goals, and then you need to make quick decisions to take advantage. In addition, you also need to consider many important factors, such as whether the company planned growth, geographical location, traffic, parking requirements, forecast space requirements, optimizing space structure, technical requirements, and time and budget, etc..

answers this question to Quora user Kevin Cronin, an enterprise property consultant.

it’s exciting and challenging for any company to find the right place for an office. Over the past few years, we’ve had some start-up and small business clients to help them find the right place to work. The following questions are the main considerations for most startups when they first site:

Building a website is actually very simple

many novices often don’t know what kind of websites they want to build and have the ability to do so. Here are some suggestions for beginners.

1. station the first step to the theme, not blind to Yibudengtian can large website, after all the beginning novice get the website has many limitations, such as shortage of manpower, time limit, so you cannot determine the theme of your time will be lost here, and it is difficult to succeed! I think the theme can be determined with reference to your personal preferences, so that you also have the power to make their new fast.

2. knowledge is accumulated, the popularity of the website is the same, must regularly update your website content, will keep popularity, have vitality site potential is unlimited.

3. keeping the interface clean is a must, not messy. We can only go to talk about the basis of neat appearance, many novice site often early art foundation is not very good, in fact, then we should put emphasis on the localization of web content, and more is the key to success! Like: fast allusion net is a very good example.

4. listen to the views of users, make appropriate improvement of the website, enrich yourself, can go online to see some webmaster experience, reference, also can consult the high speed pointing site where to do insufficient.

welcome you and me to discuss the website production. Hainan leisure front net:

How to take the first step of website analysis (top) do you know your website status

do you often see this kind of doubt: "using a web analytics tool, but what exactly does the data represent? How do you use the data?"". In order to solve these problems, this chapter will introduce how to interpret the data provided by the website and how to use the data flexibly, which is the first step of the website analysis.

, do you have the status quo of your website,


presumably the reader of this article should be someone who works in the field of web analytics, so I’d like to ask you a question about how to use web analytics tools effectively,


the so-called effective use of website analysis tools, refers to the use of Web site analysis, a good grasp of the status of the site, analysis of the status of the site, and explore solutions and improve the series of processes.

in this article, I’d like to explain the ways of thinking and how to implement the very important part of the process [mastering the status quo]. Although only a grasp of the status quo, but not to be taken lightly. Without the grasp of the present situation, it is impossible to make an accurate analysis. Without proper analysis, no proper measures can be taken. So how do you master the status quo,


sees all kinds of data, there’s a notion of "

" in mind

has two things to look at when it comes to mastering the status of a web site. One is to master what [two], and the other is [how] to master.

I would like to have the concept of PV (web browsing), number of visitors, conversion rate, average residence time and so on in everyone’s mind. But here we must not ignore the main body of the data – the user, the visitor to the site.

The number of

PV (web pages), the number of visitors, the conversion rate, the average length of stay, etc. are all calculated by the website visitors’ behavior in the website. So, in the grasp of the site status quo at the same time, the heart should always think about [these values are the user in the site of a series of behavior portrayal).

How should

master the status of the site,


from the conclusion, the user’s behavior within a website can be divided into a number of processes, and then analysis of the overall situation is very effective. Each process can be used as the unit to study the optimization plan, and it can be analyzed according to the following 4 aspects:

1. visits the web site (where the user accesses the site)

2. landing page (which page the user first jumped into)

3. in the station jump (user through what kind of jump, eventually reached a transformation)

4. conversion process (whether the user has reached a transformation)

through >

Qingdao stationmaster meeting has a feeling stationmaster is not a person in battle

in April 3rd, have the honor to participate in the 2010 held in Qingdao Shandong Internet webmaster general assembly, the general assembly by the Qingdao net loan ( host, stationmaster net (, and obtained the well-known media and domestic Internet webmaster support and publicity, also invited a lot of Internet industry celebrities as guests. The conference to discuss local web site operators share the experience of e-commerce business management "as the theme, the general assembly as a fundamental principle and guiding ideology, aims to better analyze the Shandong development of the Internet industry, and promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, the integration of resources industry, expand high-quality contacts, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of the Internet. To create a good environment for the development of the network, hope that through this meeting can make more industry colleagues together, positive communication, common progress.

The guests are

conference participants of the personal webmaster circle and the Internet industry celebrities, stationmaster net, king of Zhang Kai, the famous old Yanhuang network K, grassroots webmaster Guo Jijun, DNSPod Wu Hongsheng, and ChinaNetCenter representatives, such as Jiaonan port, Yantai forum, car search network of Shandong province famous personal website webmaster. At the conference, several guests made wonderful speeches and discussed the Internet development with the participants. Congress responded enthusiastically, not only is the speech of the guests, audience participants are mostly webmaster feel enough, can be said that the conference was very successful. Although Qingming cold, Binhai castle in the breeze of some cold, but has been emitting a faint trace of spring. It should be said that the Qingdao as the eastern coastal city, is a famous tourist city, the real economy developed, the Internet industry should be developed rapidly, but the actual situation is not so, listen to the Daocheng local webmaster said, like this, like the size of the webmaster general assembly is the first time in Qingdao held in Qingdao, the local common on the Internet, lack of enthusiasm, there may be a few big portal site, but individual website development is not satisfactory, the conference held a good active Qingdao local Internet industry atmosphere, led to the enthusiasm of individual stationmaster development, hope to hold more similar meetings.

this conference most lets me feel deep is, stationmaster’s enthusiasm has not because of the recent internet environment’s bad and drops, but has a kind of unabated tendency. 2009 is a year of prosperity and opportunity for the Internet. However, it has been a bad year since the beginning of the policy crisis. Crisis and opportunity is characteristic of 09 years the largest at the beginning of 2010, after a wide range of network regulation, CN domain name website storm, "white list", photographed the scene record the baptism of the Internet makes groundless talk a lot of people do not know how to go ahead at a loss. What station should individual stationmaster do? Where is the outlet in the future? The problem that seems to become stationmaster to have to consider deeply. Usually in the network will see grassroots webmaster, because the network environment is bad, complain about again and again, pessimistic despair, still worried about the station grow up >

Taobao female shoe store purchase method

is now open in the Taobao online female shoe shop is very much, if you want to get a very good store operations, not only need to have a variety of business skills, first need to be clear about the store purchase mode. So, Taobao shoe store way of purchase? Let Xiaobian for you to resolve.


shop can not only kill time but also earn money, so there are a lot of people to follow the trend set up Taobao female shoe, but want to open shop, we must first solve Taobao shoes purchase, but because the new shop owners do not have the purchase experience, what to do? The following small series from the current situation for the shop owners who analyze the way Taobao shoes purchase.

1. Shop consignment

is now the most popular Taobao female shoe purchase, shop dealers refers to the online supply website or supplier do online consignment shop owners to provide a source of information and data, pictures and so on a series of service purchase mode. When the network only need to use it, in order to purchase the site, then the goods can directly reach the hands of consumers from the supplier, although the shop owners can not see the actual supply of goods, but this method does not need to purchase Taobao female shoe shop owners to hoard goods, basic can do zero cost sales, and even customer service service also by the website or supplier to solve.

2. wholesale purchase

is equivalent to the new Taobao shoe store stock way, the wholesale purchase is more conservative to the wholesale market purchase method. But the purchase to the wholesale market can see the actual supply of goods, shop owners personally selected can effectively avoid the defective goods appear probability, and Taobao shoes wholesale market wholesalers purchase choice because many goods are so relatively complete, it has also become a wholesale market advantage exists. But the Taobao shoes purchase relatively has a greater risk, especially for those who lack of experience of the main shop, because it needs to buy the goods if the goods stockpile of obsolete words is easy to cause the slow-moving situation.

3. shoes manufacturer

this Taobao female shoe store purchase way has been accumulated a certain amount of experience and the strength of the shop owner to try, because the manufacturers from the purchase of the chamber of commerce requires a one-time purchase of a large number of store owners. This purchase from the shoes production source can reduce turnover links, the purchase price will be down to a minimum, convenient shop owners in the shop when puerile, in order to occupy a space for one person in the competition, but the purchase of Taobao shoes, because manufacturers are generally in a suburban traffic is not very convenient, it will increase the purchase cost in virtually.

since the Taobao platform for the sale of a variety of women’s shoes, first of all, it is necessary to have a natural right to purchase channels, >

3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving

      which is good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Super energy saving – reduce the cost of kitchen 40% gas, improve the effectiveness of the chef 30%!

cost reduction, energy saving and environmental protection kitchen utensils which good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Reduce expenses, increase revenue is every enterprise, every boss think of things. Saving is to reduce costs, saving is to increase profits, why not save province?

  today, the majority of owners and catering enterprises to introduce a modern industry first, the function of magic and the effectiveness of the kitchen stove energy-saving equipment — "Zhongxing 1 energy saving 3 air defense fire system device. The device can not change the original user range of structure and function, appearance and operation method, the users of the old stove for energy-saving technological transformation, energy efficiency and energy saving users to achieve 30-55%, see. "ChinaSat 1 energy saving 3 air defense fire system", is a set of international popular "energy-saving" and "energy saving" the combination of the new low carbon energy-saving device for cooking stove and development by controlling the heat loss three energy saving method.

– the complete elimination of such behavior in the process of Chinese cooking stove burning waste air hole, energy saving and environmental protection kitchenware which good? The best choice of energy saving system for air defense. Through scientific research found that the Chinese cooking process about 30-50% of empty waste. For a long time, the stove has not been a good solution to solve the problem of empty burning.

Cheap and cheap sources where to find it

the purchase price is low, reserved for entrepreneurs greater profit margins, so for entrepreneurs, it is important to have high quality and inexpensive goods, the key is the source where you can find?

1, act as market Hunter

some cosmetics seller, and the director of high-grade cosmetic shop can be familiar, in the new market before the first to get as low as 30 percent off of the goods, and then according to the shop on the net 10 percent off sold for cosmetics price is higher, the more lucrative profits.

2, pay attention to foreign trade products

brand merchandise is one of classification of concern. And many brands, although in a certain area is a backlog of goods, but the coverage of a wide range of characteristics, can make it in other regions become popular. If you have enough bargaining skills, can at low prices to their hands in the inventory to eat, will be able to get a huge profit.

3, get foreign discount merchandise

this way of selling some of the students are concerned, Japanese students "Momotaro" stores the latest Japanese cosmetics and beauty nutrition and health care products, to domestic and other countries in the world through air transport, there are shops in Taobao. Because of its fresh cosmetics, but also faster than the domestic counter listed, cheaper