Teaching new site thirteen website to small cheats

is search engine punishment so we should calm down to find out what parts of the error caused by search engine punishment, investigation of the opportunities we can quickly put some small hidden other modifications, which can cause the next time will not encounter problems and so on.

Since We must have the same type of

search engine punishment is mostly by the website content to drag, because now the webmaster love to use some acquisition system and the overall copy and paste content for the update site, in fact, is not the most search engines love and the most taboo thing because we collect and copy the contents the Internet is repeated many times the content, search engine spiders to crawl to your content and online is the same so the spider will think your site belongs to garbage sites and for a long time not to grab the page.

, learn Zhicuojiugai

yesterday morning in Shanghai and love the big update a June this update, many website rankings and included a sharp increase a lot, especially some of the new on-line months of new sites in some competitive keyword rankings can now see the talent shows itself, so the search engine is more attention and development the new station, although there are many websites to get a good return but also a small part of the site in Shanghai dragon by the optimization of search engine punishment, causing the site overall weight decreased, decreased beenincluded decrease the keyword, not updated snapshot, so today we then the period of "new site twelve: course teaching a talk about today’s topic website punished and how to make it back to improve several common methods of" website ranking and flow .

two, the analysis of the competition advantages of

four, in the external links

station and the site of many US competition, this is actually a good way of self promotion we can analyze the competitor’s website, see what are the places to do better than our own website where we can learn from learning or is our website can make some small modifications to it’s good, so in the course of time your competitors or staying in the same level, but your long-term on the site for maintenance and improve the user experience so you can slowly go beyond them.

three, the original content of essential

"content is king, the chain for emperor" I think the webmaster have heard this word, visible web content and the chain is essential especially the importance of external links the site, the webmaster.

station since we have to do a good job search engine punishment for, who can guarantee their own optimization there is nothing wrong with the Shanghai dragon is the perfect reason for the punishment of the search engine is to give us a webmaster to learn and modify the chance of error, the following is to cite a few methods to teach you to get rid of punishment.

Why is your keywords quality will decline

this time the boss asked, has been engaged in quality, the boss provisions are: I set the price, you can not transfer, you can modify the only responsible for writing and creative. This time I was completely defeated me boss, okay, what is what boss said. This is the style of boss, I also honed by years after the rest of the work style, to start. Love Shanghai bidding keywords quality degrees are calculated? In accordance with the Convention, we love Shanghai or take a look at the official explanation given


Click: click rate is an important factor affecting the quality of the higher click rate reflects the potential customers to pay more attention to the promotion and recognition. That is, the click rate excluding the influence ranking, geographical and other factors.

the most headache is a love Shanghai official in addition, you need to savor, competitors are in continuous optimization, to enhance the quality level. This means that your competitors get clicks and consumption is beyond your.

addition, quality is reflected in the relative level of keywords, not continuous optimization is likely to decline. For example, competitors are in continuous optimization, which improve the quality level, and you do not have any progress, the quality of your degree is likely to fall.

Creative Writing: creative writing level around the keywords more smooth, more creative, more can attract the attention of potential customers.

correlation: correlation degree correlation, including keywords and creative ideas and target page keywords.

quality = keyword bid + keywords + creative writing show + keywords + keywords + click on the consumer account comprehensive consumption + page relevance

is very straightforward to express the love of Shanghai bidding quality of the formula:

this is the most simple and straightforward calculation of quality keywords >

I love Shanghai for ranking formula is simple: keyword bid * quality keywords. Then, the influence of four main factors the quality of the key words in the picture, there are three very straightforward expression of the ultimate purpose of quality, whether on account rate, comprehensive performance, or the creative level of writing is to get customers click browse. I believe this point for all keyword relevance promotion of the website will not have much difference, you didn’t spend their money is selling food, you have to use drugs to promote their website keywords.


yesterday or three stars, today how to become two stars? You will be severely entangled in it, as I like boss, I understand that on this point with his mood, he didn’t want to spend more money like get better rankings.

account: comprehensive performance history promotion performance of other keywords in an account.

Share the first optimization love Shanghai experience

is mainly English Shanghai dragon, is mainly aimed at the optimization of general nobility baby, outside the main chain, recently received a new station, began to love Shanghai optimize.

10-20 the first registered large website blog. High correlation, science and technology, information and the like. For example, sent on behalf of iResearch etc.. This is in fact we all know, began to write the original article, every day, usually at the bottom left of the link to the site, most of the articles are written in accordance with the theme of the website. Sometimes this is also with anchor text, anchor text keyword is constantly changing, but the reprint rate is not high, so the thought of the Admin5 platform. Try to send an article, through, reprint rate is quite high, short time to increase the chain’s text, although the chain weight no anchor text, but others are forwarded to help you, the effect is quite good, feeling a little ranking gradually.

the next 2 weeks, every day a original article, first published in Admin5 by the words also released in other blog. Love Shanghai related domain is also steady growth, included are still increasing, some gradually up the rankings, the ranking has several long tail in the home, but the big point of competition is still about 4.5 pages. I feel a little bad is the station update not rule, don’t have too much time to update one station every day. Last week’s time, the original article is reduced, one every 2.3 days, think of the method is first released in the station, so love Shanghai included the re release in other blogs. The love of Shanghai spider climb every day though, update the page snapshot every day, but the station in the recent week but not included. Ranking is somewhat stagnant, or even slightly smaller drop. It also made a small part of the other chain, BBS signature correlation, love Shanghai Post Bar, know, library etc..


optimization is started around June 27th, just beginning the station did not know how to optimize, always think that love Shanghai very seriously Links, it is. But I didn’t start this regard, although the station name has more than 1 years, did not previously optimized, recently revised, content template for all. My optimization method is:

this station was optimized for more than 20 days, July 18th noble baby PR updated again, I checked that there are 2 PR, ha ha, Google looks very important. For the optimization of this website, I summed up, there are a few points to improve. 1, this station do not good, some of the articles are posted in the blog. Spiders may think that you are a reprint of others. But the update is not frequent and no rule. After then according to the rules to update the original article, 1 weeks of 2-3, which included. 2, the site has been included in the article and the source address with the article reproduced in other blogs. 3, the chain also diversify a little. Is not, is quality. 4. original articles on the chain of. Because there are several blogging experts >

Do you know about the chain you do

, a chain which has several forms, their role in

with super chain chain We usually send the chain

pure text outside the chain, we do is in the soft, left comments like "web site, the information from Whampoa  stock School: 贵族宝贝ihuangpu贵族宝贝, please indicate the relevant domain such as pure text outside the chain can increase the site, in the fall in love with the sea with domain: instructions to identify these links are included. If a soft Wen wrote enough to attract, resulting in a large number of outlets, can bring good correlation domain for the site, which can improve the site weight and ranking.


in general can be divided into three categories: pure text outside the chain, with super chain URL outside the chain, the anchor text chain. The general site has the URL of the website will be love Shanghai included, but these chain’s effect is different.

love this year Shanghai issued a green algorithm, this algorithm has cracked down on the soft link and signature links, so we do when these links should pay attention to relevance and usefulness, otherwise it will become the object of love against Shanghai.

with super chain URL chain can directly click to enter the URL link, this link is relatively pure text links is very good. Put in the soft can not only improve your weight, but also bring traffic to the site. Use this link to the site conversion rate is also considerable.

1, pure text outside the chain

correlation, the correlation of correlation here is not confined to the theme of the site, in a comprehensive forum and we can find.

anchor text link refers to hyperlinks with keyword. This is a lot to do good keywords ranking. But it is not easy to do the anchor text, many forums can be released now, anchor text links, said to the webmaster to cherish resource on your hand gently, don’t be a title.

in the chain in the form of content is to be extensive, correlation. We are most familiar with the webmaster is webmaster forum, want some weight high webmaster forums, like A5, Shanghai dragon why, a push, the webmaster found every day, hair post, posts are very easy to be included. If we do is the webmaster site, so there is no problem, so the high weight of the chain can bring weight transfer website ranking, but if we do other products, so it is easy to be considered cheating love Shanghai.

2, URL

two, released the chain need to pay attention to the problem of

webmaster every day and send the chain, every 50, 100 or more. But there are many webmaster know foreign chain really. Do Shanghai dragon industry there for two years, in the usual course of the hair of the chain also do some summing up, hope to help the webmaster.

3, the anchor text link

Tenacity and determination are the keys to a successful website

nothing in the world can take the place of "firm"

"talent" can not be because there are too many talented people who have not succeeded;

"genius" can not be, because the genius of being buried is not uncommon;

"education" is not possible because there is more educated waste;

only "tough" and "determination" is the key to the success of the webmaster.

if the initial stage, expect to have a lot of traffic, it is unrealistic, it is impossible. Only diligent, steadfast to do so, one day, success will come to you.

in fact, the boundaries between failure and success are very subtle, so when we pass through him, little is noticed. It is so tiny that we are often on its borders without any sense of it. How many people give up as long as they work harder and can succeed when they are patient?. Just as the tide has completely receded and will come back again. In business, sometimes the future looks bleak, but in fact it is the turn of time. Hold on a little more and try harder. It seems hopeless failure can turn into brilliant success. Failure is not a failure unless it is tried. Unless it is within, it is not a setback. In addition to our weakness, we can not achieve the goal, there is no real obstacle can not surmount.

new station www.shise365.com on-line 10 days, has not been Baidu included, but I still insist on updating the content of the site every day, every day to write some articles published in major websites, in order to increase the site of the company. I believe that soon, my station will be included.

From QQ torch lit to see the success of delicious Internet marketing!

opened the QQ this morning, and the lights lit up everywhere. Almost 60% of QQ’s friends are here. Yes, Coca-Cola is currently doing well,

today in Chongqing, SEO, Shao Jie will tell you about this " torch ".

QQ torch lighting activity has now spread across China’s big rivers, why QQ torch lighting activities will be so popular with everyone. How did Coca-Cola think of lighting up the QQ torch during the Olympics? Why did you think of using it in sponsoring QQ torch lighting,


wouldn’t it be possible to use other QQ’s most commonly used marketing methods,


it all worth consideration, in the network marketing activities of Coca-Cola to make full use of the interactivity and relevance, make every participant fully join into the activities of its marketing value is far more than the usual pop-up window and float advertisement effect, can be said to be all QQ users to fall over each other play QQ torch lit the Olympic spirit imperceptibly will Coca-Cola firmly in mind. SEO is also an important link in network marketing, we as SEO front of the first batch of beach goers and how to understand and grasp the network

in the marketing of consumer psychology, or whether we will continue to single, lack of interactive keyword optimization ranking stick in the end, it will be difficult and the optimization of SEO watershed in future will face interesting. Let’s wait and see the wonderful performance of the marketing players on the Internet marketing.

Nutshell intellectual community what kind of experience does it work on both sexes

this is a serious and serious interview.

Shell network intellectual community

know and gender related topics, more than 64000 academic micro-blog fans nearly three hundred thousand, Baidu search "gender" can get thousands of results — of course in the net net action, visible content are basically the name of "edge ball" sexual health content as yet no one cares about those for the masses to rise posture, increase the taste, each gender "behind the scenes" editing platform greatly is how to work


work every day is talking about the sexes, what is the experience of writing


every day in contact with the content they would shame Da "restless"


so many poses. Where did they learn?

What kind of sex knowledge does

have in most of their eyes?


author invited to the serious red tide from science shell network "intellectual" two @ intellectual Jun and the first taste of the experience from "build platform" APP "little Shoushou". He made a formal email interview.

well, now please correct attitude, serious reading this "other people’s work experience.

introduce yourself,

Chen, male, 34, no nickname for a long time. Shell net Senior Product Manager, intellectual founder

Ding Zheng, male, nicknamed "big D" shell network, senior operations manager, intellectual co founder,

little Shoushou, male, age 23. He called the beast (interest APP operation statement: Shoushou is not suppressed by


Judy, 25, sister, innocent, great writer (Zuo, dead), the interviewer.

, tell me about your daily work first.

Shoushou: you always feel that "Daily" seems to have another layer of meaning, with many editors are the same, every keyboard mhmm.

in his interest, you can see all kinds of detailed and interesting user sun alone – the use of taste products and drying must be through the strict examination of fried chicken. Of course, the pictures you see are already my audit. (ha ha ha ha)

Chen Yan: there is an interesting community in which people discuss gender skills, scientific knowledge and emotional life. Our job is to quickly solve all kinds of user problems through products and means of operation.

, "one minute sex education" and "villain’s most intellectual" are our programs of independence and participation. We also have "talent show" anchors from our users, recording programs for our official radio station. Recently, a book called "intellectuality" is being published. In short, it is the dissemination of scientific and healthy knowledge of both sexes.

Xiamen strong strength in the era of intelligence

Since the reform and opening up of Xiamen

economic development, everyone is obvious to people, at the same time it adhere to the diversified development, follow the trend of the times constantly, the development of their own strength and achieved remarkable results. In the factory, the pipeline robot is busy; at home, home robot quietly for you to do the housework; in Xiangan Lianhe area, a modern aviation industrial park new completion…… Intelligent era, the strength of Xiamen, followed by small and into Xiamen.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal government website, "Xiamen advanced manufacturing industry" 13th Five-Year "development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been introduced, will strive to build Xiamen into a powerful advanced manufacturing industry base on the west side of the Straits and the emerging industry model city, become the domestic manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the first city.

built the Xiangan Aviation Industrial Park area Lian he cultivation of industrial robot industry

"planning" proposed the development of aircraft and aircraft engine maintenance, general aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, special vehicles, etc.. Among them, to build the Xiangan area aviation Lianhe Industrial Park, attracting less than 10 internationally renowned aviation manufacturing firms in 20-30 at home to cultivate high-tech aviation enterprise and innovation of modern aviation service enterprises.

in the next five years, we will cultivate the industrial robot industry, attract multinational groups to build factories, to promote the application of intelligent industrial robots in the city’s key industries, traditional industries and labor-intensive industries. Combined with networking, remote medical diagnosis and other technologies, the development of home robots.

accelerate the construction of the three phase of the Software Park Software Park started preparations for the four phase of the project

in the electronic information technology, the city will focus on big data, cloud computing, "Internet plus" and other emerging formats, focus on the development of software product development, information technology, e-commerce, digital content, information security services, accelerate the construction of a new generation of network information infrastructure. Including speeding up the construction of the three phase of the software park, preparing for the launch of the software park in the four phase, information consumption and the southern part of the Haicang Digital Industrial Park and other projects, the construction of China’s software city.

"planning" proposed the construction of Marine High-tech Industrial Park in Xiamen, vigorously develop the marine bio pharmaceutical industry, marine high-end equipment manufacturing, desalination and comprehensive utilization of marine high-tech service industry.

optimization and upgrading of traditional industries to develop independent brand


the traditional characteristic industry of agricultural products and food processing, textiles and clothing, sports equipment, tobacco products, glasses, things to do in the future is "improvement", namely enterprise intelligent, automated manufacturing water recommended

Thirty years of reform and opening up of Xining Administration for Industry and Commerce

  this year, we ushered in the 30 anniversary of reform and opening up, but also ushered in the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to restore the establishment of the organization’s 30 anniversary.

comprehensive quality effectively improve

Since the reform and opening up

, along with the need to perform its regulatory functions, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau focus on improving the quality of cadres, strengthen the education and training of cadres and education to encourage cadres to participate in various forms, so that the overall quality of the workforce has been greatly improved, by 2008, the global system of college education 605 people, accounting for 83%, at the same time, according to law, and civilized law enforcement concept has been established, law enforcement has become more standardized, market supervision of a modern law enforcement power.

function has undergone tremendous changes

with the development of the socialist market system gradually perfect, the administrative department for Industry and commerce work is increasing, strengthen market management laws and regulations have been promulgated, the industrial and commercial administration gradually realized the strategic transformation of legal management from the mandatory management construction of tangible market and the management of tangible market supervision to regional intangible big market, the management of give full play to the functions of management, more and more standardized. Not only straighten out the market order, but also effectively promote the local economic development, industrial and commercial administration has entered a new phase of law, management norms.

escort for local economic development

before 1978, Xining is not the size of the market, a December 1978 first Xing Hai Lu in the West District pilot open market, to 1979 full recovery, the city’s total road, East District of city district west gate, West District, guchengtai three open market. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of market construction in Xining to 2008, the city’s total of 139 commodity trading market, a total investment of 1 billion 909 million yuan, construction area of 1 million and 300 square meters, the annual turnover of 16 billion 360 million yuan.

private operators continue to grow

by the end of 1978 to 1979, Xining, a private enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households only 251, employing 485 people, sales of $150 thousand. Since the reform and opening up, the private economy has been rapid development, to September 2008, Xining city has 6600 private enterprises, employing 181335 people, sales of 11 billion 360 million yuan; 50870 individual industrial and commercial households, employing 126273 people, sales of 12 billion 880 million yuan. Private economy has become a backbone of the development of national economy in Xining. (Shi Yingchun)

north of the city: to build a first-class team of cadres


Xining City, the first in the province to achieve the Organization Department of the 12380 special H

In order to further strengthen the basic work of supervision of cadres, give full play to the supervisory role of the masses on the selection and appointment of cadres, smooth masses channels, improve public confidence in the election, the Party Organization Department of Xining to increase the intensity of work, is currently in the district unified opened the "12380" special hotlines.