The effect of the neighbors Links from the perspective of three

These include

we are looking for high quality Links will need to be more careful. We are looking for a hard-working neighbors, not lazy neighbors. We want to see its love Shanghai snapshot update is frequent, how many original content website, etc..

then, if we are interested in yourself links have doubts, we can conduct a simple search, I believe we all know each other’s site: website address query collection. If the domain name of the page will not be displayed in the search results, probably because the site has a problem has been K, we do not link to the website. We want to ensure that you want to link the site clean background. The insurance is the link to our website even Links the other friendship check.


neighbor is not much in the same Links. We don’t have to go Links, think more is better, too many friends of the chain is not what role, but also may have some trouble. Looking for a good neighbor at the same time, we should also keep the site clean and tidy, let us become a good neighbor, but also beneficial to the site search ranking.

mother live before the graveyard, beside the bazaar, and Mencius neighborhood children learn adult worship, the pig, which directly affects the development of the mind, this is not a good neighbor neighbor. In the network neighborhood, any use of bad or immoral means, trying to improve the website ranking or mislead users of the neighbors are a bad neighbor.

Mencius want to grow up to become educated people, she moved to live near the school, the school is reading places, have great relevance. Also, we find the first network neighbors also have industry correlation. If you are a basketball and other sports activities to promote the site you link to cosmetics or jewelry website is not so good, of course, if the popularity of the website and the weight is very high if the exception.

what kind of neighbors is a bad neighbor


‘s mother was worried about Mencius Mencius neighbors, move three times, finally moved to a private side, so Mencius self-cultivation, school reading. The effect of the neighbors is not only suitable for interpersonal communication and real estate business, is also applicable to the construction site. A bad neighbor is not a good Links, will lead to your website ranking drop, even you will be removed from search results.


this article by Sheng De network technology ht>


dirty tricks and improper behavior: shelter, spamming, install viruses or malware, black hat, link farms, keyword stuffing, hidden text and links, bridge and so on, all these violations may lead to site is love Shanghai or any other search engine punishment. If we have Links and these sites, our website will at least be judged to have fault in association. Many websites in time by K, but also by some Links implicated.

The enterprise website optimization station Shanghai dragon enterprise website how to do

main navigation: to facilitate users to quickly understand the company and the company’s services and products, but also allows users to quickly contact us;

this problem must be all enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are the most troublesome, an enterprise can provide products and services to the Internet is limited, how to produce high quality "is not an easy thing. In fact, for an enterprise station, create web pages is a very difficult thing.

two, the content of the website

module: call content should be the latest and most relevant, most popular and most concerned, users are most interested in the content, the composite call way, multi dimension and provide other relevant web crawlers and users.


station link: the main theme "only part of the link anchor text, this part of the link to products and services recommended words should mainly pay attention to the anchor text bold, anchor text keywords follow clear and simple principle;

site structure consists of four main parts, and the main navigation navigation station link, call module. A good website structure, not only can improve the recognition of the spider on the web crawler, and convenient crawler website data, but also enhance the user experience of the website;

navigation: help users and crawlers to locate the current position, and browsing path, help understand website crawler structure classification.


is not the original value, may not have the original value. The original is mainly for search engines, users can not distinguish a good article is original, but the search engine can help determine whether the content of valuable data. Do this.

, a web site structure adjustment

can’t deny its natural inferiority enterprise station, not to mention the love Shanghai search engine is willing to give a enterprise stand flow is older and less. Enterprises within the stations of Shanghai Longfeng what to do:

high quality original content, the word is love Shanghai stressed, the original simple is not enough, the need for high quality. Of high quality content: unique rare and enriched content, reasonable layout, clear handwriting, page forms, reasonable use of the label;

1, high quality original content

website, Shanghai Longfeng popularize basic knowledge and practitioners increased year by year, resulting in similar site competition, increase continuously adjust and perfect, anti cheating plus love Shanghai algorithm upgrade and punishment, whether you feel powerless to Shanghai dragon


even worse is that you do is search engine optimization of a enterprise stand. Coupled with the boss of Shanghai dragon’s lack of cognition and one-sided, again urged, to your question and so on pressure, do you shake the optimization of a corporate website of patience and determination.

content value is

Reduce the cost of the

Students entering the workplace in Shanghai Longfeng how smoothly through the assessment period

second, have the ability to learn good at summing up the. After the Polish first stage, if you stay in this company, I congratulate you, because the first entry to three months is also called stable stage, this stage is generally the most hard but not the most difficult work for the new, the main study is the new mentality and the patience to wait, "

I found a lot of website optimization friends are graduated from university students entering the workplace, the author found that many college students often have the following problem is I most dislike, for example, the most common is more impetuous, Yangaoshoudi, speaking a lot of theory, to build a website on the first, computer science but does not modify the site no template, code optimization, some good foundation when some universities themselves try to establish a website, make communication station base often relatively calm, because these people are clear goals, they know what they want to do what work, is also relatively easy to integrate into the collective, the author for many without any optimization based college friends into the network company website optimization of what should be where to start, and continued into the short. To the point.

first, fully respect your boss boss resolutely implement the strategy. I found many new recruits most likely to violate the mistake is to look down on their own boss, may your degree is high, can you say the theoretical knowledge closely reasoned and well argued, but after entering a company, you need to understand your position, since he can choose the boss as a supervisor, regardless of their ability, entry time, all aspects of interpersonal relationship and so on the details in the company performance is more prominent, not because of low degree is possible because the boss is rebellious, we know that after new recruits the most common is the work of the article writing or the chain, because the job is anyone capable, but many people are not doing a good job, no patience, impetuous attitude, this work let you do it on pins and needles, this time is the true test of your time And to write articles for example, if you want to do things carelessly, perhaps half an hour more than ten minutes will be a lot of meaningless false original article, if the intention to write may be an hour without out a high quality paper, or when the hair both at the time of writing chain problems are part of the new ridge this time, you can take your questions to communicate with a humble attitude and your boss, after you write an article and the best communication under the article whether the quality of clearance, after the release of the chain chain quality and superior flow, ability to integrate resources so as to improve their writing ability. The boss, your strategy and execution, with the passage of time you will understand what is the quality of the article? What is the quality of the chain. After this threshold, you will win the boss’s respect, more challenging new things will be assured to teach you, so the first thing I believe that new recruits fully respect your attitude resolutely implement the boss of this strategy is the first you must have the ability of.

Upgrade to the latest method site in the rankings and prevent the noble baby right down

in my experience, as long as it is now doing imitations website, will be punished, but we can make a web site to a little longer, on some selected keywords, not destined to brand, such as your site is LV, the general people will push LV Handbags, but the people do not recommend this I have thus experimented, so, the website linked very quickly, we can push the CHEAP HANDBAGS do not implant brand promotion of the website, such as though will be punished but noble baby attention is very low, can reduce the risk of being right down.

1 Google now very fancy website content is the content of high quality

I have engaged in the Shanghai dragon has been two years, here I talk about my views on the Shanghai dragon.

I think

I am the most successful website, ranking the fastest website is to use black chain and a chain, other what is of no use, the domain name for about half a month, then began with black chain and the chain, black chain chain are less in the chain, most of the station, and the three day of the black chain and the chain began ranking, some primary and secondary competition has come to the first three pages (Note: at this time I only added the subject), then a few days later I started to update the station blog, then began to push the long tail hair, a lot of long tail word, with a mass but, the resource must be not easy to remove, to stabilize the resources, then go to these articles spam. rankings very quickly, made a few days have a long tail word ranking, but I found that through the purchase of long tail came in the desire of people than in the subject Strong.

is just the practical experience to write out the conclusion about what good method can also practice. After all, everyone’s methods are not the same. Welcome to reprint. 贵族宝贝louisvuittonhandbagoutlets贵族宝贝/ my site. Hope is a reprint link

proper thank you! Google

I found that, if not the stability of the chain site will hang behind it, quickly, if the resource is stable, and the proper way, the website will generally persist for a long time. But now in my opinion of noble baby, as long as the brand imitation, the site will be right down, but the length of time the problem of nobility baby study website. From the noble baby to imitation punishment in fourth mentioned

is now very fancy website content is the content of the site quality, each site must have their own original content, can not be out of order or some pseudo original noble baby cannot read the content, can update the blog or news or comment, or your website will be punished

2 can use black chain and the chain

3 site outside the chain to stabilize


4 Google now pay more attention to imitation products

Why is the first element of website structure and website weight


gehangrugeshan, in this industry segment’s, no one to master everything, of course, does not rule out the case, those who like Ma Yun, Lei Jun head and wisdom of a class of people, not within the scope of our research, after all, want to become this kind of person is a small probability event. A layman to an inside information, whether the other is to give detailed answers to professional or reject simple and crude, can avoid a psychological: that is, in the logic of thinking has talked about "contempt chain! The most direct realization of contempt chain is my higher than you.


said the website structure, website construction technology for the familiar people, seems to be no sense. Because in those professional technical control eyes, a lot of things that should be done is! But, why to do it! When you ask such questions, the general web technical staff skills and his technical ability is very difficult to sign, in their eyes, this question is posed by white, only with "contempt" look back to you, "and you have nothing to say!"

what is the website weight? Even for insiders, the weight of what they say, is more concerned about the numbers, for example my website weight is 2, his website weight is 4, and the website weight is 8 great xx…… What factors affect the website weight? Most people to answer is content update, the chain construction and so on. Many people seem to have overlooked an important problem, that is the site structure.

structure is a very abstract problem. A good website structure and what is the use? In addition to improve the network.


in fact, this is not what, after all, this is not what I do. However, want to own site has a good weight is the ultimate pursuit of each site, the website of the people do not understand, do not come out, but only for the industry, simply put, is to find someone to do. Arguably, a pay, a money, this is the site to buy a simple process, but the problem came out of

I want to do a business website about how much money? Can often see such a problem, whether in the forum, QQ, or WeChat, or in some community forums…… We have reason for this question lies in that a lot of people out of the price is not the same, but there are many versions of website construction: custom, website marketing, website templates, free website, website…… These are very dazzling, also meet the different needs of consumers, however, what’s the relationship and structure of the website


site structure is some thing hidden in the "heart" in the website, such as Taobao, Taobao has a lot of guest website imitation Taobao website, drill a look, like, again carefully and completely unlike, look at the template site is such, can imitate life, but it is difficult to make the website background complete copy.

Also said Chen Tong the traditional portal is not dead, just evolution

yesterday, Sina vice president, chief editor Chen Tong confirmed as China turnover, the history of the Internet is the most representative of the development of the network news figures, even Chen Tong can be defined as "China network news Godfather", he can go to see Uncle Lin Jun wrote "boiling for fifteen years in many stories of sina". Leave after the news, many people have to take a pretext to discuss the traditional portal of the future, there is more optimistic, mouthing, but no matter what the statement must first figure out who is subject to discuss.

if the decline of the traditional PC portal mode, this is undeniable, as the representative of WeChat mobile terminal diversion, rise of micro-blog on behalf of social media and other popular tiger sniffing and even Baidu 100 industry site, the portal is no longer the only choice of Internet users, mobile Internet is not a wave of the two companies last ditch you can change, but it is important that several major portals are stupid, they will be split and then die? In fact, a few years ago began a multi line layout of the mobile Internet to avoid being eliminated.

so, the problem will return to the " the huge news to attract a large number of users, through the polymerization of ad " this model can go through, obviously, the traditional advertising model is still can continue to create profits. From the four major portals, + Tencent news client against the diversion of micro Xinshou Q still has a high viscosity, NetEase, NetEase and portal news client in terms of content or user interaction is also become an independent school, Sohu Sohu news client portal + what although not too bright, put alone early also accumulated a lot of resources a lot of users, although Sina News in the mobile terminal is behind Sina, but micro-blog has also formed the traditional portal + news + social media with combination of only micro-blog’s market capitalization of more than $3 billion, which is also a hot news frequent places.

it seems that in fact the traditional portal far not as many people say will be shuffling out, just shifted to the news client, news client products vitality and how? According to CNNIC released in the Chinese Internet development report shows that the use of news shift rate reached 74%. The scale of 400 million users, second only to mobile social and mobile search, mobile, mobile phone games and is higher than that of mobile phone video, which clearly shows how the news information needs of Internet users did not reduce, but the eye is more focused on the mobile phone, tablet and other mobile terminal, and leading several news APP products are installed more than 200 million people, even in the mobile phone has also spawned similar headlines today this dark horse APP, so, the lifeblood of the portal C user and the B end of income is transferred to the mobile terminal, if only because the PC flow was eating that portal die, too simple.

from the user base, PC like mobile terminal transfer quite smooth, although the mobile client is difficult to display the full screen hyperlink era of massive news and information, but with the HTML5 form of expression and P>

How to promote the popularity of food and beverage outlets

to open a good restaurant, not only to know how to operate, but also learn to rally, using a variety of promotional activities to attract the attention of consumers. So how to promote the use of food and beverage promotion popularity? Let us take a look at it, I hope every restaurant entrepreneurs can be harvested.


for the opening of new restaurants, most of the shops in the market visibility is not high, but how to do a good job in the restaurant opened promotion that, for most investors, the store business has many benefits to attract popularity, promote sales through price discounts and concessions and also the opening ceremony of the successful and effective use of this form of promotion effect is obvious.

gift coupon


in the opening period, you can come forward to join the friends and customers from all the gifts of a small number of restaurants with information on the small gifts, small gifts, so you can win the favor of customers, but also play a certain role in publicity. The catering store opened in addition to how to promote small gifts, can also offer some coupons in the restaurant opened before making good concurrent to the target customers in the hands of holders during the opening and use it to the specific consumption of dishes can enjoy preferential.

signature dishes promotion


for the opening of new restaurants, specialty dishes promotion is more suitable for a promotion, at the same time the store’s popularity, and the later operation also can bring good effect, the brand effect signs dishes can lead to a restaurant, if properly handled, will help to sign a restaurant dishes popular.

look at the above promotional skills, do you have any harvest? In the face of fierce competition in the market, open a restaurant is not easy, pressure alexander. If you want to succeed, you must be good at using sales promotion, to effectively enhance the popularity, in order to achieve personal dreams, create more wealth.

Hohhot to build innovation and entrepreneurship platform

in the business into a theme of today, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to not only the action, at the same time in the business of innovation factors, which is also very important in Inner Mongolia recently, Hohhot city has been struggling for entrepreneurs to build a series of business platform.

in Angel teahouse in project not only attracted many speech hit off and investors, even in the third Inner Mongolia prairie excellence high-level personnel exchanges and cooperation of hubaoe innovation and Entrepreneurship Week participants also arrive here in a short period of time in the shop has been on fire.

In fact,


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See how to wash workers entrepreneurial story Life Transformation

Internet plus animation is a kind of trend, this trend is a person called Li Zhubing grasp, the achievements of the hundreds of millions of assets, more surprising is that he was a wash Turner, his experience is a legend, even Chinese finance Lang Xianping a influential man have added to their praise.

Li Zhubing to persistence, the achievements of his animation dream. Although he has experienced all kinds of hardships but never give up the dream, so impossible.

How to choose a suitable restaurant business is very important

now, the choice of food and beverage projects as a lot of their own entrepreneurial friends. For bullish on certain investment income, many developers often watch DVDs under the dish, claiming to launch products have advantages of open dining.