Search engine drop right (ranking down) the 10 factors

There are many reasons for the

search engine drop right, especially for the love of Shanghai, it is impossible to predict (the reason we all understand, not to say). So the search engine right down the problem, sesame also can only here lists 10 reasons under normal conditions to be right down, let the webmaster friends detours, hope to help everyone.

site frequent revision, contains many aspects, generally speaking is for the website in a range of modifications, can also be called revision. The website sometimes it might be for a better user experience, but remember not to be revised several times within a short time. Especially the title of the website, page layout, program changes. First of all, the title of the website in general, modify the time within 3 months, as well. More number of changes, is likely to influence the weight of the site itself. As for page layout changes and changes in procedure, where sesame is not recommended you change. Because the former will affect all aspects of the site keywords ranking, the latter will affect the whole site included, for the most unfavorable site.

if you buy a lot of Links, then one day suddenly stop renewals, all Links are lost, then you will get the punishment of the search engine, even more than you buy Links, worse, or directly by K off. Of course, this is not to say that can not buy.

four. The site on top of the black chain, or buy black chain

this is not just for the optimization for the disadvantage, so the user experience is not good. Then you can not access the site, the site in all aspects are not what meaning. For the influence of the ranking is also quite serious, long time, often cannot access, and even make the website search engine directly K off, perhaps. In general, I will reserve a price is not high, when there is not access, can be temporarily transferred to the web space, to ensure the normal access to the site is the most important.

five. The chain lost the high rate of

three. Adding link farms

link farms refers to a web site: the site every page are not valuable information, in addition to other websites listing each for links, no other content or rarely content. If you just link farms to unilaterally link to you not what effect, but if it is to exchange links, so you can easily be directly K off, so in exchange Links, must pay attention to the review of exchange links.

. and source of instability.

black chain is always webmaster circle taboo, a short period of time can bring to the site weight and ranking, but soon the search engine will be seriously drop ~ so don’t buy black chain, will eventually be right down The loss outweighs the gain.

two server

site frequent revision:

Six noble baby Webmaster Tools

is perhaps the Chinese translation of terminology, not difficult to understand, many webmaster friends love with third party tools, but on the evaluation, optimization speed of nobility baby tools are good today, Lou loose and would recommend it to everyone to provide six noble baby’s tools, these tools I have been in use.


noble baby?

tool three: noble baby website optimization tool


tools: once your site is noble baby plucking, aristocratic baby webmaster tools will be the first time to notify you by reason of Mao’s website.

(Analytics statistical analysis tools)

(noble baby website optimization tool)


administrator tools will provide all kinds of baby noble fault information, such as template of HTML writing, simulation spiders crawl web pages, online learning, making robots.txt 301 redirection and making 404 error pages. This tool is very suitable for the value of Shanghai dragon webmaster friends.


(noble baby Webmaster Tools)

address: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/webmasters/tools/ hl=zh_CN

statistical analysis tools webmaster used more, and domestic 51la, cnzz belong to the same type, but the function is much more powerful, if the webmaster do Adsense, used in the associated Analytics is perfect, it can show the Adsense specific to what is a page where the advertising revenue, the most valuable which keywords, the most valuable, for Adsense optimization is a very good tool.

we have been looking for such a tool, it is to tell me the website is the cause of the K, Shanghai dragon optimization considerations, HTML how to write, how to quickly know the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization and so on, suddenly look back, in fact, noble baby official has given us this kind of tool.



Analytics is very good, but because Chinese is not enough localization, many terms are difficult to understand, it is difficult to use for new station.

address: 贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/intl/zh-CN/analytics/

Analytics: two essential tools of statistical analysis tools

This tool is not Shanghai dragon >


: a necessary tool for noble baby webmaster tools

This is the biggest advantage of

Look at the forum posts in Shanghai Longfeng water reflection

2, how to send the chain

address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon>


now I return to the point, please believe me now full of anger, why? Because I see in the forum is hundreds of years ago to see a post, Shanghai Dragon Master summed up the experience, see the secret love Shanghai ranked first in secret. The clouds are clouds ah, fuck it.

is not love Shanghai official, we can argue, I summarize a little bit forum posts often say those people thing.

many posts, no restrictions on the repeat, Shanghai dragon is really not what difficult topic, so we don’t need to enhance memory. Here, I pay tribute to the original blog.

do we believe these Shanghai dragon, all know "content is king, the chain for the emperor". When I heard this sentence, but a human think so. With the Shanghai dragon experience enriched, with growing confidence, has not had the young, and now look at this word, but think so.

3, articles should be written to the original, unique, can be reproduced by

1, how to find high quality Links

we are doing Shanghai dragon as in the old carpenter, with their ancestors’ experiences and more, we follow the prescribed order, is to learn from foreign countries, it is copied from the foreign devils.

to write a lot Links posts that should pay attention to this, note that, but this really is not fair to talk about than when talk about mutual benefits.

Copyright: reprint the original declaration: welcome to reprint, but retained the original address please reprint.

this time, you can directly copy others space hundreds of blog, have this ability, you really can be a writer.

5, the internal structure of streamlining the code,

such a simple question, I don’t know why you always take this problem does not stop suddenly, say others foreigners a post written more than 100 chain summary. The situation ah, you know, we do not like others. We need what kind of chain, I tell you, not high quality, not high number, not a large area outside the chain, but planned.

flat structure, concise code.. I wouldn’t do that if I would say Shanghai dragon, I feel at ease with the damn website than Shanghai Longfeng better, pro.

4, the space should be stable, or the domain name is K

I don’t know who acts as a matchmaker, the rich buy stable space, you will not be in this paper. I suggest you publish some they know as a stable and cheap space for our business.

How to improve the weight value of love Shanghai

forum 4. soft reprint content: This is a pretty good. With the soft almost.

now has a lot of links to purchase the trading site, we want to buy 3-5 high quality links can be about PR3-5, then we want to optimize the keywords to link, this should adhere to 3-6 months. Must have the effect.

2. high quality blog blog: the use of high quality construction, to increase the content of correlation. This to insist for a long time.

second: increase in page website weight

fifth: the development of the two level domain to increase website weight

3. forum in the message: leave high correlation of the article in the forum. Message to this way, others question or your article and related high leave their articles and views.

this is very useful, it is best to blog. Or your own independent forum. The more the better development. But >

we each release an article, we have to reprint articles, so that each article site has the weight of

is now a lot of Web love Shanghai weights are not so high, not the weight of the site, the flow will be very few. So how can we improve our website weight value. Below I give everybody to improve on my way to love Shanghai weight, hoping to share good method and opinions.

third: buy high quality PR link

fourth: the establishment of Shanghai love Wikipedia

1. soft release: must to high quality website to publish, this should adhere to a daily. Persist for three months.

is the most important. The establishment of Shanghai love Wikipedia entries, his writing in may spend writing a. This is the most important, the best in Shanghai love Wikipedia entry add at the bottom of your website related to the long tail word.

long tail keywords good choice, we must have the original content. For new sites, we can not a large collection of articles, through the investigation to love Shanghai, we are in the collection content, which is conducive to income and increase website weight. Keep updated every day, to be on time, as we have three meals a day, we will regularly update the article. It is best not more than 10 p.m. update.

when we are building a website, our website design without design is beautiful, the most important is simple and generous at a glance. Plate layout reasonable. Web site design is good, then, we must grasp the contents of our website, oh, for what is what is the future of development, we must put on the content and keywords are added to our website, around this topic to study to explore. Have more long tail keywords around the site theme.

: the first increase website weight first catch website

Content is king the theory of Web Design — the difference between copy and plagiarism

The elements of


I’m talking about " imitating " not " imitating "… If you’ve always been ", imitate ", then you’d better stop watching……


elements are nothing more than analysis, comparison, and the division of priorities, which can be modified and cannot be modified.

first analyze what you’re going to do. Write down what you want on each page of your paper. The importance of these content is arranged according to the order of the user experience. Each part accounts for about how much area, in the heart must have a few, the layout is insufficient, what things can be removed, the layout is too big, I can add what content?.

selects the copied web site based on the results of the analysis and the intended style.

by comparing the selected pages, which block applies, which block does not apply?. A number of available further contrasts, based on the analysis of the light contrast, according to their own can be highlighted to distinguish the effect.

picks out the most suitable or suitable sites.

grabs the " of the station you’re trying to copy, ". Find the feeling. Analyze its structure and why it does so or does so well. Can I change my content 100% to its content? Can I change its layout, but it still has that effect? Can I change its style and format is still reasonable?. Can I mess up its layout and still feel comfortable?……

details modify

if you don’t take the fifth step, then please leave, because there is no fifth step is imitation, which means plagiarism, so the following words may make you feel unwell.

"NewWebPick" Twelfth have such an article: < < designers business ten >, > golden laws and precious rules; tenth of them say: Never, ever, attempttocopyothers’designsforanyreasonatall. Itisadeathsentencetoanydesigner, which means """; never try to copy someone else’s design for any reason. This will be the road to death for any designer. " if you think they’re talking too much. Well, I tell you, you either have no ambition, or you can’t achieve anything too high.

plagiarism is shameful, and likewise, it is shameful to post no reference. Plagiarism is used in their own things, barely still can be regarded as learning, but if used in commercial design, it is shameful. Of course, you don’t need to pay too much attention, because plagiarism is a normal phenomenon in china. I used to read <

Some views on the management of emerging 3G websites

on 3G, I believe everyone is not strange, recently, the topic of 3G is also very lively, which city began to 3G telephone number experience, where the emergence of new products such as 3G, and so on. 3G is the future trend, the prospects are good, but now is the initial stage, mature to take a process, and the process is not easy.

3G is bound to become a trend, the market potential is great, the development of this potential needs a short process. Of course, many owners also see this market, have to test the water 3G website template, but this kind of website is not currently available for reference, the development of the 3G site is still in its infancy, is through the glass light in sight but not suddenly caught. From the point of view of user experience, the author investigated the similarities and differences of some 3G websites, and summarized some problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of 3G websites.

first of all, 3G class web pages should meet the user’s psychological needs.

3G is a new thing. People who accept 3G must be young, fashionable and enthusiastic fans. Website design should take into account the characteristics of this user group, whether it is web production or content selection, we should consider the user’s preferences and needs. 3G experience lovers are generally young people, the ability to accept new things, and like to experience new trends, rich sense of the times. For example, the moving zone, "my site, I decide" fully expresses the inner voice of this group, and gets a strong response from this group, and the product promotion is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has been well received.

At present many

in the 3G website, I quite agree with this 3G portal (domain name seems to be pretty good), home design is eye-catching, page concise fashion, also take pictures and content choice of thought, is moved to the user, 3G can find the need to feel fancier in the web site. Home page is concise, inside page classification is detailed, but the information of 3G essence is relatively little, have the suspicion of edge ball, and update is slow, content is little, the website appears flimsy. If the website can be improved in content, I believe that the site traffic will be more and more.

secondly, website content should be substantial.

should say that all websites require substantial content. I have browsed several 3G sites and have a common feature of less content. 3G information may be difficult to search online, but also can not make the site seem empty, so it is very unfavorable to retain customers. Webmaster 3G website can do from the relevant aspects, such as 3G mobile phone introduction, 3G picture download, 3G music download, and so on. 3G enthusiasts can also explore topics of concern, providing the latest industry information, rich content of the site.

3G Chinese communication network content is relatively rich, updated information is also the readability slightly better, but the profession is too strong, the general 3G enthusiasts may be more concerned about the new "interesting

Small Ma I borrow Ma Yun do website

              I was born in the countryside; my first university didn’t pass the exam. The milk the strength to come out was admitted to a second rate University, university time is very good, although the cultural knowledge is not learned much, but my experience increased a lot, when I was in college I was successfully held in our school the first college digital products expo. Huge impact, I also made a lot of money, but also know a lot of social businessmen, and some of them become friends. For this reason, I have represented some of their products, such as Noah, NOKIA, mobile phones and so on. I can earn my tuition at college. For this reason, I became a famous small businessman in college. I’m proud of it. Slowly, I really think I’m capable. After graduation, I always want to start my own business and want to make a lot of money. For this I fantasized all day long….

          after graduating from college, I gave up the chance when the teacher and his girlfriend went to Zhejiang, where my girlfriend’s brother is the general manager of our treatment to the good, but his brother put us to the workshop to work, we are also very two convinced, feel a young undergraduate how was assigned to the bottom of the workshop was, her brother told me, want to succeed must do at least two years at the grassroots level. Although my mouth is right, but I am not satisfied with it, and I am not serious about it. Suddenly one day, a friend of mine called me and said, "there’s a good business. It’s only a few bucks, and I can make tens of thousands of dollars a month.". I thought to myself, here’s my chance to make a fortune. I ignore her brother’s stay, hurried back home, and then began his difficult business, this business is to make cosmetics phone sales, in fact, is deceptive. I started doing it in accordance with the arrangements of my friends. I think things are too simple. The real operation is not so good as I thought, and the profit is not so big, I only insist on less than a month on the withdrawal, and I brought in 10000 yuan in Zhejiang this month on the run out.

              I only up to an experience: "do not do anything to think of him too simple, we first want to harm, to the bad, bad just want to benefit. "This won’t be a special disappointment." my first venture was a failure, and I didn’t have a good job. I dare not go home, too. I feel that God is unfair to me, and my girlfriend complains about me all the time, and I can’t find a job. At that time I stood on the balcony of the rented house and looked out. Thought: "such a big city, I do not have a foothold?"" Finally I entered the Shandong Jingyanggang winery in a friend’s recommendation, probation 600 yuan / month, the girlfriend did not work, we live in a small cottage, life is very difficult. But >

Build a civilized home and create a better future

in order to deepen the work of Building Civilized City, to improve the quality of the people and promote the new urban civilization, the District People’s Congress organs all cadres and workers to actively participate in various volunteer activities, and take practical action to create a civilized city to add luster.

Xining Federation of trade unions for employees to send the soul chicken soup

These days, Xining City Union invited psychological experts to do psychological counseling seminars for employees of the park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone enterprises, involving employees of the physical and psychological, emotional and behavioral indicators, nearly a hundred employees of 19 enterprises benefit from.

a few days of lectures, psychology professor Hou Guangyan from the Qinghai Normal University with a large number of cases, the current situation of staff overall mental health, specifically from the physiological indexes, emotional index, psychological index and the behavior index analysis common employee’s psychological pressure and negative emotion identification methods, and how to self decompression, ease the psychological pressure and mood explaining management counseling. Many employees said that Professor Hou cited a large number of cases in real life, to explain the problems they encountered in life and work for their future production and life to provide a lot of help.

Xining City Federation of relevant responsible person said, for the enterprise staff counseling courses, Xining City Federation of trade unions on a beneficial attempt to the humanistic care and psychological counseling, to help enterprises and workers to establish mental health awareness, optimizing the psychological quality, enhance psychological adjustment ability, alleviate the psychological pressure of the workplace, employees with a positive and healthy attitude towards various problems encountered in the production and life. (author: Zhao Junjie)


What are the advantages of franchising

with the development of modern economy, franchising is already very common, although it is the mainstream business model in twenty-first Century, but as a kind of management method, he can expand to any industry. The franchisee is due to the purchase of the operating system has been successful, a " can save your business to go through the learning curve; ", including the selection of profit and market and other necessary exploration process, reduce the business risks. The franchisee can have his own company, to master their own income and expenditure. The operating cost of the franchisee is lower than that of other modes of operation, so it can be recovered in a short period of time. The franchisee can be in the location, design, staff training, marketing, etc., to get the help and support of experienced franchisees, so that the operation of a virtuous cycle. Between franchisor and franchisee, is not a competitive relationship, help to expand market share.

: survey shows

? In the United States, 5 years after the new enterprises to create, only 10% survive;

80%? Business franchise in the open after 10 years is still in the growth of


? The United States is currently 45% of the products and services by franchising enterprises to provide


? 60% of the real estate transaction by franchise Real Estate Company turnover.

franchise is different from the independent business model, franchising has more advantages:

? Franchise can absorb more new customers;

? Franchise to retain more customers;

? Franchise can expand the market share;

? Franchise maintained adequate vast profits.

The advantages of the system

? Incentive effect to franchisees stronger;

? Many people and lives by Xu dynamic cooperation relationship;

? There is a market based market development ability;

? Strong responsibility service;

? Both smaller management effort;

reduce management costs;


? Convenience of knowledge and public relations.


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