In my eyes, what are the symbol of Shanghai Dragon

industry is the inevitable result of Shanghai Longfeng change rapidly which not only benefited from the popularity of the network, and will also be mature to search the crowd, using traditional thinking about their own site approach is obviously pedantic and in such a case, so in the eye in the future of Shanghai Dragon Industry what will become. Or what are the dynamic

with more and more people join the Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon internal environment of competition at the same time, the industry will also usher in development.

network construction, optimization of the rankings have been getting a lot of attention of enterprises, and set up some sectors to do this one, but everybody does not understand what is the work of their hands in the end, how to carry out. Even practitioners are also in a blind state, write articles, send the chain, make the user experience, and is relatively high, but still the same old, a superficial reform, when we are talking about Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult now, there is no thought we were too slow, did not keep up with the times the progress of


as a web site operator or SEM, E-Marketing practitioners, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge will become the bottom of the knowledge structure, regardless of how the search engine algorithm changes, the principle is never change. That is to say do rankings no matter what time, grasp the content, the chain, the user experience is not wrong, although this is the vernacular, but seize the core thinking, innovation for some friends to get some nonsense is a limit. After all the webmaster do a website now have some sort of impatience, love innovation, play tricks, but what effect, I want to see some of the cases will be able to know. For example, before the reform of excellence, outstanding page blindly gorgeous but lost the essence of recruitment, namely simple job search, want to do innovation lost duty, so its development is restricted, in turn, a site if not this is a fundamental point that grasp the content. What are the curry favour by claptrap.

Shanghai Dragon technology is accompanied by the development of domestic product search and development, when more people benefit from Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon industry will usher in greater development and more fierce competition, no doubt. In this case, whether the search engine or the industry itself will be gradually standardized, large-scale Shanghai dragon team and the company will gradually move toward the top, and the small companies that bangqiaoceji will lose development in the constantly adjustment algorithm in the results is the strong stronger and the weak weaker situation. This is a case of Shanghai dragon industry in the future will have to face, now have to highlight the form of this part, by virtue of the general site optimization means one, has been difficult to make up the ranking, as in the past to abandon the survival of the soft, chain exchange and so on has been constantly updating algorithm, and these are the main means of small companies, without this support, small companies without the resources to support is difficult to continue.

?The future development of

The Domain is not in the view of the first extension (final report)

1. Analysis of

if a site is down the right, then the first must first understand why the site will be right down. " " can get an antidote against the disease. We can think about, recently took the operation? Led to domain is down right? There is no mass outside the chain, is not a problem with the entire station website content quality? There is no formal website and do Links exchange? Is not compromised! (Links exchange if you have a friend chain a site is k, then you add a link to its support. Love Shanghai noble baby search engine spiders will follow the URL address of the website crawling to your site, and a judge may also give the right down. So we Links, 3 days -1 weeks to check or necessary. In addition there are some other) is not the cause of domain is not in the first place. On the front page of Domain can refer to view in extending the first (a) > > condemnation in some situation, solve the problem as soon as possible. It is not the first element of the first domain reply as soon as possible.

drop right domain

2. The most important period of stable

has a lot of friends often say oh, some time ago website keywords are ranking, why no rankings all morning. Man: why is our website online for more than 1 months is the keyword ranking, believe a lot of friends have to think this problem. Why should this problem in second, but also from the boiler www.shenfengguolu贵族宝贝 drop right about the boiler network is down right domain is not the first time the original articles are the pseudo original and original small part. Drop right after the first is to exclude the potential downside of this result. Then the site for a long time not updated. (there are many webmaster friends published articles included in our website on the day.

is on the point of view Domain is not in the extension of the first (one, two) after 2 articles published by many webmaster circles understand and do not know a friend support. We Zhengzhou Fangyuan network continues to write a final report today. Domain is not the first to believe part of website promotion may have met this kind of situation, this is due to their own web site to do the undue influence or were not as a problem. (recently everyone is more concerned about the Shanghai dragon circles keep a few years the position of Shanghai dragon why forum dropped to second pages, there is news that is because the server stability caused by some provinces and regions, direct access to. As this may solve the problem can not be sudden trouble really no way to completely avoid. ) so if a problem is that by reducing the power. We should do to minimize the loss of favorable operation make? Let’s try to understand the domain after the first drop right if the right to reduce the loss of the favorable factors:


The relationship between webmaster and us

believes that many people often come to the stationmaster’s Internet cafe. Why should we come? It must be necessary for us to come here. That’s what we are going to say today. I come to stationmaster net undoubtedly is the following four points:

one: look at the soft text. Do not tell me, do not understand what is soft text, if you really do not understand, then go search. I was telling the truth, many webmaster online is soft, I attended the party above some Adsense often hear someone say: the website not included? In fact, do good! Go to the webmaster nets hair soft Wen, general new second day included. Look, this is the webmaster network charm to the site so soon included, for us this grassroots webmaster, Why not?! of course, there are still some high quality articles, such as the A5 editor to write their own, there are some Internet elite.

2: watch the news. Attention to changes in the webmaster circle, timely access to Internet information is an excellent webmaster indispensable course, so you can keep up with the trend. Our ancestors once said, we can not K station. Like you want to Baidu included your site, and then give you good rankings, you don’t know Baidu, she will give you the traffic to rank you, wait, dream, unless the day Baidu epilepsy made.

third: send soft text. In fact, that is what writing experience, and say well, that is published articles. Ha ha, I this person is straight, what is what to say. I believe that few webmaster specially run to write an article, and then don’t want to make a connection for yourself. Of course, I’ve seen someone so quiet and selfless. Here, on behalf of the webmaster net, I will give you an oral commendation!


4: looking for resources. Adsense network above advertising more, such as League advertising, space / server advertising, source code resources, friendship links, agent registration, site navigation to include websites. This I often go to stationmaster net to seek, do not know other stationmaster is this, hey hey, of course you can also search. It’s something special,

sum up, we can acquire the relevant information in a timely manner through the station network, but also through the soft paper to make their sites are included and the chain, of course, you can also learn a lot of knowledge and resources related to the station. And if the webmaster network is compared to a forest, then we are that big and small trees, the webmaster network because we exist, we are because of the webmaster network and development.

this article by the Yueyang forum webmaster dedicated to A5 webmaster network, I wish A5 better and better! This article by Yueyang forum webmaster original, reproduced please keep links, kind,


How to do a good movie station, so that small flow has great benefits

movie owners how to improve traffic and make money, this is all the movie owners concerned about the topic. movie stationmaster now for you dispel doubts, share my to do station experience,


first says movie station traffic,

because Baidu included the movie station more stringent, and included in the new time is now 2 weeks or so, a fast slow, but is about 10 days or so, so the new movie station and your new domain name must be more than 10 days Baidu only included a page, and the PR is updated every 3 months. The last update is number 5.1, so if you want to improve the PR value, we must be more than 3 months, so it’s down, your new station if not 3 months, you stand flow in addition to their own propaganda and some flow exchange alliance exchange traffic, Baidu and other search traffic to less and less.

if you are a movie station, can join the movie station flow alliance, such as search Lele, but the demand is higher, it is not recommended to join the new station, you can join the you send, flow to the flow of the exchange rate is good, great! Pay attention to one thing: the movie station join the swap chain and site navigation is not recommended, because what kind of station, not only is the movie station, and the traffic is not often to exchange visitors, because they will think you are pictures or other delays in station station, after coming off. So I recommend the movie station to improve traffic, the first is Baidu, and the second is a specialized film traffic exchange alliance. Of course, some professional exchange movie stations, site navigation can also join


finished saying traffic, making money,

movie station put some GG, but I do not recommend, I put the movie station GG was K by K, there are several possible, just one you must be standing for GG K, the NPC white propaganda. If someone in the movie station flow, recommended to put the Baidu theme, if the movie station the flow quantity is little, recommended to put some of the more seductive advertising code, because most of the people for the movie lust, they see what color will go to the point, which is known to everyone.

movie station if you want to open, you have to at least about 10 days after the 3 months included Baidu, PR update, the movie station just stick to it, there is always one day earn more than 5000 yuan a month, now is the best movie station to get traffic to make money the best station, I hope you can stick to it! The station like Baidu search on the first page the station which is not more than 1 years, so you listen to my right


finally, I’d like to write the most useful words for my webmaster,

personal website in your insistence, but blindly adhere to, painful insist, as early as give up.

happiness is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with wealth, age or environment. Have a contented heart, and happiness is on you. If you want to be happy, don’t let yourself get depressed. To be happy is not to increase your wealth, but to lower your desires

Have you made money on local websites Three months, from 0 to 3000 yuan monthly income

for the first time to write articles, articles impassability, you webmaster brothers under understanding. This article writes to the persistent operation local website, at present has not made money the stationmaster brothers.

in order not to mislead people, hereby solemnly declare: I share is a very difficult and very difficult, if there is no firm and indomitable spirit, do not endure all kinds of injustice friends don’t try.

I am 80 years later, 30 years old this year, is a failure of the webmaster. 07 years began to do local station, when it was work, while doing the station, 07 years -09 years, the site using PHPCMS do, and development is very good. Search my city name, my natural ranking in the first page. Later, because of my mistakes, the procedures for customers, and finally replaced the empire. After such a toss, the weight of the site completely gone. In early 2010, my site Baidu included 0. Here, my experience is not to make a big revision easily. Don’t change the website program easily. After a year of rehabilitation, now is gradually recovering from the website weight.

I quit my job 09 years ago and rented a stall in the computer city to start a business. While doing business, while doing web site, personal reasons, business is not done, the site did not do well. Important changes have taken place at home. 09 years, -10 years, is the worst year of my life. At the same time I faced two choices, is to continue to do the station? Or switch to do anything else? I chose to do stand, to continue.

first of all, I began to reflect on what kind of local website can make money and how to make money. What I can sum up is service. Some special projects make money. Because I personally do not have a high degree of Education (junior high school culture) can sum up only those. In October 2010, I began to minor revision website again, in the original only classification information on the basis of increasing the business site module. Here, thanks to the imperial CMS, after more than a month of exploration, I made the self-service station building module. According to different sectors of the business, tailored to different merchant sites.

the weather began to get cold in the Northeast in November. I began to print brochures, print business cards, and began to move from behind the scenes to the front desk. Sell my website, sell my business, help yourself. The first day. The first one I went to is a handicraft factory, to tell you the truth, the first time to sell, I was nervous and disturbed. I lingered around the door for a moment before knocking. When I found the manager of the arts and crafts factory, the answer was simple. We didn’t need it. Next is the same process, one day, I only find a beauty salon, willing to set up here free of charge. Site building process is very simple, businesses register a ID, I take some photos, and then use my carry on the old notebook, began to site production site. Finished businesses are satisfied, and finally guide the business how to operate the background?. The first day ended in a dismal second days, 3 businesses, third days, 3 businesses, fourth days, 4 businesses…… A week went by and I found that there were only more than 10 businesses in this week, and there was only one

How to further improve the employment support policy system in Panzhihua

rapid economic development, but also led to the widening gap between the region’s poor. How to narrow the gap? It is very important to provide a series of effective support policies for the poverty-stricken areas. So, how to further improve the employment support policy system in Panzhihua?.

this year, the city has issued a new "Panzhihua employment unemployment registration regulations", "Panzhihua city employment certificate management implementation details" and the "Panzhihua city employment difficulties apply to identify the implementation measures", to further improve the new round of employment support policy system.

new employment unemployment registration rules and the implementation of the employment difficulties identified by the implementation of the measures showed a two expansion of an adjustment feature:

one is to expand the scope of employment and unemployment registration. Further expand the scope of employment and unemployment registration, and promote the equalization of urban and rural employment services.

two is to expand the scope of employment difficulties identified. The urban resident personnel, in accordance with the conditions of life insurance and land is requisitioned in accordance with the conditions of the rural workers, migrant rural migrant workers into the scope of application, enjoy a new round of employment support policies.

three is to adjust the employment difficulties identified conditions. The older people will be identified as the conditions for the application of the determination of women over 40 years of age, men over the age of 50 and above.

support for the poor areas, Panzhihua constantly improve the relevant rules and regulations to ensure the effectiveness of the policy. The further expansion of the scope of the employment and unemployment registration, the employment difficulties for the identification of the conditions are also adjusted accordingly, the scope of the employment difficulties identified for the expansion of the staff. In the future, it will be possible to further deal with the problem of poverty in the region.

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Hainan 100 business platform to support home business will be completed during 13th Five-Year

governments at all levels will support migrant workers return home entrepreneurship as one of the priorities in 2016. Hainan launched a new construction project, will build 100 business platform in 13th Five-Year, to support the migrant workers in the industrial undertaking.

the opinions clear support for migrant workers and other personnel home business four major tasks: promoting the development of the industry to drive home business, city and county support the development of new industries, new formats, such as migrant workers returning home for business personnel to broaden the field of support for cities and counties to undertake the transfer of industries, promote industrial upgrading process, vigorously develop related industries, driven by migrant workers etc. staff home business; encourage local resources market driven home business field grafting;

Migrant workers and other personnel will be

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Nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb joined the money more easily

like barbecue food, has been very hot. Nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb available for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join the nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb, what are you waiting for?

when you are looking for the opportunity to join the shop business, nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb join can easily shop? This is undoubtedly a good project, join it will let you become a great enjoyment in life, good taste and attractive color, will meet your picky appetite, will let franchisees enjoy the nine flags of roast sheep shortcut will take you to success.

for delicious food, people’s pursuit is endless. In the summer time, what people have no appetite, eating barbecue drinking wine which is everywhere "spectacular". But with the increasingly serious air pollution, now pay attention to health and environmental protection, and its level is nine Roasted Whole Lamb after smokeless charcoal baked, some characteristics of the test furnace for investors, operating easily, barbecue is the preferred summer delicacy. Then choose nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb to how much money? 10 thousand -3 million can shop, nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb has a lot of delicacy, every delicacy are unique in their own way, in the market is very popular consumer attention. Not only that nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb, simple manufacture, a reliable furnace three sheep, energy conservation and environmental protection, no chef, you can easily start


is the appearance of attractive golden delicacy nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb launched a special Roasted Whole Lamb look delicious, let diners slobber dc. Nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb made Roasted Whole Lamb is a must, with special oven roasted sheep sheep, lamb without smoky, uniform heating, water quality and loss, grilled mutton crisp and tender, golden brown, delicious, clean, attractive color, is a great enjoyment.

joined the nine flag Roasted Whole Lamb? 2017 high-quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join the trusted brand to join the project. An open their own nine flags Roasted Whole Lamb stores, the shop is made!

Chicken delicacy fast-food brands – the devil

year all have their own brand of opera was born, for example, now the catering industry is one of the devil in chicken. The chicken as a new small artistes fast food industry, in recent years has been slowly in the commercial street, snack street occupies a space for one person. Chicken devil called tomorrow’s fast food star, the development prospects are very impressive. As a businessman, you still hesitant what?. Open the road to riches, there is no need to hesitate. The following Xiaobian to learn about the chicken demon bar, look at how to join.

devil devil gourmet fast food competitive opportunities hard to find

first, the devil in the choice of the address is more flexible, more than and 10 square meters to open a shop, some people flow places, such as schools, stations, pedestrian street, etc., are very good shop address selection. In addition, secret sauce meal and uniform distribution, speed calculation, all raw materials, cleaning, shaping and curing step, the method is simple, easy to operate.

secondly, the devil devil shop stalls way, 1 people can start, save labor costs, renovation costs are small, no chef, no table, continuous traffic. All in all, from business to management, the entire shop output mode, from the site to the decoration, from training to sales headquarters, Dingli support, help you fix the whole business, no pressure.


said the market share is relatively small, with some big brands can not compare, but this is a very good business opportunities, who seize the opportunity, who profit. Chicken devil’s broad prospects for development, business model is also very convenient, you can quickly start to make money. Opportunities tend to have the courage of the people, and quickly join it, open the road to riches, from now on!

Xining local tax system to achieve 12366 tax knowledge sharing

The tax service hotline 12366 tax business knowledge base is a comprehensive knowledge covering tax business, tax policy, tax collection and other business support platform, with scientific classification and interpretation authority, clear, timely and effective, practical and easy to use, has a typical 12366 daily accepted a compilation of the consulting business, through questions and answers in the form of help the consultants understand query related contentThe tax business tax service hotline

12366 knowledge base is a comprehensive knowledge covering tax business, tax policy, tax collection and other business support platform, with scientific classification and interpretation authority, clear, timely and effective, practical and easy to use features, a compilation of 12366 daily by the certain typical consulting business, through the form of questions and answers to help consultants understand related content query.

12366 knowledge base in the city’s rent sharing system and wide application for tax authorities will unified tax consulting, standard caliber question and answer mode, accurate analysis, to build a harmonious relationship between tax levy and payment of tax, to promote and improve the quality of service to provide a good platform.