Shanghai dragon how to use short URL

is currently the most mainstream, 301 redirect URL shortening service


short URL (URL compression, URL shortening) originated in the micro blog, to solve the limitation of micro-blog’s popular 140 words, because of the convenient and easy to remember, but also the mainstream short URL service providers provide click detailed statistics functions, widely used. This is an old article, some people asked about the short URL problem recently, so wood today Shanghai dragon to take out this article analyse.


of the site in Shanghai Longfeng marketing process, the promotion of the site URL is definitely yes, but most websites will use this web site to shorten the function, general now station system or site in the station when the company has already done the URL specification work, but we still use compression in many. When mentioned below.

short URLEasy to use

means for the noble baby, short URL does not have a negative effect on Shanghai dragon. Moreover, short URL service providers are using the 301 redirect, if short URL will be included, the weights obtained by transfer to the target.


then use short URL has no effect on the Shanghai dragon? Matt Cutts engineer nobility baby on this issue as to answer:

we love Shanghai short URL service example: enter the shortened URL, click on the shortened URL will be randomly to a web site, you can also customize it in short before, pay attention to the good domain after shortening, each URL corresponds to only one short. The following figure: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon is short URL wood Shanghai dragon blog, do not believe you can try.

The vast majority of well-behaved URL shorteners have good uptime, and also pass PageRank and anchor text because they use a 301 redirect.

not only has the advantage of short short URL, but also have certain benefits for Shanghai dragon.

The application of (love Shanghai)

short URL has no effect on the Shanghai dragon (Google


short URL in social marketing, at the same time, click view data, now is widely used, some examples, many people don’t want others to know his web site can publish short URL in the URL in the promotion, micro-blog released information due to the limited number of words can use short URL, there are a lot of blog love Shanghai, cloud disk address, especially.

Site optimization in the process of the novice is easy to fall into the minefield

first, the website keywords problem set. Keywords for the site location and site transformation flow is beyond doubt, a lot of time to choose the key words often become the key to success of the later website optimization, in their own Xi’an Lantian jade network as an example, the author mainly in the keywords optimization before the choice is Tian Yu blue, but in the optimization process of the main keywords but has not obtained the weight and ranking when the focus of the author will optimize the put in the auxiliary keywords above such as Lantian Lantian jade jade bracelet, price and so on when these words gain weight and ranking, the main keywords naturally obtained the proper weights, which is why it is a problem of the main keywords to evade the crucial point, the competition is very fierce keywords auxiliary gain weight and ranking is relatively easy, flow after coming through quality meet with the The needs of families, love Shanghai through user access to data will analysis this site quality of high quality user experience website main keywords good ranking is very easy, the layout problem is a key, must be natural, my title is the primary and secondary key combined with the weight distribution of reasonable natural language, such as Lantian Lantian jade jade _ price _ Lantian jade species and similar such way of writing two not blindly piling keywords Lantian jade, so it The loss outweighs the gain.

third, website optimization methods and Strategies of problems. The author thinks that a new and old station is a very big difference in the optimization strategy and the way, three months before the new content.

second, the chain construction site optimization on quantity, ignore the matter. I found that in the process of website optimization in the quality of the chain of pre determines the weights of the website to enhance the speed, while the late performance of the most prominent is the maintenance of stability in the main site keywords ranking, in view of this I will always trump the construction of the chain of high quality as a stable weight. Select high weight platform such as their website stationmaster net Xi’an Lantian jade in the construction of the chain, the local industry portal, is Links for other websites and their own website related to grasp, the weight of each other web site and PR will have a clear definition and requirements, because the moment as a white hat techniques we consider more is the value, value only continuous for the website to provide the station outside the station and to the long-term search engine certainly, what is the specific value of the author is reflected in the daily work and to grasp the quality of work.

as everyone knows, the search engine optimization search engine with the increasing popularity of technology has now become a professional, as a webmaster often and search engines to deal with the use of search engines to bring quality traffic to our website, webmasters and search engine is visible the symbiotic relationship, but many times a couple of impetuous mentality, often misunderstanding will inadvertently in many optimization, in fact the webmaster cleverness are search engines will be well documented, with the continued good gossip short and we look.

And thinking about the influence on the medical profession love Shanghai No. 25 after the upgrade al

I do Shanghai dragon in a hospital, the site keywords ranking is good, there are more than 10 key words on the front page, recording and snapshot are good. The 6.28 event, love Shanghai for the medical industry to start once, but the time of our hospital station, not affected to the. Because of this policy, in 18 this month to re adjust the site keywords and title, just 22 space server problems, that day can not access, also announced the same day the upgrade algorithm meets the love of Shanghai, after a few days, check in the morning of 25, opened the website keywords all dropped to 500. Pictures are as follows:

The original

health platform and large health websites are not affected, regardless of other medical station optimization purposes, so the punishment right down, because the punishment and website Never mind too much love, Shanghai’s purpose is obvious to rectify the entire health care industry. The main purpose of personal speculation this upgrade is affected by the 360 comprehensive search, love Shanghai stock prices fell sharply, in order to improve the performance of Shanghai love, to rectify the whole medical industry, forcing the whole industry to go on the road for promotion, the price competition is more intense, promoting consumption to continue to maintain a stable performance of bidding the growth of the state.

weight 3, now turned into a weight of 0, but the recording and snapshot normal update.

since 6.28, love Shanghai for the user experience and network environment, better customer service, constantly upgrade algorithm and K station. The evening of August 24th, love Shanghai and made a big adjustment, we call the 8.25 events, the big update love Shanghai this time the punishment for the medical industry is still relatively large, I just have one or two medical industry website is love Shanghai punishment right down, as in this case to communicate with you.

so after the 8.25 event, our medical industry, the development of planning and how to decide on what path to follow?? I think now the direction of the re planning of the Shanghai dragon, the chain + simple update time has passed. We take the hospital website analysis of user needs, the user needs to understand what, good user experience and interaction. Want to recover as soon as possible right down, you should do that, in addition to the normal optimization, >

the 8.25 events have a characteristic, is the K site or other medical industry site, most of the articles are collected or pseudo original content, low quality, and there is no interaction, but the site weight can also, the weight of the 3-5 station, most of the punishment, punishment is the formation of direct right down, fell into the keyword one hundred. A friend of the gynecological hospital website, Chinaz weight 5, weight 7 love stand, the contents of the original + pseudo original, also be right down, now only 2 weight. After my careful analysis found that the hospital area is only 1-2 of the weight did not affect weight high, all right, the original weight only 1-2 instead of standing up.

Now in addition to the third party

New venture Wu Bo project, the United States and Australia financing 50 million yuanChinese porn web


technology news March 21st noon news, Wu Bo start new projects overseas real estate business website in the US Australia announced the completion of the A round of financing, the financing amount of $50 million, led by the DCM investment institutions involved in financing investment, also includes the Xu Xiaoping brothers fund it real fund and Taishan. It is reported that Xu Xiaoping and Taishan brothers fund also participated in the United States and Australia, millions of angel round investment.

website has attracted dozens of Australian and U.S. developers to participate in cooperation, the number of listings included in its background has broken through 10 thousand sets. According to Wu Bo’s plan, the business is expected to spread all over the world in three months, bringing together five continents for sale of property.

, the United States and Australia for users completely free; for overseas developers, the first year is free of charge, there is no shop charge, nor a deposit, developers directly sell the house to consumers." Wu Bo hopes to break through this mode of information asymmetry, so that domestic property buyers benefit, "at the same time, the United States and Australia will review the qualifications of developers to ensure that the interests of consumers."

    "erotic June day" boss Chen Hui by collecting hundreds of thousands of registered members, half naked chat chat room can make a profit of 3 million…… A huge temptation to promote internet porn industry chain, but also to the network pornography industry becomes very mysterious, but in fact, Internet pornography is very lucrative way of "diversification".

          a server in the United States, called "love X music" porn forum open registration time for all users to provide 3 months of "free experience" time period of 3 months had forced the closure of the post and post reading membership function, force users pay a membership fee, but also known as thousands of overseas pornographic websites to crack the password "carrot", promised to open membership fee. "This" coercion "almost is nowadays porn sites to recruit members’ standard ‘practices".

          the level of membership fees to the rich degree of visibility, depending on the content of the site, generally provide the "original" video download, or web site password will be more affected by registered users, because the yellow information is not other free porn sites. Let them feel "rare" high degree. Chen Hui gave the "erotic June day" set the different levels of the registration fee, annual 199 yuan, 266 yuan, life membership fee of 666 yuan, the highest up to 3999 yuan. The porn forum also spread between the "99 erotic forum" behind the boss "actors" is currently holding a dozen color.

is home to the United States and Australia overseas real estate e-commerce platform, through the US Australia ranks, overseas Real Estate Company can not go through the line agency, provided directly to consumers China cheap, high quality and affordable houses using the internet.

statistics show that in the United States and Australia existing users, more than half 55% from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang four regions, in addition to nearly 2 of the users from abroad. Lin Ming

Save the confidence crisis in IDC industry and set up the Convention on self-discipline

some time ago "cable raise a Babel of criticism of events to the IDC industry has brought hitherto unknown the credit crisis, resulting in Beijing Netcom Yizhuang thousands of servers are trapped, 10000 can not access the site, has brought great losses to the entire IDC industry indelible reputation.

with the IDC industry technical threshold continues to decrease the core technology R & D update slow or stagnant, the overall quality of IDC employees to decline, many completely to profit for the purpose of inferior small IDC operators IDC the influx of industry. Which leads to fierce competition in the industry intensified, the current IDC industry market by the emergence of a large number of dragons and fishes jumbled together with ultra low cost under the guise of reducing industry profits at the same time using a variety of non credit consumer fraud means part of bad IDC, drag out an ignoble existence, more directly by defrauding the trust of consumers after absconding or declared bankruptcy makes at present, the national IDC market suffered a crisis of confidence in the industry caused by the hitherto unknown, consumer credit for the entire industry serious doubt, so that the original in the mind of consumers is famous for its high new technology industries become common technology industry second, industrial technology content on the IDC caused a serious blow.


has always believed that IDC industry is the best embodiment of the integrity of the utility industry, because of its sales of products is the virtual technology products based on good faith, all relevant IDC industry products are almost the consumers "invisible" network product contract, and it is very rare for industry the first payment to the virtual goods industry. If you go to buy something, is virtual, you can only get through the network to use this product experience, and the first to pay before they know the product is good or bad, so what if other sectors of the ordinary consumer goods would you choose? And the IDC industry for a long time for the survival of the industry, fully reflects the IDC value of the integrity of the industry, is no exaggeration to say that "honesty is the IDC industry based on the book," now such a foothold there was a serious crisis, the natural foundation for the entire industry will be shaken. Therefore, to save the IDC industry confidence crisis, for all operators engaged in IDC related areas is the most urgent need to solve the problem, heavy industry integrity banner urgent.

day held in Shanghai before the IDC Summit Forum has many delegates put forward this topic, there are also many enterprises to participate in the discussion, and has been on the "cable events" were condemned, there are also many companies to lend a helping hand to this event for many consumer losses such as Anhui Chinese network technology Limited ( as China top IDC operators representatives in the General Assembly on the proposed "save IDC industry brand integrity" slogan has been the support of many enterprises, all of this event have implicated personal and network company expressed sympathy and regret. To better help victims of this event, site >

Recommended money King good business

people are now talking about "money" king, the market is to be a good prospect, but also "money" King good, but what is good? We have come together to look at to look at.

game is live entertainment indispensable activities, the company in the world of youth, animation games, not one less. The popularity of the network, the network game and animation to bring huge development space. However, according to expert estimates, the domestic professional game animation engineer, but 8000 people, compared with the strong demand of the market, at least 150 thousand people gap. Open game animation design company not only need enough professionals, but also a certain amount of investment funds. The rapid development of Chinese economy, finance, trade, let the production increase in the demand for professionals in the industry, the urgent need for a number of analysts, financial analysts, such as real estate appraisers, senior exhibition designer, open a kind of professional companies or studios, prospects.

2011 most potential project financial analyst is senior personnel training, has deep knowledge of financial theory. The next two years, Shanghai’s demand for CFA is 3000, but the number of CFA is only a few dozen people. Once the CFA qualification certificate, can open a financial analysis studio, but also to banks, insurance companies, securities companies and other financial institutions of all ages.

The development of

Small entrepreneurial good project summary

a lot of friends want to start a business, a small entrepreneurial project is a lot of people look forward to. However, not all of the small entrepreneurial projects can make money, the choice of the project also need to be cautious. The following Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few small business good projects.

processed waste plastic particles, still has good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the blown film, drawing, drawing, injection molding, extrusion and other technical requirements, widely used in the production of plastic products. The establishment of recycled plastic granules factory, the size of the investment can be both from a production line to start, but also at the same time the purchase of multiple sets of equipment scale production. 1) to a production line for example, plant 30 square meters, for water and electricity, yard 30 square meters; 2) a production line only 2-4 workers; 3) construction period is only 5-7 days; 4) a production flow of funds should not be less than 5000 yuan, the scale of appropriate to increase the production flow of funds.


in the more populous village or town location, rent a street stores, offering an agricultural store, selling seeds, pesticides and other means of production. Investment about ten thousand yuan or so, due to the production of goods is a necessary commodity farmers, the use of a large number, is a good investment projects. If their own money is not enough, consider the provincial capital and county or large stores associates to get monopoly profits.

5 years to allow students to venture Hefei Street decline

as early as a few years ago, there are college students who dare to do pioneering work, but a few years later now they have what kind of achievement? Hefei, the first college students to start the street has been opened for 5 years, but now there are less than 10 operating stalls, and very few students in the operation.


stall are not


Reporters from the

Beijing Huilongguan double community inaugurated

entrepreneurial incubator base, so that the success rate of Chinese youth entrepreneurship has been significantly improved, broaden the financing channels for young entrepreneurs, to better grasp the current market demand. Business incubation base will become a public service platform to promote entrepreneurship.

Huilongguan "double community" with a total area of about 160 thousand square meters, the distribution in the community theme incubator, business accelerator and public record space. The first phase of the main building mobile Internet, intelligent hardware, big data, pan cultural creativity and other major areas, the future will be mainly to support the big health, energy technology, intelligent manufacturing and other industries incubator.

related recommendations

40 year old entrepreneurial success stories to share

we have a lot of life in the case of husband and wife entrepreneurship, the couple arrived at the age of 40, entrepreneurship is not impossible. The couple started the textile shop, can build up the family fortunes dream, today we will introduce to share 40 entrepreneurial success stories, come and see.

5 years ago, Zhou Zhibin and his wife try holding the mentality, to 2000 yuan started, opened a textile store. Today, his home textile store turnover has reached millions of dollars.

2000 yuan started a small shop

Liantan at


"small store, the location is not good, many residents do not know this shop, I want to always wait for customers not to." Then, a free week Zhibin moved to the table near the door, the flow of local farms to stall. I did not expect the effect of the stall is good, home textile stores to increase the flow of people a lot, but to see more people, the real money to buy things are few.

> first venture